McCain Picks Palin As Veep

John McCain will soon announce that he’s picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

The first female Governor of Alaska, Palin’s also the state’s youngest leader. A former beauty queen, fisherman and sports reporter, Palin was only forty-two when she took office in 2006, beating out then-Governor Frank Murkowski. And, surprisingly, the Republican’s relatively good on gay issues.

Or, rather, she says she’s not entirely against the gays, which is a big change from previous contenders…

While she opposes gay marriage – as all the national contenders do – Palin’s frequently come out in support of her gay friends and insists she’s open to discussions on discrimination legislation. Palin told an Alaska newspaper that she’s “not out to judge” gay people. She went on to say that she believes “that honoring the family structure is that important,” and would thus oppose a gay marriage measure. She previously supported a 1998 bill to ban gay marriage.

Despite her opposition to same-sex nuptials, Palin helped move Alaska toward a more inclusive frontier in 2006 when she blocked a bill that would have prohibited gay benefits in the state.

In the first veto of her new administration, Palin said she rejected the bill as unconstitutional despite her disagreement with a state Supreme Court order that directed the state to offer the benefits.

“Signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office,” Palin said in a written statement Thursday night.

This soft gay love could complicate matters with staunch social conservatives, but that voting bloc will no doubt appreciate her strident pro-life and gun rights stance. If Palin and McCain can make the benefits issue look like an issue of Democratic ideals, then that could stop any reactionary outrage. Only time will tell how that will play out.

The gays will no doubt be unhappy to hear that Palin’s chummy with anti-gay groups like the Family Research Council.

Meanwhile, some are accusing McCain of “political calculus” for picking Palin. Her candidacy, they say, is simply a lure for Hillary Clinton‘s female base, many of whom may be reluctant to back Democrat Barack Obama.

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  • CondeNasty

    This was a very smart move on McGramp’s part. For many reasons….

  • lawral

    Smart, yes… but annoying. It’s so clear that shes just a pawn to win over any Hillary supporters who are bitter over Bam getting the nom.

  • emb

    Um who? Let’s see…she was on the city council and mayor of Wasilla city (pop. 6500), and has been gov for 2 years. On GLBT issues, saying she “has gay friends” is right up there with “some of my best friends are…” whatever.


    This is an obvious and misguided pander by mccain to lure female supporters of clinton, whom he clearly thinks are feeble-minded and will vote for anything with a vagina. Perhaps some of the most dedicatedly disaffected will.

    This is not “historic” (the Dems did it a quarter of a century ago) and it’s not putting the interests of the nation before political expediency (really, john? The half-term governor of Alaska is the very best person to take over in the highly likely event of you dying in office? For true?)

    More smoke and mirrors from the repubs.

    But enough about that–Excellent speech by Sen Obama last night! Substantive, forceful, just angry enough, and frequently funny. The there was all there, and Biden is a solid VP choice. Yay!

  • Ston

    George W Bush ALSO said he had gay friends…, how well did THAT go for us?

  • Madonna's Boy

    Palin is such a stupid-ass move…another example of McSame’s lack of judgement. Picking someone with only 2 years experience in public office, who is currently part of the Ted Steven’s corruption scandal, pro-life and anti-choice to “try and lure Hillary” supporters?! Puh-lease, Palin is everything Hillary does not support…her supporters are much smarter than this. Palin will only help ensure McSame goes down in flames!!!

  • mark

    Grampy and the Beauty Queen
    Cindy was McSame’s midlife crisis, Sarah is his end of life crisis.

    What 72yo gaffer wouldn’t want beauty queen on his BIRTHDAY…it’s a VIAGRA TICKET

    beloved by Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, and dragon Lady Phyliss Schafely.

    Her VOGUE cover makes her MORE Paris Hilton than Obama

  • Steve

    I love the arguments here that she doesn’t have enough experience, yet you Obamo-tots thinks that 2 years in the Senate is more than enough.

    If that were true, he wouldn’t have picked Biden in the first place. Both are strategic moves by the nominee to garner votes. But to suggest that Obama is superior on experience over someone who has ACTUALLY governed is ludicrous, but I expect that to be the theme of this board for sure.

  • Charley

    Shows a lack of judgement by McCain. A roll of the dice. National security would be at stake. She has never had experience in foreign relations.

    Putin must be laughing his ass off.

  • Dubwise

    sorta throws the entire experience issue out the window…she is three years younger than Obama and has been gov for 1 and a half years.

  • Mike in MO

    Palin is everything Hillary does not support…her supporters are much smarter than this

    Really? I hope so, but I’ve heard enough evidence to the contrary to be worried.

    Also, Steve @ 7: The “Obama-bots” aren’t the ones that brought up lack of experience. That’s why this pick is interesting. The very people that bring up lack of experience have chosen someone with relatively little experience. It’s ironic. You understand irony, don’t you?

  • BB

    Now THAT’s a smart move if you ask me! Interesting that the announcement didn’t come until after Obama rejected Hillary as well. Maybe we’ll get some glamor in the next administration after all … any woman who wears Lindberg glasses clearly has good taste! And I have to agree with Steve: we can hardly argue lack of experience now can we!

  • Charley

    She is going to have a huge press entourage asking questions and disecting every word she says. Being mayor of 8000 people doesn’t prepare anyone for the national stage on foreigh policy.

  • mlp

    Pandering…out and out pandering. This is so clearly a grab for the women’s vote and nothing else. And as dubwise said, the McCain camp has no leg to stand on with the “not experienced enough to be in the oval office” argument any longer, which will definitely be a good thing.

