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Matt Bomer Goes Gay For Ryan Murphy In The Normal Heart

Matt Bomer is certainly making the leap to the big screen in a big way: After playing a stripper in Stephen Soderberg’s Magic Mike, he’s signed to play the gay love interest in Ryan Murphy’s film version of The Normal Heart, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Bomer will portray New York Times fashion writer Felix Turner, who falls for activist/agitator Ned Weeks (Mark Ruffalo)—their unlikely love story is at the core of Larry Kramer’s intensely personal take on the early days of the AIDS crisis.

Also locked in to co-star in Heart is Alec Baldwin as Weeks’ conservative lawyer brother; Julia Roberts as Emma Brookner, the wheelchair-bound doctor fighting both the epidemic and indifference; and Big Bang Theory Emmy winner Jim Parsons as a sweet Southern boy who helps Weeks found what eventually became GMHC.

Both Parsons and Bomer have had their sexuality widely reported, but neither has publicly come out. Is it hypocritical of them to star in a such a gay project—and a political one at that—or are actors entitled to keep their private lives private no matter what roles they take?

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  • Mike in Asheville

    Wow, you guys never give up making idiots of yourselves over Matt Bomer and his “out” status — for fuck’s sake he is regularly seen, photographed, and reported on with his husband and kids.

    Is it not bullying demanding that Bomer (and others) jump on your brand of coming out? Can’t Bomer just be Bomer, loving his husband and family?

  • Sanji

    @Mike in Asheville: Totally agree. Great casting as well, he is long overdue this attention and type of role. He is hugely talented and should be doing films instead of tv.

  • Cam

    “Is it hypocritical of them to star in a such a gay project”

    I actually think it’s a very good sign that somewhat closeted actors are agreeing to star in gay themed movies. Time was when only an actor everybody KNEW was straight would.

    I still think it’s ridiculous for them to fear officially coming out. And did anybody else notice how Sheldon was pretty asexual on Big Bang Theory, and ran from any closeness to that girl Amy other than friendship…..and yet after the blogs started talking about him being gay suddenly they are now dating?

    Ugh, Hollywood homophobia rears it’s ugly head. What excuse could they have? It isn’t as if Teen Girls were watching the show in hopes of one day marrying Sheldon Cooper.

  • drewa24

    Bitter Fag alert: Matt Bomer has an 11″ cock. And in other news, Fire hot, Water wet.

  • Cam

    @Mike in Asheville: said…

    “Is it not bullying demanding that Bomer (and others) jump on your brand of coming out? Can’t Bomer just be Bomer, loving his husband and family?”

    1. How DARE you compare a site asking if Bomer is gay and should come out to the attacks that have caused young kids to kill themselves. It is like calling a boss “Hitler” because they’ve asked you to stay an extra hour.

    2. Please Please Please can we stop the whole “Oh he’s out, he is photographed with his husband and family” B.S.

    1.Every other celeb mentions family, and yet Bomer won’t.
    2.Where are these photos, and are the people in them actually listed as his husband and family?
    3. You act like being gay is a dirty shameful secret that he should hide. Why is it ok for Angelina Jolie to be asked about HER children but it is BULLYING for Bomer to be asked.

    Gays don’t want special rights, but it sure seems like closet cases do.

  • MikeE

    Umm, since when is Jim Parsons “closeted”?????

    There was a very public announcement of his impending wedding to his boyfriend (and JUST as public announcement that the wedding was off, because parsons apparently didn’t want children).

    I am completely out of the closet, but I don’t think I’ve actually TOLD anyone “I am gay” in the last 10 years. Why should? I regularly mention my husband. Isn’t that clear enough? Unambiguous enough?

    So, Jim Parsons is very public about actually BEING with someone of the same sex. He is regularly seen in public with him, he doesn’t hide it, he isn’t covert, furtive, anything like that. He doesn’t hide behind a beard.

    Isn’t THAT the ideal situation? Shouldn’t gay people not even have to say anything? Just live our lives, openly and without hassle?

    Shouldn’t we be aiming for a world where no one ever actually HAS to “come out of the closet”? A world where the idea of that closet is as old-fashioned as pettycoats and corsets?

  • Cam

    @MikeE: said…

    “Umm, since when is Jim Parsons “closeted”?????
    There was a very public announcement of his impending wedding to his boyfriend (and JUST as public announcement that the wedding was off, because parsons apparently didn’t want children).”

    It is amazing the lengths people will go to to defend the glass closet.

    1. The Blogs announced his wedding, not him.
    2. Please mention ANY interview Parsons gave where he mentioned his engagement. Remember ANY other celeb who was supposedly open about their engagement would have been asked.

