Stephen Taylor

A British man was just sentenced to three years in prison following a brutal stabbing attack on a male sex partner that left him “physically and emotionally broken.”

The Manchester Evening News reports that 24-year-old Stephen Taylor met his victim at a party in June of last year. Taylor introduced himself as “Tyson” at the party. The victim’s name has not been made public to protect his privacy.

A friend told the victim that Taylor was straight. But that didn’t stop Taylor from messaging him after the party, claiming he left his phone charger behind. Taylor and the victim met up for another drink together, at which point Taylor grabbed the victim’s penis.

“Bloody hell Tyson, what you doing?” the victim asked.

“Don’t you want a bit of fun?” Taylor replied.

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According to court documents, the pair initially laughed off the awkward moment, only for Taylor to make another pass at the victim. At that point, Taylor performed a sex act on the victim.

The two engaged in addition sexual acts in the victim’s bedroom. But when the victim declined to perform oral sex on Taylor, things took a turn for the worst.

Taylor flew into a rage, grabbed a knife from the victim’s kitchen, and began stabbing him repeatedly in the chest and neck whilst screaming homophobic slurs. Taylor also held on to the victim’s penis throughout the attack, squeezing it.

“Mr. Taylor was shouting, saying ‘I’m not f*cking gay’. Mr. Taylor was in a rage. He was calling him a ‘f*cking f*ggot’,” prosecutor Neil Bisarya told the court.

The victim begged for his life throughout the attack before managing to escape, covered in blood, and call the police. Officers arrested Taylor at the scene.

In all, the victim suffered cuts on his arms, stab wounds to his chest, a 5cm deep stab wound to his neck, cuts to his face, and a broken foot. In court, he also claimed to suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and insomnia as a result of the attack.

“What Stephen Taylor has done to me has both physically and emotionally broken me,” he said.

Defense attorneys argued that Taylor attacked the victim in self-defense after the victim broke a glass over his head. They also claimed the attack was not a homophobic one, since Taylor and the victim had consensual sex.

But the defense was unable to convince Judge Garrett Byrne, who told Taylor his attack was “at least in part motivated by some homophobia, given the remarks attributed to you by the victim, which I conclude you did in fact use.”

Byrne sentenced Taylor to three years in prison. As guards led him from the courtroom, he tore his name tag from his chest, shouting “You can f*cking have that mate!”

Steven Taylor will now spend the next three years behind bars for the attack. 250 days he spent in home curfew during the trial will count toward his sentence.

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