    Damn this woman is so inexperienced on the national much less the international stage. And he’s so old. Hopefully people of all stripes will put these two pieces of info together (am I giving the general public too much credit?) and realize there could be a very good chance of having super novice running this country. I shiver at the thought…

  • SteveO

    Very smart move. Shows McCain does have some smart people in his camp. Aside her stance on abortion and gay marriage(although she did sign same sex benefits for Alaskan into law), she is a pretty appealing politician.

    And they most certainly can still argue lack of experience…who the hell in America is really going to care about a VP with little experience versus a president leading a country in war time with little experience. And no one in the Obama camp can touch her on experience…very smart move on McCain’s part.

    I unfortunately think that this choice will sit well with many independent conservative voters and will make this race even tighter than it is.

  • Alexa

    It definitely negates all the attacks (including by Steve above) on Obama’s lack of experience. Local politics and then two years as the governor of an out of the way state is FAR less in the real world than Obama’s experience. It’s an obvious attempt to appeal to both the right wing and the Hillary hold outs, but she’s about as anti-gay as you can get (despite her veto) and she’s anti-choice.

    Speaking as a woman, I am actually quite pleased that one of the parties chose a woman, for the first time in almost 30 years, but that’s as far as it goes.

  • Woof

    Alaska isn’t even part of the 48 contigious states! She did save the Polar Bears though. I am still stuck on HER 5 KIDS names; Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol and Piper! WTF????

  • truth

    I think she is cute.

    Okay – I am going to be honest with you all. I am disgusted with the Democrats. First of all, they did not count Florida and Michigan because of messed up party rules. What the F is that all about?

    Second, I was and am freaked out by the ongoing orgasmic love affair between the media and Obama. It was so disproportionate the attention and favorable treatment he got compared to the other Dem candidates. In the meantime – NO ONE took more punches than Hillary Clinton. Her shrill voice, her cleavage, her tears, her pantsuits, etc. etc.

    I also felt that the Obama campaign used race as well, and then at the same time pointed the racist finger to anyone else pointing out something like the fact he got 90 percent of the black vote. I could go on forever about Rev. Wright. When he said “Hillry ain’t ever been called a nigga” I almost gagged. The only time I hear that word used is by black teens on the New York City subways at 3 p.m. and in rap songs. And when he made that comment about his grandmother who raised him, I wasn’t thrilled either.

    So now – to be honest – I don’t know who the hell to vote for.

    I am not thrilled with either candidate.

    This is the wierdest, most bizarre election ever. Why does America always have to go to extremes – either really liberal or really conservative?

    There is never a pragmatic middle ground anymore.

    Anyway – still, this woman is cute.

  • Bitch Republic

    So, y’all are complaining that she only has served half a term and has no experience when you’re RAH-RAHing over Obama who has only served half a term as a senator and has no experience? REALLY???

  • Dubwise

    Truth…they did count the FL votes…as well as Michigan. Nice Troll Attempt!

  • M Shane

    I don’t know why anybody, queerty included would take the absurd posture of pretending that the Republicans are inclusive of or sympathetic to gay people, the only ones of which even hid in their tresses in reality are simply advocates of their own grubby material interests. The only twats who seek that affirmation are loop de loops lioke Sullivan and Bawer.

  • Rock

    Log Cabin Republicans can all Fuck Off!

    McPain is gonna lose so big!

  • emb

    Yeah, BR, Really.

    While whatshername here was wrestling with the awesome responsibilities of being on the city council for a windswept town of 6500 chilly souls, Obama was serving in statewide office, or doing comunity organizing in Chicago (where 6500 people might live on one block), or serving in the United States Senate.

    Miss Congeniality here is going to be a deer in the headlights.

  • mark

    Beauty and the Beast

    maybe she can whiten Grampy’s yellow teeth

  • Rock

    McCain looks embalmed.

    I can’t stand listening to him speak. So painful.


    The next Vice President of the United States of America. Such grace, intelligence and experience.

  • VegasTeaRoom

    Having been in H’wood for so many years I have the sense that the Repubs had no choice but to cast the VP short. That is it in a nutshell; they picked her because she was short and then justified the hell out of the third rate decision.

    Yep, because she didn’t make him look like he was a member of The Lolly Pop Guild.

    Short, the rest is just derivative.

  • mark

    Sarah knows her way around Pampers, which will be handy with McCain’s Depends, although David Vitter is PEA GREEN with ENVY.

  • AJ

    Finally, Republikans have a Margaret Thatcher to call their own. Shysterhood is powerful.

  • mark

    if you cowardly Log Cabin slugs endorse McCain with this HOMOBIGOT, just shut the f*ck up about “changing your party from within”

  • mark

    Speaking of sniveling LCRs here’s their statement
    “Statement of Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon about Gov. Sarah Palin

    “Alaska Governor Sarah Palin can help Sen. McCain win this election by appealing to independent and young voters. She’s a mainstream Republican who will unite the Party and serve John McCain well as Vice President. Gov. Palin is an inclusive Republican who will help Sen. McCain appeal to gay and lesbian voters.”


  • M Shane

    She looks like a trolop to me-like staring a Merganser in the eye. A good match to Poopsey, McGoo’s other sidearm. How white, a prize Hooker on each arm.


