LISTEN: Matt Bomer And Darren Criss’ Brotherly Duets On Tonight’s New Glee Episode

Glee returns from its long winter hiatus tonight with a guest appearance from White Collar star Matt Bomer, who plays Blaine’s estranged brother “Cooper Anderson.” With a name like that, you might think Blaine (Darren Criss) is mad with his brother for not owning up to his sexuality—Blaine is out of the closet himself and dating Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) on the show.

But it doesn’t seem that Bomer, who has taken slow steps out of the closet with his husband and kids, is playing gay on the episode, at least overtly. He told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s playing a local celebrity who is famous for making a Free Credit Rating commercial, and that he dispenses a lot of bad advice to the kids about making it big in the cosmopolitan world. (So maybe his character is like Anderson Cooper, who’s become successful while hiding certain parts of himself.)

Bomer and Criss will perform a modern hit, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” (video above), as well as an 80s mashup of two Duran Duran hits, “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Rio.” Criss tries to get over his angst with his brother by singing another gay favorite: Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” Listen to those two below, and tune in to FOX tonight for the full episode.

Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio:


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  • Kirk

    Queerty is so behind, Bomer is totally out and talking about it in interviews and on approved PR sites. His now huge success has always frustrated queerty which again rears its head here with references to the Cooper character possibly being gay. I guess you guys will never get over your inability to thwart his career. The best duet is excluded here, the Gotye song. Matt hits it out of the park, amazing that singing is not his primary talent, truly triple threat entertainer and amazing role model.

  • EdWoody

    It’s Gotye, as in “gotcha.”
    Not Goyte, as in “big growth on your neck.”

  • Jenna

    You are kidding me right? Matt has already come out (not that he was hiding). They have a video of him being interviewed after “8” the play in California talking about it. Also a pap video taken of him with his kids and the pap congratulated him. He is OUT. I don’t understand why you think he is not out? What did Bomer ever do to you?

    About him being a Glee, I think it is a smart move. He has gained even more fans many of those females. He has gotten new viewers for white collar. He is become a big star and you should be happy.

  • Ok, ok

    Ugh why are Bomer fans always so aggressive? It’s unappealing and makes me not like him even when I already do like him.

    You people are not helping him at all. Dial it back.

  • Spike

    Old news. This video was on YouTube last week. Queerty offices were probably too busy picking out their White Party outfits.

  • cam

    Can the Bomer fans stop with the rewriting of history? Seriously, you guys are worse than the Clay Aiken fans.

    Bomer stuck a foot out of the closet by thanking his family and naming them off. I’m happy for the guy and will now make it a point to support him. But you folks in here claiming that he has been out for ages, were the same people in here just a few short months ago screaming at Queerty that Bomer shouldn’t have to come out and his personal life was nobody’s business.

    Make up your minds.

  • MEJ

    Two closet cases serenading each other. Pathetic.

  • Reynolds better half

    Actually he does not ‘need our help’ as his career is among the hottest in the business right now. I guess as a fan the constant Queerty attacks grew tiresome and now that he has officially come out and openly talks about it, I can see where it would be kind of annoying. Also good to note that most have come out by being pushed out or when their careers are dying while Matt comes out by choice on his terms while his career is shooting up. I guess they do it to generate comments and web hits so guess it will continue and we get caught up in it. I think we should all just sit back and enjoy him, he’s quite a gift. Hope I haven’t rewritten any history and I am dialed back enough.

  • Geoff

    @Kirk: Triple threat has historically meant act, sing and dance. I have missed out on Mr. Bomer’s dancing. Please tell me where I can find evidence of this. Thanks!

  • testington

    can we talk about the real issue…That is one hella creepy song choice for two brothers to be singing together

  • Interesting

    I am glad he came out, but his fan boys here are annoying. I like him a lot as a perform, including in White Collar and even when he was on Chuck (see I am also a fan boy). But, the whole not being out thing always bothered me. In this day and age, I just feel there’s not excuse except fear. Glad he found his courage. As for Glee, the episode was okay, but his performance with his brother on the show was excellent. I didn’t know that he had a voice. I hope to see him on the show next season.

  • Jim

    Just when you thought Glee and everything associated with it couldn’t get more pathetic.

  • Interesting

    @testington: Songs are rarely song or interpreted in the show based on their original meaning. Its only creepy if you believe the song means what the original meaning was from the original artists.

  • Bomer Hate Club


    We direct you to google ‘Matt Bomer, Magic Mike’ everyone of his cast mates said he was the best after Tatum.
    We direct you to White Collar outakes-they are on YouTube..he does a lot of hip hop dancing as he seems to be a big fan of hip hop..
    WE direct you to the interview his tutors gave of his time with Carnegie Mellon, where he did classical dance with Cote de Pablo from NCSI.
    (You can find these literally on the first 2 pages of google..)
    No need to thank me!

  • Hephaestion

    It was a great show!

    Too bad so many Queerty readers can only kvetch. We were treated to a great and gay-positive show on “Glee” last night and all some people do is kvetch. Very sad.

    Bravo to the wonderful Darren Criss & Matt Bomer for giving such great performances!!

  • twiterosG

    why are some gays angry at discreet and in-the-closet gays? we should know how it feels like to be ridiculed about our sexuality so what’s with the anger with gays who just want to express themselves in different ways?

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