Man Says Too-Big Bulge Got Him Kicked Out Of “Sexist” Public Pool

Brad_CieslowskiA 29-year-old “body builder” is crying sexism after a pair of revealing swim trunks got him kicked out of Novi Lifetime Fitness in Novi, Michigan on Saturday night.

Brad Cieslowski tells Fox affiliate WJBK that he’s worn the trunks in question to the gym before without issue, but was told that his visible goods were a little too “inappropriate” for wandering eyes at the pool.

“You need to change into something more appropriate, that is not appropriate,” a lifeguard told Cieslowski of what he refers to as a “square-cut speedo.” According to Cieslowski, the lifeguard was referring to his bulge, because “that’s usually people’s problem with the speedo.”

Cieslowski says the lifeguard went on to say “We can all see it,” to which he responded “Well then stop staring. No one’s making you look at it.” An employee threatened to call the police before Cieslowski left.

Having his beautiful bulge discriminated against is sexist, he says:

I can say the same thing about all the women around this pool in their bikinis and their one-pieces, showing off every nook and cranny of their body leaving nothing to the imagination but their skin color. … I’m not allowed to be myself and wear what I want to wear and it’s ridiculous, and it’s incredibly sexist.

“Leaving nothing to the imagination but their skin color”?? What?

Lifetime Fitness claims they have a “two-layer house code” in response to the story:

We acknowledge there are various types of swim attire… however we have a two-layer house code. In this instance, multiple members registered concerns rooted in discomfort and as a result the decision was reached to ask the member to leave the pool area.

We all know the reason you clicked here, so without any further ado, the swimsuit in question:



Ugh. White? Sorry, Brad. This is obviously how you wear a speedo to the pool:


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  • Stefano

    Com on guys ! Some guys think they are persecuted all the time. Get over yourself.

  • Spike

    Wonder if they ask women whose nipples are poking through their tops in the pool to leave as well?

    Tom Daley has very perky nipples, it makes me very side Queerty chose a picture of him covering his nipples.

  • dougmc92

    WHY does Daley have to factor into 3/4 stories you do- I’m done!

  • Stache1

    Please. The guys average. The complaints come from either insecure guys with micro penises or some man hating women.

  • Zodinsbrother

    @dougmc92: Because it makes people click and effectively pays for everything else. Get over it.

  • Fitz

    They are right– he’s an obnoxious fahgot’ who needs everyone at every moment to know it. Guess what, not every scene is a chance to cruise. Some people go to the gym to work out. Not everything in life is a chance to tell everyone that you’re gay.

  • ronnie_m

    He does have a point. That is a double standard. Who cares about his speedo? It shouldn’t be a big deal. And seriously, nobody is forcing those people to stare at his package

  • Wayne_in_NYC

    Keep in mind, that it was probably much more “revealing” when it got wet in the pool… Where’s those pictures?

  • thefrogger

    Thanks Wayne-in-NYC, this white swimsuit is probably completely see through when wet, leaving little to the imagination. Kinda hard to look away when there is a penis staring at you. Pun intended. Different story if this swimsuit were a darker color.

  • HirsuteOne

    A thin, one layer white fabric swimsuit will become transparent when wet. Clearly.

  • HirsuteOne

    However, it’s a double standard when you consider all the crack and nipple revealing female suits. It sounds like bumps and lines are OK but clearly seeing what causes those bumps and lines is not.

  • robho3

    If people complained they had to do something….the bitch should just go to the gay beach with this speedo instead

  • jimbryant

    So if a bunch of white people complained about a black family being present at the pool, it’s OK to tell the black family to leave? Come on – how ridiculous can you get!!!! This “two-tiered” system – whereby complaints take precedence over law – is just nonsense designed to empower bigots.

    The other thing that concerns me is that it was never established that you could actually see Brad’s penis through the fabric of his wet swimsuit. If you could, obviously the management has every right to ask him to leave. However, if you couldn’t, it has no right. Men have lumps – get used to it.

    Keep in mind that women are allowed to get away with wearing tight clothing all the time – at the beach, in a nightclub – but I don’t see them being removed. Down with female privilege! We need to start imposing the same standards on women that we apply to men. I’m sick of female privilege.

  • HirsuteOne


    The two layer rule at this pool refers to swim suits with a lining inside…a double layer of fabric…so they won’t become see through when wet.

  • HirsuteOne


    Quoting the article:

    was told that his visible goods were a little too “inappropriate”

    the lifeguard went on to say “We can all see it,”

  • jimbryant


    “Visible goods” can mean anything. It can mean simply the lump produced by the penis. I repeat what I said before – it has never been established specifically that you could actually see the skin of the man’s penis through his swimsuit.

