Madonna Brings Nicki Minaj And M.I.A. To Super Bowl—And The Recording Studio?

Queen of gossip Perez Hilton is reporting that Madonna—who has already been announced as the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl XLVI on February 5—is bringing some big name guest stars on stage with her: Sri Lankan singer/songwriter M.I.A. and hip-hop princess Nicki Minaj.

Madge is said to be performing a whopping five songs during her set, including a new single that has an appropriate cheerleading vibe. It’s rumored Minaj and M.I.A. are contributing to the new track, which would explain their appearance at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium.

We would kill to be at that game. Our dad would be so happy—for about five minutes, until he realized why.

Image via David Shankbone

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  • jason

    Madonna used female bisexulity as a marketing ploy to appeal to sleazy straight guys with a fetish for girl-girl action. Her supposed love for gay men was also a marketing ploy that fake bisexual women are known to use. They use it in order to distract us from the fact that their bisexual act appeals to the type of men who hate gay guys.

    On the one hand, these women say they love us but, on the other, their act is a textbook appeal to the type of men who hate us.

    As far as I’m concerned, Madonna can just go away. Take your AutoTuned electro-trash and shove it, Madge.

  • EdWoody

    @jason: It must be difficult living your life.

  • Red Meat

    Wow I don’t think I can handle three annoying bitches in one stage.

  • John

    This is a football game, not a gay pride event. Who the FUCK scheduled these three cunts?

  • shle896

    @jason: WTF are you even talking about???

  • shle896

    I can’t wait! I will be watching the Superbowl for the first time in my 37 years.

    Madonna is an excellent choice and she certainly won’t disappoint! She’s the ultimate performer and I imagine it will be like nothing ever seen at the Superbowl before because Madonna always strives for excellence, and originality.

    I’m especially thankful that we won’t be getting a cheap imitation of Madonna via Lady Gaga!

  • Mike

    @jason: God bitter much? Madonna has been an advocate for the community for years. She spoke up about AIDS when few celebs were willing to associate themselves with the fight, spoke out in support of gay rights, gay marriage, against bullying all YEARS before GaGa and other pop stars talk about their gay fans. Along the way Madge has made incredible music and kills it on stage. Just because her lyrics aren’t “gay gay gay” and she doesn’t constantly exploit and talk about the gay community you’re a negative b-tch. What’s with all the constant hateful posts, does anything make you happy?

  • christopher di spirito

    “Madge is said to be performing a whopping five songs during her set…”

    Great! If we run out of soda or food items, I will have enough time to dash out to Stater Brothers before the game begins.

  • ewe

    That is a very nice top she has on? Does anyone know who designed it?

  • jason


    I’m simply calling a spade a spade. And I’m also calling out gay guys who support female bisexuals – including fake ones – rather than genuine male bisexuals.

    Truly, the time has come for the gay male community to be exposed as the fraud that it is. It’s a fraudulent community. Supporting Madonna and various other female singers who claim to be bisexual is a clear indication of it.

    As for Madonna’s purported love of gay guys, think of the mansions which she owns.

  • Vevar

    ok my question is what the hell does gaga have to do with this -.- ugh u guys are so pretentious… I’m a huge gaga fan as well as madonna… but i am sick and tired of everyone attacking gaga when madge is involved … get over urselves honestly

  • Franco

    Whenever I read the comments on this site I’m reminded how angry people are.

  • jason


    Well, yes, we have a right to be angry. We gay and bisexual men are the victims of conspiring women who use us for financial reasons.

  • Tommy

    @Franco: Exactly! I think Jason’s problem is he is a secret straight person. I think he fell in love with a bisexual women and she dumped him for another woman and he has never got over it. Most gay men who hate bisexual men had the same problem. Some bisexual dude dumped them for a girl. Stop projecting your personal issues on everyone else.
    And gay people are only 10% of the population. Madonna didn’t pay for those mansions just with gay men’s money! Everyone secretly loves Madonna, but they can’t admit it.
    And, in the picture Madonna is wearing a Gucci dress.

  • Tommy

    @jason: How is any female singer using you for financial reasons? They aren’t forcing you to buy their stuff. We buy Madonna or Gaga’s records because we enjoy their music. If they support gay rights, that’s a bonus but I buy records because I like them. Are you one of those genuine bisexual men you keep talking about? I bet you were angry that your girlfriend dumped you for another woman!
    In my experience, women are very sexually adaptable and like sex with both genders. It’s more often the bisexual guys who are lying and really are all gay.

