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LIVE FEED: John McCain Embarrasses America For A Second Day In a Row

It’s Day Two of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s attempt to make John McCain look even worse. Tune in! You’re going to hear from A-listers like Gen. James Cartwright, Gen. George Casey, Adm. Gary Roughead, Gen. James Amos, Gen. Norton Schwartz, and Adm. Robert Papp.

Gen. Casey doesn’t want to “add another level of stress to an already stressed force” or make it “more difficult” for the military to carry out its mission by repealing the law. However, if the law is repealed by Congress, it would not “keep us from accomplishing our worldwide missions, including combat operations.” He later tells McCain the law should be repealed “eventually.” It’s a question of “timing, whether we can do this in the near term”; “I would not recommend going forward at this time.”

The Navy’s Adm. Roughhead says he “believes the appropriate policy issues” have been researched and considered by the DADT study, but notes “there will be issues to be addressed” because of the “sizable minority” who believes repealing the law will have a “negative” impact. He cites living, bathing, and training environments. But: “I believe these concerns can be effectively mitigated.” If the law is repealed, the Navy “will not fundamentally change.” And thus, he says “I recommend repeal.”

Gen. Amos says the survey “provides useful information” about the Marines’ views on gays. “If the law is changed, successfully implementing repeal … has strong potential for disruption at the small unit level,” because it’ll distract from “preparing units for combat.” Thus, he “cannot reconcile” ignoring the views of his Marines. “We asked for their opinions, and they gave them to us.” But can we “implement repeal at this time? Yes.” If Congress changes the law, the Marines will “faithfully follow the law.” But should we repeal the law? “My recommendation is that we should not implement repeal at this time” though “combat readiness” and morale is “as high” as ever.

Gen. Schwartz recognizes “complicating factors” of implementing repeal. The Air Force “can accomodate” repeal with minimal risk of disruption. “The Air Force will pursue implementation if the law changes.” However, the “short term risk” to the military is not low as the study asserts. “I remain concerned with the study’s assessment” that Afghanistan troops will face little to no effects. “I therefore recommend deferring full implementation” and have certification of repeal held off until 2012. However, “legislative action on this issue is far preferable” to courts making the call. He later tells McCain “I do not think it prudent to seek full implementation in the near term.”

The Coast Guard’s Adm. Papp says his servicemembers should not have to lie just to fulfill their will to serve. Despite what the report claims, repeal will not be “easy.” There will be “challenges along the course ahead,” some of which “we cannot forsee” and will require “considerable time and resources” to overcome. None of that gets in the way of his support for repeal, saying Coast Guard members will maintain their “high levels of professionalism” and can “weather change of this magnitude.”

And so: After more than three hours of hearings, McCain ends with this: The “testimony today clearly indicated we should not rush judgment on this issue” and push legislation to repeal DADT. This man is not just a monster. He’s a lost cause.

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  • Cam

    Could somebody please search through his entire career and tell me about any significant piece of legislation Mccain has EVER worked on?

    Campaign reform shouldn’t count because
    1. he was doing that to erase the Keating Five financial Scandal from people’s memories
    2. Senatory Feingold did most of the heavy lifting on that one
    3. He broke the rules as soon as he ran for president.

    But look at McCains record.

    Graduated basically at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy with more demerits than any other student. (Would have been kicked out, but daddy was an admiral)

    Got into flight training inspite of his horrible record (Dadddy was an admiral)

    Crashed 4 planes before going down for a 5th time in Viet Nam (Wouldn’t have been allowed to continue to fly most likely but…daddy was an admiral)

    Got into the Senate, during the internet tech boom he was in charge of the Senate Commerce Committe. A committee that oversaw ALL internet commerce in the U.S. yet he NEVER bothered to learn how to even sign onto the internet.

    What did McCain spend his years as the head of the Commerice committee working on?? A Boxing reform bill. That was his big bill, why bother? Well because McCain likes boxing you see.

    So he has been living off the taxpayers for his entire life, and the only legislation he has bothered to really work on and push is a reform bill who’s rules he broke and a boxing reform bill.

  • malcanoid

    I am finding this all too depressing to watch apart from Senator Udall. Most of these men still seem to think we have cloven feet, a tail and horns but no arms. God (if only there were one) help America. Long live the Queen!

  • tony x

    It really is sickening in 2010.

  • eagledancer

    Am I the only one who figures the Marines “eek factor” over openly gay folks in their ranks is the long term opinion the Marine Corps has the most bottoms of all military forces? If gays are allowed to come out, are they worried about everyone discovering the rumors have always been true, and that the most gays in the military are those in the Marine Corps?

    And, oh yeah…I live in Arizona, so you can imagine how thrilled I am he “represents” me–his office is actually about 1/2 a mile away from our condo.

  • Tony X


    So true there is an ENTIRE INDUSTRY devoted to Gay Marine sex videos …. and having lived across from the street from the Pentagon I promise you gay military are hooking all over John McCain’s neighborhood in Crystal City VA.

  • randy

    One good thing, though, is to see these old men debating, in a serious manner, homosexuals. They wouldn’t do this unless forced to, and they are now forced to recognize that:

    We exist
    We are in the military now
    DADT will eventually end
    They have to deal with us on a mature level without jokes or insults

    For us, that’s small comfort, of course, but for them this is a big step.

  • ewe

    When will the media address the senility issues that John McCain is displaying?

