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Manhunt Throws Down Against Fabulis (And Fabulis Returns the Mud)

Though we’re still not sure what A Fabulis is, evidently it’s enough to get hook-up site Manhunt riled up. (Update: Fabulis responds below.)

Owned by John McCain donor Jonathan Crutchley, isn’t too thrilled with how Jason Golberg is marketing Fabulis. Namely, in “stealing” Manhunt’s tagline that’s a play on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

“Fabulis has been extremely vocal – in video and in print – about the fact that they are definitely NOT some tawdry hookup site where guys go to get laid,” Manhunt’s publicist emails us. “Strange then, that in their latest push email, the day after their launch, they stole the Manhunt tag line that has been plastered all over Manhattan, up and down 8th Avenue, for the past 6 months. If the site is so ‘fabulis’, can’t they come up with a tag-line that hasn’t been used for months by the ‘oh-so-sleazy’ Manhunt?”

This is Fabulis’ email:

This is Manhunt’s outdoor marketing campaign:

And hasn’t Lt. Dan Choi been screaming about how he’s “not asking, he’s telling”? Rip-off artist!

UPDATE: Fabulis’ Bradford Shellhammer (who happens to be Queerty‘s original editor) responds: “fabulis is extremely flattered that Manhunt, a site that claims to have 2 Million subscribers, would even care about our little ol’ start-up. They’re obviously aware that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been around much longer than their ad. We support the DADT repeal 100% and I assume you’ve read this editorial written by fabulis’ Advisory Board Chair Richard Socarides in The Washington Post. Maybe Manhunt inspired Richard to pen it? Jason’s email was playing on DADT, not Manhunt. Why would one look at their ad’s text anyway? That naked guy makes the text irrelevant and makes really clear what Manhunt is all about. With that said, again, we’re quite flattered the big guys have gotten a rise from our little site and we’re thankful they’re helping spread the word of fabulis. We’re quite honored.”

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  • Joseph

    who the fuck really cares?

  • Chris

    @Joseph: I know! I lost interest within 20 seconds. I didn’t even bother reading the whole thing!

  • VaJeena

    And I still think Manhunt is disgusting.

  • john

    Manhunt is lame

  • The Milkman

    Manhunt has a publicist?


  • Jasper

    Manhunt shouldn’t care about fabulis. they’ll be gone by the summer.

  • TO

    Oh you silly Manhunt “publicist!” This reeks of thought out media strategy… It was clearly done on purpose because the Fab team new that by using a similar tagline the reactionary Manhunt would do just this and create even more press and buzz for Fab. I think Manhunt’s “publicist” is in name only.

  • Tony

    Manhunt is just that, a hookup site…. a surprisingly big hookup site that lots of guys seem to use. I was in Japan, they even have it there (

    Fabulis seems silly. And what’s with this Jason dude — he is really off putting. I mean who tells a room full of people that he made a ton of money. That’s just tacky.

  • The Artist

    DO NOT support MANHUNT, it is owned and operated by a bunch of pricks! ;-) There are a few sites to STAY AWAY from and this is definitely one of them, this includes eharmony for the heteros, they are a right wing christian group front. These places don’t spread the word of PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • chuck


  • David E

    I’ve been wondering why Queerty has been spilling so much (digital) ink lately talking about a website that doesn’t exist yet, but I think we just found the answer. From the above update:

    “Fabulis’ Bradford Shellhammer (who happens to be Queerty’s original editor)”

    Way to be independent, guys.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    I dumped Manhunt a while back. I was tired of all the Republican donations. And the methheads in there.

    I call it “Methhunt”.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Which brings up an interesting point. Why do we support businesses that enable the rampant meth problem in our community? The ‘yes/no’ check boxes for drug use seem to me to be used by people to help them find people who ‘party’, rather than for people to affirm that they are looking for someone who doesn’t use drugs. How about TOS’ing people out if they use the word PNP in a profile? Nah, that’d cost them money. And thats how I see manhunt. As a for profit (and Republican tied) business that helps enable the PNP/meth culture in our community.

    I won’t even get into the Safe Sex, “No” checkbox other than to think of what manhunt is, in my opinion, enabling by combining that checkbox with the ‘drugs occasionally/often’ checkbox. And what their financial incentive may be for doing so. I’d like for people who are concerned about this and are currently members of manhunt to go online and do a search in their community with the drugs Occassinally/Often, safe sex “sometimes/no” checkboxes. See what you come up with. Then think as to WHY you might be paying them money to provide that platform. You, the non-drug user. You, the person that has seen your buddies fall off the cliff due to PNP addictions.

    I don’t do drugs. I don’t think that 420 or x is all that damaging. But meth is. And we all know what PNP is. And what the likely result is of PNP behavior is.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Of course, others might say, “well if they’re not using manhunt to enable it, they’ll just go somewhere else”. True. But would you join a website called…”PNP hunt” or “barebackcity” and pay money to join that community? I didn’t think so. I can’t stop PNP. But I’m certainly not going to pay my money to businesses that, in my opinion, enable it.

    They might say, “well they just want to be open to all facets of the community”. I’d argue that the payoff from manhunt or any other networking site would be a connection. What connections are they enabling with your money? Do you really want to enable all kinds of connections in your community. Perhaps you do.

    Perhaps fabulus or other networking sites might see if there is a market for people who don’t do drugs and don’t want to enable that behavior in their community and would like to connect with likeminded people.

    Something to think about.

  • Caleb

    So because people who get on manhunt PNP or have unprotected sex means somehow Manhunt is to blame? Why don’t you direct the anger to the people who deserve it. Or don’t because what other people do shouldn’t really concern you.

    It also happens on Craigslist and in bars all over every major city. I guess we should stop using those services as well?

    Don’t blame Manhunt because people use it to fuck. I don’t use Manhunt because I’d rather get laid from going to a bar. But I don’t give a damn if someone else uses it. And neither should you.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Thats your opinion Caleb, and you are entitled to it.

    To me, what manhunt is doing would be analagous to a bar putting up a sign up sheet on the wall saying “sign up here if you want to find someone to do meth (or even worse – find meth) and have unprotected sex”. Sure they use codewords, but thats what is going on.

    If a bar did that, they’d be shut down. And few people other than addicts would go there.

    Do you have to PAY MONEY to join craigslist? No.

    This isn’t about sex or hooking up. This is about meth and what its done to our community.

    I’m simply asking those of us who think that PNP is bad for our community and friends to consider stopping PAYING their own money to support businesses that enable PNP. I can’t get Manhunt shut down. But I CAN stop paying them money. And ask others to do the same.

  • SFOMan

    I have a couple friends who work at Manhunt in Boston… they just had a record year in profit and revenue. Looks like more people are using it than ever.

  • Marty

    “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”….

    sound familiar?

    Manhunt is no more to blame for the PNP problem than the club scene is (or was, depending on where you live).

    Take responsibility folks and stop looking for scapegoats…..

  • Alexander

    i don’t need either of those sites.
    i have bigger dreams than that.
    i’m better than that.
    i have more self respect than that.

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