  • jason


    LOL. Yeah, women are adaptable – for cash. We all know that women are sellers by nature and thus will whore themselves out to any fantasy that involves the payment of cash. Just look at the whore-cunts who do straight porn. They’d do anyone for cash so, yes, I agree that women are adaptable if there’s money involved.

    This is why I invented the word “whore-cunt” to describe modern women.

  • jason

    Oh, and let’s not forget Madonna’s collaborating buddy Nikki Minaj, a woman who marketed herself as bisexual for a while and then later claimed to be interested only in men. As I said, women are sellers by nature who will say and do anything if there’s a payment at the end of it. They are whore-cunts.

  • Aaron

    @jason: Wow, Jason. What a bitter queen you are. Madonna has never appealed to “the type of men who hate us”, it shows what little cultural appreciation you actually have. She took aspects of the male gaze and inverted them, making them fierce and empowered, and as a result has always been pretty much loathed by those straight men and never – ever – has had them in her demographic, which has always been gay men, women and ethnic minorities. Open your eyes a little before you fire off. When Madonna first courted the gay audiences, we were not cool and we had little dollar-power in the larger scheme of things (we’re talking 1990 here! Very different to today). Kudos to her, and can’t wait to hear the next album – sounds like she’s giving a damn again and making a great record.

  • christopher di spirito

    I’m very surprised Madge would appear at the Superbowl. I mean, she’s British you know.

  • ewe

    i mean roosters.

  • Mike

    <3 (that's a heart) M.I.A. she's better than Caca who she calls a mimic or very good at parroting.

    Jason M.I.A. is Heterosexual and has never claimed to be anything but hetero/straight, and she's married to a man, has a kid, and she's from Sri Lanka. Then again I'm sure you'll talk shit about her since she's Tamil/Asian.

  • J.T.

    Tommy this is total bullshit: In my experience, women are very sexually adaptable and like sex with both genders. It’s more often the bisexual guys who are lying and really are all gay.

    Bisexuality exists in men and men are just as likely to be bisexual as women are.

    Bisexuality is not “rare” in men even if some bigoted, hypocritical, and biphobic gay men want to claim that it somehow is. Men can just as easily be bisexual as they can be heterosexual, or gay.

    Jason sounds more like an angry hetero to me.

    Then again he’s an internet troll so I really don’t care about him that much, comment on his posts, or take him seriously at all.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for Madonna. She came into the music industry by accident (by training, she was a dancer), she didn’t come from a musical background (she didn’t sing in the church, there were no musicians in her family, she didn’t have American Idol or anything similar), and she ended up the biggest female recording artist in music history. She also ended up influencing a generation of artists (both male and female) in a variety of genres. I don’t know of any recording artist who’s come in her wake or was one of her pop contemporaries who HASN’T gleaned something from Madonna’s life and body of work. Even Michael Jackson must have learned something from her. Even Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion must have learned something from her (Madonna may not have been competitive vocally with them, but in terms of output and chart domination, those women were Madonna’s rivals).

    I look forward to her next album. However, I feel that the current direction that she’s going in is uncharacteristic of her. Hard Candy was her worst album in her career, because it was almost not about Madonna. It was about Timbaland, it was about Justin Timberlake, it was about Kanye West, it was about all these established hip-hop artists with their own agendas, and Madonna got lost in what essentially became their project. I’m surprised that Jay-Z and Eminem (how I hate those two) didn’t show up. Madonna used to collaborate with up-and-coming artists. Even when she collaborated with Babyface and Lenny Kravitz, they were careful enough not to impugn on the Madonna brand while still putting their input in. Now, listen to “4 Minutes”, and tell me if that’s truly a Madonna song and not the work of the two Timbas. Hard Candy is a reflection of the musical times we’ve been living in, and that’s not a compliment. Besides, why have Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. on the song if they’re not going to benefit from it anyway?

  • Tom

    A 53 year old hag using two 20-something hip-hop girls to try to make herself look “hip” with the kids. Sad and desperate.

  • jason

    If anything, I think men are more likely to be bisexual than women. Men have a more powerful sexuality than women, and are therefore more likely to have sex with both men and women. Most men won’t admit it because having a male-male component mixed in with a male-female component is a social taboo.

