Live Blogging Obama’s Secret-Gay Inauguration Concert

UPDATED: This was supposed to be the Inauguration’s make-up moment to gays and lesbians everywhere for the inclusion of the vile and reprehensible homophobe Rick Warren: Bishop Gene Robinson, an openly-gay Episcopalian minister kicking off the week with an invocation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. And while he did lead a prayer (read it below), you’d never know it unless you were standing with the thousands at the Reflecting Pool in D.C.

HBO cut Robinson’s prayer from their coverage of “We Are One: The Inaugural Concert” and attendees at the event said that the sound on Robinson’s prayer cut out at one point. HBO’s response was to say that Robinson was part of the “pre-show” and blame Inauguration organizers, who determined the on-air vs pre-show show schedule. A spokesperson from HBO told AfterElton:

“The producer of the concert has said that the Presidential Inaugural Committee made the decision to keep the invocation as part of the pre-show.”

Here is Robinson’s prayer:

There’s no easy way to say this: We were hoodwinked. Cynics will say, “Well, what did you expect?”, but the answer is, “We expected more.” The concert itself was inspiring, hopeful and a media event, but the exclusion of Robinson once again highlights the reality that gays and lesbians sit at the back of the American political bus.

Perhaps the most infuriating moment of the event was when Queen Latifah told the story of Marian Anderson, a black singer who was barred from performing at Constitution Hall by the Daughters of the American Revolution and who was subsequently invited to perform on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial by Eleanor Roosevelt, who resigned her D.A.R membership in protest.

As soon as this story was told, Josh Groban and Heather Headley performed “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” backed by the D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus, in what was clear meant to be a bit of historical symmetry. However, the only way you’d know that the men singing were gay is by the AIDS ribbons pinned to their chests. Sure, none of the choruses that performed were chyroned, but here was a great symbolic moment that was coded so that only people already aware of its symbolism would get it.

Watch the D.C. Men’s Chorus sing with Josh Groban and Heathe Headley:

It’s the height of irony that, in a concert so focused on freedom’s promise of civil rights and equality for all, that gays and lesbians were sidelined.

The only saving grace was the President-Elect himself, who mentioned the gay community in his address:

“…As I stand here tonight, what gives me the greatest hope of all is not the stone and marble that surrounds us today, but what fills the spaces in between. It is you – Americans of every race and region and station who came here because you believe in what this country can be and because you want to help us get there. It is the same thing that gave me hope from the day we began this campaign for the presidency nearly two years ago; a belief that if we could just recognize ourselves in one another and bring everyone together – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; Latino, Asian, and Native American; black and white, gay and straight, disabled and not – then not only would we restore hope and opportunity in places that yearned for both, but maybe, just maybe, we might perfect our union in the process.”

Watch it here:

Is it enough? Was this all just a big mix-up? Does HBO owe us an explanation? What are your feelings about the Inauguration as both a gay person and as an American?


EARLIER: Queerty’s live updates of the concert:

Follow Queerty on Twitter as Barack Obama begins his inauguration with a concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and an invocation by openly-gay bishop V. Gene Robinson. You can watch the concert on HBO (no subscription required) or online here, but they left out Bishop Robinson’s Invocation, which we include after our updates. Click for Queerty’s live-Twitter:

Live Updates from the ‘We Are One’ concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

  • Sunday, January 18th–4:30pm: Robinson’s invocation began before HBO started broadcast. LAME. #inaug09 15 minutes ago
  • Rev. Gene Robinson’s invocation um– never happened? #inaug09 16 minutes ago
  • All socialist thought purged out of my head as Beyonce comes on stage. Who did her dress? OMG, she looks hot. #inaug09 19 minutes ago
  • Springsteen & Pete Seeger’s on stage singing “This Land Is Your Land”– and they’re including Woody Guthrie’s more political verses, too. 22 minutes ago
  • All jokes aside, holy crap– is this actually happening?! #inaug09 26 minutes ago
  • Obama gives a shout-out to a more perfect union that includes “black or white, gay or straight.” #inaug09 28 minutes ago
  • Barack Obama’s speech is a bummer. “We’re all doomed, but don’t worry people, we probably won’t totally screw it up.” #inaug09 31 minutes ago
  • Bald Eagle porn! There’s a Bald Eagle named “Mr. Lincoln” and he flaps around. How is Obama going to follow that?!? Hmm? #inaug09 33 minutes ago
  • Oh Noez! Bono GOT POLITICAL! Calling freedom “a Palestinian dream”. Uh-Oh! Douchebag! #inaug09 41 minutes ago
  • It’s not the fact that Bono’s Irish that’s bothering me, it’s the fact that he’s a douchebag. #inaug09 42 minutes ago
  • In the name of love, one more in the name of love… 42 minutes ago
  • True Fact: If you do not invite Stevie Wonder to your concert, he will hunt you down and kill you. #inaug09 51 minutes ago
  • It’s a Garth Brooks Medley of Embarrassment! The kids are cute, though. #inaug09 58 minutes ago
  • Garth Brooks is singing “American Pie”. I mean, I love Garth and I love the song, but you know– does anyone realize what the song is about? about an hour ago
  • Jack Black looks like death and sounds like my high-school principal. #inaug09 about an hour ago
  • Way you know there’s a Democrat in office: Sheryl Crow, and Herbie Hancock (!!) on stage at #inaug09 about an hour ago
  • Gay appearances so far: Ellen as pre-taped warm-up act, Aaron Copland (twice) and D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus. #inaug09 about an hour ago
  • That’s me that’s choked up– they all sound wonderful. #inaug09 about an hour ago
  • Josh Groban, Heather Headley and the D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus singing ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’… choked up. about an hour ago
  • First to work a ‘Last Holiday’ reference into a tweet about Queen Latifah at the inauguration gets a cookie. #inaug09 about an hour ago
  • John Mellencamp or Lea Delaria singing right now. Can’t tell them apart. #inaug08 about an hour ago
  • Fightin’ Joe Biden is talking: “I see a country built by men and women who believe in the dignity of work.” about an hour ago
  • Copland was gay and a commie! And yet, his music is considered the height of Americana. It’s awesome. about an hour ago
  • I am so thrilled they decided to do ‘Lincoln Portrait’. It’s such an inspiring piece of art. #inaug08 about an hour ago
  • Mormon-hater Tom Hanks is doing ‘Lincoln Portrait’ by Aaron Copland (who was gay, btw).. One of my favorite pieces ever. about an hour ago
  • Jamie Foxx is grandstanding, shouting “Chi-Town Stand Up!”– and Michelle stands up! about an hour ago
  • Mary J. Blige’s outfit makes her blend in with the Lincoln Memorial a little too much. Oh, Michelle and Malia are singing along! about an hour ago
  • I love this sliding scrim thing in front of the Lincoln Memorial– And there’s Bruce Springsteen and a chorus behind it! about 2 hours ago
  • Denzel Washington is beaming, introducing Barack. about 2 hours ago
  • This is dave. will now be twittering for queerty. Enjoy the inaug! about 2 hours ago
  • We Are One– First event of Obama’s inauguration, beginning. Prez & Vice Prez Elect & Spouses at Lincoln Memorial. about 2 hours ago
  • And here is the text of Bishop Robinson’s prayer:

    A Prayer for the Nation and Our Next President, Barack Obama

    By The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire

    Opening Inaugural Event
    Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
    January 18, 2009

    Welcome to Washington! The fun is about to begin, but first, please join me in pausing for a moment, to ask God’s blessing upon our nation and our next president.

    O God of our many understandings, we pray that you will…

    Bless us with tears – for a world in which over a billion people exist on less than a dollar a day, where young women from many lands are beaten and raped for wanting an education, and thousands die daily from malnutrition, malaria, and AIDS.

    Bless us with anger – at discrimination, at home and abroad, against refugees and immigrants, women, people of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

    Bless us with discomfort – at the easy, simplistic “answers” we’ve preferred to hear from our politicians, instead of the truth, about ourselves and the world, which we need to face if we are going to rise to the challenges of the future.

    Bless us with patience – and the knowledge that none of what ails us will be “fixed” anytime soon, and the understanding that our new president is a human being, not a messiah.

    Bless us with humility – open to understanding that our own needs must always be balanced with those of the world.

    Bless us with freedom from mere tolerance – replacing it with a genuine respect and warm embrace of our differences, and an understanding that in our diversity, we are stronger.

    Bless us with compassion and generosity – remembering that every religion’s God judges us by the way we care for the most vulnerable in the human community, whether across town or across the world.

    And God, we give you thanks for your child Barack, as he assumes the office of President of the United States.

    Give him wisdom beyond his years, and inspire him with Lincoln’s reconciling leadership style, President Kennedy’s ability to enlist our best efforts, and Dr. King’s dream of a nation for ALL the people.

    Give him a quiet heart, for our Ship of State needs a steady, calm captain in these times.

    Give him stirring words, for we will need to be inspired and motivated to make the personal and common sacrifices necessary to facing the challenges ahead.

    Make him color-blind, reminding him of his own words that under his leadership, there will be neither red nor blue states, but the United States.

    Help him remember his own oppression as a minority, drawing on that experience of discrimination, that he might seek to change the lives of those who are still its victims.

    Give him the strength to find family time and privacy, and help him remember that even though he is president, a father only gets one shot at his daughters’ childhoods.

    And please, God, keep him safe. We know we ask too much of our presidents, and we’re asking FAR too much of this one. We know the risk he and his wife are taking for all of us, and we implore you, O good and great God, to keep him safe. Hold him in the palm of your hand – that he might do the work we have called him to do, that he might find joy in this impossible calling, and that in the end, he might lead us as a nation to a place of integrity, prosperity and peace.


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    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

      well, er, he mentioned gays…..not sure about the other stuff?

    • Ed

      Seriously? Somebody at HBO has some explaining to do about the invocation. Where’s our wilted olive branch?

    • GJR

      Now I’m sure all of the networks will leave out Warren…NOT

    • petted

      Do you think we could get a censored version of Warren’s broadcast with a big black dot covering him and possibly some bleeps thrown in to make his speech at least mildly not the most boring thing televised since Bush’s farewell speech – I’m glad he’s gone but it was still a boring fortunately it was short… I’m afraid we can’t expect that degree of enlightenment from Warren.

    • GJR

      I’m sure Warren’s speech will be fine–it will be designed to make him sound like he is not the pig he is. He’ll even throw in a few words about gays and lesbians, of the type that it would be wrong to kill us (but we can be fired, beaten, deprived of rights)..with Melissa Etheridge cooing in the background..
      But it serves to give that bastard a platform.
      And, as we saw today, Robinson was not given anything near that platform..

    • Mark in Colorado

      The evening re-broadcast just started here and it began the same way as the live one. No Gene Robinson. The NY Times report is in error.

    • Jersey

      Well if this is any indication (and isn’t it always) we’re in for more of the same with this one, too.

    • Ed

      Yup – I tuned back in to see if they made it right in the rebroadcast, and we got nothing.

    • Michael

      @Mark in Colorado: Exactly! Between that and having no sound for us at the mall for Gene until the end: I think he got screwed. (I won’t speculate whether it were the fates or purposely done; there were several minor mishaps with sound at other times.)

    • Paul

      Looks like I’ll be dropping HBO tomorrow. No more HBO…just HB NO!

    • Ed

      Just on a side note, Biden talked about looking around at the monuments, the Capitol, built with American hands with pride. I could have sworn I read today in an article on the symbolism in Obama moving into the White House, being sworn in at the Capitol that both were built by slaves. Gaffe?

    • c.nicholas

      The Gay Mens Chorus is singing with Josh Groban, etc.

    • Steven

      No Robinson and no bald eagle in the online re-broadcast. I feel gypped.

    • marco


    • Ed

      @Steven: According to Variety, the bald eagles were simply misdirection for a stage change:

      “U2’s performance was followed by a display of two bald eagles. It was needed to give time for stagehands to set up a specially-designed steel podium where Obama delivered his remarks.”

      Gotta have that bullet-proof podium.

    • Chloe

      unfortunately, many families were left out regardless of the invocation bs. HBO is not available(free or not)unless you subscribe to a premium package through your cable provider and have access to an additional service like “on demand”.

      What a shame. We had been looking forward to it.

    • GJR

      I’m so done with Obama – yet more bullshit. Couldn’t even make sure his invited guest Rev. Gene Robinson was treated with respect.