    Hillary tried her best to made 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling with her run for office and if not for the thievery and undertactics of Obama she would’ve succeeded but Palin will give it the final blow shatter it into pieces and go throw it finally making history for all those sisters, mothers, daughters and friends who since the founding of our Nation till the 08 Democratic campaign have been told to go back to the kitchen.
    In their name, in my mothers name in my sisters name and in my grandma’s name who never thought she would live to see this day I’m proud to say that because of his choosing of Palin as veep I now support John Sidney McCain for the Presidency of the US.

    John McCain/Sarah Palin ’08 The Real palpable Change that this America needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AJ

    Actually, she looks a bit like Casper Van Dien in drag.

  • CitizenGeek

    Sarah Palin is most definitely NOT good on gay rights. She says she has gay friends (who doesn’t?) and pretends to be sensitive to gay issues; but she’s a gun toting, anti-choice and – yes – homophobic Republican at the end of the day. She only signed into law a bill granting benefits to same sex couples because Alaska’s Supreme Court effectively forced her to.

    Palin is cute, and I like her a lot more than most Republicans, but she’s -still- a Republican which means she is absolutely bad news for gays.

  • Dubwise

    CHURCHILL-Y, at least you weren’t racist in your post this time.

    I am SO happy I finally can say something about one of your posts…now please crawl back under your rock.

  • CitizenGeek

    I know you’re a racist moron, Churchill-y, but if you’re expecting anyhing positive for gays to come from a McCain/Palin administration, then you’ll sorely disappointed.

  • hells kitchen guy

    There goes the election. Brilliant choice. I wish Obama the best and pray he wins – but I don’t believe for a minute he will now.

  • Dubwise

    I mean….I’m happy I can finally say something NICE.

  • truth

    Uh – M Shane – what the hell is that supposed to mean? – “How White. A prize hooker on each arm.”

    See – that is EXACTLY what I am talking about. If I said that about a black candidate – the comment board would be going wild with “Racist, racist, racist.”


    Also, keep in mind you are talking about a mother of five here – who’s youngest child happens to have Down Syndrome.

    I swear – with comments like that you are not doing Obama any favors.

  • Matt

    Well McCain just won. There will be change just not change we can believe in. Oh well, at least my wallet won’t take a hit.

  • Boy Wonder

    I’ve seen multiple websites now that claim Palin isn’t so bad on gay rights because she vetoed the prohibition on same-sex benefits bill, but then go on to admit that she vetoed it because she assumed it was un-constitutional, NOT because she had any sympathy for the gays. Her philosophy is *100%* on board with the fundamentalists agenda.

  • Frank

    Reading comments left by most on this site. Obama said “A marriage is between a man and a woman” so how is he any different?

  • Dubwise

    Frank he is different because of two things:
    1. he is open to discussing it.
    2. doesn’t believe in an ammendment to ban it

  • An Other Greek


    she is a REPUBLICAN.

    She may be”cute” (if that’s what yr into…), she was after all a “beauty queen”, so great, she’s cute.

    but she is a republican, and if you are sitting here considering her and being undecided and confused whether to support Obama or McCain, then you must either:

    -not be gay
    -not be aware of the different party platforms
    -be greedy and all about money AND have the PROVEN false impression that republicans are better economists
    -be very rich
    -have self-hate and vote against own interests (hmm…)
    -be a plant/troll/agent or whatever…

    did I miss anything?


  • ggreen

    Two words.. Hooker Mom

  • CitizenGeek

    #42 Frank:
    “Reading comments left by most on this site. Obama said “A marriage is between a man and a woman” so how is he any different?”

    Please tell me you’re not being serious?

    Obama is against gay marriage, yes, but he is in favour of everything else us gays deserve. He supports robust civil unions for us, will repeal DOMA and DADT, wants to enshrine in law protections for us against discrimination in terms of employment and he supports gay adoption. Plus, he is remarkably friendly to the gay community – he even referenced us in his historic and important acceptance speech. McCain/Palin not only do not support these things, they actively and viciously oppose them. THAT’S the difference!

  • reversion

    I can’t wait for the “debates” (well, they’re not as legitimate as they should be but…) to show the intellectual difference between Obama and McCain.

  • mark


    Raped….you’re on your OWN
    Incest ….You’re on your OWN
    YOUR WOMB is owned by Scalia, Thomas, and Alito!

  • CastleRock

    You’re posts make you sound like a fucking moron!

  • mark

    hitting some NERVES castlerock?

    Sarah Palin = Bay Buchanan without the bag over her head

    Sarah Palin – Huckabee with moose meat, not squirrel meat in her teeth

    Sarah Palin = the newest fag hag of the Log Cabin Republicans

  • AlliSon

    No excuses, no insults or amount of women hate is going to make me feel ashamed of my vote for governor Palin. I owe that much to my daughter. She is the concrete and visible realisation that all those women before have fought for since the time of the fight for women’s suffrage.

  • damien

    Yes, this is a smart move…. until she faces Biden in a debate.

    Get ready for the tragedy, folks!

  • mark

    Sarah Palin = Dick Cheney with a hockey stick and tiarra

  • Person who changes his name with every post

    Let’s see how things pan out with Palin. Will she court the religous right? Will she mobilize the liberal end of the electorate? Who knows?

    I think it can go either way. She’s just been announced as McCain’s running mate.

    None of this matters to people who see the fact that she’s a Republican as an immediate excuse to dismiss her. I think we all owe it to ourselves to see how things shake out before immediately dismissing someone because of a party. Not every Democrat is a friend, not every Republican is an enemy.

  • Dubwise

    So…you owe it to your daughter to take away her choice about if she can have an abortion or not …regardless of the circumstances.