    Note how men are more accepting of female bisexuality than females are of male bisexuality. This double standard is a classic one, and tells you a lot about what is actually going on here. It tells you that female bisexuality is encouraged so as to titillate sleazy straight guys whereas male bisexuality is discouraged so as to not offend women.

    As for Madonna, she’s basically a no-talent hack who used her lack of clothing as a marketing ploy. Oh, and she also produced lots of images of female bisexuality – but not male bisexuality – in her SEX book. She’s basically a creepy woman who promoted the bisexual double standard.

    You’re a creep, Madge.

  • Mark

    Madonna is done. She should of stopped after releasing Confessions on a Dance Floor. Really bitch, working with Nicki Minaj? Can’t complain, the bitch never really had her own identity anyways. She jumped on whatever that’s hot at the moment after 1992.

  • Tommy

    @jason: You’re a creep Jason. You have some scary issues with women. See a therapist.
    I don’t think it’s true women have an issue with bisexual men. But if they do, it’s because of fear of contracting HIV, not because they hate bisexual men. HIV isn’t as easily passed between two women.
    You contradict yourself, Jason. If men are more sexually and physically driven, then they would be more likely to have sex with the gender they find attractive. Whereas women concerned more with emotions and personality, can be turned on by people of either gender.
    And if you knew anything about Madonna, you’d know she has used plenty of images of gay and bisexual men in her work over the years.
    And Jason, what makes you think that only women use their sexuality for pay. There are plenty of straight guys who get into gay porn or are gay escorts for money. There will always be a few people who use their sexuality for money, but that’s not the majority of either gender.

    Don’t get me wrong. J.T. They are definitely some bisexual men. They aren’t all secretly gay. But I just think there are more bisexual women because women are less physically driven and more concerned with the whole person and there are more men who lie about being bisexual just because society is more disgusted by the male sex act. Elton John and Boy George once claimed to be bisexual even though they weren’t.

  • Seth

    @Mark: That’s an idotic statement. Madonna has been counted out more than any other artist and she still churns out the hits. She might not be the greatest vocalist, dancer or “beauty” but she is HANDS down the greatest female artist in music history. She’s a visionary that took risks when they matter, said, did and continues to do who and what she wants. For that I have nothing but respect. In an industry dominated by Madonnna-lite wannabes (I love them don’t get me wrong but call it what it is) I can’t wait for the real thing to come back and remind everyone why she is the Queen.

  • Bryan

    M.I.A. is okay, but Nicki Minaj just screams “I want a hit so I’m using a generic, mainstream artiste”. She really doesn’t need that.

  • Stupid

    I’mma watch it.

  • ewe

    @Tom: ha. what a bad joke your words are. You can’t hold a candle to her. She is the best thing that happened to the Super Bowl because everyone not interested in the sport is going to tune in for half time.

  • ewe

    @Mark: Mark, Madonna is an iconic figure. To deny that is to be delusional. Her appeal is not just one specific thing.

  • Zee

    Yay…so excited. Madonna will be awesome as always. The only thing I’m not interested in is Nicki Minaj. I don’t like her…But I’ll be watching to see the Queen!

  • Tony

    I’m 18 and haven’t really witnessed the glory that is Madonna except through DVD’s and albums. I so looked forward to this album and the run up to its release, but now I’m concerned. I really want a smash MADONNA album, similar to when she actually owned her albums (think Confessions). I’m still hopeful but not optimistic. Come on Madonna, if Kylie can do it why can’t you? :(

  • shle896

    Who the hell is Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. anyway? Seriously, never heard of either one of them. To all the people calling Madonna a “no talent”, that’s ridiculous. Has she had 76 top 40 hits on accident? Or because she often changes her hair style and color? Or because she’s a good businesswoman? If that was the case, there’d be all kinds of people who have reached her unprecedented success. If I had a dollar for every time someone said Madonna’s career was over, I’d almost be as rich and she is! Don’t ever count Madonna out because she never fails to surprise.

  • jason


    Your knowledge of human sexuality seems very limited. You seem to be one of those guys who forms his opinions from a few observations on the gay male social scene. Let me give you some advice: the gay male social scene is a very, very narrow part of humanity. You need to think outside the box, Tommy.