    • Geoff Staples

      My questions are:

      Is Obama responsible for this?

      I think Obama has inflicted another outrageous insult on gay people. I think it was intentional. It is possible that it is a simple mistake because Obama didn’t recognize the impact of Bishop Robinson’s remarks not being broadcast and didn’t bother to make sure there wouldn’t be a problem. — But, I think it was intentional and HBO agreed to do this for Obama.

      What do you think?

      Apparently, the gay chorus that sang was not credited by the announcers as were the other choruses that sang.

      Ellen DeGeneres remarks were made BEFORE the event started instead of during the event.

      My thought is this: Obama sold the rights to the Lincoln Memorial event to HBO for $2.5 Million. This allowed HBO to control who could cover the event and who could film it.

      I’ll bet there’s not even any video of Bishop Robinson delivering the invocation.

      I think this was intentional and that Obama wanted to: Minimize the television audience, make sure no gays appeared during the broadcast or were not identified, like the gay chorus.

      IF you do perceive this to be an intentional insult, what should be done about it?

      Who should the target of our wrath be? Obama, HBO, or both?

    • Chloe

      And will we be surprised when they cut to one of those “limited commercial breaks” during the parade broadcast?

    • Paul

      Just one more gratuitous insult to GLBT people, as I’ve been enduring them throughout my 61 years in America. Here’s what I sent to HBO: Your cavalier omission of Bishop Robinson’s beautiful prayer at the Lincoln Memorial today (from both the live broadcast and subsequent rebroadcasts) has deeply offended and disappointed millions of GLBT people and their family, friends and supporters.
      Is it your plan to omit Rick Warren’s inaugural invocation on Tuesday, too?

    • marco

      This is definitely a conspiracy! Obama is behind it all!

    • petted

      If Bishop Robinson’s speech isn’t given air time at some point tomorrow then I will be more then a little put out. At this point I’m willing to consider this an unintentional screw up but if there’s no attempt to correct this ‘mishap’, for the sake of argument, it will be very disappointing.

    • Michael

      I think the worst part about this is that Bishop Robinson was standing in front of 500,000+ of us on the mall, but I’d be surprised if a few hundred could hear. The organizers didn’t even put his name on the screen or give an announcement. I had to tell my very gay-knowledgeable ally who it was on the screen.

      It was certainly handled poorly.

    • Geoff Staples

      Obama always gives lip-service gays in his laundry list. That’s just to soften us up before he shivs us in the back.

      Obama didn’t even bother to show up to hear what Bishop Robinson had to say.

      Given Obama’s track record, this is one more example of Obama throwing us under the bus to pander to bigots.

      Just watching this concert infuriated me because when all of the beautiful things were said, I know they didn’t include me.

      I’m a life-long Democrat, but I won’t support Obama on anything until he prominently and publicly apologizes and states clearly what he is going to do about equal rights for All Americans. Until then, to Hell with Bigot Obama. (or is it Barack Obigot?)

    • Michael W.

      @Geoff Staples: What does Obama stand to gain from conspiring with HBO to cut Gene Robinson out of the program? The announcement of his inclusion at the event didn’t spur any kind of controversy. He didn’t say anything offensive (nor did anyone expect him too). 9 out of 10 people watching this shit don’t even know who Gene Robinson is.

      So what’s the benefit for Obama? Does he masturbate to the comments of angry gays on blogs? Will Joe Scarborough or Bill O’Reilly be on air tomorrow patting Obama on the back for this grand move of centrism? Lol. Nobody cared!

      HBO cut him out of the program because they felt he and his words weren’t important. I don’t see how it could get any simpler. Gene Robinson’s prayer was in no way a threat to Obama or his agenda. But I’m sure the PUMAs and other Obama haters will be around in the days ahead to tell us about this vast conspiracy to keep Gene Robinson off our TV screens. And Japhy and Dave will have their fans in hand to keep the fire burning.

    • greybat

      @GJR: Thanks for the link!

    • mark

      I just posted this on Obama’s transition “blog” where you can’t comment for 4 G*D DAMN pages, back to New year’s day thread

      This lousey “blog” where you can’t comment until 4 pages back. Brian Bond I want you to START EXPLAINING why Bishop Eugene Robinson’s beautiful prayer was not covered on ANY NETWORK…this was an unconscionable slight to a courageous man in OUR community. THIS was supposed to balance the fact rick Warren SPITS on gays and lesbians on DAY ONE. You best take the temperature of our communit PRONTO, i just left Pam’s House Blend and heard Huffington Post is furious, so I’ll bet America blog and several others are also MAD AS HELL!
      Who’s idea was this populous president’s concert ONLY available on HBO…for the PEOPLE my a$$!

      Expect seriously ANGRY responses to Warren at MLK tomorrow, and on Tuesday’s Invocation, in retaliation for Dissing Bishop Robinson…you folks could screw up a wet dream.

    • mark

      Don’t just turn your back on Warren tell him, “to go F*CK HIS FAT BREEDER PIG SELF!”

    • mark

      Michael-G*D DAMN-W
      Quit your motherf*ckin making excuses for Obama and making it sound as if ONLY Hillary supporters are p*ssed off. I NEVER supported Clinton and I am furious!

    • ceazer

      Man, we just love to hate Obama. Let me get this – so Obama is in a conspiracy with HBO to cut the Bishop out? Honestly is that what we really believe? I know he screwed up with Waren, but lets be reasonable. I hope I’m not gonna see Dan savage etc on CNN bushing Obama for conspiring with HBO to cut this Bishop out.He did not have to invite Robinson. What would he gain by telling the media to cut him off? I think we still have sore wounds and we keep blaming him for everything eg prop 8(He does not even live in california), Waren, Gene. If he comes through for us during his presidency eg end DADT and end discriminatory laws that hurt us, we will look at this and feel silly. The reality remains, this is the most gay president ever! it is just the fact. Lets not put him and everyone else off.

    • Chloe

      @ceazer: don’t hold your breath ceazer.

    • mark

      “We are the two”

      hetero-America, and faggots

    • northstar

      “I’m a life-long Democrat, but I won’t support Obama on anything until he prominently and publicly apologizes and states clearly what he is going to do about equal rights for All Americans. Until then, to Hell with Bigot Obama. (or is it Barack Obigot?)”

      Barack Obigot. Wow. That’s clever. BTW, he has a record on gay rights, he has said what he is going to do, and he has made his positions (including gay marriage) very clear.

    • mark

      AmericaBlog is all over this too

      “BLESS us with anger-at discrimination….”

      my blessing is OVERFLOWETH

    • Mark in Colorado

      The kool-aid drinkers have their heads so far up Obama’s ass that should Obama do nothing to advance equality for gays and lesbians etc. during the next four years then they’ll find some stupid reason to explain it away. For them, Obama can do no wrong and they somehow know that he never will. Jim Jones followers have nothing on them. Pathetic.

    • macNnyc

      You really think it’s HBO?
      WAKE UP!
      You don’t put your Gay Bishop on TEN MINUTES before your scheduled broadcast and the guests of honor (Obama/Biden) are even in the house!!
      Then say HBO CUT HIM!
      No this is the OBAMA INAUGURAL TEAM.
      And BARACK OBAMA needs to hear from us if we care.

      Or we can be happy with a listing in a speech and a bunch of RED RIBBONS!!
      A closeted Queen. And Rick Warren as our designated national spiritual guide.

      Did I mention that great male chorus from the VFW with those red ribbons?
      You mean they were GAY? How do you know?

    • Bud Evans

      NEWSFLASH — Just in… it seems that Roy and Silo, the two Gay chinstrap penguins from the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan are to be reunited and flown to the South Pole after officials on the Obama transition team gave them permission to hold a pre-inaugural ceremony and prayer for Obama in Antarctica.

      These Gay love birds have been carefully chosen to be joint Masters of Ceremony at this glorious celebration commemorating our new Fuhrer. And like Bishop Robinson‘s egg-hunt at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, this event will also be held several days before the “real” inauguration, and far enough away, so as not to generate too much press attention and stress for the incoming Obama administration.

      The theme of this occasion, as well as the Ball following it (which was generously arranged by the HRC at the South Pole) will be titled: “Out of Sight; Out of Mind In Our New Obama Nation”.

      Rainbow-colored leg-warmers and sequined purple parkas are being furnished, free of charge, by Uncle Tom’s Fashion Wear; while the US Military has volunteered to fly in and to air-drop guests at the event (parachutes, of course, are optional).

      Entertainment will be provided by Ellen DeGeneres doing her famous “Step ‘em, Fetch it” dance routine to be taped and telecasted later for her post-menopausal hetero plantation mamas; while music will be furnished by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir which will be handing out magic underwear and free “sexual re-orientation” tickets to heaven after the event.

      Finally, refreshments will consist of good old fashion Jim Jones Kool-Aid — complements of both the Democratic and Republican Members of the House and the Senate.

      A great time is expected to be had by all.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      UPDATE: All major news-outlets did not report on this event either, because Brittany Spears was spotted getting out of her car not wearing underwear again. Meanwhile, HBO is trying desperately to deny rumors that Gay writers, directors and actors are responsible for their most successful cable TV series, past and present, (i.e. True Blood, Six Feet Under, etc.). It seems that a rebellion by the GLBT slaves on the Entertainment Plantation has been averted. Corporate Media GLBT blackout has restored invisibility regarding the insurrectionists. The Job security weapon was efficiently used for GLBT crowd control.

      Now for the weather report:
      The political forecast for incoming President Obama: Sunny and Status Quo with intermitted ass-kissing; precipitated by White Guilt.

      And for the GLBT community: Cloudy with continuing irrelevancy.

      …That is all — for now.

      ~ Bud Evans

    • Michael W.

      @Mark in Colorado: Kool-aid drinkers? Are you inferring that I’m black just because I defended Obama against these irrational charges of conspiracy?

      The underlying racism amongst queers is finally bubbling to the surface. Apparently anybody who doesn’t agree that Obama and HBO conspired to shut Gene Robinson out of the TV broadcast is a “kool-aid drinker.” We all know what that’s code for.

      What’s next, Mark in Colorado? Will I be a “watermelon eater” the next time we’re on the opposite sides of a debate about Obama?

    • ceazer

      @northstar: Ah, The guy is not promising gay marriage, but civil unions. Don’t raise your hopes up for gay marriage. He flat out said He will support civil unions -but he will let the states decide. I wanna see if he will end DADT because he promised that. You know we can scream all we want but if it’s not for major issues, nobody listens to us but ourselves. For example protesting Rick waren on MLK day, will look to the public like we are protesting Martin Luther King himself.Thats how the media will play it and thats what everyone else will believe.

    • ceazer

      @Mark in Colorado: Quit with the hate speech dude. Hillary lost get over it! Palin lost, get over it! You can hate Obama all you want, it’s not gonna change his skin color. That hate you have for him is just the same hate 3/4 of America has for us. Oh BTW I’m Irish American.

    • northstar

      “The kool-aid drinkers have their heads so far up Obama’s ass that should Obama do nothing to advance equality for gays and lesbians etc. during the next four years then they’ll find some stupid reason to explain it away. For them, Obama can do no wrong and they somehow know that he never will. Jim Jones followers have nothing on them. Pathetic.”

      “Should Obama do nothing.” Keep that in mind. Why don’t you wait until he’s President in a couple of days before you condemn him? Oh that’s right. You want to climb back of on your cross now, with a big ol’ glass of whine, while you mentally compare yourself to Rosa Parks. Obama’s conspiracy to cut off Gene Robinson, brilliantly executed, except for people who can hear and see, damn! I guess they didn’t think about that. The only thing pathetic is the automatic jumping to conclusions based on self-centered victimization conspiracy theories. Hardly surprising, what with all the “blame prop 8 on blacks” bullshit some of you subscribed to so easily.

    • northstar

      “Ah, The guy is not promising gay marriage, but civil unions. Don’t raise your hopes up for gay marriage.”

      I’m not. Up until a couple of years ago, I hardly knew anyone who was. I still don’t won’t it. For others who want it, great, absolutely. But I am far more interested in ENDA, hate crimes legislation, and the makeup of the Supreme Court amongst other. Gay Marriage is not the end all be all of gay life.