    To coninue Mark’s theme:
    AlliSon=parenting fail

  • mark

    It’s well known trick for politicians to DUMP the embarrassing bad news on a Friday to make it go away quick.

    Sarah Palin was announced VP pick on Friday

    these two facts aren’t unrelated

  • hell's kitchen guy

    Dubwise: I remember a left-wing woman being asked by the Economist why she was supporting Margaret thatcher the 1st time she headed the Tory ticket. Her response: “100 years from now, no one will remember her politics, but everyone will remember her sex.”

    Unfortunately, a lot of women are going to feel that way. Geraldine Ferraro believes 1/3 of Hillary’s female voters will go to Palin. That’s way more than enough to take away all the battleground states.

    Doubly unfortunately, Obama lost the election today.

  • Madonna's Boy

    Palin is going to only help further the demise of the corrupt Grand Oil Party! Nothing more than Karl Rove trying to be the “boy genius” he thinks he is. He has single-handedly destroyed the Repugnicant party. God Bless Him for that!!!

    Palin is anti-choice, anti-common sense and will be plummeled by Biden in the debates. I can hear the former “beauty queen” now…”I personally believe that US Americans…!!!”.

    Anyone who falls for more of the GOP-Schtick has gotta be a self-loathing, ignornant doofus!!!

    Ladies and Genltemen…Obama is on the way!!!

  • mark

    Sarah Palin = a VP worthy of the Sturgis’ Miss Buffalo Chip contest

  • mark

    McCain picked Sarah Palin…Michelle and Hillary would comment, but they haven’t stopped laughing yet.

  • Dubwise

    Wait till the Chuck Kopp sexual harrasment case comes to light.

  • Puddy Katz

    my instincts tell me she’s more like Arnold than anything else. i think she will be ok for the gays.
    a smart choice for mccain as far as picking moderate, women and fundamentalist votes.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    No. 37 · hells kitchen guy
    There goes the election. Brilliant choice. I wish Obama the best and pray he wins – but I don’t believe for a minute he will now.

    Hell’s Kitchen Guy has it right. I am an avid Barack Obama supporter now but he will lose the election because of John McCain’s early October surprise (and it’s not even September) Governor Sarah Palin will be our first female Vice President and most likely, our first female President. She cleaned up Alaska’s corrupt Republican politics like a Sheriff in a skirt, including the most powerful Senator Ted Stevens famous for his “Bridge to Nowhere.” Barbara Boxer calls her “Dangerous” on the Veep pick and Bush calls her “Exciting”

    In the next few days, Palin will be the darling of the “New” Republican party, she’s red meat Republican as a Pro-Life, card-carrying NRA, family gal of 5 kids and a brilliant politician. When we should be celebrating the fairly brilliant speech of Senator Barack Obama on accepting his party nomination for Presidential contender, we have been side-swiped by a new face in the political arena who is charismatic, commandeering and even Clintonesque.

    America is weary of the names Obama and McCain and Biden is also the past. Sarah Palin is single-handedly the biggest threat to the Demoratic Party in 2008, 2012 and 2016 when she will likely eventually run and win the U.S. Presidency.

    We can bitch and moan and kvetch all we like, but we are seriously naive if we think this newcomer isn’t the deal closer for the Republicans. Scotus will change on issues of abortion, affirmative action and civil rights under her tenure.

    Forget Gay Marriage!

    We have been Snapped!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    CORRECTION: Democratic Party although Mud might seem more appropriate.

  • AlliSon


    I owe it to my daughter to see women like her in all facets of modern life and that includes government so that she can dream without limits. With 153.6 million of us here if we show our muscle NO ONE will impose on us something we don’t want.

    The time has come to show that political muscle by voting for Palin. OBAMA sent us back to 19th century with a trite remark about unity but in the end it took a Republican to make those aspirations and pretty words that he uttered about women become a reality.

    My parenting as a woman and as the mother of a little girl is going to enriched with governor Palin in office and no amount of cynicism or misogyny from people like you will deter women like me to see that day come into fruition and leave my country a better place because of it for all its people regardless of their gender.

  • Dubwise

    AlliSonnot one word of misogyny has come from me here. Nice Try! Take your lady Trollness somewhere else. This woman will do nothing for the advancement of women. google Chuck Kopp/Palin.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    We silly queers.

    Trix are done better by Republicans!

    Mark, please remember that we can stay strong through adversity and that in the end, we at least can try to have our health. Obama’s political tomb was sealed by Sarah Palin (Megan Mullaly?) Churchill-y must be doing cartwheels in his J Edgar Hoover drag.

    The media have dispensed with the old (Obama, Hillary, McCain and Biden) as Sarah Palin steps into the spotlight as the new Golden Girl though she is actually against women’s reproductive rights, gay marriage and gun control. She is THAT Girl and the new Darling of the Republican Party! Obama came so close but no dice, kiddies.

    We will lose this election to mccain/PALIN.

  • hells kitchen guy

    seitan-on-a-stick: Even aside from all the blue-collar women who will feel that their being all “women’s libby” for voting for McCain now, all those blue-collar white men will be able to pull the lever for him feeling that their being very “progressive.”

    Unfortunately, it’s a win-win for the GOP. Very sad. And depressing. But Obama brought it on hiimself when he threw Clinton overboard for Boredin.

  • mark

    think a funny commercial would be a sarah look a like in a group of queers in suits,( Charlie Christ Ken Mehlman Scott McClellan, Mark Foley) and she shrieks, who STOLE MY G*D DAMN TIARRA?

