Magic Johnson Comments On Donald Sterling’s “AIDS” Shade: “It’s Disturbing”

magic-johnson-anderson-cooper-interviewIn an attempt to apologize for the racist remarks that got him banned from the NBA for life, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling told Anderson Cooper on Monday that Magic Johnson “doesn’t really do much” for the African-American community, and that he should be “ashamed” for “having those AIDS.”

In a follow-up interview with Cooper on Tuesday, Johnson responded to the nasty comments with the utmost grace. “It’s disturbing,” he said. “He didn’t educate himself before he actually came on and talked to you.”

Johnson also said he’s still waiting for an apology from Sterling, who Cooper ventures to guess is suffering from “early onset dementia.”

“I’m really disturbed by the fact that when he called me he should have said, ‘Magic, I’m sorry,’” Johnson added. “What’s really sad is, it’s not about me. This is about the woman you love outing you and taping you and putting your conversation out here for everybody to know….This is between you two, but then he wants to include me.”

Sterling has yet to comment on the interview. Let’s hope he crawled back into his cave for eternity and won’t have the chance to.

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  • puck247

    That ole rat bastard is definitely going through the stages of early dementia. It’s obvious he is losing his mind. But how does that explain 20+ years of lording over people because of his race and money. And his PR team sucks ! Still, the NAACP (who have some explaining to do) should have given him the lifetime achievement award. I would have LOVED to see that speech

  • puck247

    Oh, and can I say….TMZ is going IN !!!!

  • Desert Boy

    Sterling crossed the line — big time. You don’t diss someone over their HIV status. In fact, when I read what Donald Sterling said, I wondered if there was possible legal action Magic Johnson could take? In any case, Magic has don’t more for disadvantaged people in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles than Donald Sterling. The Crenshaw is now a destination and it’s safe. So Donald Sterling can go play in rush hour traffic on the 405.

  • Blackceo


    Please don’t blame dementia on a wealthy white man who simply doesn’t acknowledge his own racism and white privilege. He no more has dementia than I. He’s just one of many like him who has a plantation mentality and lives in a bubble.

    Magic Johnson on the other hand is a class act. Love that man.

  • puck247

    His dementia isn’t an excuse…it’s a release. He’s been a prick since birth. I still would love to hear that speech

  • Geoff B

    Had it been just that one instance of his gold-digging sidepiece taping him, I might of at least empathized with him to a point (who of us hasn’t said something mortifying we wish we could take back?), but the fact that his racism is well documented before that and instead of apologizing and doing the right thing by selling the team (at about a half-billion dollar profit no less), he goes and attacks others? Screw him. Magic has been a class act through this whole thing.

  • Sophie1150

    What is disturbing is that Magic Johnson is a sex whore and probably gave aids to hundreds of women and maybe some men. There is nothing to admire about this man. Did he stop having unprotected sex after he found out he was hiv +? If not, he should be charged with attempted murder.

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