    • Boris H

      I do not care who was responsible of the message but I got the message alright. And the message was loud and clear: “We are the One” does not include gays.

      I’m writing this abroad and yesterday when watching the broadcast at hotel, I made a decision: I will accept a job offer from Canada and move there. This land is not my land and will never be. Can you imagine the feeling being alone abroad and witnessing this?

      Obama transition team, chose Warren to pander the religious bigots and then decided to make this symbolic gesture to appease gays by electing Robinson. The gesture turned out to be very symbolic indeed: it showed how we and our lives shall remain invisible and how excluding us will be the rule of the land.

      Barry Bond can explain all he wants, I am done with Obama, I am done with Democratic party and most sadly I am done with my country.

      And Michael: you can call me a racist as much as you want. The truth is that we’re not even included in the bus.

    • Geoff Staples

      No. 39 · Michael W. Excuse me, but white people drink kool-aid too, so where’s the racism, except in your own mind?

    • Mister C

      AWWW DAMN,
      I was upset at this as well and just DUMBFOUNDED. But I don’t believe Obama have nothing to do with this. But all this early criticizing and just bashing him at this point is just RIDICULOUS but it’s your right to do.

      But Miss Hillary doesn’t accept Gay Marriage neither but I guess with all the shit the Clinton’s have done to our community as well. They will always be loved and admired by the gays. I guess Barack you can’t win em’ all. Anything anyone does around you you will be blamed!

      I guess the girls in 2012 will go to the right, or to these GREEN,PURPLE,PINK parties to vote. And they won’t win either. Just bring Hillary back in 2012 ya’ll love her and you will accept her in spite of her stand against your right to marry.

      Holy Hypocrites..

      Or you can vote Republican and then lets see where our beloved Bishop Gene Robinson will be giving an invocation not at anything they’ll have.

    • northstar

      “I do not care who was responsible of the message but I got the message alright. And the message was loud and clear: “We are the One” does not include gays.”

      Except when Obama himself mentions gays. But that doesn’t matter. Only Gene Robinson’s prayer, which plenty of people did hear and see, matters.

      “I’m writing this abroad and yesterday when watching the broadcast at hotel, I made a decision: I will accept a job offer from Canada and move there. This land is not my land and will never be. Can you imagine the feeling being alone abroad and witnessing this?”

      See ya. If every other oppressed group “moved to Canada”, America would be an all white, straight, all male country, full of slave owners. Can you imagine what it was like for people during the civil right movement? For Jews in America waiting on word from their relatives over seas in Europe? For Africans hundreds of years ago wondering what every happened to their relatives dragged across the ocean in chains? Get over yourself. One gay priest is pre-empted on HBO and you call it quits. See ya.

    • Geoff Staples

      Take a look at America’s Blog.

      The HBO program started on time. The Obama people put Bishop Robinson on before the program started. No one is so stupid as to think things which occur on the stage at a live event before the television broadcast starts will be included in the television broadcast.

    • jay

      I honestly couldn’t care any less about this. They didn’t cut out U2 or Mary J. Blige, and that’s really all I wanted to see out of it.

      At a certain point it’s pretty obvious that Japhy’s looking for things to get hysterical about — like not having the gay chorus chyroned on screen, even as he points out that no other choir received such treatement. What an outrage!! The horror!! You might as well get pissed at Garth Brooks for not singing the pro-gay verse in his shortened version of “We Shall Be Free.” I bet Obama told him not to sing that line, too! Scandal!!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy about Rick Warren, but personally I’d rather there be no prayers in these sorts of thing. They’re all a bit silly. And I don’t know if this is just the sort of stuff that queers that are older than me get worked up about, but I’m not yet ready to go to the mat over trivial stuff like gay prayer-givers or gay choirs or how many times he mentions gay people in his speeches.

    • mark

      HBO has stated it wasn’t THEIR decision the Obama Team designated the prayer as PRE-SHOW

      f*cked by team Obama …..again

    • JJJJ

      Unfortunately, it does look like Bishop Robinson was just stuck in there as part of the PRE-show (like, “let’s get this guy out of the way, quick”), by Obama’s staff.

    • Boris H


      Thank you for your encouraging words. People like you are the reason why we are constantly stomped upon.

      The censorship of Robinson was not the sole reason for my decision to move abroad and any idiot would understand that. Symbols matter, especially in a event like this that was filled with symbolism. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, after Prop 8 catastrophe even more… I was willing to give a benefit of a doubt to Obama administration but now I know better.

      The message was clear. Loud and clear. You’re free to stay as I am free to move. I am free to live where I believe my freedoms and rights are being protected.

      This country has told me for years that I am not worthy, that I am of less value and how it prefers me to be invisible. I have chosen to believe the message and leave. If you believe that I do it with joy, you’re wrong.

      You celebrate with Rick Warren. Have fun.

    • ceazer

      @Boris H: What a crybaby! You are moving to Canada because bishop gene was not televised? lol, You think just because in Canada we can marry, they must love the gays. I have lived in Canada. The regular everyday canadian hates us just like the Texas guy, and they also use religion. Other minorities are treated with kitty gloves except gays. I lived in Montreal and its a multi- cultural, multi-religious society.

    • Michael W.

      @mark: Fucked why? Nobody ever answered my question: what does Barack Obama stand to gain from snubbing Gene Robinson?

      Again, what does Barack Obama stand to gain from cutting Gene Robinson’s invocation from the program?

      Was there any controversy surrounding the selection? Few keep up on the news better than me and I heard nary a peep on television, didn’t read a single article that said conservatives or any other group were calling for Obama’s head. In fact the only thing I read was something about Rick Warren reaching out to Gene Robinson in a show of peace.

      Barack Obama had everything to gain and nothing to lose with the inclusion of Robinson. That’s why his team and the Bishop himself drew so much attention to his appearance. You don’t think they saw a backlash coming if it turned out to be a sham?

      So for what reason would Obama purposely cut Robinson’s invocation? What disaster has been averted? What group of people will be satisfied with this move? What is the motive?

    • chapeau


      I tivo’d and just finished watching it — there was no Robinson.

      So much for the mea culpa.

      On a postive note: Obama continues to include *Gay* in his speeches. I’ve read the comments above — I do not believe Obama had anything to do with it personally – but there is some hack who should’ve made sure Robinson was included front and center.

      What a fuck up!

    • JJJJ

      Michael W. : I’m just guessing, but maybe Obama’s African-American religious supporters would prefer to not see/hear someone like Robinson?

    • JJJJ

      Ceazer : I think there are more apt examples you could us for a definitive homophobe than “..Texas guy..” Try Muslim; African-American; Mormon; or Palestinian.

    • Boris H


      Thank you for making it so easy to leave.

    • ceazer

      @JJJJ: How about white Americans? You’ve clearly mentioned African Americans, Do you think majority of white America loves you? Tell me, what race is Rick Waren, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush, mormons, kkk,BIll Oreilly etc? huh?You are a f*** racist and you have an issue with homophobes? what a joke1

    • Michael W.

      @JJJJ: That’s a weak guess. They probably wouldn’t even know who he is. It’s not like every speaker got a brief introduction before they reached the podium. And even if they did, his brief and positive prayer wouldn’t have offended their sensibilities.

      The question still stands. We have convicted Obama of a crime for which we’ve failed to establish a motive.

      How can gays jump to the conclusion that this was a diabolical plot on behalf of Obama without a hint of an idea as to why he’d do it?

    • Chloe

      @Michael W.:2012 fundy $$$$

    • ceazer

      @JJJJ: Palestinians? Try Israelis.They are the ones killing the Palestinian women and babies.

    • Michael W.

      @Chloe: The fundies will give their money to the Republican candidate like they always do. Barack Obama doesn’t need it anyway.

      And there is no way in hell they’d feel threatened by Robinson with Rick Warren giving the inaugural invocation. Let’s face the facts, this shit was small fries compared to January 20th (which is why queers were grumbling and saying this means nothing just a few days ago; strange how it suddenly became a life or death necessity). That’s why they didn’t make a big stink about it. It was a simple, trouble-free gesture for Obama.

      So again, what was the motive in snubbing Bishop Robinson?

    • damien

      According to Towleroad, Obama’s Team schedule Robinson in the pre-show, not HBO.
      The Team, opened the show actual show with Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”. Aaron Copeland is “famously gay” so it doesn’t seem like the Team was trying to exclude gays from the ceremony in any way. Of course, the all-gay mens choir that performed as well as the all-gay marching band should be proof of that, but I’m sure the term “bigot” and “hypocrite” will still continue to be thrown around in some gay circles. Oh well, we gays are certainly known for drama, if nothing else :)

    • Boris H

      Michael W

      I do not know. But it happened and according to HBO the request not to broadcast Robison’s invocation came from Obama transition team.

      The message is loud and clear. “We are the One”does not include gays, it does not include you or me. I have made my decisions accordingly.

      You can keep on making excuses until the cows come home but the fact is that Robinson got snubbed by Obama team. My bet is on pure cynicism. We are expendable. Our lives are expendable. We are no longer needed and our rights can be sacrificed to appease the fascists.

      I do not trust Obama administration, I do not trust Democratic party. When it is politically plausible we get kicked out of the bus. Enjpoy listening to Warren, he is the voice Obama transition team chose to represent our nation. Now we know that not even our prayers are good enough.

    • Michael W.

      @Boris H: The voice that will represent the nation on January 20th will be Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, when he gives his inaugural address to this country and the world.

      Rick Warren is nothing more than a symbolic showpiece who represents a slice of the country.

      But anyway, maybe there was a miscommunication between HBO and the Obama transition officials. Maybe the Obama team thought HBO would include the “pre-show” as a part of the broadcast. Who knows? That, however, is more plausible than the notion that Barack Obama had malicious intentions and purposely blocked Bishop Robinson’s invocation for some kind of (seemingly) political gain.

    • Boris H


      Generobsinson didn’t even get to be “a symbolic showpiece who represents a slice of the country.” There seem to be slices that are more worthy of “symbolic representation” than others.

      Silencing Robinson’s prayer is symbolic representation of what exactly? But then we already know that gays do not deserve a voice, a representation or even a face. DNC and Obama just needed our money and our votes.

      Snubbing Robinson is the thank you note from Obama transition team. I know better now.

      Rhetoric is rhetoric, actions are actions. Obama may mention us in every speech he makes but so far the actions have been loud and clear.

      And I got the message.

    • Steff

      All this shit and he’s not even president yet.

      This guy’s got a difficult four years ahead…

    • jack

      pretty troll heavy comments thread. not really worth saying anything here. but if i don’t comment my disappointment, they win.

      i am sad beyond words at this obvious invisibility cloak…and yes i did notice that garth brooks omitted the gay positive verse, as abstract as it was.

      as inclusiveness goes, WE ARE ONE was a sham, a terrible sham.