    Women are allowed to get away with their lumps showing all over the place. Sometimes you can even see camel-toe. My point is that there appears to be a double standard here, one which discriminates against men (including gay and bisexual men) in favor of women.

  • Stefano

    I think jimbryant hates women…LOL

  • Stache1

    @Fitz: Not completely sure if you’re just joking but where did it say he was cruising? All I read was that he had a buldge in his shorts.

    I can see if he was walking around with an erection but a flaccid penis is a natural body part and some uptight bitches need to get over it. This isn’t the Victorian age anymore.

  • HirsuteOne


    Well, whatever the underlying reason, Cieslowski by his own admission, has resolved the issue and acknowledged the in house “two layer” rule.

  • jimbryant


    Maybe you’re one of these males (straight or gay) who thinks that women should be worshipped and given privileges. Sorry, sweetheart, but this is the age of equality. You know what equality means?

  • Spike

    @Stefano: You must be new here. Jim Bryant’s view on women is well documented and hate is putting it nicely.

  • Cam


    Boy, your mother must have done a real number on you.

  • Stefano

    @Spike : i know. He is really a mysoginist. :-)

  • Stefano

    Sorry…misogynist. :-P

  • Stefano

    @cam : LOL

  • oilburner

    This guy has an incredibly hot body and that bulge must be a great site to look at nonetheless it seems a white speedo is a lil more appropriate fora private pool party the beach a sauna/bathhouse. Probably nota gym where a variety of folks pay membership fees and in that type of
    Environment your likely to come into contact with children as much as I would enjoy seeing this dude at the gym most people wouldn’t . So I hardly think this hot bodied guy was being singled out due to jealousy and
    More like someone being called out for what some may consider inappropriate public pool/ gym wear.

  • Stefano

    Must be hell living inside your head jimbryant, You need help !!! LOL

  • Fitz

    If a guy wore that at my gym’s pool (imagine it wet).. trust me, it would be so inappropriate. I am so sick of young gays thinking that gay rights = the right to make their sexual expression the center of the universe. You know.. if I saw this guy getting harassed in the parking lot afterward, I wouldn’t even slow down.

  • DarkZephyr

    Damn, if I was at that pool I would NOT be complaining about the view. And I DO think its 100% sexist. Women get away with it ALL the time. I love women but they DO get away with it. Many of my female friends would agree and many would be on this guy’s side. Many straight women appreciate such views after all.

    @dougmc92: Bye Boo. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Some of us love Tom. He’s far more interesting than Nick Gruber!

    @robho3: You some kind of homophobe or just a general misandrist?

    @Stache1: *Thunderous Applause*

  • KDub

    I feel sorry for Novi, Michigan if they really think that’s a “too-big bulge”.

  • robirob

    I think Right Said Fred wrote a song about this very serious issue. The song is called: I’m Too Sexy.

  • oilburner

    His eyes are red have dark circles around them and are a lil droopy don’t get me wrong he’s hot in a TIM
    Treasure Island media. PNP kinda way maybe that’s why he was so free with such an awesomely hot and super revealing outfit. Luv it.

  • DarkZephyr

    @KDub: When you sit on a basketball, do you notice it?

  • Stefano

    @jimbryant : gay baby ? LOL that makes my day. You are funny. I just can’t stop laughing !!!

  • jimbryant

    Face it – liberalism and feminism have led to a proliferation of double standards which favor women and which discriminate against men, including us gay and bisexual men.

    The worst one is the clothing double standard wherein women are allowed to cross-dress but men aren’t.

    The second worst one is the bisexual double standard wherein women can say they are bisexual and they are considered “hot”. If a man said he’s bisexual, he’d be considered gross or neutral at best.

    We gay and bi guys need to restore the balance by declaring a culture war on the double standards of women.

  • Arkansassy

    He should have been kicked out. Those innocent white trunks turn virtually transparent when they’re wet. And it doesn’t look like there is any liner so for all intents and purposes he was showing all of it. Not just a bulge or an outline, everything.

    As a swimmer myself I once had the opportunity to swim laps next to a guy in a white speedo. There was nothing left to the imagination. Nothing. Very hot, but had there been kids around it would have been totally inappropriate.

  • DShucking

    Big? Where?

  • tazz602

    OK – then every male who goes to any fitness club with a pool, start reporting females in bikinis as too revealing. This kind of shit cannot be tolerated and we can, and should, respond in kind.

    And yes – why the f* does Tom Daley appear in every Queerty story – he’s not even GAY!! (His words – he still likes girls – so at the most – bi – but still, he is hardly the poster boy for the LGBTQ community – and we don’t want him to be.)