    You also need to understand that women use their sexuality as a marketing ploy. They are sellers by nature, and will thus say and do anything to achieve a sale. This involves lying, cheating and pretending. Pretending to be bisexual in order to titillate sleazy straight guys is one such form of female selling.

    Madonna was basically one of these types of women. Her bisexual act was designed to get the attention of straight male media moguls. Don’t fall for the notion that Madonna was anything other than a no-talent hack who used female bisexuality and a lack of clothing as a marketing ploy.

    And let’s not forget the huge amount of vocal distortion which made her sound better in the studio than on a stage. She was heavily AutoTuned and/or electronically altered to make her sound better. She was as fake as many of the gay men who were her fans.

  • Stu

    Madonna did not come into the music biz by “accident” as Alex Sarmiento claims, she was a singer and drummer in the band the breakfast club before she went solo.

    I like some of her very early music but I don’t obsess over or her or think she’s a goddess like some gay men do.

    I have a friend that really loves her music but even he remembers how when Madonna first came out everyone thought she was copying black female artists at the time.

    I like M.I.A.’s music but Nicki Minaj’s music is a rip off of Lil Kim who isn’t even that good, but Minaj was OK in that skit/song on SNL the creep.

  • Barry

    I don’t normally agree with Jason but he is correct in his last post.

    Madonna is clearly not bisexual at all and neither are Lady Gaga or Miss Minaj.

    There are real bisexual women like Margaret Cho and then there are fakes like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj.

    Tommy what’s your point? Closeted gay men never are or have been bisexual and that includes Elton John and Boy George.

    This doesn’t mean that bisexual men somehow don’t exist, or are rare. There are just as many bisexual men as there are bisexual women. You also have women who are not bisexual and all but who are lesbian or even hetero claiming that they are bisexual.

  • Vince

    LMAO Stu I remember being with friends and hearing “Borderline” on the radio and we all wondered who that black chick singing was?

  • EricH

    I love Madonna and all but
    Lady Gaga > Madonna.. It’s a fact! if you want to argue that please be referred to Gaga’s flawless vocals, don’t even need anything else to argue that point.

    And for those calling Gaga a mimic of Madonna, Madonna did her fair share of copying as well.

  • Max the Communist

    I’m a bi woman.

    Do straight guys treat me like a chance at the threeway of their dreams? Most of them, yes. But I never take that as “acceptance” of my sexual orientation. Mostly, I take that as sexploitation. And I’m well aware that the same sexploitative straight guy, who offers me “approval” in the hope of sex, is also very likely a sexist, homophobic turd, who thinks that bisexual men don’t exist, gay men are fudgepackers, lesbians are man-haters and transgender people are just freaks (who they might also want to fuck).

    I’m still out of the closet, even though I know I’m at risk for this kind of treatment, as well as other biphobic, homophobic baggage. Lady Gaga is out. Madonna has never really said the B-word (or other variations, like queer or pansexual). They’ve both been queer-positive in their music careers–far beyond what any PR firm would recommend that they be. You could call them exploiters of the gay (male) community but I ask that you consider the alternative. Namely, Donna Summer. (Or is this crowd too young to remember Donna Summer?)

    As for bi, gay and queer men, I do think you get the most violent vitriol in response to being open about your identity. Do you mistake the treatment I get for acceptance, though? I urge you not to. Full acceptance means dignity and treatment as an equal. I’m no Tila Tequila for any man’s fantasy. You’re my brothers, you should understand that.

  • jason

    Max the Communist,

    You make some very valid points.

  • ~PR~

    Jason, everybody uses everybody for financial gain on various levels… it’s all part of the capitalistic spoils! This negative-nancy act really does nothing for getting your point across because it is now to the point that when comments follow your name, people already know what you are going to say and how you’re going to say it. Basically, it is gettting stale. Honestly, I put your hateful rhetoric in the same class as Michelle Bachman’s: it reeks mostly of personal vendettas and half-baked assualt patterns, and it really offers nothing new.

  • JoeyB

    She only has four minutes to save the world.

  • Kurt

    I’ve been a diehard Madonna fan since the early days, but I’m sad to admit that lately she’s started to lose me a little.