  • mark

    any news about Charlie’s engagement being cancelled?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Yes, HK, the Democrats are the Titanic and Sarah Palin is the Iceberg! Even Hillary’s 2012 chances are very iffy and Barack will be a footnote in history never to run again like the thwarted Al Gore. Very sad, so much promise, we could have gone at least one step forward.

    We was Punk’d!

  • Puddy Katz

    If she wins the Log Cabins will have to get to work to convince her to support us more than she does.
    But maybe they can do that.

  • mark

    Sarah supported BUCHANAN after his scarrey Culture warrior speech in 92, and has an ad of Ted Stevens endorsing her. She is a creationist, and denies women the right to an abortion, even for rape and incest victims.
    This is ULTRA UBER conservative

    stick a fork in her

  • Stephen A.

    Let me get this “straight.” She’s supportive of gay rights, and yet this blog posting is filled with bitter, hateful and nasty people trashing her?

    Oh, she doesn’t believe in destroying babies! Sorry, I didn’t get that. You do realize, of course, that ub 5-10 years, the genetic proclivity towards homosexuality will be testable IN THE WOMB. Then I bet not aborting that Down Syndrome baby will be the best thing this pro-gay-rights woman ever did, and gays will be SOLIDLY against abortion.

    So don’t jerk those knees so fast, Leftists.

  • jack jett

    I could never look at her without thinking that the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update was on.

    She looks more like Tina Fey than Tina Fey.

    While I would never vote for her, I might consider giving her a dry butt fuck.

  • emb

    She vetoed one anti-gay bill because “she was told” it was probably unconstitutional, and immediately signed another one that put the gay rights issue up for referendum. She believes creationism should be taught in schools. She “hasn’t really thought much” about Iraq. She favors the total abolition of abortion rights.

    Of her son with Downs Syndrome she said “Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?” Pity she can’t be so understanding about the vast number of people in this nation who are born gay.

    Her pick by mccain is an embarassment, and an insult to the institution of the presidency, Americans, America, and the world. Just look at her, look at her vast tundric ranges of ignorance, and and then picture her in the Oval Office if mccain died three days after his inauguration.

    I’m sure she’s a very nice lady, and has a lovely family, and a colorful life, and is a capable governor of a practically-vacant state, but guys, there are LOTS of republican women who I could see as President; she totally ain’t one of ’em.

    Just hold that image, because that’s the only the thing VP is about: President Palin.


  • Stephen A.

    Hey EMB, she’s “thought” a lot about Iraq, since her son is a soldier on the way there, and she’s visited troops there about a DOZEN times. Obamessiah has been there twice, and can’t quite grasp with that “community organizer” mind of his that we won the fucking war already, thanks to McCain’s strategy of temporarily flooding that desert hellhole with troops.

  • Alexa

    To all those women now thinking of voting for McCain because he picked a woman as VP, I suggest you go read up on Margaret Thatcher. Many women thought as you did, but later regretted it. She was the worst thing to happen to women’s rights in the UK for many years and inequality between the sexes grew while she was Prime Minister. Don’t take my word for it, read for yourselves. Voting for someone simply because they are a woman does not guarantee anything.

  • Stephen A.

    Mark, yes, Sarah Palin is JUST like Ann Coulter. She has a vagina. That’s where the comparison ends. Why are there so many reflexive anti-woman bigots on a gay site? hmmm.

  • buffyvelasquez

    I don’t know how ANYONE on this board can provide a scintilla of defense for this self proclaimed evangelical theocrat who wants creationsim taught in our public schools, abortion outlawed in all cases including incest and rape, and is in favor of a constitutional amendment denying specific rights for gays. And what can you say about the “judgement” of a woman in her 40’s who would choose to have a 5th child when the risks to the child’s health are exponentially increased. And who is going to raise the poor Down’s baby while she is campaigning and worse yet, in office. Oh by the way, she is a Christian Dominionist and is preparing for the rapture. So how well will she protect the economy and environment when she is rooting for an imminent WW3?

  • AJ

    “Voting for someone simply because they are a woman does not guarantee anything.”

    But this much can be guaranteed with absolute certainty: The narcissism of small differences always draws the ire of the embittered and the resentful. Thus we have the phenomenon of right-wing women and their political strategies, women who view themselves as exceptions to patriarchal rule. Unfortunately, much the same can be said for the Log Cabin Republikkkans.

  • Lisa

    I’m appalled at all the women here who think that Palin is a good choice. She definitely is not! Thinking women will not vote for her just because she is a woman. This is a woman who opposes freedom of choice rights for women.

    If McCain is such a maverick why has he allowed his campaign to become just like any other typical Republican campaign – God, Guns, Fear, Oil and Hatred for Gays, Brown People and Abortion ? This woman will be nothing but a puppet for the Republican Mafia party – she’s their perfect poster child. Experience? None, she was mayor of a very small town out in the bush and Governor for less than 2 years for the state of Alaska. I’ve lived in Alaska and worked in the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay just like her husband… I know how many of these people think. They want to develop everything, hunt every animal there and drill for oil even in protected fragile reserves. They want the oil companies there because every resident (adult and child) gets a Permanent Fund check – money given to every citizen every year as a pay off from the oil companies. She says she has stood up to the oil companies. Really? Is she kidding? She, like every Republican politician in the state is in bed with the oil executives. An ex-roommate is an oil lobbyist… he says their is NO standing up to the oil companies in that state.. they decide what happens, not people like Sara Palin. If you think that she is a good VP choice think again. She’s downright scary.