  • Sansacro

    @Arkansassy: Kids are enculturated to be ashamed of naked bodies because of adults ruined by that postlapsarian Eden myth. Think we should storm these pools and do a bit of skinny dipping. Dive in, folks! An apocalypse!

  • crazycorgi

    The headline states he was kicked out of the pool because his bulge is too big? Never considered myself a size-queen, but unless he was erect, that’s not a very big bulge. However, the article makes it seem as though he was asked to leave because his swimsuit was a little too transparent, which I completely agree with. I think this guy is completely inflating his own ego.

  • jimbryant

    Men have lumps. Get used to it. What are they supposed to do? Hide their lumps with these big baggy dork shorts that you can’t even swim properly in? Puh-lease. Dork shorts are curtains of shame that are designed to completely hide the fact that one is male.

    I’ve seen pictures from American beaches of 80 years ago and it’s gratifying to see that the men back then generally wore very brief swimwear compared to today’s men. Today’s American men have been beaten into submission by the disgusting liberal lobby and its feminist allies who insist that men must cover up any indication of maleness at the beach. It’s a form of anti-male puritanism.

    We need to go back to those days.

  • jimbryant

    I am sick and tired of women getting bulge privilege. You see it everywhere. Women wear MUCH tighter clothing than men. It’s also much briefer. If they’re not showing off their cleavage, they’re showing off their booty. It’s an in-your-face form of bullying by women as if to say “ha, ha, we women get privileges”. Well, I’m sick of it.

    This behavior by women oppresses gay and bisexual men in addition to other types of men too.

  • Spike

    Is it just me or is jimbryant starting do sound like one hell of a self hating lesbian pretending to be a gay man . . . ?

    Has never occurred to me that some chick wearing a tight fitting top showing off her boobs has any power over me, let alone oppresses me. Oppress reminds me of a feminist buzz word.

  • DShucking

    @Spike: jimbryant is whatever you want him to be. He thrives on it.

  • Hairspray_Harry

    Ex-family went for a trip to disneyworld,my mother-in-law and two relatives past out and not even from the heat but the heat from a very well built female body in a thong,yes a woman in a thong with lots of people and children at the disneyworld resort,it was near a pool area with a slide and quite crowded…..if this had been a man,he would of ended up in jail for being a male padeophile and trying to corrupt the morals of the children ,not one man/female lifeguard had any problems with the situation,but not surprising really

  • Hairspray_Harry


    its not “jimbryant” you should worry about but a very “bigoted” “pro-female-body” society where women in thongs at public beaches or 14 and 15 year old girls in two piece bathing suits can freely sun bath on a beach but men will go to jail for a tight piece of swimwear and be label a padeophile or fag,which is basically the same thing in societies eyes today

  • Tyler100


    You’re right, Harry. Because we don’t just have to worry about Jim. We have to worry about the other aliases he posts under, like you :)

  • jar

    He’s not kidding anyone. He was putting on a show, but then claims innocence. If i swim at the gym, I get in the pool, swim laps, maybe take a break, and then continue. There is not much time for anyone to stare because you are in the water. It sounds like this guy was prancing around to be noticed. And he knew how transparent his suit was when wet. Even if he wore a standard low cut speedo no one would have seen his junk.

  • Derek Williams

    For some reason, young men have stopped wearing speedos. They were ubiquitous in the 1980’s in Australia, where they were invented, but now men wear shapeless baggy shorts.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Derek Williams: Yea. That’s why I wear baggy clothes. It’s just so big. LOL

  • Ditamo

    For me all Americans have their mind in the gutter. Its the only place in the world were a man is frown upon for wearing speedos. It’s pretty crazy how Americans can turn the most simplest things into something about sex. Like anything at all, just name it and they think it’s related to sex.

    But in all fairness I think that that thing he was wearing doesn’t really count as swimwear, it looks like an ordinary boxer brief to me, soo maybe the lifeguard and people around the pool were right. Plus the color white when wet is pretty much see through.

  • DarkZephyr

    Oh who cares if it turns see through or not? Jesus H. Christ, its a part of the human anatomy.

  • Raphael

    Well, I would not wear something like this anywhere but if he likes… If he was training using that, then I would understand their attitude, but in the pool I see no problem. What did they expect, a suit?

  • jimbryant

    This reluctance of ordinary American men to wear Speedos at the beach is fascinating. It points to a major shift from about 50 or 60 years ago when it was quite common for American men to be seen in Speedos-like costumes at the beach.