    • GJR

      Something I posted elsewhere

      Addressing the plethora of bullshit excuses made here..

      a) Well, it was HBO not the Obama teams fault

      Um no, see the quote above. HBO was scheduled to start at 2:30, Gene Robinson started at 2:15. Scheduling was purposely set for him to be before the show

      b) Well, Obama personally wasn’t at fault

      When will he have someone arrange his events in a way that doesn’t enrage the GLBT community in such an offensive way? I’m yet to hear how Jews, blacks, Mexicans, others were particularly offended by one of his events, but we’ve got 3 examples now of being patently offensive to gays. Obama may want to talk to his tone-deaf organizers and have more of a clue about what is going on at his events. He allegedly has no control over scheduling but we are to believe “the buck stops with him” in his administration?
      Not a good start

      c) Well, the microphones didn’t work

      Here’s a shocking thought – if the mike didn’t work, you could, shock of shocks, stop for a moment to fix the technical problem. Did they have a problem with Springsteen? Beyonce? No. Think if Barack’s mike didn’t work, they’ll just let it go on or maybe do you think they’ll fix the technical glitch post haste? Also, I heard Ellen spoke in the pre-show too (another amazing coincidence, the other queer was not prime time)
      Did her mike work? Funny, I hear when Elmo was bouncing around the stage before him, the mikes worked great.

      d) Well, many people heard it

      Bullshita. Many accounts from people there said probably a few hundred people at best could here

      e) A speech from a minister is not a big deal

      I is when this is advertised as a response to someone who was patently offensive to the gay community. If you offer the token, then don’t even bother with the token, that makes it much worse. Rev. Robinson gave a beautiful speech, yet we won’t have a quality video of this event because God knows they could not stop for 30 seconds to fix the mike..

      f) Well maybe it was a time issue

      Yeah, nothing remotely historic about an openly gay bishop delivering an invocation at an inaugural concert. Couldn’t cut 1 minute of Beyonce or Springsteen. Let’s cut a history-making prayer.

      g) He mentioned gays in his speech

      He mentioned at lot of people. But I missed how he invited Tom Tancredo to speak at his inauguration, mortally offending Hispanics, then asked Delores Huerta to go to make up for it, then cut out her part, letting her beautiful speech be heard by a mere couple of hundred people.

      h) You should judge him by his policies

      So far I know he has had 3 botched events that have been extremely offensive to gay people. This mike incident happened curiously exactly at the time wingers and fundies said they’d protest and critisized Obama. Funny how “it’s just a prayer” when it’s Warren but with Robinson, he was conveniently eliminated when criticism arose. At if it gets to hot in the kitchen for a speaker at a celebration, what happens with the real massive pressure when it comes to repealing DOMA, DADT, pushing for civil unions? Think he’ll fold like a house of cards?
      I do.

      i) They had a gay choir

      Nobody really knew they were a gay choir except the GLBT community which knew the symbols. So that too was meaningless dog whistle bullshit

      j) It’s the policies, not symbolism

      And Obama has nothing specific on policies, is pushing back DADT, is incredibly vague about DOMA, has merely said he supports civil unions, nothing specific
      Also we should assume this happened, at the choice of the Obama team, because of pressure. Some wingers showed up and threatened to protest. So if he folds here, what will happen with the massive political pressure of repealing DOMA and DADT? It’s not even hot in the kitchen, and he’s giving in. Not encouraging for the future.

    • Jersey

      Michael W, I don’t think anyone explained the origin of the term “cool aid drinker” to you. It has nothing to do with race. Back in the late 70’s there was a religious sect from san fransisco that moved to guyana which was led by a preacher named Jim Jones. He got psychotically paranoid and led his brainwashed followers to kill themselves by drinking cool aid laced with cyanide. The term “cool aid drinker” now refers to anyone who blindly follows someone without thinking for themselves and ultimately injures themselves as a result of thier blind devotion.

    • Chere

      Last night my best friend and I were watching the concert together, even though we live roughly 600 miles apart. She’s legally blind and knew when the D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus came onstage. My point in commenting is, if someone legally blind was able to see it, then what the heck is all the squawking about?
      That’s more gay anything then we’ve officially seen in D.C. for the last 8 years.

      You seriously think this is the PE’s fault? How about the fact that they were invited and actually were able to accept without feat of reprisal. How about the fact that they were accepted by the people there and not jeered and booed. It happened whether or not it was aired.

      And if pants or panties are going to be twisted because it didn’t happen instantaneously; well hang for the change. It’s here all ready and you’re missing it by focusing on the small stuff.

    • GJR

      @ Chere

      Well, where to start? Most people WOULD have benefitted from the choir being named. You are not taking an important stand on diversity if nobody knows you do it. It’s kinda like saying, “Well, yeah, we want to take a stand but let’s do it in a kind of secret way..”
      And the argument about your friend is bizarre. She wouldn’t see ANYTHING on a normal TV without voiced captions. She certainly HEARD the absence of Robinson.
      As to it being the most gay in 8 years, that’s not saying much. Bush engaged in all out war against the GLBT community for political gain. If Obama invites Warren, which enrages the GLBT community, then promises Robinson to soothe that anger, then doesn’t bother to put him on the air, that is a double slap in the face. Better to do nothing.

      Do I think it is Obama’s fault? YES YES YES. HBO has said in a statement it did not choose not to air Robinson, it was a choice of the Obama inauguration team. They put Robinson on 15 minutes before the 2:30 airtime. Oh and by the way, Elmo and others were bouncing around the stage with the mikes working fine, just the second Robinson got on, they had problems. Funny how that works. How about, maybe, they stop him and FIX the mike problem? So tired of this bullshit that he has no control about the events he holds. If he can’t manage that, how will he manage Gates and Hillary who have much more conservative views than he did?

      As regards getting panties twisted, is it so much to ask that they actually provide the speaker they promise on TV and have his microphone work? Is that so much to ask? If they couldn’t ensure Robinson would be on TV, they should have done nothing at all, it would have been less of a slap in the face.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      Yeah right huh?

      If I was Obama I’d just pray I get assasinated. These mentalist commentators aren’t worth it.

      Obama to-do list:

      1) Sort out the American economical mess before the dollar means NOTHING around the world

      2) Try and erase decades of right wing free market economical solutions that made this mess

      3) Israel, Palestine, Israel!

      4) Try not to get killed as the first black president of a country that enslaved native americans to take the land and gave us the KKK

      5) Palestine, Israel, Palestine! Yikes!

      6) Oh dear GAZA…

      7) Damn North Korea

      8) Oh….Iran..

      9) Try to get the rest of the world to like your country again as Bush royally fucked that up and people think Americans are just self centred, self righteous and ignorant fools!

      10) Think of the World! We follow America’s lead! Don’t lead into another war..!!

      11) Make sure that HBO cut out Gene Robinson aka The Devils prayer at the start of the inaugaration.

      I Obama solemnly swear that even though I have been handed the job of President of the most powerful nation, that is now the most hated and in midst of great economic depression, I am not interested in this silly responsibilities. No m’am. I want to make sure that no one hears that evil Gene Robinson, because this is more important then the fact that Israel is still in Gaza and the Arabs are PISSED.

    • GJR

      @ John from England

      Not sure if you are being sarcastic here or not. But I don’t get what you mean.
      I’m just going to assume you are being serious here:
      Um, what is the bullshit strawmen? Obama told us just 2 months ago – and McCain – that the President can and must do many things at once. Working on the Israeli/Palestinian issue has NOTHING to do with ensuring the microphone works and a bishop is shown on air. Nothing what so ever. So tired of this argument that “gee, we can’t possibly control a guest list and work on long-term economic policy” cause, God knows, Obama has like 5 people working on all of these issues.

      Regarding this bullshit Obama would have no reason to cut Robinson argument, let’s look at the facts:
      1) Obama promises Robinson as a way to soothe anger in the community
      2) Day of event Ellen is there, also says words (also not aired). Elmo dances around stage microphones work great
      3) Robinson is set to speak at 2:15. Broadcast scheduled to begin at 2:30.
      4) HBO says it was choice of Obama team for Robinson not to be broadcast.
      5) Prior to Robinson, a fundie outcry about Robinson, right-wingers are very angry, a few protestors show up
      6) Robinson takes the stage, magically at that moment, his microphone fails. They don’t stop to fix the problem, just let only a few hundred people hear him.
      7) Microphone works for everybody else

      What does that add up to you? To me it sound like BS. If Obama promised the man will be there, he should ensure the man is broadcast and his microphone works. That has nothing to do with Israeli policy, the economy or anything else. If Obama can’t ensure his team gets the man on the stage with a working mike AND worry about economic policy at the same time, he doesn’t deserve to be president.

      And look at the facts, the Obama team CHOSE to exclude him from the broadcast. Robinson’s mike broke during his speech, they didn’t bother to fix it. How many excuses can there be?

      If I misunderstood your post and you meant it ironically, I apologize.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

      “So tired of this argument that “gee, we can’t possibly control a guest list and work on long-term economic policy” cause, God knows, Obama has like 5 people working on all of these issues.”

      You’ve just answered your own question. Why the HELL would the future pres of the USA belittle himself to make sure that the microphones are frigging working????


      Would a CEO come down to the bottom floor to make sure that the toilets are up to scratch in an FTSE 100 company????


      I’ve had my own business and it was small in comparison to running a country and I was STILL not able to make sure that my admin assistants sent off the right press releases or made sure that the correct admin procedures were set. Cause geez, I was only human and was up to my neck shitting myself that I was making a deficit thus busy writting proposals for debt finance or risk investments..

      You’re argument doesn’t make sense. You are expecting too much from a CEO/Leader. If you run your company to absolute perfection and it’s NEVER pissed off customers or anything, then please write a fucking book and I’ll buy it. We will find it really fascinating in our MBA class because we are finding it pretty hard having researched governments and businesses since the 19th century, who have driven and managed a sound operation.

      So again, show me the proof, link and I will refute my argument. It’s not tit for tat here. We are all adults.

      I just dont understand your obsession with accountability. An organisation can not be governed and run by ONE person. That makes it a dictatorship and opens up room for huge failure should this said dictator die or be rid of.

      As far as I know, the country that is the US wasn’t run like say Iran or say Cuba or say a dozen countries in Africa or the far east.

      But if what you are arguing is that in fact and I think Japhy is too-that the US is/will be run under Obama by one person…Obama NOT a government, then this is really fascinating and ground breaking in terms of US history.

      You are saying that a man who would or should be paying more attention to what is happening in Israel, should instead divert his attention to overseeing the running of an event, like the job of an event manager, thus overriding the said event manager role/job description?

      Your thoughts are like running a co-op. Or a social enterprise. It’s like the organisational design has no heirachy and Obama’s role as president is just as important or valuable as that of the event sound engineers and technician.


      Sill us in the UK.

      We’ve been ranting and debating the future of the US and world economy-still hang up on that little problem of what will be the new political climate, when in fact the US has gone an elected a man who sees fit to take the event delivery of an event more seriously then the fact that the US dollar will soon mean nothing.

      Damn we are fucked after all.

      I guess Obama isn’t going to care about this below and like you said will delegate it to others instead and will pay more attention to the functions of running a large scale event.

      “-Stop a depression.

      -Fix Iraq and Afghanistan.

      -Close guantanemo.

      -Fix social security.

      -Fix the health system.

      -Fix immigration.

      -Make the country environmentally friendly.

      -Make the country self sufficient in energy.

      -Fix the deficit.

      -Repair relations with the rest of the world.

      -Keep a working relationship with China, Russia, and the rest.”

    • ceazer

      @Steff: Yah, I dont know who scares me more. The crazy right wing nut jobs like Sean Hannity or our beloved gay community.I dont know which one hates Obama more. Lets judge the guy by his actions in the next few years. If he doesn’t come through for us on the things he promised, then lets justifiably throw a tantrum, until then, our side looks very silly calling this guy names and all.

    • GJR

      @ John from England

      Sorry you are being incredibly naive. Half of politics is image and that includes not insulting key constituents. Why did Obama take certain positions on Hamas in front of Jewish voters in Florida? Image. Why did he dump his lifetime minister? Image. It’s more than just seeing the microphone worked, his team made a conscious CHOICE to exclude Robinson for the broadcast. That is extremely offensive to the GLBT community, particularly after this Warren atrocity. If Obama is too tone deaf to “worry” about silly things like patently offending a whole community, should his administration be conducting subtle negotiations with Israel and Hamas.

      And what is your thing with the lists? Obama could have said, “He is an important guest. The GLBT community is important to me, I want him broadcast”… End of story. You present this absurd scenario of Obama doing sound, but his is responsible for ensuring a constituency is not patently offended at his event. So he says the sentence, then he can worry about all the other stuff. Oh and I’m sure that Israel policy is the first thing on his mind today and tomorrow…Ensuring Robinson and our community were treated with respect would have taken one sentence on his part.

    • Jeremy

      Holy shit. This is news? Are we all going to completely over-react to every single gay-related happening for the next four (hopefully eight) years?

      Obama has promised to abolish DADT. He’s promised to finally pass the Matthew Sheppard Act. He’s the first President to even include the mention of “gay” in all of his major speeches and any time he mentions equality and human rights. These are promises that have genuine meaning and value to our community. Whether it was Team Obama or HBO or whomever that decided or didn’t decide to put a prayer by a gay minister in or out of the pre-show does not have as much meaning or value as this amount of vehement bitching would seem to indicate.

      The man is human. The last 8 years have been a huge fuck up. Let’s keep in mind that EVERYONE (families of soldiers, those without healthcare, the working poor, the middle class, the recently laid-off, etc. etc. etc.) is clamouring for Obama to be their saviour. He can’t do everything for everyone all at once.

      We need to chill the fuck out and give the man a few months to get into office. We need to hold our comments for a small while, until we see if he upholds his promises to legislate and create policy that is positive for the gay community. That is what matters.

