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After a few years of peace in the pop landscape, Madonna has seemingly relaunched her age-old rivalry with Lady Gaga by poking fun of Mother Monster at one of her recent concerts.

This time shots were fired after the Queen of Pop forgot what city she was performing her Celebration Tour by incorrectly greeting fans at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto with “Hello, Boston.” Oopsies!

The 65-year-old legend then apologized and threw in a dig at the “Born This Way” singer for sh*ts and giggles.

“Are you guys mad at me because I said ‘hello Boston’?” Madge asked the crowd, in a clip shared on social media. “I’m sorry. What kind of f***ed-up s*** is that?” That would be like if you guys were saying, ‘Hey, Lady Gaga’s playing tonight!'”

But before the little monsters could put their paws up, Madonna attempted to make nice by professing her admiration for the fellow blonde Italian-American hitmaker.

“I wouldn’t like that,” she continued. “I mean, you know, nothing against Lady Gaga. Love her. I do!”

But the kumbaya moment didn’t last very long as the “Vogue” songstress ended her impromptu comedy act by throwing in one last zinger.

“I love anyone shorter than me,” Madonna quipped.

While Madonna’s playful barbs were meant in jest, her words were a clarion call for the legions of feral stans on both sides of The Great Pop Diva War.

The gurls are fighting for their lives:

OK, everyone breathe!

As we all know, the battle between the two divas first started after Gaga was accused of copying Madonna’s song “Express Yourself” in her blockbuster 2011 hit “Born This Way.” When asked her thoughts about the similarities, Madonna responded by calling Gaga’s track “reductive”.

Years later, Gaga shared her two cents by pushing back on the comparisons in a 2016 interview.

“Madonna and I are very different. I wouldn’t make that comparison at all … I play a lot of instruments. I write all my own music. I spend hours and hours a day in the studio. I’m a producer. I’m a writer. What I do is different.”

Many fans were quick to point out that Madonna also does the things Gaga was patting herself on the back about in her rant.


? SHOTS FIRED?? Lady Gaga does not want to be compared to Madonna. She says she’s a producer, song writer and does not rehears over and over just to put on a show! ?? #ladygaga #madonna #hiphop #rap #pop #latin #music #lilkim #cardib #remyma #beyonce #jayz #rihanna #janetjackson #lilbaby #drake #mariahcarey #50cent #diddy #thekitchn #janetjackson #shakira #prince ?

? original sound – Blas Morera

However, the feud seemed to be extinguished once and for all after Gaga’s Oscar win for A Star Is Born in 2019.

Madonna shared the photographic peace treaty as they embraced like mother and daughter in a snap on the night of the Academy Awards.

“Don’t Mess with Italian Girls,” Madonna shared the image cupping Gaga’s face as she held her Oscar statute. Praise be!

While Gaga has yet to make any sort of statement about Madonna’s recent comments, let’s hope everyone stands back and stands down.

Interestingly, Madonna and Lady Gaga stans seemed to have found some commonality and recently joined forces. However, it wasn’t as positive as one would hope.

Fans of both pop queens got triggered after Lil Nas X pushed back on critiques that the use of religious imagery in his new “J Christ” video was just “trolling” things Madonna and Gaga previously did in their videos.

Check out the “blasphemous” clip for yourself:

When one fan said LNX was being “extra to be extra” and that other pop stars like Madonna and Gaga had more “class” when they used religious imagery, the gay pop star defended his artistic merits.

“the problem with a lot of yall gays is yall think im trying to be like gaga or madonna when in reality with all due respect idgaf what they did and im doing what i want with my career,” Lil Nas X tweeted.

While Lil Nas X has since issued an apology for offending Christian fans for some of the imagery and promotion used for the single, Madonna and Lady Gaga’s rabid fanbase went on the attack for disavowing their deities.

Some tried to make it a teaching moment, while others went for blood.

Others felt the Madonna and Gaga armies were misreading the entire situation.

Was Madonna wrong to speak Lady Gaga’s name in vain?

Is Lady Gaga losing sleep over a harmless joke?

Will the gays ever show Lil Nas X the same support they give to every female pop girlie?

While we ponder these deep thoughts, we’re gonna keep streaming all three!

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