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Mark Reed + Dante Walkup File Formal Complaint Against Dallas Morning News Over Wedding Ad

Mark Reed and Dante Walkup, the failed Skype wedding couple who were billed more than a thousand dollars by the Dallas Morning News for a wedding announcement the newspaper refused to run, have filed an official complaint against the rag with the City of Dallas for violating the city’s local ordinance that bars public accommodations (i.e. firms that do business with the public) from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. The Morning News insists that because Texas doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, it doesn’t have the run the spot, even though it accepts cash from straight couples who want their photos in the paper.

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  • the crustybastard

    “Because the government is free to discriminate against gays, WE should be equally free to discriminate against gays.”

    PRECISELY the reason I have no tolerance for dithering incrementalist politicians.

  • Attention Seekers

    Ugh. Do we really need to read about these two attention seekers?

  • Cam

    @Attention Seekers:

    This is what I LOVE about the south. EVERY SINGLE TIME somebody there points out racism or bigotry, the ONLY defense that anybody from the south can come up with is…

    “They’re just looking for attention”. They did the exact same thing to constance McMillian and to the kid from Alabama who wanted to take a boy to his prom.

    That is how the south has stayed such a hotbed of these problems. They have it ingrained down there, that keeping quiet, not stirring the pot, and not bringing attention onto yourself is the way to go.

    They ONLY reason that getting attention is a bad thing to the bigots down there, is because attention spotlights their bigotry.

    I’m sure that the Catholic Church origionally attacked the people accusing priests of molestation as “Attention Seekers” as well.

  • josh

    Cam speaks truth!

  • Oprah

    No sympathy here. Why would you need to advertise in the newspaper about your wedding? Straight or gay, i mean–seriously–do we need to know that?I would rather donate that publishing fee to the local AIDS charity than spend a dime on this narcissistic endeavor. Seriously, do you get together in the tea parlour room and then read the announcement on the newspaper? Do you jump and clap your hands in gee?Do you run across to the neighbor and scream- LOOK–our name is printed in the paper.Do you cry- they love us! They approve of us. They really, really love us! Iieeew..

  • niles

    My advice is to move the hell out of Texas.

  • Stanley

    @niles: Hey, don’t mess with Texas! I love Texas whenever I visit there — I love Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio. The only place I didn’t like was Austin. It was just too liberal for my taste.

    Texan men (gay/straight/bi) are REAL men. The guys from California (gay/straight/bi) are girlie men.

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