      And if he doesn’t fulfill those promises… then we let him have it. But not now. And not for this. We need to save our concern and rage for things matter. The prayer at the HBO concert does not.

    • ceazer

      @GJR: Next time vote for a republican or Clinton and see if Gene would even be invited, or the gay choir, hek, will the gays be mentioned alongside other minorities in a speech. I just don’t get it. The most gay friendly president we have ever seen and the gays are all over him. Do you know how much heat he gets from the right and some left for being gay friendly. Look deep in your soul and find out the real real reason why you hate this guy so much. I don’t think its a pretty answer. The whole world loves this guy coz they know what he represents. Unity! I went back home in Ireland last month and I’ve never seen so much excitement about a guy with an exotic name ” no offense on blacks”. Bottom line, lets give him a chance. Besides, it’s MLK day! His legacy is what will one day set us free.

    • Michael W.

      @GJR: What are those “certain positions on Hamas” that Barack Obama took for the sake of his image? When he called them a terrorist organization and said he’d do anything to stop those rockets from hitting Israel if he and his family were vulnerable to them? Well we all know that had to be a tap dance routine since he’s a secret Muslim terrorist sympathizer, right, GJR?

      I don’t think the idea that Gene Robinson wouldn’t be included in the broadcast ever crossed his mind. His expertise isn’t in the entertainment production realm and I seriously doubt that he’s thinking about such petty things at the moment. Nor would he think that the gay community would childishly overreact and get out the nooses after convicting him of a crime without an established motive should something not go their way.

    • GJR

      @ Michael W.

      Like to put words in people’s mouths? Never said Muslim terrorist sympathizer. Saying he FAILED to say much about the increasing settlements in the West Bank, the Israeli ceasefire breaches, his virtual silence now that has taken, what, 500+ Palestinian lives over 13 rocket attacks? Denial of medical aid and supplies to Gazans..But I’m not going to argue the Israel issue with you here…not with someone who doesn’t even know the expression “to drink the coolaid..”

      Um, regarding the exclusion of Robinson, it’s pretty simple, why did the Obama team say he was not to be included in the broadcast? It’s pretty simple. Anybody could tell you the GLBT community would be livid if he was left out. They had Tom Hanks, Garth Brookes, many other speakers, musical acts but god forbid they plan in 2 minutes for a history-making speech by a gay bishop. If Obama is so clueless, he isn’t aware of what can be so offensive to a group of 6 million people who voted for him, he’s not as smart as I thought.

    • GJR


      Um guess what, I voted for Obama because I wanted change, something different. This was something so easy to work out. Obama could say, “I want the man to be shown on the broadcast..”
      It would have been a beuatiful 2 minutes, many in the GLBT would have been much less angry, myself included. Instead, he rubbed salt in the wound by not having him on.

      Is Hillary not great on GLBT issues? Big surprise there. Sorry I was so stupid in thinking Obama was better. And having a gay bishop there when it is not broadcast except on CNN, not on HBO, who can’t even be heard by more than a couple hundred people there is NOT better. It is meaningless bullshit, better not to have invited him at all.

    • GJR


      But Jeremy, these are incidents that could have been so easily avoided. I can name 100 African American ministers who would have been a better choice than McClurkin. There are conservative ministers who don’t say gay people are the same as child molesters.
      And here, all his team had to do was say they want him to be part of the official program, cut out a minute of Tom Hanks and a minute somewhere else – that’s it, no huge task, a simple effort.

      Regarding everything else, that’s just it, they are promises.
      Why are these things a big deal? Because political pressure makes him act in ways which are do productive for the GLBT community. He had threats of right wing protests if Robinson spoke. So if he folded there, if he had to bring on a homophobe to get right-wing points, what will he do when there is huge pressure, when real political capital must be spent for the GLBT community? Sorry, but I’m not confident he won’t fold.

    • Michael W.

      @GJR: LOL, he had threats of rightwing protests if Robinson spoke? Threats from who, GJR?

      And newsflash, ROBINSON SPOKE! He was still there, he still gave the invocation that was heard by thousands of people and is being quoted and reprinted in various news articles today. So aren’t these “rightwing protests” coming regardless whether or not Robinson was included in the HBO broadcast? Or were the “rightwing protesters” nuanced enough to say “Well he can speak but just make sure he’s not included in the TV broadcast and we’ll leave you alone”?

    • ceazer

      @GJR: Uh, the swearing in event is not just for our community.It should represent the whole of America. It’s not a competition between the gay bishop and the right wing bishop or the black bishop. 90% of muslims voted for Obama, 70% of hispanics, 70% Asians, they are not crying because they are not represented. Almost 100% atheists voted for this guy, they requested and even filed a law suit that there should be no religious activities at the swearing in. They lost- Obama wants religious stuff- we don’t hear them calling him names and screaming. What is it about our community that we want things our way or the highway? FACT- A large percentage of LGBT community did not vote. Blacks and hispanics voted in larger percentages for Obama. So, he does not owe us 100%. And everybody knows that most of us were Hillary backers not obama’s. Most of us voted for him because our candidate lost and he was the lesser evil that Mccain/palin. Lets face it the world does not revolve around us. I will judge this guy in the next 4 year, not b4 he is even f***** POTUS.

    • GJR

      @Michael W.:

      Reading about it in the newspaper is not the same as seeing it on TV. Can you explain to me the logic of having a highly controversial pick of a gay bishop and then choosing NOT to have him be on the official broadcast? I love Beyonce but I think this time, she should take a back seat to this historic 2 minute speech, or Tom Hanks, or Garth Brookes or.. in fact, having him on the broadcast would be taking like 10-20 seconds away from each speaker.

      Can you also explain to me why about 98% of the people there couldn’t hear him, said they couldn’t hear, yet they didn’t stop to fix the problem?

      Both things seem pretty bizarre if you ask me.

    • mark

      I bet Rick Warren and Lowery will NEITHER be aired on Tuesday.
      Where the hell is Brian Bond (Obama’s so-called LGBT liason)and his contact info?

      Either he is merely a powerless token, or he isn’t doing his JOB.
      If no one else on Obama’s team should have known the FURY this affront to Bishop Robinson would cause, and the level of DISRESPECT shown to the LGBT audience, he should have.

    • GJR


      Nodody says it is just for us. But after he invited Warren, which very much offended the GLBT community, it was widely claimed, including on this blog, that inviting Robinson would help soothe some of the anger. I myself was feeling much better about the Warren thing. But then this whole Robinson thing. I have many gay friends who tuned in because they felt there was now a non-hostile environment, an inclusive force for our community. Keeping Robinson off the broadcast was like a double slap in the face.
      No, it’s not just about us, but why insult us. Having a gay bishop on has damn little significance to anybody but us and those people who are in his immediate church. So why not just not have him if you are not going to broadcast him? Because again, his being there had little significance for many other groups.

    • GJR


      I’ll take that bet. I’m betting Warren will be broadcast coast to coast, on every network and his microphone will indeed work. Wait and see.

    • Michael W.

      @GJR: Where did you hear or read about rightwing protesters threatening Obama if Robinson was allowed to speak, GJR? Or was that lie your lame attempt at establishing the motive that I’ve been asking for?

      I don’t care how many people heard it live, he was still able to speak, his message is being reprinted in various publications and Obama has legitimized him as a man of the cloth. Shouldn’t those rightwing protesters still be upset?

      And since we’re still not sure whether these rightwing protesters are a figment of your imagination, how can we trust your figure that “98% of the people there” couldn’t hear him? You might have pulled that out of your ass, too.

    • GJR

      @Michael W.:

      More FACTS that you don’t want to hear

      Even better, watch it for yourself thanks to Christianity Today’s politics blogger Sarah Pulliam. She was in the crowd and posted the invocation –and some great scene descriptions — on YouTube here. She also notes that Robinson’s microphone wasn’t turned on until his prayer was nearly over so folks in the crowd, like those of us watching HBO, didn’t hear him either.

      So um, yeah, I stand by my statement that 98% of the people probably could not hear him.

    • Michael W.

      @GJR: Lol, three fuckin’ people with picket signs? This is the big controvery Obama averted? I’m sorry but I don’t think that group is powerful enough to make Barack Obama so scared that he was forced to cut Robinson from the program.

      And you said there were threats of protests if he was allowed to speak. Those people were already there protesting! Why? Because he was allowed to speak! What difference does it make whether or not his invocation was included in the HBO broadcast to them? They didn’t want Robinson there, period!

      And wouldn’t this group have needed to threaten Obama before the event to strike fear in him? These guys look like they just showed up out of nowhere.

      But yeah, I’d like to see some more if you have it. Hopefully from some serious groups with clout and not lunatic fringe elements that nobody ever heard of.

    • GJR

      @Michael W.:

      There are more. I just grabbed that. Many of the right wing blogs, right-wing ministers were LIVID Robinson was speaking. I am not implying those pathetic losers were the only force that put pressure on Obama. I am not making this up. I find you accusations that I am lying unnecessary.

    • GJR

      @Michael W.:

      Here’s another:

      No Bishop Gene Robinson On HBO Inaugural Concert Broadcast 2009/ 01/ no-bishop-gen…

      After days of controversy and outrage from the religious right, openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson opened Barack Obama’s inauguration concert on the National Mall today with a request that the nation pray for “understanding that our president is a human being and not a messiah.” But only the people AT the concert heard that, because HBO did not televise Robinson’s message. Who engineered this blackout of Robinson? I suspect we’ll hear lots about this in days to come. UPDATE: It turns out that a lot the people at the concert did NOT hear Robinson either.

    • horus

      do i think some christian fascist nut job had something to do with this unfortunate episode? YES.
      do i think obama was personally in on it? NO
      i am getting concerned that we are becoming a high maintenance group for obama. he doesn’t need this now. and i am not willing to spend our ‘political capital’ on religious inclusion. i am sorry for gene robinson, but we have bigger fish to fry folks.

    • GJR

      More interesting stuff:

      A dearth of image information on Robinson

      Nor did Robinson’s picture find its way into NPR’s gallery of images from the concert. Admittedly, the news division did not cover the event — NPR Music did — but the website certainly is the domain of NPR News. A search of Getty Images, and WaPo slide shows turned up nothing. In short, I found no visual evidence that an invocation was ever said.

    • GJR

      More interesting stuff:

      I was at the concert yesterday and on the south side of the Lincoln memorial. We couldn’t hear a single word of Gene Robinson’s invocation. Mind you, moments before when Elmo was on the jumbotrons, there was no technical issue or immediately following when the concert kicked off. Mind you, the HBO logos didn’t show up on the screens until after Gene Robinson finished. It was planned from the very beginning that he wasn’t going to be on the telecast. I’m wondering if Rick Warren is going to be given the same treatment on Tuesday?

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      Well at least this story seems more plausible….and you’re backing your argument with proof instead of purely speculative opinion based on some undercurrent dislike for the new president..

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)



      The left ALWAYS ending fighting between themselves and ALWAYS forget to look at the bigger picture-so short frigging term!

      This is why the Right ALWAYS win. Half of them-or more-HATED Sarah Palin but they just got on with the task at hand-wining the presidency.

      I’m not saying Obama shouldn’t be held accountable-damn all eyes are on him, he’s black!-but why not use ALL this energy to get stronger and fight the religous nut jobs on the right??

      Didn’t someone mention on here that they actually form a small percentage of the population?

    • Austin

      The reason the gay community makes so little progress
      is we get so easily offended by any little percieved “snub” from our friends, and blow it so out of proportion…
      that eventually noone wants to be our friend.

    • GJR

      @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

      Again, this was something that was completely avoidable. Anybody could tell you inviting Robinson but not having him on TV would truly offend the GLBT community. Put him on at 2:30, as the show started, cut off 2 minutes from the program elsewhere, all would have been cool.
      Why do people act like it’s this huge job? Not offending people in this case would have been so simple.
      No one is stopping Obama from doing what he wants. I’m just saying, if he’s going to take the bold step to invite the man, make sure he gets on TV so people can see him. What’s the point otherwise? Nobody but the gay community and his church give a rat’s ass about Robinson. So not to have him on TV, have a large percentage of the people there not hear him? Not smart. Not necessary.

    • GJR

      More from the Kansas City Blog

      On the whole, though, Robinson’s prayer was milder than what Bono had to say on stage.