  • emb

    Hey Stephen A., skip the attitude (and take off your blinders while you’re at it). Your heroine there, Miss Congeniality, told the Anchorage Daily News in 2007 that she had no position on the Iraq war, having spent her time concentrating on Alaskan issues.

    She may be a very capable local administrator,but her positioning as VP is an embarassment and an insult.

    I’ll say it again: President Palin.


  • marco channing

    Wow. Look at all the trolls on this board. I have been on other sites and every one is SHOCKED and HORRIFIED that McCain made such a feeble decision. This basically ends the election now.

    How could anyone say this is a good choice? If you had to pick a Republican woman, there are much better than her. I bet no other woman was willing to take the spot.

    I am so shocked because the Republicans got so good at their attacks recently. How could they thought this was good? And, the night after Obama’s magnificent speech.

    Hillary supporters were not championing a random vagina. They were championing Hillary Clinton herself, who happened to have a vagina.

    Goes to show that the adulterer McCain know nothing about women.

  • EVA

    Woohoo!, She’s Hott!!…..she’s got my vote cause of that and because she is as pro-gay as Obama or Biden meaning tepid.

    So between to tepid options im going with the hot naughty librarian type babe.

  • mark

    The best Obama commercial against Palin
    Hire Paris Hilton to watch the Palin announcement,,,and fall down laughing.

  • greg

    I second what Marco said. I am appalled by the extremely poor analysis on this thread and amazed by the number of pro-Palin comments on a gay website. Nice woman, sure, but she does not have the intellectual chops or experience to be anywhere near the office of President. I am 90% confident the nation will figure this out soon enough. As for the 10% chance that McCain wins with Palin as veep, then this country is screwed beyond repair. I’m going with the 90% sanity option here.

  • mark

    stephen A.

    The VAGINA is exactly why Palin was picked for VP.
    I’m not anti woman, Tammy Duckworth, Barbara Boxer, Michelle Obama are spectacular people.
    Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Phyliss Schafely are MAGGOTS with tits.

  • mark


    After the swim suit and evening gown competition for McCain’s VP, there was the talent competion. Rudy Giulliani was way ahead in the first two, but tragicly dropped one of his flaming batons.

  • VegasTeaRoom

    No Mark, they picked her because she is the only Republican that doesn’t tower over McCain.

    They picked her because she is short.

    Their ideal choice would have been Romney in a wheelchair.

    It is all pure Rove; your presidential candidate cannot be looked down upon by their VP.

    She got the job because there is no man shorter.

  • Ricci

    The only difference between Sarah & Hilary is that Sarah is hot!
    This election is so unpredictable, i love it!


    “Obama said “A marriage is between a man and a woman” so how is he any different?”

    Obama does indeed say that marriage is between a man and a woman. But add together the effects of what else relevant he’s said: He opposes a federal amendment and says it’s an issue for the states… but also has opposed Prop. 8 *and* wants to repeal DOMA. And without DOMA, as long as any state allows gay marriage it’d effectively be legal everywhere. Either he hasn’t put that together himself, or he’s hoping not enough of the anti-gay crowd will notice to stop his election.

    “Let me get this “straight.” She’s supportive of gay rights, and yet this blog posting is filled with bitter, hateful and nasty people trashing her?”
    Where did you get the idea that “she’s supportive of gay rights”?

  • fagadoddle

    For what its worth I think it is a brilliant choice. She is a stanch conservative – playing to his base. She has a vagina – playing to Hillary’s base. Perfect choice.

    And don’t give me this she is opposite of what Hillary stands for crap so she won’t get that 18million vote. McCain will get some of that purely for this choice making this a game changer.

    You people give the American voters too much credit. These are the same people that voted W into office twice! She has a vagina (and a soccer mom for goodness sake)-McCain will now get the female vote. And not to mention the first man to attack her (most likely Biden) will get the wrath of god upon him for all femanazis in this country who will stand up for her because she has a vag – costing Obama the female vote.

    Oh and the she only has 2 years experience as governor doesn’t stand either. If my recent memory is correct Tim Kaine was wildly talked about as being the perfect VP choice for Obama – ummm … he also only has 2 years in that office.

    I think we may be underestimating McCain’s judgment – political or not this was a smart move in my opinion.

    Well played old man, well played.

  • TrooperGate

    They say that dykes are man-haters, but it’s really the fags that hate women.

    “Oh she has a vag that means those other dumb twats will vote for her! Huk huk huk! Womens is stupid. Huk huk huk!”

    Fox news calls a trans person “It” and OMG how could they? Get GLAAD!!! But women are fair game so shoot to kill.

  • mark


    There are some gays who are sexist, just as there are also straights that are sexist.
    Laughing at an unqualified person isn’t sexist…it’s a f*ckin LAUGH RIOT!
    Many of the jokes are at McCain’s expense, so are gay men MAN HATERS TOO?

  • mark

    Palin was only launched as a HOAX, McCain will have a big belly laugh at his BIRTHDAY prank,the first day at the convention he’ll name his real VP.
    We will laugh along in sheer relief, when Romney is announced. McCain you old rascal.

  • mark


    FOX NEWS is attempting to act as if there are NO COMMENTS about how Palin was vetted. They did this after McCain’s houses gaffe too. This shows WHAT a DISASTER they fear this choice is. The houses story had over 5000 posts at Huff Po, and yesterday Palin had 9000 posts.

    The level of denial at FOX is breath taking…really FOX no republican commented on Palin..REALLY?