    “Hard Candy” was such a subpar album (the fact that it followed “Confessions on a Dancefloor,” one of her best albums in recent years in my opinion, didn’t help matters), the clothing line with Lola is totally lost on me and I’ve heard “W.E.” is a complete cinematic disaster. (Madonna and movies have NEVER worked, period)

    That fact that she’s collaborating with yet another Top 40 act like Nicki Minaj (who, frankly, is young enough to be Madonna’s daughter) seems like a desperate attempt to win over youthful listeners. I don’t think the Justin Timberlake and Britney duets did much in terms of winning back more listeners; like Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M. or even a more recent act like Coldplay, Madonna’s fan base is pretty well-established at this point so she’d be better off striving for a sound that would directly appeal to that audience.

    Audiences don’t mind an aging diva — Madonna’s fantastic performance on “Hope for Haiti” proves it. All that she needs, really, is another great, forward-thinking album, and it doesn’t sound like this will be it just yet.

    She certainly doesn’t need the money at this point, but if she’s really only recording another album for the buck, it might be time to bow out gracefully. What’s the point in making an album if it’s striving to sound exactly like the same tired old dreck that’s all over the radio these days?

  • TanyaHyde

    @Tom: “A 53 year old hag using two 20-something hip-hop girls to try to make herself look “hip” with the kids. Sad and desperate.”

    Careful Tom, some day you’ll be a 53 year old hag too.

  • jason

    A lot of Madonna’s fans seem to overlook the fact that she was the queen of AutoTune and/or other forms of vocal distortion. I mean, you only have to listen to Like A Virgin to realize that her voice was sped up to make it sound like an 11 year old. She’s a fake, basically.

    My theory about why a lot of gay men seem to support Madonna is that fake likes fake. A lot of gay men are fakes and hence they adhere to fakes like Madonna.

  • Lefty

    @jason: The auto-tune debate is so 2008. Pop music is supposed to be disposable – all sorts of studio tricks have been employed to create songs; it’s been that way since the beginning and even someone as far back as Lesley Gore was triple tracked to hide her vocal “imperfections.
    I guess you go for sincerty and awfenticity in your pop music? :(

  • Jake

    Madonna on her bad days is still better than the young popstars today at their best. Those that are bitching about autotune need to watch some of her live performances to see when she’s good she’s really good (see Sooner or Later Oscars 91, Mother & Father acoustic on Today Show, Like A Prayer Live 8). have to give her props bc she almost always sings live

  • scott ny'er

    @Jake: Madonna’s live performances on talk shows and one-time things, yes, she’s USUALLY live. And you can tell because Madonna’s live voice is really not the same as her recorded voice. It’s more raw and ragged.

    In her concerts, she does live and recorded. In that last amazing DVD concert of hers, it was tough to tell (at times) when she was doing live stuff and not.

    Anyway, she’s still great and turning out some great albums.

  • shle896

    To all her haters, I say, save your hate for someone who deserves it, like say, a cracked-out Whitney Houston or Britney Spears who can’t even be responsible to raise her own children or Courtney Love who is a drug-addicted train-wreck.

    All I can say is that she’s obviously doing something right. Just look at the amount of comments this little story has generated. She’s pretty hard to ignore at this point and I wouldn’t count her out, given her 30-year track record on top. The woman is a force of nature. She ignores her haters and does what she does. I think she’s fucking AWESOME and she’s worked tirelessly to support our community!

    Half the fun of being a fan is watching her defy the odds and prove her critics wrong, time and time and time again.

  • ewe

    @jason: well duh. Andy Warhols appeal was his fake paintings too. It’s the celebration of mass consumption etc. Madonna is a Master at it. Stratospheric success.

  • OrchidIslander

    @shle896: “Half the fun of being a fan is watching her defy the odds and prove her critics wrong, time and time and time again.”

    Sane people cannot argue her success. To stay relevant in the fickle pop music scene as long as she has says volumes.

    I’m a johnny-come-lately to the Madonna party. After witnessing her Confessions Tour – I am now a true devotee.

    A true pro and icon through and through.

  • Malcolm

    I hate Madoona. Not only talentless but self absorbed and ugly, who has routinely trashed the GLBT community by her indifference, many many times.I believed every word in her brother’s book. She is a fraud

  • Malcolm

    I hate Madoona. Not only talentless but self absorbed and ugly, who has routinely trashed the GLBT community by her indifference, many many times(and her devotion to the gay hating blahballah) .I believed every word in her brother’s book. She is a fraud

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