      As I see it, the Obama campaign has three options when the outcry (which has already started) comes to a boil later today:

      1. Claim it was a technical glitch, jumping on the Times blog item. This would not only be a cowardly route, but it would be quickly disproven by one of several possibly gay executives at HBO or a viewer who could point out that the show began precisely and glitch-free at 2:30 p.m. ET.

      UPDATE: Option 1 is off the table. An HBO spokesperson told TVB, “The PIC (Presidential Inaugural Committee)made the decision to put Rev. Robinson’s invocation in the pre-show.”

      2. Come clean and admit that they never intended for Robinson to be seen on national TV. Which would mean admitting that Obama cooked up an extremely cynical ploy to pacify gays — and straights like me who support gay marriage — with a press release. Well, it failed. Perhaps Team Obama will claim it had no idea Robinson would not be seen giving the invocation. But then what does that say of Team Obama’s vaunted preparation, planning, and chesslike working of all the angles?

      3. Admit they screwed up and should’ve included Robinson on camera. If HBO had — for some reason — objected to having a gay bishop welcome all of America to “We Are One,” then the invocation could have been pushed until after the entry of the presidential entourage. Well, it would not be the first time Team Obama had underestimated a controversial clergyman … or the second. (How many presidents have gotten into hot water over their ministers three times before they even took the oath of office??)(

      Whatever excuse the Obama people choose, exactly zero Americans saw Bishop Robinson on TV welcoming America to a day celebrating a president who is supposedly, to quote Colin Powell, a transformational figure.

      And 150 million people will see Rick Warren do the same thing on Tuesday.

      Some transformation.


      Not exactly zero because it was allegedly shown on CNN – once I believe.

    • bearcub

      Micheal W and Ceazer,

      You must be Obama’s minimum wage tag team of dumb and dumber. Err..sell-out and sell-out faster.

      Calling someone like you two fools Kool-Aide drinkers is a compliment. It excuses you from being just plain, pathetically stupid, which of course you are.

      Your battle cry about the great Obama goes like this:

      If you criticize Obama you are a(n):
      Nut job
      Uncle Tom

      Go get a job at McDonald’s, it’s more honest work. And while you’re at it take some evening English classes. You need them.

    • GJR


      Not a perceived snub. There is no logical reason I can think of why Robinson would be invited to the event, when he means most to the gay community, yet not be on the telecast and not be heard by most people. Inviting him yet not showing him is a real snub. No one here has provided a satisfactory reason for this.

      And if it was all a horrible mistake, why have we heard nothing from the inauguration team? Only from HBO, which said it was their idea.

    • Herbert Wassinger

      Obama spit in my face, after taking my money and campaign work. Never again, Barry!

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      Naive? Gimme a break.

      This IS politics.

      I don’t TRUST any of them.

      This is a game but unfortunately they happen to be playing with people’s lives.

      YOU’RE really self obsessed with illusions of grandeur if you really think a president that has so much fucking work to do is going to make sure that someone can’t hear sweet ol Gene talk at some musical event.

      Life is an image, DOH!

      And life is about power and money full stop.

      You can waste your time like all the others here whining and crying that Obama purposefully STOPPED Robinson speaking or YOU can stop being naive, wake up and smell the cofee that this is politics dude.

      Understand the game, read up! You should.

      Maybe then you can use that knowledge and grasp that IF there is a reason for this that is suspect then mayeb just maybe, we can look at the sheer blinding fact that what Obama was going to do was the FIRST of it’s kind to a bunch of ungrateful self important (mainly white) gays, that NO OTHER president EVER did.

      So following on with that thought process, we can look at the history of the most right wing nation for decades that gave us the free market and religous nut jobs!

      And THEN you can think that maybe this was not going to be as easy as Obama thought. Maybe the powers that be….oh, lets see, a frigging HUGE percentage of the right wing media, leaders, entertainers OR that elusive incredibly wealthy elite of righ wingers who still hold a lot of political power and have been instrumental in spreading fear amongst your people….like had something to say about it?

      Just maybe??

      GJR is on to something.

      Think about it.

      Like I said before with my “list”. Poor Obama, with EVERYTHING you have to do, you try and offer an olive branch-which NO OTHER US PRESIDENT EVER HAS-and this is what happens?

      Use that anger dude to research and create strategies to fight that right wing agenda that has it in for American gays.

      We’re not perfect but we’re realistic in the UK when it comes to gay people and there’s a considerable amount of our cabinet/govt who are out and proud.

    • GJR

      @Herbert Wassinger:

      I won’t say never again but I will say never again do I trust him until we get real action. I don’t give a damn about who speaks at his inaugural, it’s the fact he has bowed to pressure against the gay community before and is likely to do so again when the real pressure starts.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)



    • Tim

      Get over it and stop whining!

    • Leland Frances

      By chance, I’ve recently been reading David Mixner’s book “Stranger Among Friends,” and the similarities to what we’re seeing now with what was going on in 1992 and ’93 are fascinating…and chilling. For those unfamiliar with him, he has a long resume of activism in the black and Latino civil rights movement, the peace movement, and gay rights, including being one of the two gay men who convinced Ronald Reagan to publicly oppose Prop 6/the Briggs Initiative which was THE ultimate reason it was defeated [tho you’d never know it from the revisionism in the film “Milk”].

      Mixner was also probably more responsible than any other gay for building huge support for Bill Clinton’s election…and expectations of his Presidency. The last fourth or so of the book is about that, and the parallels with what has been happening with Obama Inc.—whom he supported with even greater fervor in this election—must be causing him chills. His silence the last several weeks has been very atypical.

      Mixner wrote then that, over and over, the initial problems were not with the candidate himself, but with his straight male advisors; and that only got worse during the transition and early days in office, as his efforts, once the wall around Clinton became higher and higher, to get the campaign, then administration, to keep their promises were repeatedly rebuffed.

      Initial enthusistic embrace evolved into, “trust us, we know what we’re doing, and we’re going to keep our promises,” to being smile fucked which ultimately involved into, “How DARE YOU criticize us and the President?!” For instance, Clinton advisor George Stephanapoulos went from warm to ice cold….but the person who ultimately treated Mixner the worst, literally threatening him, was….wait for it….drum roll….Rahm Emmanuel. Yes, that’s right. Obama’s new Chief of Staff.

      So now we have the official answer from HBO: it was people around Obama who TOLD THEM to start their broadcast AFTER Bishop Robinson spoke [which, by the way, was also after a video greeting to the crowd from Ellen]. I think it reasonable to assume that Obama didn’t make the decision himself, but also that they also told HBO [which had invited them], and the narrator, not to identify the DC Gay Men’s Chorus. Yes, only one other choral group was identified, but that ANY were, begs the question why others weren’t, when it required only flashing their names on screen. One is reminded of the frequent initial tactic of schools to try to avoid recognizing gay groups: suddenly stop recognizing any that aren’t “academically related.”

      Ironically, the group Obama Inc. did select for introduction, in fact, verbal introduction as only few of the celeb performers received, was the Naval Academy Glee Club. My immediate reaction was to wonder what Joe Steffan was thinking, as, within weeks of graduation, solely for “being gay,” he was kicked out of Annapolis, and, thus, the Navy and the Glee Club, all of which he’d represented by twice singing, in uniform, the National Anthem at the hallowed Army-Navy football game.

      That was under the old system, pre-DADT. But the lesson of yesterday brings us to that: what Presidential candidates say they will do and what ends up happening is very much influenced by those around them. BUT the ultimate truth, then and now, is in a sign that was first put on the desk in the Oval Office by Harry Truman:

      “The buck stops here.”

    • GJR

      @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

      Yeah, you hit the nail on the head, in most of Western Europe, I know Germany well, it is a much more tolerant environment.

      You nor anyone else has provided me with a reasonable explanation of why the man would get a personal invite to the event, yet not be shown on television. All evidence suggests it was the Obama team, NOT HBO that made this choice. Now you’re right, maybe it was Rahm Emmanuel or someone else who said, “Keep him off TV” – either way, it was extremely offensive and it is Obama who is being blamed for it. If a “mishap” like this were to happen to offend, say, Jewish voters, you can bet your ass he’s change course quickly. Or black voters. Or Hispanics. But because we are low on the totem pole, such mishaps are allowed. Having Gene Robinson there benefitted nobody but the gay community, so what is the point of not letting him be seen or heard?
      Snafu, technical fuck up or intentional act – it looks bad, was completely unnecessary and pissed off around 6 million GLBT people who voted for him. Yet again.

    • bearcub

      Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. He likes media moments of empty synbolism. He throws you under the bus when he’s done using you. Get used to it. Get over it.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      You’ve gone through the trouble to back up your grievances with links and info.

      Thank you.

      It’s really important that we as adult engage in intelligent discourse.

      I want to ask you something and answer honestly…

      Are you pissed off that Obama invited Robinson to speak but it was actually impossible to here him AND he wasn’t even televised, so it would have been better for him to NOT be invited at all, instead to be invited and have this happen?

      I’m genuinely trying to understand the mindset of (Queerty) American gays.

      Would you rather someone doesn’t try, then they try and it fucks up, even if it helps a little?

      I’m rambling but in the UK there is a similarity. People would rather a right winger for a friend, who calls it straight and says they can’t stand you, then a liberal who tries and doesn’t have gusto?

      Am I warm?

      I get that impression for all the comments this past month that you would all have respect for him if he was meaner, harsher and did NOTHING for the Gay community because he tried and hasn’t come up to the standards you wanted/he said (even though he hasn’t started yet lol), you feel he is worse then scum.


      You all feel that Obama (before even standing for presidency) has done more harm to gays in America, then any previous president?

      I’ve got it haven’t I.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      I didn’t say this wasn’t appalling!

      It is.

      But we have to look at the bigger picture, Obama is a bright man BUT he hasn’t that much power.

      Man, I was just reading about Rahm Emmanuels past….woh…

      I don’t know why, this why it’s important to HAVE this discussion and intelligently come to a conclusion(s) instead of some strange and childish anti-Obama rhetoric.

      A president DOESN’T have that much power.

      Is BUSH the scary one? Or is Cheney and Rumsfeld??

      I’ll say it again.

      It takes ALOT for a black man in the least progressive Western country in the world to become president after having no clear political record NOR coming from an elite political party ala the Kennedy’s, Clintons, Bush’s etc etc.

      So with that, what and who did he befriend to get here?

      Yeah, ya’ll voted for him BUT who funded the campaign? Who made his campaign the MOST expensive?

      Come on, we’re smart here no?

      Can you see were I’m going with this? A lot of people did not want the Clintons back in the White House and I wouldn’t be surprised of some Dem centrics OR right wingers put money his way…

      Like I said, politics is a dirty and grimey game….but I’d rather Obama any day..

    • GJR

      @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

      Ok, let me try, you ask:

      I’m saying it would have taken absolute minimum effort to carry this through. Whether it was Obama or someone on his staff, the decision was made NOT to put him on TV. Not that it was IMPOSSIBLE, a conscious decision was made to put him on a 2:15 before the broadcast started. So I’m angry in that so much anger was caused in the gay community for NO REASON WHAT SO EVER. They had Bono, Tom Hanks, Beyonce, Garth Brooks – about 10 seconds would have to be cut from all of these people to accomodate the minister and be inspiring to millions of gay people offended post Warren. It was such a simple, preventable, easy thing.

      I’m also highly offended that 9 out of 10 people could not hear him, they shouted they could not hear him, yet the did nothing.
      Couldn’t do it for the live show because of time? Have him say it again for the re-broadcast. Been involved in TV productions, this is done all the time. When have you ever heard that any important speaker – a scientist, a guest speaker, a politician – is allowed to proceed through a speech or a prayer and most cannot hear him or her? The issue is remedied and the problem is fixed. The fact he prepared a beautiful speech that was not heard on TV nor by 98% of the crowd is simply a rude affront that was not necessary.

      You keep saying Obama has hard work to do. I agree. But particularly in the area of gay rights, the battles will be vicious. This situation involved saying, “Put the man on TV..” pretty simple. Do you think Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be a garden party? It will be about viscious partisan divisions. Gay people will be the national boogeyman again. So yes, this thing was a walk in the park compared to the real struggles for gay rights ahead. Whoever made the cowardly decision to keep this man off the air does not inspire confidence that they will fight hard when the going gets really really tough.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

      @Leland Frances:
      Brilliantly put.

