Look What Former Basketball Star Is Doing Drag To Shill Weight Watchers

That would be Charles Barkley, doing a Dennis Rodman and looking fabu in a BBD (Big Black Dress) while shooting some TV spots for Weight Watchers.

Along with the fairly disquieting pic above, Weight Watchers tweeted the message: “While shooting our new TV ads, Charles Barkley finds the perfect little black dress. Looking good!!!”

He looks just like Jennifer Hudson with some killer biceps.

The campaign? “Lose like a man,” which aims to tell men that losing weight is not just for women.

The former basketball star says he put on a hundo pounds from laziness, but that he’s already lose 42 of it from Weight Watching.

Barkley also has been a pretty freakin’ awesome ally in the past, reminding people that civil rights include gay rights.

Photo via Weight Watchers

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  • FreddyMertz

    Love him!…tho has a bit of a Serena Williams look to him…not making fun..just an observation. Of course if he ever decides to run for office..this pic would be a hoot…I’d vote for him.

  • stevoj

    “He looks just like Jennifer Hudson…”

    now that’s funny. wrong, but funny

  • Christopher Banks

    I think it’s great, just like Daniel Craig’s spot for International Women’s Day, but here’s something to think on: if you’re going with a campaign called “Lose Like A Man”, you’re targeting guys who are already insecure about their masculinity. Is showing a guy in a dress not actually associating your campaign goal with the stereotypes they already hold in their head?

  • Houston Bill

    I love Sir Charles. He makes me proud to be an Alabamian and an Auburn fan. He just don’t give a &(*&!. Sir Charles is gonna do and say what Sir Charles wants.

  • Helden von Heute

    He looks a little like Tisha Campbell. Still, not bad looking.

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