  • Sanji

    @Cam: Why the focus on Matt. Oh yeah because he is the hottest human on the planet? We wouldnt be so indignant if he were of ordinary looks or talent. What about Parsons who is in this film? What about the age old people who have never “officially” said it – Miss Tomlin, Mr. Spacey, etc. What about the liars and bearded – Jeremy R., Ian S, the list goes on. An actor coming out won’t prevent suicide, able parenting will.

  • drewa24

    Jesus, what, do the 2 of you have dueling wedding planner businesses?

  • Larry

    what do you require….a purple triangle tattooed on every gay actors forehead?

  • KCraigJ

    To be out by anyone else’s definition is obsene. Gay Rights is not about everyone opening their mouth with “Hello, my name is Stan. I am gay”. That is the equivalent of demanding that your str8 bankteller telling you his fav flavor of feminine rinse to eat her out on; every time he hands you a twenty. There is no such thing and never should be a job requiring personal disclosure of personal fact. That should always be a voluntary act of trust between people who you care about. Or to get rid of bad blind dates. Outing yourself is not and should not be required of any celebrity. Only sick fans are obssessed with that; the same ones walking about with B Spears’ bubble gum in a tube around their neck after paying $5000 for it. The celebrities who choice to be out are heroes for deciding to use there power to guide younger/older out of the dark ages; I thank them. But, the non-out are not villians- just ordinary people.

  • Cam needs to chill maaaan (John From England 2012)

    @Cam needs to chill maaaan (John From England 2012):

    Won’t spam.

    Oh here’s one that is important because it shows a babies site run by a gaggle of straight women who talk about how great celeb babies are and their own kids, acknowledge on the post that he is raising kids with Halls. Something even gay sites won’t! lol!? Bizarre!

  • Cam needs to chill maaaan (John From England 2012)

    Lastly, he was in the big screen with Texas Chainsaw Massacre as one of the main parts but who cares? This man existence only begins according to when the person has seen him in something, so hey ho!

  • Kirk

    If the government demanded tomorrow that all homosexuals must officially come out, be counted and sign a document stating their orientation, the same ‘outing’ folks would be whining about rights infringement and privacy issues. So why do we make demands of our own? Matt and Simon are everywhere together, awards shows, tv events wearing rings. Queerty must need to bolster its web hits for ad revenue purposes so they get same back and forth on this tired topic that you can find throughout its archives.

  • Arek

    I’m as out as can be, but that doesn’t mean I want to be insulted with a People magazine cover emblazoned with huge letters reading “I’M GAY” like Lance Bass or Clay Aiken or something. It’s the people who keep their private lives to themselves, gay or straight, who have self-respect.

  • Gigi

    @Cam: I take issue with your assertion that “Every other celeb mentions family, and yet Bomer won’t.” That’s simply not true. Jodie Foster has never made her private life public yet there’s very little backlash as a result. I wish that she and others would be more open as, in some circles, their quest for privacy could look like shame.

    When I was a kid I thought the EVERYONE should come out. Now I feel that it’s up to each individual to come to it on his/her own terms. Look at my beloved Ricky Martin! Years and years of stories and speculation and gossip. Then, when he finally got the courage to tell the world he was chastised and ridiculed, by gays and straights alike. We gays were all “like no one knew…big secret…tell me something I didn’t know…” and straights, especially Latinos, who suspected but didn’t want to think about it, now had reason to boycott him and attack him. His sales plummeted and his ability to parent was questioned. And again many said (gay and straight alike), “He’s made enough money! Why’s he crying?”

    Anderson Cooper lives his life in much the same way that Bomer does, sans the children. Both he and his partner are seen all over NYC in restaurants and functions, yet he chooses to keep his private life private. And I say: he has every right!

  • Wesley Horace

    Parsons hasn’t come out? Didn’t he thank his long time boyfriend / fiancee after winning all those Emmy’s?

  • vixlad

    Yes. A gay actor should only come out when he is emotionally fit to.

  • Marcus

    I’m confused as to what the big deal is…the answer for this is quite simple. Treat Parsons and Bomer as OUT. They live open lives, but aren’t too interested in talking about it…so what? They don’t have to tell us anything. We know they’re BOTH gay, in LTRs and Bomer has THREE children with the husband.

    Your job is report. So do just that.

    Expecting them to comment is asinine.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Cam: I will ALWAYS bitch slap bullying, and, yes, Cam, it is bullying for blogs like Queerty to instruct gays and lesbians how they are to act and live their lives. Bullies deny their victims the right to just be who they are; Queerty, and others, constantly berate Bomer (and Anderson Cooper, and others) for living their lives their way — that is what bullies do. BTW, I did not compare the Queerty bullying of Bomer to the bullying kids face in school — you did.

