Chelsea Clinton’s not the only political person courting the gays.

Fearing a loss in his city’s forthcoming election, London mayor Ken Livingstone took a jaunt around the gay ghettos to spread some good will – and get good press. We’re not sure it worked…

Journalist AA Gill tagged along despite not being invited, and he reports the reception for Livingstone wasn’t so warm:

His press officer Victoria (the one who wouldn’t return any e-mails or calls) and his agent (ditto) are now both immensely attentive and charming, telling me how pleased they are I could come and how they’d love it if I could join them at a private party in Heaven. (The office has been trying to get access to this do on my behalf for a week with no joy; it kept being told that it was a “strictly private party”.)

We pause reverently outside the Admiral Duncan pub (it was nail-bombed in 1999 by a neo-Nazi, three people died and 70 were wounded) and then we troop off.

The reaction to Ken in the street is muted. After-office drinkers look up without interest, occasionally someone yells. It’s difficult to tell if they’re being encouraging or ironic. There are plenty of shouts of “wanker”.

Well that’s rude. But, of course, it could have been worse. They could have called him a Tory!

Gill also included this remark about Livinstone’s efforts: “‘Where are we going?’ asks Ken. ‘We’re going in circles.’ And when he thinks no one’s listening, he mutters: ‘It’s a bit like this campaign.'”

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