  • mark

    It’s going to be quite an effort for republicans, to make all other republican candidates at the Convention, look less qualified than Ms. Palin. I’ll get bored continually watching the the videos of Alan Keyes’ life story. With a hurricaine hitting New Orleans, it is a natural backdrop for republicans to look SERIOUSLY ill prepared and completely incompetant. Mother Nature sure loves her some McCain.

    btw. I’m here in Louisiana and we are getting safely out of gustav’s path

  • Ricci

    If some can vote for race over experience (rmbr the primaries over 90%) then it’s only fair for some to vote for gender over experience.

  • BikerDyke

    After seeing all the above sexist comments I’m more than resolute on joining the other girls on this board in moving over to her camp, there’s nothing but words in the dnc for us. Who knows maybe the repubs might end up being a party full of rocking moist Sapphos LOL.

    She does look like Tina fey which is a plus.

  • mark

    Vote for gender and join the OTHER GIRLS…I’ll be laughing with 85% of America when mcCain sinks worse than Dukakis.

  • BikerDyke

    Mark> You’re a rabid sad little troll, stop foaming at the mouth and spending so much time in here attacking others. Cyberspace most be great for the ego’s of little cowards like you.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Fear has taken a hold of many of us Queer Liberals in this and other blogsites as we were side-swiped by Bambi in Designer Glasses, unfortunately the future Vice President and first female President of the United States. Our Liberal foreboding and talking points are no match for this telegenic princess of the Extreme Right. Why try for the middle, when McCain can just summon his evangelical soldiers from bygone leaders like Reagan and W and the blue collar voters who will follow Palin to their own shallow graves. What we say here and what the talking heads are saying on TV will not be reflected in the coming Poll Shocks of this frighteningly powerful woman who is one McCain heart attack from Madame President. Barack’s 8% bump is about to get bitch-slapped by Karen from Will and Grace. The only way that Barack can win is to turn Ms Palin into a Monster (kinda like the media did with Hillary!) Wake me up from this awful movie and kiss Gay Marriage goodbye forever and all the other rights we just took for granted.



  • marco channing


    “I owe it to my daughter to see women like her in all facets of modern life and that includes government so that she can dream without limits.”

    So I guess that means if McCain picked Lindsay Lohan as his VP, you would vote for him just to see a woman, any woman, as VP?

    McCain is against equal pay for equal work. How do you think this man is going to help you and your daughter, despite having a female VP? He offered his wife up for a topless beauty contest on CNN.

    This is a desperate, insulting pander to women. I think the women of America are too smart to fall for this.

  • fagadoddle

    “This is a desperate, insulting pander to women. I think the women of America are too smart to fall for this.”

    True – but effective. You give women, actually voters in general too much credit. Remember the soccer moms that helped W win. This shows great judgment on McCains part to actually have the balls to do something like this politically. The old man is savvy.

    And for all the hate I am about to receive please calm yourself. I know there are extremely bright ladies in this country. But remove yourself from your liberal bastions and get your head out of your ass and realize this is a BIG country with a lot more people than the liberals in big cities that will eat this shit up. I still think this is a brilliant move. I sure as hell think he will win PA now.

  • Alexa

    “I think the women of America are too smart to fall for this.”

    I’m seeing signs you’re right. I’ve been talking to my Hillary supporting friends and family about this (both gay and straight women), some of whom were VERY upset going into the convention and possibly thinking of sitting the election out or even voting for McCain, and the whole Palin thing pushed the last holdouts into the Obama camp, partly because they felt insulted. Had he chosen a woman with experience and/or who was more liberal, such as Christie Whitman, Olympia Snowe, or even Kay Bailey Hutchison, it would have been a different story. But an anti-choice Evangelical? Not a chance in hell they would vote for McCain now.

    These so called women posting here are either staunch Republicans anyway, or they’re not even women (and BikerDyke is a homophobic straight guy, trust me).

  • mark


    eat sh*t and die

  • Ricci

    LMAO with the comment about Obama’s 8% poll getting bitch slap by Karen from Will & Grace-lol
    This is a big game changer. After Obama’s speech I decided to give him a chance but now I’m intrigued with this women & forgot about that wonderful teleprompter speech.

  • mark

    I will be having a hardy Hillary cackle, and I’m sure the Clintons will too

    As repig after repig comes on the Convention stage to say glowing things about Hillary trying to launch “Ann Coulter of the KLONDIKE”…it’s got to make their tongues swell like an allergic reaction, and sit in their throats like a deep-lodged hairball to praise Clinton.


  • marco channing

    “True – but effective. You give women, actually voters in general too much credit. Remember the soccer moms that helped W win.”

    In 2000, Gore won, but the Supreme Court picked Bush.

    In 2004, Bush was running against Kerry, who was an extremely poor choice. I voted for him simply because he wasn’t Bush. And the country was still caught up in a blind rage of rapid patriotism.

    In 2008 we have voted-against Iraq Obama against seven houses McCain. Palin will not help McCain.

  • TrooperGate


    I wished you had actually read my whole comment instead of just the first line.

    Laughing at A SINGLE woman and one who has chosen to put herself out in the public sphere is NOT sexism.

    Making broad generalizations like “McCain will get the female vote because his VP pick has boobies” implies that women are too stupid to look at the issues and just vote for the first thing in a skirt…or pantsuit. That’s sexist.

    Palin being a woman doesn’t and shouldn’t shield her from criticism but it also doesn’t mean women are going to shit themselves just thinking about voting for her.

  • mark

    Treat Governor Palin based on the content of her character, and no physical immutable factors.
    She’s an adult, she has political positions and she has a level of experience, and a level of competance…those are what you HIT, and hit them with the exact heft you would any other candidate.

