MD Assembly Debating Gay Marriage Right Now, WV Considering Civil Unions

A rainbow front must be moving in a southwesterly pattern from New England, because the states of Maryland and West Virginia are both considering legalizing same-sex unions. What’s significant: these states are even south of the infamous Mason-Dixon Line.

Democratic gov. Martin O’Malley has been fighting fiercely for marriage equality in Maryland for the past month, and today the state Assembly is debating it. (You can even follow a WashPo reporter’s live tweets from the floor, if you’re so inclined.)

West Virginia isn’t ready to consider full-on marriage equality, but a bill for civil unions has been introduced by Delegate John Doyle, who tells the WV Gazette he’s trying to start a conversation about the issue.

Not ideal, obvi, but the state is right smack dab in the middle of Appalachia, so let’s give them a little time.

North of the Mason-Dixon, we’ve got New York’s success last year and New Jersey’s resounding supportGovernor Fat F**k‘s veto notwithstanding.

Looks like it might be another banner year for gay rights in the U.S. of A!

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  • Michael

    West Virginia isn’t “considering” civil unions. But, as a native West Virginian, I am elated that a state legislator (Delegate Doyle) had the guts to introduce such a bill.

  • Joetx

    Yes, MD is south of the Mason-Dixon, but culturally it is NOT Southern.

  • todd

    I think someone needs to recheck the facts, cuz if we aren’t getting marriage in Jerseyt there isn’t a snow balls chance in hell we’re getting it in W.V.

  • Joe

    I will say that it is nice to see WV mentioned at all. It is finally a step in the right direction and maybe a little bit of hope for some of the LGBT community there. Even if it is just one man in the government doing something. Local news in Huntington, WV had a story about LGBT community members protesting marriage equality just the other day. “Mountaineers are always FREE!”

  • Lyle

    I think this is a wonderful thing. Thank-you WV Delegate John Doyle For Bringing this Issue to WV.

  • Nick

    @Joetx: It used to be. It still is as far as my relatives there are concerned.

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