Margaret Cho Hangs Out

Here’s a woman who needs no introduction: the incomparable Margaret Cho, who recently sat down with Queerty correspondent Matt Bell to discuss, among other things, Barack Obama, marrying gays, Trans Rights her new show and getting a shot in the vagina…

Matt Bell: How do you feel about returning to television? Your first series, American Girl, didn’t end so well – there was the eating disorder, stereotype scandals and the such.

Margaret Cho: It’s great! I’m a producer now and I don’t have to worry about that shit. I remember when I was doing my first screen test, I wore a little midriff shirt and one of the producers freaked out afterwards screaming, “Never, ever bear your stomach in public again!’ So now I’m naked in every episode. You see ass and everything. I’m always spread eagle. It’s important for women to have another women to look to who aren’t all liposuctioned and pilated out. I’m never on on a diet. I don’t exercise that much. I’m just totally normal. People don’t have a realistic vision about what women look like, so I’m just doing my duty.

MB: I heard about some kind of G-spot collagen shot in your new show…

MC: I have a weird inferiority complex about how I cum. Hahaha.

MB: Excuse me?

MC: I can’t cum from intercourse! I get really freaked out, I think if I was cool, I’d be able to come from sex and that is what the G-shot does–it empowers women to have orgasms from intercourse. But it didn’t work for me, so I just ended up being really in pain the whole time.

MB: Margaret, what does it do to your G-spot, exactly?

MC: It physically elevates it so it’s easier to hit.

MB: How on earth did you hear about this, Miss Cho?

MC: It’s a plastic surgery thing. It’s like totally a real thing. It’s very expensive to have done – thank god the show paid for it!

MB: What other fun stuff did you get from the TV Show?

MC: Not much – well, I also got anal bleaching on one episode.

MB: No! Tell the gays about the anal bleaching!

MC: Well, first of all it doesn’t bleach all at once; you have to bleach it a little bit every day. It’s a lot like strips for your teeth, but they’re like asshole strips. It tingles a little, but it’s so easy – you take it home and do it yourself.

MB: Can’t that go wildly wrong?

MC: It’s such a mild solution because it’s got to go right on your hole. You do it before you go to bed. Brush your teeth, put the cream on your hole and call it a day!

MB: Well, anal bleaching and G-shots aside, you’re also showing up on some other TV shows lately, too.

MC: I have a small part on Sordid Lives on Logo. I’m a therapist. It’s a great show and I love it. I love Logo. It’s going to be great for them – high budget, great stars, great acting.

MB: You also showed up on Kathy Griffin‘s show.

MC: I love that show and I love Kathy. I had a good time on that show.

MB: Are you and Kathy friends?

MC: Oh, yeah! I love her! We used to hang out all the time when we were both younger and starting out, so she’s my really old and great friend.

MB: You both have your gays–what is the difference between a Kathy Griffin Gay and a Margaret Cho Gay?

MC: Her gays are high end, like her gays are super famous, like Lance Bass, and mine are all bears. I’m a Goldilocks. I’m all about the bears.