MD Senate Delays Vote On Marriage-Equality Bill

The Maryland Senate was expected to vote on a marriage-equality bill today but has postponed deliberation until Thursday, allowing foes another day to muster support and tack on lethal amendments.

It’s annoying  but not tragic news: The Senate approved a similar bill last year and even opponents think this one will pass as well. “I don’t anticipate that a single vote will change,” Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., (D-Prince George’s County) tells The Washington Times. “We want to deal with it expeditiously so that we can move on with the rest of the business of the state.”

The bill already passed the House last week with a 72-67 vote and has the support of Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat. A vote in the Senate is expected by Friday.

Feature image via Mediacutt

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  • Shannon1981

    Move it along, Maryland. You aren’t under Governor Christie. No reason to let the bigots among you sway the fence sitters.

  • Steve

    They know it’s going to pass. That isn’t really the issue. Someone just doesn’t want to be on-record by voting on this bill, and could not arrange a plausible excuse to miss the vote until Thursday.

  • Cam

    I’m curious, Queerty, while ignoring the constant attacks on gays by the Mormons and their direct funding of NOM…so much so that many news organizations actually call NOM a Mormon front group have instead written multiple articles about one Orthodox Rabbi or another saying something anti gay, even though the massive majority of Jewish congregations in the U.S. perform gay weddings and support gay rights…

    And now Queerty has not written about the Orthodox Jewish community in Maryland pressuring elected officials to APPROVE gay marriage.

    Funny how this one escaped sure seem to be paying attention to them when one unknown rabbi says something anti-gay.

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