Super cute former copper turned politico Brian Paddick lost his bid to be London’s next mayor. Tory Boris Johnson won the election, which may not be so good for the gays: he’s against same-sex unions and, according to reports, lashed out at his party peers for attempting to woo the homos. He also opposes fun, dancing and unicorns. Okay, we made that last bit up, but it makes sense. [365 Gay]

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  • Puddy Katz

    The UK, especially England, is sick of the Labour Party. Expect more such defeats. Luckily there are pro-gay Tory MP’s and the Party is becoming more moderate on the issue. I welcome the Tories back in power, Labour has overstayed its welcome.

  • ousslander

    The Brits finally came to their sense and threw out that pig Livingston.

  • M Shane

    I got the impression that the tory who won was anti gay. We certainly don’t need England to swing any closer to American politics. A Lib Democrat would suit me well

    I don’t know if a mayorship would mean a whole lot to England itself.

    As innocent as a biography can seem to be, the bitter truth of the matter is that people frown on a man getting beaten up. Especially a police officer. That could have been a serious disadvantage; that’s why men don’t admit to being beaten especially by women.
    (still need to find those stats David H.( they are around).

  • hells kitchen guy

    Paddick can come over the pond and run for my boyfriend.

  • Paulo

    I know a certain show pony who would look good in a Paddick.

    I didn’t realise that Boris was so anti-gay. Surprising that someone who values the sanctity of marriage and life long committment so much (tee hee – adulterer!) could be against civil partnership.

  • Rob Moore

    It’s a pity really. Labour has taken Britain down a dangerous path and Britain has little to show for it. Now Britain is swinging to the Tories and ignoring the Lib-Dems. I don’t trust the Tories any more than I trust Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. Perhaps, it’s time to try the third path and give the Lib-Dems a shot.

  • M Shane

    Are the Tories like the Conservative party or did they drown all of them after Thatcher. It amazes me that Tony Blair stayed around long as he did. They seem to still believe in democracy anyway, as close as he got to being Bushwhacked.

    I don’t know why Brian couldn’t be Mayor just for that cute smile. Locakl politics are such a different shot than national stuff.

  • Rob Moore

    Yes, the Conservative Party is referred to as the Tory party. Think about it. In the American Revolution, those conservative colonists who opposed independence were referred to as Tories.

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