    My theory as to why this has happened is two-fold. Firstly, it reflects the anti-male effect of liberalism. Liberalism is built on giving women privileges compared to men. This means women – but not men – are allowed to get away with things that men cannot.

    Secondly, the rise of the gay rights movement has made ordinary men suspicious of each other. It’s as if men are hiding their goods so as other men don’t find them attractive.

    On the latter, keep in mind that, in centuries gone by, homosexuality between men was understood in a non-formal way. Today, however, homosexuality between men is given social imprimatur through gay marriage etc. This formalisation of male-male attraction goes against the grain of male-male camaraderie which is so vital to encouraging signs of virility, such as the bulge of the penis.

  • viveutvivas

    Only in America…

  • sfbeast

    ‘Big bulge’ ??? ‘Body builder’ ??? More journalistic fiction than Fox news.

  • Larry

    There, no doubt, is a double standard. Nothing drives me more crazy than seeing women at a pool. The only thing you cant see is their nipple. We dont complain because we are used to it. If more people and gay men would complain about that, the standard would be changed. See any part of a man below the waste isnt accepted, EVEN if its covered. That is the way it is and only WE can change that. So this is my late New Year’s resolution. This summer when I see breasts exposed, I am complaining to the person at a private pool, and to the lifeguard at a public.

  • Arkansassy

    @Sansacro: If a parent wants to bring their kid to a nude beach – that’s fine. But if you bring your kid to a public pool you have certain expectations that people will be dressed appropriately.

  • Jackhoffsky

    Not to be a buzz-kill, but Planet Fitness is a private company (who can do whatever the hell they want) that caters to the “public” (generally speaking). When going swimming, we (collectively) must think of the public at large… not our own personal selves. Pool time is not all about us (as tragic as that may be).

    And I’m sorry, my opinion (and it’s only an opinion) is if you’re going to cry “discrimination” over wearing something like that, then this is not about equality… it’s about ego.

    Personally, I say “if you got it, flaunt it.” But the “flaunt” isn’t specific to one type of person… it’s GENERAL. So realize not everyone wants to see your ego on display in such a harsh manner. My guess is that he only wears these shorts because they get him laid. Now he doesn’t have his “getting laid” shorts to wear anymore, hence the pity-party.

    BUT that is just a guess.

  • babybabybaby

    I wish I could see more…..

  • twilson27

    he shouldn’t have been kicked out of the pool but i think it’s ridiculous that people are using this incident to claim that women have more privilege than men – women and men have different issues to deal with regarding how society polices their bodies but we obviously have way more privilege than women in almost every way.

  • SteveDenver

    His bulge is too big for what, to be mistaken for a VAGINA?
    It looks like his shorts are made of t-shirt material and the liner was removed. He’s just stupid.

  • glittercomments

    Let’s just be honest, it’s a gym, you don’t strut around in tiny speedos like that; this isn’t Europe. Just wear swimming trunks like everyone else. If you want to go and wear those then you’re under NO OBLIGATION to be part of that club; they don’t need you as a member. Go to a gym where you can show off; and yes this guy is cute, I’d not mind him walking around in it. It’s crazy he demands that a gym permit him to wear it.

  • rickhfx

    Men that wear board shorts to swim in are just pussy whipped or have some really small things to hide, those board shorts are so uncomfortable, even more so when wet. Women should wear burkas to the pool some would say, More men should wear revealing bathing suits just as women do. Equal is equal. If the fear of seeing a bulge on a man freaks you out or bothers you , you need therapy. Camel toes on women might not be something everyone needs to see, but you will never see a women heaved out of a pool for it. If your eyes offend the pluck them out, it says so right in the bible!

  • rickhfx

    @jimbryant: You hit the nail on the head, Americans go crazy when they see even a glimpse of a male bulge. They are so turned on they fear loosing all self control. I love to see men at the pool and beach that refuse to hide what the lord gave them. Out of sight out of mind people need therapy. Men do have sexual parts just like women do, get used to it.

  • ptcruiser13

    EMBRACE THE BULGE! @rickhfx The irony of this battle of the bulge, is that women (and I presume it’s straight women who complain because what self-respecting, heterosexual male would be admit he was checking out another man’s package, though gay or straight we’re always checking out the competition for size superiority), parade around the pool in anything less than a shapeless moo-moo fail to realize… while they’re attempting to erase any sign of their man’s manhood, forcing them into absurd board shorts et al, women are oblivious to the fact their “parts” are part of the entertainment for all straight men (and interested females too).