  • The Faceless Sailor

    Dear Mr McCain: I know you will never see this but I hope in this day of mass media and instant information, others who make decisions do. I have a news flash for you – we are already in the military. I was in the bunk across from watching you sob your brains out when you had to leave you little boy on the pier when we went out for deployment. I am the guy that lied to the commander when you came in after lights out so you wouldn’t get busted. I am the one who loaned you money without interest when you pissed away all your money on the Thai hooker who stole your watch. I am the one who poured Listerine on your cut up knee at 3:00 in the morning after you got into a fight. I am the guy that had to take a train to Tokyo to tell your Japanese girlfiend that you were blown overboard and died at sea. I am the sailor who wrote letters to friends in code so that when my letters were confiscated no one would know what they said. I am the sailor who went with you to countless strip clubs all around the world, not because I wanted to see boobs, but because I wanted to be with my shipmates and have fun on liberty. I am the guy that brought you the message that your wife had just had a healthy baby boy and smoked a cigar with you on the flight deck. I am the one that pulled you out of the alpha fire in fireman school when you inhaled too much smoke. In short, I am your buddy, your shipmate, and your friend. Please think about that the next time you say that I am unfit to serve and don’t deserve to enjoy the same freedoms you so casually take for granted and thoughtlessly strip from me, because the next time, I might not be there.

  • Kieran

    If they needed to reinstitute The Draft in America, you’d see how quickly the government would scuttle this “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. They’d have to. Half the young people in America today would happily say they’re gay or bisexual (whether they were or not) just to get out of the draft.

  • jason

    Beware of the recent development which suggests that Congress might repeal DADT but with an amendment added that it is up to Gates to decide the timing. This is faux repeal. Repeal must happen after it is voted on, not a year or two down the track.

    If DADT isn’t repealed right away, it isn’t repealed at all. Just be aware of this trick that may be played on us.

  • randy

    Kiernan: And 100% of the children of the chicken hawks who support war would claim to be gay.

  • Marcy Hodges


    That is McCain’s point. He doesn’t WANT you to screw him

  • Marcy Hodges


    Jason, when will you enlist?

  • Marcy Hodges


    That is true, just as it is true that if DADT is repealed, gays won’t be able to use that as an excuse, as they have been doing , to get out of the military.

  • Pip

    fuck john mccain. he’s a stupid ass bigot, fat old piece of shit geezer.

  • missanthrope

    Dear John McCain,


    No love,

    Gays everywhere.

  • Mack Robertson

    Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait for enlightened legislation until many of these old Republicans die off. Wish that day of judgement would come much sooner than later.

  • George

    I don’t understand how this is still an issue. Just because repeal would allow gay soldiers to come out if they choose to, it doesn’t mean that they WILL! If they know someone they serve with is a loser homophobe, they (like the rest of us) wouldn’t tell them. I don’t announce my homosexuality at work just because I can’t get fired over it. This is so stupid.

    Also, read:

  • Jaroslaw

    If I was a bomb, I would explode by now over this nonsense.

    1. Did everyone forget already how many WOMEN get pregnant (which for all the morals folks should be an issue since these are unmarried folks, young people screwing under gov’t. supervision) and doesn’t that cause a problem when they have to leave their unit to have the baby? I think it is a huge problem statistically and is swept under the rug. Not only that, I’ve read more than once women have easier basic training rquirements.

    2. I picked up Newsweek Magazine at a church rummage sale from the 80’s where the article said point blank that during the height of the Viet Nam war, it was absolutely proven that when the demand for bodies/soldiers was highest, nobody gave a damn that new enlistees were Gay.

    3. Let’s not forget the Tailhook Scandal and all the other STRAIGHT sex scandals that are probably hidden under the carpet (in other words stop pretending openly Gay soldiers are a problem with “cohesion” when the straight boys cause so much trouble)

  • Jaroslaw

    re #2 above -I remember now how it was proven with the militarie’s own records – discharges for homosexuality dropped to almost zero

  • Steve

    The pre-DADT ban was formally suspended during the Gulf War. People who came out to prevent a deployment were discharged after their unit’s return.

    The number of discharges has also dropped by more than 50% since 2001.

  • Sug Night

    Is it too late to put him back in that little Vietnamese prison cell he’s so famous for? He’s a blight on our country.

  • ProfessorVP

    I think the title of this piece is inaccurate. Nutsy Cuckoo just embarrasses himself, not a whole nation. That said… McCain is substantially different from Bill Clinton, who gave us DADT because…? And while we’re at it, how is McCain more pernicious to us than Obama? Obama couldn’t let the recent 9th circuit ruling stand, which ruled DADT unconsitutional. Oh, no, he had to challenge it, because letting congress repeal it was “the right way.” He said this knowing full well that Republicans would gain seats in congress and the senate, and the chance of repeal would be less now than previously. That way– and this is typical Obama- he can tell so-called progressives, “I am really against DADT, it’s the Republican meanies’ fault” but at the same time calm the Republicans by letting them block repeal (and trust me, they will block repeal). The result, of course, will be that homophobes will believe Obama is fair-minded, to them a terrible thing, and fair-minded, reasonable Americans will conclude he is a homophobe, since he had the chance to let the court have its way, but wouldn’t. The political result: Obama will lose votes, and DADT stays for several more years. Just watch.

    And don’t bother telling me that his Justice Department was obligated by law to defend DADT. It’s customary, but not required. Also don’t bother telling me I’m a hater, or dental-challenged tea party member either. I voted for Obama. But got McCain.

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