    • GJR

      @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

      And I dispute none of that. But if you’ve gone this far, taken the bold step to invite the man to speak at your inauguration, then don’t resort to cheap tricks like keeping off TV. Nobody wins this way – the Republicans are still furious the guy spoke, the rightwing Christians are so angry they never want to speak Obama again, even AFTER inviting Warren and the gay community is furious. It is lose/lose for everybody.

      So my point is, if he’s going to take the big step, go all the way through to show his message of diversity. If he takes half measures – “let the man speak, just not on TV” – he’s accomplishing NOTHING. Better not to invite Robinson, have the fundies be happy with Warren and build bridges with the gay community another day. This way, everybody is mad, political capital expended on both sides – gay and conservative – needlessly.

    • bearcub

      Deciphering Obama’s actions toward LGBT is like trying to solve a murder mystery.

      The LGBT community has been injured and lies on the kitchen floor. A hammer is next to the body. On the hammer’s handle, under a bloody fingerprint, the letter O is visible.
      Obama is down the street at the coffee shop ordering breakfast and having a haircut and a shoe shine. His next stop is the gym. He’s very busy. He’s handsome, glib, uplifting and, as usual, denies knowledge of everything and distances himself from the consequences of his actions.
      Upon being questioned as a suspect in the crime, his first statements are a questions: Why would I do this? What would be my motive? What do I have against the victim?

      Knowing the motive is not necessary. There was a motive. Bet on it. We just may not be able to prove yet what it was.

      Obama’s marketing machine is way too sophisticated to get this media moment wrong.

    • ceazer

      @bearcub: Eat something, UR gonna get a heart attack over a missed prayer.BTW I’m an chemistry major at NYU- not a mccdonalds employee-thank you very much. Hey, you know you can hate the PE all you want, it won’t change the fact that the whole world and 75% of Americans love him. Turn on your TV. Everybody is celebrating him except some in our community like you. Eat something man, eat something.

    • GJR


      I think the motive was simple – pressure from rightwing sources. Half of what is said we do not hear. It is entirely possible he got a call from Dobson or somebody else saying they would picket the inauguration or whatever else. Or they would never support him etc. However, pulling out Robinson would be all out war with the gay community and hypocritical as he would not pull out Warren. So the decision was made to minimize the exposure..

      No folks will laugh at me and say I’m silly. But again someone answer my questions:
      Why does Obama personally invite this man yet he is pretty much the only one besides Elmo not to be on TV (Ellen was a video, so I can understand…)? Why was he scheduled 15 minutes before the broadcast started? Why does HBO say it was a decision of the Obama team and they don’t deny it? Why is it virtually no one could hear the man there, yet no corrections were made to the sound system? Why is it, despite minor audio glitches, every other speaker and performer was clearly heard? These are not hard questions. But nobody has answers to them.

    • Nick11


      Thanks for summing it all up so intelligently and succinctly. I totally agree with your take on it.

      My friends are all over me for being so down on Obama, but for me as a gay man who has been fighting for my rights for 30 years now,someone who has always been a democrat and believed that they actually would one day make me proud and do the right thing by the lgbt community I see Obama as a huge disappointment. We are not part of his big tent and the only time it even seems like we might be is when we get a one word mention in a speech. It’s bullshit, empty, political rhetoric. I have said this before on here and other sites and I will continue to make this suggestion. The LGBT community needs to stop giving blank endorsements and money to the Democratic party. We need to not be so easy. Money talks, our community has a fair amount of it, instead of spending millions on rimming the Dems and getting nothing for it except hepatitis maybe we should form a strong, wealthy lgbt political group that was officially Independent, and work on grass roots activism, and take control of our political destiny – instead of hoping that one day someone might actually throw us a bone. Political movements (Ghandi, MLK) always start with an outsider agitating for change, the idea that we always have to work within is short sited and historically not true. We need a revolution, we need it now and we need it to be ours, dependent on us and our friends not on continuously doing the same thing (believing the Dems) and then being surprised when we get the same result.

    • bearcub

      Ceazer #126,

      Thanks for your concern. I ate something. Obama gave it to me. It tasted like BS. I tried washing it down with the Kool-Aide you like.I chose cherry. It’s very fruity. It didn’t work. Obama’s meal still tastes like BS to me. Chemistry major or not, who cares? McDonald’s is the place for you.

      Why should I submit my civil rights to a referendum? Why should I accept being lesser? Why should I just settle down and wait for the great man to insult me again I guess that’s OK with you. But then, that’s you.

      I don’t give a flip about how many hammerheads are jumping up and down over that fraud, Obama. I’m on to that dude. You should be too.

    • JesusofAudacity

      Y’all jus shud get-on-board with Obama. He hadn’t even started yet. I see it all the same racialist wites. Thats why Gay Pride is fading now that Black Pride is bigger in sum citis. it wusnt obamas fault that hbo cut out the gay pope. your just jelous of the new takeover of the obamma generation. jus get over it and go back to yur wite picket fences. obama is the bestest prezident ever, so far. Why you ackting like Barbra Bush?

    • bearcub

      GJR #127,

      Right. Now the game is about finger pointing. Eventually, we will find out all about Obama. Putting him under pressure is essential so that selling us out has a cost. But there is no doubt that Obama’s current outreach is to the very evangelicals that supplied foot soldiers and money in the battle against us.

    • bearcub


      Won’t answer. Too dumb.

    • bearcub

      My mistake, Jesus.

      I meant to say won’t answer YOU. YOU are too dumb. My last remark on your subject.

    • ceazer

      @bearcub: You are the one who is dumb. Sorry Your buddy Palin lost, Hillary lost. De-register from the kkk, they don’t want you either.
      You hate Obama? guess what, 75% of the country hates us. You make all of us look like racist f****gs. Hey jesusofAudacity, not all of us are racist. You might talk slang’ but you are smatter than BEARCUB, BEAR!

    • GJR


      This is a joke, right? The spelling, the grammar, the attitude. It’s kind of a textbook example of the “sterotyped gay I never want to become”

    • Boris H

      Once again:

      Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. So far we’ve got only empty rhetoric. Actions, decisions, conscientious choices brough us Warren and snubbing of Gene Robinson.

      Obama Team made judgement call and once again we were kicked out of the bus. You make excuses all you want but the facts, the actions are plain to see.

      To quote Dan Savage: “When you’re throwing folks a bone it’s a good idea to make sure they can, you know, see the bone.”

      Ceazer: you’re free to let them walk all over you again. I choose not to. What I do know is that “We are the One” does not include me and it does not include you, however much you want it to be so.

    • JesusofAudacity

      Yur right Ceazer. All whites are so racialist. Obama wun, fare and square. Its our tern now. 75% are on our side so dont expegt special rites coz your wite and a quuen.

    • JesusofAudacity

      wot do you call a bear cub on its 21st birthday? A fat old white guy. ROTFLMAO! Japhy will ban these racialists as black is the color that dont run.

    • Michael W.

      Well GJR I guess you were right about the rightwing reaction to Gene Robinson and I was indeed wrong for accusing you of lying. I personally don’t see anything that would cause the Obama team to pull such a drastic move, especially since they had Rick Warren to wield like an axe against anyone who opposed Bishop Gene, but nevertheless I see there was friction that I didn’t pick up on so I was wrong on that point.

    • mark

      Marion Anderson = Bishop Eugene Robinson

      The event We Are One had barely finished the footage of Marion Anderson being told she couldn’t sing by the Daughters of the American Revolution…and they silenced Bishop Robinson.

      for a little Historical footnote….NOBODY remembers any of the names of those Daughters of the American Revolution, and Marion Anderson is LEGENDARY.
      and Rosa Parks is LEGENDARY.

      Maybe in 50 years the story of this Inaugural won’t be Bono, or Warren, or Beyonce…maybe it’ll be Bishop Eugene Robinson.
      History is funny that way

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

      So did you answer my question?

      I told you we WON’T know the answer to your question….we need to keep on throwing information around..

      But who is on this site???

      Everyone is just blaming Obama. Can you not see they actually don’t care that YOU care to seek the truth?

      @bearcub: @Boris H:

      I think a few of you could be powerful and instead of moaning about how bad Obama is, why don’t you start an Obama hate group?

      ‘Kill that lying n*gga!’ maybe?

      Like I said, he tried he failed and now you and the rest of the white gay population think he is worse then scum.

      We get that.

      Now stop being pussies. Start this group that I’m sure Queerty would support. Gain movement AND the more loud you are the more they will here you.

      I even have an idea. White supremicists hate blacks more then they hate gays-I think.

      Why don’t some of you try and get together with them to plot to get rid of the most evil man ‘Obama’ that walked the earth?

      That way we can have Bidden or maybe be Hilz can get a shoe in? She made no promises and never mentioned gays in her speeches, never spoke to an anti-gay black/white church, so at least that way she want make you all so angry?

      I truly think this is doable.

      OR just keep going on, and on and on and on and on during Queert posts regarding Oabama.

      Do nothing.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      You’re showing long term effects for the gays! Bearcub won’t like that!

      Boy is HE a dog with a bone!

    • Boris H


      What makes you think I am white, BTW?. Your own prejudice, perhaps?

      You know nothing of meor my background or the history of me and my family.

      But what we all know is that Robinson got snubbed because of the Obama inauguration team. We know that Obama invited christian fascist Warren to pray at inauguration (have you ever bothered to find out what Warren’s AIDS work in Africa actually does to African gays? What kind of people Warren has aligned himself with? have you any idea what kind of oppression black gays face in Africa, thanks to Warren and his ilk?).

      You very freely accuse me of racism. The accusation says ore about you than it says about me. After all, I am judging the man (Obama) and his transition team based on his actions. Not based on his skin color. Like you do.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

      This link below proves my point about how nutty you guys are all taking this.

      Not sure if you know of Peter Thatchell but he is British gay and human rights campaigner, who has done a HUGE amount towards changing attitudes about Gays in the UK and getting more rights.

      He wrote this open letter to Barack Obama and gulp, he didn’t mention the gays…is that could be because the world is falling apart and we need Obama somewhere else?

      “Dear President Barack Obama,

      Congratulations on the occasion of your inauguration.

      On this special day, the hopes of billions of people across our precious planet are vested in your presidency. They look to you to show practical and moral leadership in resolving the great challenges that face humanity.

      You have a historic opportunity to give new expression to the United State’s founding ideals of liberty, justice and equality, by defending and protecting human rights, in the US and worldwide.

      There are many new policies you can initiate, at relatively little cost, which will greatly extend the realm of justice and freedom and rebuild the moral stature of the US across the globe:

      Propose a new UN International Human Rights Convention, enforceable worldwide.

      Recognise and support the International Criminal Court, to bring to justice the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      Instruct the State Department to compile a Global Index of Human Rights, measuring the record and ranking of every country on key human rights issues. Raise abuses of these rights in the UN and with offending states, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, China, Sudan, Uganda, Iran, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Burma, Afghanistan, Russia, Iraq and Sri Lanka.

      Make US foreign aid conditional on countries achieving significant progress towards upholding human rights.”

    • KB

      I couldn’t care less about what HBO televised. With all the inclusive talk of gays and lesbians, the commitment to repeal DADT, appointing openly gay people to his administration, I’d rather have my POTUS take a measured approach like Obama is, as opposed to what Clinton did to alienate the masses re: DADT in his first week which set the stage for 1994’s “Contract With (i.e. “on”) America.”

      This nation has a multitude of socio-economic problems brought on by 8 years of Bush. The man isn’t even President yet and he’s already being criticized for things that are attributed to him without any proof that it is HIS fault that HBO broadcast this and not that. I’m happy to see Obama’s skill at taking on so many issues at once, and I’m not going to have, or tolerate, a temper tantrum because some bishop wasn’t broadcast on television.

    • ceazer

      @Boris H: Hey Boris, you sound like a f***racist. You are so worked up about homophobes. What’s the difference btwn racists and homophobes? yah, they are both bigots. The president is BLACK! , get used to it

    • rick p

      Oh my poor brothers and sisters I am so sorry your hit of Baractasy is wearing off. There was nothing in this man’s past actions to make you believe otherwise,but perhaps you were so hungry for a seat at the table that you blindly believed. I wonder who will be the next group of believers to wake up?

