Maybe We’d Take A Liking To GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia If He Told A Few Jokes?

The best way for GOProud to stay in the press is by picking and maintaining fights. With everyone. On the right, it’s uber-conservatives like the Family Research Council. On the left, it’s reasonable homosexuals. But I much prefer the brand of GOProud that Jimmy LaSalvia, the group’s hyper-tanned-and-highlighted executive director, put forth on yesterday’s Fox Business Network: funny hacktivists! Listing the groups upset GOProud’s involvement with CPAC for the second year in a row, LaSalvia mentions “Concerned Women for America they’re very concerned apparently.” Zing! More of this, Jimmy. More of this.

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  • David Ehrenstein

    He doesn’t have to tell any jokes — HE’S a joke!

  • justiceontherocks

    The hairstyle is right out of 1965. That part is funny.

    But if these folks help people understand how ridiculous FRC and the like are, good for them.

  • GetBalance

    That’s one cute dude taking bigotry to task. More power to him.

  • josh

    GOProud often sides with anti-gay groups and anti-gay politicians.

    They are also against some gay rights issues (against the updated hate crimes bill, against ENDA).

    They even speak out against the “gay agenda”.

    How exactly are they taking bigotry to task?

  • McMike

    How friggin stupid is GOProud? So they’re actually surprised some Republicans are actually acting like Republicans…

  • Perfectly Reasonable

    It is perfectly reasonable to be a proud gay person and oppose ENDA or hate-crime legislation, based on the underlying beliefs that anyone — including a gay employer — should be able to hire whomever one wishes, and that criminals should not face additional punishment for the thoughts in their heads. Labeling everyone who disagrees with you as unreasonable or anti-gay or hateful or whatever … isn’t that rather embarrassing and unreasonable and childish?

  • David Ehrenstein

    No its’ not.

    Being a Republican is the very definition of childishness.

  • Soupy

    Being a republican as a gay man means loving your master like a slave. Because he knows what’s best for you.

  • tavdy79

    He runs a supposedly gay organisation that looks more and more like NOM with each passing day, while his main competition (the Log Cabin Republicans) continue to make significant steps forward on gay rights – their court case has been a major driving force behind the repeal of DADT. Surely LaSalvia doesn’t really expect to be taken seriously?

    It does seem appropriate that his surname is a hallucinogen, because the man’s logic is about as surreal as a really bad acid trip.

  • DR

    I appreciate the LCR lawsuit and know it made more progress than not, but I also know that the Log Cabin Republicans lean towards being moderate Republicans who generally side on the left when it comes to social issues, and do very little when it comes to health care, taxes, gun control, and other Republican issues. I’d like them to be a bit less “gay” and a bit more “Republican” sometimes.

    GOProud on the other hand, is so focused on the issues of taxes, health care, etc, that it comes across as a gay Republican group for guys who don’t make their sexual orientation the only thing political about them (not a bad thing by any means). Too bad they continue to support folks like Ann Coulter, I can’t take them seriously when they do stuff like that. Although disrupting CPAC is never a bad thing, IMO.

    PS… Hate Crimes? Not all that high on my priority list, either.

  • gregger

    Ya’know, he’s an idiot. Ya’know, his politics suck. Ya’know, he is dangerously naive and the stereotypical attitudes, bearing, and subservient demeanor he gives off sets us back to 1967 (where his haircut came from).

  • GetBalance

    Hey somebodies gotta do it, just glad it’s not a Maggie Galleger type ugly person heading it up. Ok getting seedy here.

  • scribe

    @Perfectly Reasonable: it is reasonable for an employer to fire me for being gay??? I’m also blk so can they just fire me for being that??? Hate crimes laws entend jail time for really bad behavior. There is a difference between simple trespassing and destroying property and burning a fucking cross on a family’s yard. The motivation and terror that it brings on the victims raises the level of crime… to Hate crime. p.s. never going to vote repub, but happy some one on that side talking gay rights.

  • scribe

    @Perfectly Reasonable: employers who wont hire gays or other minorites not because they lack skills but because of there personal hang-ups aren’t resonable. They are perfect(ly) assholes

  • scribe

    their personal hang-ups

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    While not a Republican, I think there IS a place for an organization to represent the Gay community to the GOP and the GOP to the gay community. Unfortunately, GOProud/gaypatriot fails on all accounts.

    GOProud, which may be almost exclusively funded by a hedge fund billionaire (who apparently is quite proficient at losing his clients money) that is looking for tax cuts for himself, doesn’t represent any significant part of the gay community (including the 30% or so of Gay men that supposedly vote Republican). They oppose every single open item of Gay equality. Any positive impacts that may accrue to the Gay community from positions they support are coincidental (e.g., not the direct result of the legislation, but a secondary effect that only might impact a few Gay people).

    GOProud is a group of Gay men who actually despise the Gay mainstream IMHO. Witness their obsession with Barney Frank. Why? I think its because he has a lisp. He is what they are ashamed of. And while they demean, degrade, and work agaisnt the Gay mainstream, they whine constantly on their allied website, gaypatriot, about how those they demean, despise, and work to continue discrimination against don’t like them.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    To perfectly reasonable,

    How about some consistency if you believe that people can oppose ENDA because they think an employer should be able to fire someone because they are Gay? When GOProud/you/gaypatriot refuses to support a candidate until they introduce legislation to allow Gay business owners the right to fire someone because they are Mormon, or Baptist, or a member of some other anti-Gay organization (which is currently illegal, per federal law), they will be able to consistently argue that line. Until then, they are supporting the right of anti-Gays to fire people just for being Gay, while supporting those that think that Gays cannot do the converse.

    But I suspect that consistency is not GOProud or your strong suit.

  • Oh boy

    I think this guy is so cute.

  • SouthSideShorty

    I think all of you need a common-sense enema. GOProud exists only as a tax shelter? Huh? Only self-loathing gays are Republican? Wha…? You remind me of blacks who refer to other blacks as Uncle Toms, simply because their behavior isn’t militant enough. I find it sad and scary that people out there base their sole identity on their sexuality, be it politically or socially.

  • Tom in Lazybrook


    I don’t think they are Uncle Toms. I think they are uncle Roy Cohns.

  • Soupy

    South side – how is it rational for a gay man to vote republican when the party itself promotes a platform that homosexuals are somehow lesser or inferior or ill people who do not deserve the rights and protections given to straight people?

  • whatever

    tax cut fetishists, nothing more.

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