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Mario Cantone Marries Boyfriend After Twenty Years As A Couple

Mario Cantone might’ve married Sanford Blatch (Willie Garson) in the cinematic abortion known as Sex and the City II, but the actor/comedian just got hitched in real life to his boyfriend, theater actor/director Jerry Dixon, in New York City. The raspy-voiced funny man shared the good news Friday on—where else?—The View.

People magazine reports:

“I got married for the same reasons you did,” the Sex and the City actor, 51, tells fellow newlywed Joy Behar on the show. “We’re older now. We’ve been together 20 years. After 20 years you’re like, ‘Thanks for the anti-climactic honeymoon, government!’” Cantone says their wedding was officiated by pastor Jay Bakker, the son of the late Tammy Faye Bakker Messner. “It was beautiful, just my family there,” Cantone says, adding of his new husband: “I love him. He’s a good man.”

Please tell us they didn’t have Liza sing at the ceremony!

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  • George412

    Whatever happened to getting married for love? You get married because you are old? It suggests that you get married because you are’t young. WTF?

  • Cam


    Put it in context. They’ve been together for 20 years and were never able to get married until now.

    His answer was “We got married for the same reason you did Joy” He then started a new sentance talking about how long they’ve been together.

  • ewe

    There is something about him i find very appealing. I think he is good inside. Congratulations.

  • Robert in NYC

    He once told Joy Behar he’d never marry if NYS legalized it. I guess reality has sunk in.

  • Lucifer Arnold


  • Meowzer

    My partner of 25 years and I are getting married this year in November. Why? Cuz we still love each other. We have to go to another state and live with the fact our union won’t be legal in our own state, but after all this time, I’m tired of waiting for our government to allow me the legal right to marry the man of my choice.
    I congratulate Mario and his partner for 20 years of love and support. No matter when gay and lesbian couples get married in their relationships, it’s still a proud moment.

  • Pete n SFO

    So, was Elizabitch missing from today’s show?

    I always wondered if Mario stopped coming on b/c he couldn’t continue to humor her anti-marriage equality bullshiz… I do notice that she’s changed her tune, but Mario dear, if you’re reading, could you offer up some behind the scenes stuff ‘from a reliable source’ sharing under an alias???

    Somebody’s gotta know somebody with some scoop!


  • xander

    @Pete n SFO : I got the scoop! Elisabeth finally came out in full support of marriage equality, on the show. I read that on another lgb blog and didn’t bookmark it (mea culpa) but I’m sure DrG00G1E can pull it up.

    I’m no fan of her or the show, so I was shocked to read that.

    Yay for Mario, btw.

  • Tackle

    @ Pete n SFO : I don’t know where you’ve been, but Elisabeth has been in support of marriage equality for the past couple or years.

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