    • Steff

      You guys are just hysterical.

    • Dan

      You can be sure, this was NO accident. I’m struggling to be constructive with my anger about Obama now.

      Obama could publicly apologize and state his support for equal rights for gay people including marriage. This would be the minimum expected of any leader in the civilized world. But likely? Doubtful.

      I can’t believe I’m having to say that Obama does not meet the minimum criteria for a basic enlightened human being.

      So as an alternative, the entertainers who Obama lied to by telling them that this was the “WE ARE ONE” concert should let him know that they do not appreciate being used.

      Bono, Springsteen, Latifah, Hanks, Wonder and all the rest of you. If you agree with gay people being kicked in the teeth as the literal opening act of this administration, do nothing. Otherwise, tell Obama he lied to you and to us, and you do not like it.

    • Dan

      John from England says: “why not use ALL this energy to get stronger and fight the religous nut jobs on the right??

      Didn’t someone mention on here that they actually form a small percentage of the population?”

      Small yes. But two or three times as many of them as there are of us.

      Sorry, I’m pretty angry, yeah.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


      Thats not true in the sense that many liberals are anti homophobia!


      Gays need to believe in themselves, they CAN’T win.

      This is why Thatchell is soo effective. He is smart. WON’T take bullshit and will always protest.

      His intellectual brilliance and PRIDE to be GAY is what SCARES people.

      Damn, there is no strategy to read up. It’s about how you wish people to judge you.

      As a black man in a really white British society, I learnt the hard way and I’m not going to lie to you, I genuinely have a really high self esteem of my being black and gay.

      I didn’t always.

      But I learnt and read a helluva lot….I refuse to be someone’s ‘victim’.

    • ceazer

      Unfortunately, only the gay community is pissed at this issue. I visited the blog on huff post. We are being dissed by our supporters seriously. Meanwhile, America is celebrating.

    • Boris H


      That only proves the point: we and our experences are expendable. After we’ve donated to their campaigns, they couldn’t care less.

      Obama or Democratic Party will never get a dime from me.

      And the rest of America is included into “We are the One”. It’s us who are out. No wonder they are celebrating, thay have a reason to. We do not.

      And your accusations of me being racist tell more about you than they tell about me. You know nothing of me, not even the color of my skin. But that doesn’t prevent you from hurling them. And YOU call others bigots?

      However much you scream, the facts are the same. Obama transition team has made choices, they have acted, they have made decisions. And I am critisizing those decisions. If you see that as racism, the loss is all yours.

      Go on and celebrate with the “rest of them”, knowing that you are not really part of them, are you? No wonder US gay movement gets no results, they’re too busy giving “vanguard awards” to Jennifer Anistons of this world and lapping up empty rhetoric.

      You have been excluded, you just choose not to see it.

    • BradK

      Is anyone honestly surprised by any of this? Never mind back of the bus, we’re strapped to the roof. Out in the rain. At least we’re one notch up from the dead-last disabled.

    • Susan Kitchens

      Well, I for one “got it” when I saw the Gay Men’s Chorus singing. From the first close up, I saw the red ribbons, said OMG OMG! That’s the Gay Men’s Chorus! Wow. What symbolism… a passing forward of the civil rights… and wept through the rest of the song. What amazing planning, thought I. What an astonishing moment.

    • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

      @Boris H:

      Boris, I’m sure you believe you are RIGHT (eous) but if you gave more examples of your very un moveable opinions…people would not call you racist..

      Tell is about all the last opinions you’ve had one other pres who’ve NOT been in power yet…


      The way you talk or write you make it seem like this happened before…

      Or not?

      Again answer this question.

      Is Obama the worst president to have ever existed? Before he even went into power?

      If yes.

      Start YOUR group!

    • Buddy

      Eight years ago, as another president was preparing to be sworn in, the parade route on Pennsylvania avenue was populated by protesters, chanting, holding up “God Help Us” signs, and being sworn and screamed at by republican women in fur coats crying “Why can’t you let us have OUR inauguration?!”

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      It’s disingenuous for Obama’s hard-line supporters to demand he be exempt from criticism and critique prior to taking office, especially since I’m sure a few of them were on the sidelines eight years ago. In fact, Obama is not being critiqued on issues on which he has yet to take action, and which he cannot truly address until he assumes office: the economy, the middle east, Russia and Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, et al. No, Obama is being criticized for actions he has taken, which are fully within his control and direction. The Rick Warren initiation was a mistake – I’m sorry but when even the mainstream media is saying you made a boo-boo, I don’t know how he can spin it in his favor.

      Inviting Bishop Robinson, which Obama’s team says was done weeks ago, but curiously didn’t surface after mainstream uproar over Warren, was seen by some as a pacifying gesture to the GLUT population. To turn around and have the transition team tell HBO to place him in the pre-show and not broadcast him was poor judgment. To make his such a low-priority figure that they didn’t even ensure he was given a working microphone speaks volumes.

      Do I think he was put in the pre-show deliberately to avoid controversy in the nationwide broadcast? We can’t know for sure, but I’d say that that was not an unreasonable supposition. I don’t think you have to tread into paranoid territory to give the suspicious credence.

      Do I think his microphone was cut off deliberately? Not really, though I wouldn’t put it past some individual screwed-up soul to have engaged in a small bit of sabotage to gratify their own little feeling of power. Who knows, maybe there’s a homophobic sound check guy chuckling in his beer – but I would doubt Obama’s team had anything to do with it.

      Lastly, I’m really amazed at the racism I see in this thread – and you might notice that the bulk of it seems to be directed towards posters who Obama’s supporters have concluded are white. “De-register from the kkk, they don’t want you either”, “a bunch of ungrateful self important (mainly white) gays,” “All whites are so racialist.”

      Maybe I’m not surprised – it’s just a continuation of the last 18 months where it seemed you could not raise any concern or criticism of Obama without being instantly tried and convicted of racism. I started our pro-Obama, but when I couldn’t even raise legitimate issues, like my slight concern about his level of experience, without being vilified, I knew this wasn’t going to turn out as rosy as I had hoped.

    • stonedream

      This blog is such a joke! None, or very few of the comments here truly represent the GLBT community. These comments are from a bunch of right-wingers throwing horse puck trying to inflame the GLBT community. And those of you who are going for the okey doke are the most stupid of all. What’s really going on here? Had McCain/Palin been in Obama/Biden’s position there would have been no Rick or Gene! Just pure, unadulterated homophobia as usual. Be sensible and take your victories as they come. All this hot air about Obama sounds like an entirely different community than the Gay Les Bi Trans community that I am a part of. We still have a ways to go, we are not there yet, and Obama is not the Messiah. Hello! So get real and get back to work or shut the f*** up. For all the venom I am tasting in these comments, it doesn’t sound like you even deserve to be represented! ANYWHERE!

    • Dan

      John from England, Obama used us. It was completely unnecessary, and he raped us just for the fucking hell of it.

      I can’t believe he did this. It is incredibly shallow. There was no need to rape us, and he went ahead and did it anyway.

    • Dan

      John from E, When his four years or eight years are done, I don’t know whether he will have done more good or more bad.

      What we already know though, is that he raped us. No matter what else he does or does not do for justice, peace, the environment.

      Barack Obama raped us yesterday.

    • Dan

      Oh and guess what else.

      Barack Hussein Obama is planning to rape us again tomorrow. He has been planning for months to rape us tomorrow.

      I cannot believe what we have learned today.

      Barack Obama has raped us. And he plans to rape us again.

    • bearcub

      Wake-up stoneddream. No repugs here. Take a good look at the road as you are rolling under the bus. You don’t have to remind anyone that Obama is not the Messiah. They can see that for themselves. And nobody is going to shut the f***up so you can peacefully enjoy your dream. They’re going to keep on screaming until Pres. Hopey-Changey delivers on his ahem…indications, suggestions, dubious proclamations, potentialities, etc.

    • Dan

      John from England said: “Why not use ALL this energy to get stronger and fight the religous nut jobs on the right??

      Didn’t someone mention on here that they actually form a small percentage of the population?”

      No point in getting cocky over this J from E. Not only do the religious nut jobs on the right not only form a much larger percentage of the population than gay people, they even outnumber African Americans by 2 to 1.

      This is a very bad sign. I am devastated to learn that Obama is so shallow and cowardly.

      I never would have thought he would be capable of this. There was nothing at risk, and he did it anyway. This reveals his true motivations in a way we have not seen before.

      I was prepared for disappointments when there was controversy. But I am truly devastated that Obama now has raped us on his own volition.

    • David Ezell

      Frankly, I could hardly care less about either Robinson’s comments nor those of the bigoted Rick Warren, who was chosen to speak on innaguration day. I believe in the separation of church and state and think mixing the two has gotten us in a lot of the mess from which we all are suffering. That said, Robinson’s selection was seen as a concession to queers after the Warren insult. But the bait and switch of asking him, and then silencing him, is problematic.

      I voted for Obama, as I know that sexual minorities will suffer far worse at the hands of the GOP. That said, I have never had any illusions about the Democrats who seemingly lack any sort of central directive, especially when it come to the rights of women and men with alternative sexual desire.

    • ceazer

      @Dan: You are a sick, sick man. Barack Hussein Obama raped us? What are you Sean Hannity? What a st*pid man you are.

    • KRyan

      Just embedded the prayer in as many blogs as possible.

      Suggested keywords: Bishop Robinson, bishops praying for obama, gay bishop, Gene Robinson, HBO, inaugural celebration, inauguration events, Obama inauguration

    • martin

      ok, but my opinion is so what? so what that a person who believes in a make believe book that has been very damaging doesn’t get air time. i realize that he is gay, so am i, but i’ve never really respected the “church” and the fact that he shares my sexuality doesn’t compell me to defend him.

    • Gregg

      Obama is turning out to be a politician who says whatever it takes to get elected. Why should we be surprised? Isn’t it the true nature of a politician? He’s a phony. He’s not the first phony in the white house, and he won’t be the last. Power is seductive.

    • Saturday Night Special

      @Dan: Brilliantly put, Dan. How do you like Gene Robinsons reference to being the son of God? LMAO!

      What a community!

      Barack laughs all the way to the White House while gays can’t figure out whether he’s a liar or not.

      If anyone is waiting for DADT, I say get some chips and stay awhile, cause you’re going to be waiting a loooong loooong time.

    • Saturday Night Special

      Things is he got LGBT invested ih him. So they cannot admit that they were fooled. They will sign on to his fake promisies.

      Barack’s policies are identical to George W’s … but when Barry wire taps they’re gonna love it!

    • nick g

      Hey u guys I think if hbo statsment is true that they had nothing to do with what was choosed to be air then they shudnt be held @ fault but if they don’t want us to hold them @ fault they need to contact obama camp and have them issuse a statsement saying it was them who choose to not air the bishop but if they don’t you all shud join me and my family and friends gay and str8 and not have hbo in ur cable package by next monday and if obama camp won’t come out and say so but hbo do try they need to hbo does need to go on television like the view,cnn,bet,extra,and et and let more people not only us who online kno it was his camp choice to cut that out if not if u love ur self and or ur gay friends let hbo go in ur package let them kno we love our self and we won’t take this SH**

    • nick

      Hey u guys I think if hbo statsment is true that they had nothing to do
      with what was choosed to be air then they shudnt be held @ fault but if
      they don’t want us to hold them @ fault they need to contact obama camp
      and have them issuse a statsement saying it was them who choose to not
      air the bishop but if they don’t you all shud join me and my family and
      friends gay and str8 and not have hbo in ur cable package by next monday
      and if obama camp won’t come out and say so but hbo do try they need to
      hbo does need to go on television like the view,cnn,bet,extra,and et and
      let more people not only us who online kno it was his camp choice to cut
      that out if not if u love ur self and or ur gay friends let hbo go in ur
      package let them kno we love our self and we won’t take this SH**

    • Alfredo Munoz

      It was certainly shameful when a man with a beard remained the passive partner (pathikos) and it was even worse when a man allowed himself to be penetrated by another grown-up man. The Greeks even had a pejorative expression for these people, whom were called kinaidoi. They were the targets of ridicule by the other citizens, especially comedy writers. For example, Aristophanes (c.445-c.380) shows them dressed like women, with a bra, a wig and a gown, and calls them euryprôktoi, “wide asses”.

    • Entemiemy

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