  • Jason

    Those Hillary voters for McCain were never for Hillary. Their on the McCain/Rove payroll. The republican’s will play her as the victim. When Joe Biden goes up against her in the debates and mops the floor with her, the Republican’s will play it as if he’s beating up on a mother of 5. Wait and see.

    I’m going to drive this home and get on people’s nerves, but it seems people are still falling for the hype.

    National polls DO NOT MATTER in a Presidential Election.

  • Jason

    Question for social conservatives on this board (if any). In the 12 years the GOP had the majority and the almost 8 they had all three branches of the Government, why didn’t they overturn roe v. wade? My answer: because hate makes money and they need the issue to get the freaks to the polls.

  • BikerDyke

    Let me check Alexa…, phew! I still have the right parts to be qualified as a Lesbian. Why do you say I’m a straight man? Is it because I have a different opinion than yours?

    By the same token I could come to the conclusion that you’re a gay man since you seem so bent on Obama and since you agree with all the hateful comments expressed here about Palin.

  • mark

    Roe vs. Wade can only be overturned by the Supreme Court, and it’s heard the case TWICE, and until Roberts and Alito got on the bench there weren’t the votes to overturn. I think the Court knows the chaos of overturning Roe would cause nationwide,there wouldn’t be an unboken window in a federal court building, of those buildings still standing. Also a dozen states have abortion rights passed prior to roe, which still will protect their states.

  • mark

    THIS will shatter Palin’s VP bid
    She is on a hate jock’s radio show and the DJ calls a cancer survivor and senate Prez a cancer and a bitch…and Palin LAUGHS!
    here’s what Alaska newspapers said about the Governor’s conduct
    “The Juneau and Ketchikan papers also ran the editorial. The Daily News opinion page addressed the governor’s gaffe. They wrote “She came off looking immature herself, almost high-schoolish. It was conduct unbecoming a governor.” It was conduct unbecoming a human being, never mind a governor.”

  • Marco Channing

    “Treat Governor Palin based on the content of her character, and no physical immutable factors.
    She’s an adult, she has political positions and she has a level of experience, and a level of competance…those are what you HIT, and hit them with the exact heft you would any other candidate.”

    Which is way too easy. Mayor of 9,000 rural Alaskans becomes Govenor of least poulated state in America for a year. Already has scandals involving ex-brother in law, Ted Stevens, calling Hillary a whiner, and laughing at cancer jokes. Has never been outside of the U.S. and has no national or international experience, but is nominated for VP for potential oldest President ever, who has already had cancer three times. The two leading Alaska newspapers question her ability to lead today. Supports teaching creationism and is against all birth control.

    Game over. Obama is our next President.

  • emb

    Oh,and now we learn this Paragon of Rightwing Virtue has an unwed pregnant 17year old daughter. No doubt she was showered with abstinence messages from birth, so there’s how much good that does.

    I’m sure the repubs will try to find some way to make their VP’s daughter’s pregnancy some sort of beautiful monument to motherhood and traditional familyness, but please: This whole nomination is a disaster. I predict she’ll be replaced with a mccain do-over, just like bush had to with harriet, before November.

  • jack jett

    I assume that the only thing to do in Alaska is fuck. One can almost drown in the irony of all this evangelical hypocrisy.

    Where and who is the Dad? Bet you dollars to doughnuts, he is over 18 which would make her situation rape.

  • Jason

    I just read Pelin is under investigation and hired an attorney. I also read her 17 year old unmarried daughter is pregnant. This has to be a lie. She’s a republican and she is part of the moral majority. Only republican’s love family, god and America, so how can this be? I’m very confused by this. LMAO

  • Bob

    Seems the teenaged daughter of Ms. Abstinence Only is knocked up. More lovely Repugnican family values! Do as we say, not as we do! Sickening.

  • Roy Pyatt

    yeah the knocked up teen is off limits because it’s a personal family matter but who i fuck is everybody’s business. i just don’t understand! someone please help me understand! or kiss my ass when i say that bitch needs to tend to her own family before she puts her nose in mine.

  • emb

    Excellent point, Roy Pyatt.

  • todd

    She looks like a FOX Newscaster. The Homecoming Queen’s gotta gun!!! If McCain wins – I hope he dies the next day and this bimbo is President. LOL. IT would serve America right.


    Boy you can smell the fear in the air coming out of the malfunctioning Obamatons! When they have nothing of relevance to say they always resort to personal attacks, name calling, this will backfire on them so bad, they wont even know what caused the short circuit explosion. LMAO

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    If this blogsite is the best that Barack has fighting on behalf of the Democrats, we are in deep doo-doo. Despite the pregnancy scandal and maybe TrooperGate, Sarah Palin managed to boost John McCain’s ticket 2% where Barack Obama had a previous 8% bump from the Dem Convention shrink to 6% according to Rasmussen polling. Gallup has McCain-Palin ahead of Obama-Biden by 2% of Likely Voters. Pay attention to Likely Voters Versus Registered Voters (who may sit this election out) After the truncated GOP Convention, Sarah Palin will be a household name and the torch bearer for the New Grand Ole Party!

    Someone wake Biden from his slumber!

    We have got a Homecoming Queen in Prime Time.

  • Roy Pyatt

    no matter who wins a gays and lesbians we are still second class citizens and always will be when we accept the lesser of two evils.
    my point is i’m tired of anyone telling me what to do when they can’t even manager their own home in the manner to which they tell the rest of us to live.

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