    The male form is a beautiful and pre-requisite entity to all forms of human sexuality – gay/straight, male/female, in one form or another we all worship the iconic male organ. From the allure of the lighthouse to the foot longiest of hot dogs, the phallus has been part of our visual world since time immortal. America’s obsession with obliterating anything penile, is rooted in its puritanical past. Even modern-day “Barbie” would agree, it’s better to free ourselves from the constrictions of the unidentifiable “Ken” bump and begin to embrace THE bulge.

  • Sweet Boy

    Nice bulge….

  • Dionte

    No wonder when I visited that club for a free week membership there were no black guys at the pool, good thing I didn’t go out there. I’ve been called out on a movie set where I was playing a mail man, I was all kinds of uncomfortable. It’s not like you can suck it in.

  • Brian_in_Astoria

    It’s annoying that people on the web keep just assuming that this guy is gay. From hearing him speak and looking at his FB page, I really don’t think he is. I think he’s just another one of your straight goons with an inflated self-body image.

  • ptcruiser13

    It’s not about whether he’s gay or straight, it’s about this movement to mask the male physique and parts behind yards of fabric, because America’s puritanical approach makes men feel bad or embarrassed about their bodies. While T&A are plastered all over the beach, men are supposed to wear boardshorts and underwear under boardshort? And when would your girlfriend or wife say something nice about your body or suggest you share it with the rest of the world? You’ll only hear positive comments from someone who appreciate the male body most – a gay guy. Try telling a woman to wear a moo moo or leave the pool because her engorged breasts, hardened nipples or nasty camel toe is too large and see what happens. Women are part of the straight man’s entertainment and they don’t have a clue.

  • MrsPatrickCampbell

    Are there nude photos of Brad presenting hole?

  • richard

    thought it was Buck Angel. What Bulge.

  • MrEguy

    I see women wearing sting bikinis barely covering their snatches with their silicone boobs popping out of their tops, but guys are expected to wear potato sacks down to their knees. The double standard in this country is undeniable.

  • MrEguy

    By the way “SPEEDO” is a brand name of performance swim wear made usually worn by divers and competitive swimmers which most people think of as a tight, skimpy brief made of stretchy, clingy material.

    The garment Brad C. is wearing doesn’t look like anything made by SPEEDO.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Stefano: “Com on guys ! Some guys think they are persecuted all the time. Get over yourself.

    And then again, maybe if you used a big, BIG sock, you wouldn’t be so jealous?!

  • darkanser

    I don’t care what you’re wearing in a pool. Once you get wet, unless you’re castrated, it’s going to show. The only thing I could see camouflaging a bulge is a long pair of blue jeans.

  • allegiance2none

    Have some decency for Allah’s sake. This a public pool, not a circuit party!

  • BigG

    the shorts are ridiculous and inappropriate. I didn’t see that much of a bulge honestly. But yeah when they are wet in sure they are see through. He’s tacky.

  • rickhfx

    They look fine to me. Men have a package, women have boobs, GET OVER IT.

  • winemaker

    Wow, now I’ve heard everything. Those who’re ‘offended’ really need to get a life. Any guys offended evidently aren’t so well endowed, and thus are manifesting their insecurity and jealousy!

  • rickhfx

    @jimbryant: I agree, men have junk get used to it.

  • rickhfx

    @jimbryant: Are the women required to bind their breasts at that pool ? One lump is different than another, based on gender ??.

  • rickhfx

    This is clearly gender based bigotry, Men are always pressured into wearing curtains of shame (board shorts at public swims.

  • boypsychic

    In general, I think that individuals should take the necessary steps to wear appropriate clothing based on their body type, but that’s an individual preference. In this case, it is completely wrong to ask a guy to leave because his package is too large in his swimwear. And we all know that nothing would be said to the pretty lady with huge breasts that look like they are way too large for her bikini top. Just saying…

  • Stached1

    I understand his complaint I mean it’s not as though he was naked or flashing people on purpose.

  • musclemutt

    Our small-town YMCA had a no-swimsuit policy, which my dad explained, was so poor kids wouldn’t be left out because they couldn’t afford one. Which I guess is also why our high school supplied every guy with identical red speedos. Silky, sexy, speedos.

    Can you imagine that today? Boys nowadays grow up with such a long list of things that are “gay” it’s a wonder they can be in a crowd of other guys.

    But I digress. And this guy is a twit.

  • BriBri

    That’s just ludicrous, you can’t even see the outline of his dick head.

  • donchorizo216

    Pretty sure he’s lying about why he got kicked out. I’m much larger than him and have never got put out a pool or beach. He was probably catching boners or jerking it in the showers peeping at straight dudes. His junk is barely worthy of being called a bulge.

  • marcus_collack

    @Fitz: Be gone.

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