  • lily

    I’m soooooo happy to hear that Matt Bomer has another project lined up. Good for him.

    I think he should continue to do what is right for him and his family and also continue to ignore those who just want to tell others what they should do.

  • lily

    I’m soooooo happy to hear that Matt Bomer has another project lined up. Good for him.

    I think he should continue to do what is right for him and his family and also continue to ignore those who just wants to tell others what they should do.

  • rob

    @MikeE: Well said!

  • Michael Bedwell

    As much as I love “The Normal Heart,” and [like so many others, particularly Kramer] have long waited for it to be filmed, great material alone does not assure box office success. For with respect to other, VERY different, good work he’s done, it is impossible for me to imagine the verbally-inhibited Ruffalo having the ability to conjure up the huge speeches and visceral, volcanic rage and emotional agony of the central character, “Ned Weeks” who dominates all but a fraction of the scenes—and even less so under the guidance of the limp wrist of Ryan Murphy. At best, Ruffalo is the equivalent of a decent folk singer and Murphy a good pop musical director while “Heart” is the equivalent of the most melodramatic Grand Opera. And neither have the natural “box office appeal” to bring in that group which needs to learn from it even more than young gays [who, overall, will turn out regardless]: straights. Sad.

  • Uh ...

    @Cam: Dude … chill. Why are you so offended by how one random actor chooses to live his life? This isn’t Ken Mehlman plotting our downfall while ODing on cock; it’s just an actor who’s made his sexuality known on his own terms. Got nothing to do with you.

  • Kirk

    @Mike in Asheville: Nail meet head – perfect description.

  • Mk_ultra_again

    I agree that actors shouldn’t have to come out because it shouldn’t be important. If there was true equality an actor/tress could have a same sex partner and kids and everyone knows it but nobody makes a big deal about it and there are no need for big public declarations. I also understand that some people need to stay closeted because of their circumstances. But when people rationalize it by degrading being gay and strip it down to only a sex act, a tactic used by the enemy of gays to rob the whole community of rights and incite violent acts upon it, you’re not doing anyone any favors, except maybe Slaggie G and Big Bri Brownlips.

  • Chuck

    It isn’t hypocritical at all. Both have made semi public reveals that they are indeed gay at either awards shows or through raising LGBT families. (Parsons and Bomer respectively) I think that Hollywood probably still makes it hard to out gay men to get prime roles, and like Bomer said, when asked about his sexuality, he has an entire show running on him so he won’t discuss it. In a perfect world, sure it would be great to have out actors playing out roles. But in Parsons and Bomer’s cases, we all know and the veil is only to keep them bankable. Yes, I agree that that sucks, but I would rather have them successful and fighting the equality fight from a more powerful position. Ryan Murphy has consistently done a good job of providing good work for LGBT artists, and I think we can all be happy that deserved gay actor like Parsons and Bomer have gotten these roles.

  • Patamar2

    @Mike in Asheville: I completely agree with Mike in Asheville. Bomer is happy and private and if he were straight no one would blink. Same for Parsons.

    Back the *F* off, please!

  • curt

    I dont watch matt bomer’s show but saw him on live with kelly last week. First impression that he’s a very good looking guy. Secondly, he’s obviously gay. He seems very comfortable in his own skin. Beautiful skin at that. lol

  • Aki

    You have to watch earlier interviews of him and compare them to the interviews he’s doing now .

  • MEJ

    I wonder if Bomer were not an actor, would he be as silent about his private life as he is now? If he were straight, would he be as press shy regarding his family?

    Straight celebs never shut-up about their souses, or kids. Gay celebs never stop telling people that their private life is private. Quite a discrepancy there. And it’s all based on shame–the shame of straight people seeing their partners in public.

  • Aki

    If he were not an actor nobody would consider him in the closet . He’s as out as I am , only I’m not required to make a public announcement in a magazine or interview

  • Drew

    Matt Bomer is closeted. He could easily come out and has had opportunities to do so just like Anderson Cooper-who has also been seen and photographed with his partner-yet both refuse to do so and completely avoid saying that they’re gay in interviews whenever the subject is brought up.

  • steve sydney

    “are actors entitled to keep their private lives private no matter what roles they take?”

    Umm every A list actor doesn’t get to choose the level of scrutiny so why should he? Oh that’s right.. he’s not ‘A list’ as yet. You can not have it both ways..

  • YH

    I believe every person has the right to protect his personal life,private information.

  • kr

    no one in entertainment looks as good as matt,few have his talent,but one of his best traits is the classy way he conducts his life.would be nice if others did the same.

  • M

    @YH: Well, that’s all swell and good, but having THREE children and a HUSBAND is hardly private and personal information.

    You don’t have some special right to privacy just because you’re gay.

