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Marsha Ambrosius’ Beautiful Opus To The Lives We Lose To Bullying

Next month Marsha Ambrosius will drop Late Nights & Early Mornings, her first solo album; she’s recorded previously as one half of Floetry. On the record is “Far Away,” which is one of the most beautiful tributes to homophobia, bullying, and suicide I’ve ever seen. That man you first see in the video is not Marsha’s partner, but a friend. He is gay, and in love. And then he is gay bashed. It doesn’t go well from there. “I lost a friend and I’ve had friends that have attempted suicide,” says Marsha. “There are people that don’t have a voice to speak out and show what is happening and what can happen, so I just wanted people to see the honesty in it and be aware.” Thanks for looking out for us, girl.