Madonna Comes Home


We know the gays living outside of New York, which means most of you, are bored with the Madonna/Roxy rumor and gossip. We know that you queens who are over Madonna don’t really have an opinion. And we know that you ladies who never really liked Madonna to begin with could care less about Madge, the new album, and all that jazz.

But some queens do and they call us constantly and send group emails all day long with Madonna news and they obsess over every remix and TRL appearance and really bad movie she makes.

So with that said, We’re not saying anyone with any knowledge told us this. It could be deductive reasoning. After all, the Queerty staff is not as dumb as we look. Trust.

This is how Madonna at the Roxy will shake down this weekend. Bet your money on it.

will be at the Roxy. Madonna will be coming out on stage, thanking the audience, and pumping them up for her album. She will then introduce Mr. Rauhofer’s mix of the new single “Hung Up” and the queens will go nuts.

This likely scenario explains why:

1. Madonna was seen entering the club.
2. Rauhofer, who no longer works at Roxy, suddenly returns to the club.
3. Roxy, Rauhofer, and John Blair are not lying when they say she is “not performing.”
4. The promotional materials are Madonna branded and speak of a “special guest.”

So if you want to see Madge perform, skip Saturday night. If you want to see her speak in front of a packed crowd of gays, break out that new Dior shirt, honey. We’ll be there. Madonna does not come home too often these days. And we’re family.

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