    If you don’t want people to know, that’s your trip, but you need to think carefully on how you live your personal life. People don’t have to play Matlock in order to find out simple facts about you and that includes being gay.

  • Lefty

    OMG, Mark Ruffalo playing gay *dies*

  • Cam

    @Mike in Asheville: said…

    “@Cam: I will ALWAYS bitch slap bullying, and, yes, Cam, it is bullying for blogs like Queerty to instruct gays and lesbians how they are to act and live their lives.”

    No, it isn’t, it is merely asking a question that they don’t want to hear. By YOUR logic then it is bullying to ask NEWT Gingrich about his ex wife’s assertion on their marriage, or it is bullying to ask Mitt Romney about his taxes.

    Those are questions they don’t want to answer about their lives also. And again, for you to equate it, with the type of torture that drives kids to kill themselves is sickening.

  • Cam

    @Chuck: said…

    “It isn’t hypocritical at all. Both have made semi public reveals that they are indeed gay at either awards shows or through raising LGBT families. (Parsons and Bomer respectively)”

    Look, this discussion has opinions on both sides, but lets at least be honest. Can we stop the lie that Parsons came out at an awards show? He listed off about 30 names of people that deserved thanks. His partner happened to be one of those names, and he did NOT specify WHY any of them should be thanked or identify that any of them was his partner. He just read off the list. So naming off, “I would like to thank John, Lisa, Steve, Julie, Tyler, Jason, and Joan” is not outing yourself just because Steve happens to be your partner.

  • curt

    I think that people like Matt Bomore, Jim Parsons, Anderson Cooper etc aren’t making public statements because they feel they are already out, and live openly in their social lives. Their friends, and family already know, they appear publicly with their partner’s at public events. Maybe they feel, they aren’t lying or hiding their partner’s so why should they have to make public statements?

  • WillBFair

    Comming out is not a perfect fix. We want smart and kind people to come out. When skanks come out, they make us look bad.
    But the decision must be left to the individual. Only he knows all of the people and situations in his life, and understands all of the consequences of being out. Activists don’t know that, nor do self righteous blog posters. And there’s a ton of things to consider, about the pros and cons, professionally and personally, both now and in the future. It’s a complicated decision, and we all have the right to make it for ourselves.

  • Steve-O

    Just because they don’t jump up infront of a camera and say they are gay doesn’t make them ‘closeted’.

    I think its great that they are wanting to tackle gay roles without any comment about their own personal lives. I just hope the press has the same respect for it when it comes time to do the interview circuit.

  • BubbasBack

    Well, it certainly is getting better for them. So maybe Murphy will push these two out of the closet. Burp.

  • lasagna king

    Lets not pretend that Bomer or Parsons are out—anything you’ve read about their romantic or personal lives is through rumors on blogs like this.

    Parsons never thakned his ex-boyfriend/fiance when he won his Emmys or mentioned him once in all the anecdotes he’s told on Leno, Letterman, Conon, etc.

    Bomer has been slightly less coy, but still chooses to live in the closet. He’ll go on Today and talk about his sons, but not whom he raises them with. That’s not keeping your privacy—that’s closeting yourself! Read his Wiki page: when asked abt his sexuality, Bomer said, “I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.” He declined to elaborate further, stating, “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders,”

    You can say his position is understandable, but you can’t say he’s out. Now I woudnt blame a young actor for staying in the closet, but i also think that same actor should decline to partake in a film about standing up and standing out in the fight for gay dignity and equality. Otherwise its kinda shameful.

    I think Bomer, Parsons and Lee Pace (who was in the broadway production) take these roles as some kind of guilt-eraser. “See, Im involved in the cause! I don’t have to be out!” Its the same crap Zachary Quinto pulled—but at least he came out.

  • Ralph

    Matt, Jim, nor Lee have nothing at all to be guilty about. If you want to be an out and proud actor on the cover of People magazine, build yourself an entertainment career, become famous and become out and proud. To each his own. Just as we filter our personal information depending on our personal or professional audience, they have the right as well. Should they feel guilty, LOL, no.

  • Carl

    @lasagna king – I totally agree with everything you have said.

    In this backwards, homophobic country we live in their refusal to come out is understandable, however, IMHO, still selfish and unacceptable. The more openly gay actors there are OUT there, the more accepted it will become. It may be their right to not discuss it, but they would be doing a service to their community to do so. I love them both, but can’t say I respect them at all.

    I suspect that a good portion of you that are defending them are probably doing the same thing in your own lives and need people to validate your own decisions. JMO.

  • shashi

    it is bulling, how could you force someone to come out of the closet, its a personal decision, at lease he has nothing bad to say about our community. Queerty need to tone down on this kind of post.

  • MikeyM

    Bomer came out a few months ago.

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