Meet Micah Da Mac, Owner Of The World’s Most Luxurious Hair

Micah-Da-Mac-hair“Who is Micah Da Mac and why should I care,” you ask?

That’s actually a great question.

Micah Da Mac is a professional wig maker and self-described “Hair GOD,” prowling the streets of Atlanta and slaying bitches with the world’s most beautiful head of hair. You should care about him because he contains the swag of 1,000 divas combined, has the power to steal yo man and will hopefully become an extremely famous stylist to the stars someday.

De Mac has been popping up in our social feeds this week via the glorious split-screen video below. On the left, a static image of pure swag; on the right, Opulence:

He’s the love child of Fly Young Red and Venus Extravaganza, a high-def Nicki Minaj video filmed at a drag ball, a human incarnation of the phrase “yaaasss heennnayyy!

To top it off, he’s also stunning without the signature locks:

For now, Da Mac holds his own by running a custom wig-making business. In an Instagram post two weeks ago, he explained how he makes his customers look just as ferosh as himself:

Are You Someone Whos Looking To Have A Custom Unit Made But Just Can’t Seem Find Anyone You Can trust Who’s Actually good ? Well Look No further I specialize I custom Wig Making at A Reasonable Price  How Does It Work ? All You Have To do Is Ship & Provide Me The Hair That You wish to Have Your Wig Made With It Only takes A Day for Your Wig To Created & Completed , Once The Wig Is finished , I’ll Ship It Right Back to You ? for Pricing & More Information Contact Me At [email] #HairByMicahDaMac

Check out our favorite Micah Da Mac shots below, but hide ya boyfriend first! He’s bound to be all up in this dude’s inbox once he sees what’s up:

Perfection is attainable, folks.

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  • SMichaelT

    Damn that is some flawless hair. I saw his video earlier this week and was wondering who he was. Keep doing your thing, dude!

  • JPinNC

    2 words…. “bitch please..”

  • masc4masc

    2 words…hot mess.

  • Aaron

    Hair for daaaaaayyyyss…


    Antoine Dodson should get an “introduce a friend” deal with the Black Israelites…worthy of a bagel toaster oven

  • spiffy

    That second-to-last video… I want to see what Leiomy can do with that hair!

  • Tookietookie123

    I can barely make my hair look average on picture day and you’re over here making your hair look extremely on point. Life is not fair, but work that hair like there’s no tomorrow!!!

  • Dxley

    I just threw up in my mouth. Another man trying desperately to be a woman. Fucking stop it!

  • Scribe38

    @Dxley: What he does takes talent. I’m sure his skill in making weaves supports him and those he loves. He isn’t living off of anyone and is a productive member of society. Just because you didn’t get enough love as a kid is no reason to hate on him. Some gays are femme some masculine neither group better than the other.

  • Dxley

    @Stache99: No, sweetie. I don’t use Grindr but apparently nobody on there wants anything to do with a feminine guy. Only masculine men are wanted, and so I can deduce from that that (um…) masculine men are better. Why date a feminine man when you can be with a woman?

  • Dxley

    Oops! It’s not even Stache99.

  • Bauhaus

    @Dxley: Why date a feminine man when you can be with a woman? Well, if you are gay, it should be obvious.

  • jd2222248

    Why are gay men so self-hating? Why can’t “senior” gay men be happy for our younger gay men. We should support the youth, not tear them down.

  • Stache99

    @jd2222248:Seems you’re the one doing the tearing down with your ignorant stereotyping.

  • Dxley

    Since it seems to be confused, let’s cut off its penis and hand it (the penis) over the day it (the creature in the photos) decides what it wants to be — a man or a woman. It’s not really a difficult choice!

    @Bauhaus: No, it’s not obvious to me. When I date men, I date men. I don’t date men who wish they were women by dressing and acting like women. A man, to me, is a man and he needs to act like it. I don’t want a chick with a freaking dick. Do you still call yourself a man if you were women’s weaves and flip it like they do? Nasty fucks!

  • masc4masc

    @DarkZephyr: No, because he looks absolutely ridiculous. The poor kid is obviously struggling with his identity. Sad. If he’s lucky, one day he’ll regret posting all these silly photos and videos.

  • DarkZephyr

    @masc4masc: Those pictures and videos may look ridiculous to you, but they seem to impress a lot of other people, and if he impresses the right people he can make some money. I see a possibly bright future for him. Plus he is a handsome guy. I personally don’t have a “masc” fetish and can take a person as they are, whether they are more masculine or feminine in speech and mannerism.

    I don’t see where he is “struggling with his identity” however. It looks to me like he is able to express how he feels pretty well. If he wants to be feminine and gender-non-conforming and then he turned around and chose to dress “masc” 24/7 then THAT would be him struggling with his identity. Why can’t you respect the fact that we don’t all fit into a cookie cutter notion of how people should be?

  • DarkZephyr

    @Dxley: If you don’t want to date a feminine man, then don’t date one, but why say vicious things about them? Why put that kind of negative energy out there? Don’t you see that you are acting like a f***ed up bigot? This may come as a shock to you, but not all masculine men have “masc” fetishes where they have to insist that they will only date “masc” men. Some men can take a guy for who he is. Being feminine does NOT make you a woman. Manhood and womanhood are not dependent on your mannerisms, Dxley, or even how you dress.

    And conversely, some “masc” men do have a “fem” fetish, they do specifically want and desire feminine men (but NOT women). I used to have a “masc” friend who would tell me how much he loved feminine men. He LOVED to quote Willy Wonka and he would say to me “candy is dandy!” That is what he would call feminine gay men. “Candy”.

    And finally, feminine gay men don’t WANT to be women and are not TRYING to be women. They are simply being their own natural selves. Stop being such a douche.

  • tjr101

    @Dxley: Wait, do you really think this guy would care an ounce of what you think. From the looks of it he seems to be doing fine business wise. No one is forcing you to date a femme guy, different strokes for different folks. And no one owes you anything in how they choose to live their lives. You’re not that important, get over yourself.

  • Dxley

    @tjr101: Hahahahahahahaha! You sound like one of these creatures that aren’t sure whether they have a penis or a vagina and would rather stay somewhere in the middle. Though, I must admit I’d have voted up your comment if Queerty had such functions because it’s hilarious.

    If a gay man wants feminine guys, he might as well just look for a woman — they’re more real. A feminine human creature should be a woman, and if a man cannot act like a man, then he should get a sex-change.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Dxley: If a gay man likes feminine MEN he likes feminine MEN and not women. Your words make ZERO sense. You are basing maleness on character traits, mannerisms and speech patterns and that is *beyond* ridiculous. Don’t date feminine men if you don’t want to, but stop with the useless venom. Its pointless. ALL it does is serve to make you look incredibly douchey and traitorous against your own gay brothers.

    Honestly, I would LOVE to see how YOU behave trait-wise. With all this hatred of feminine gay men, you better be butcher than the Marlboro man. Somehow I truly doubt it.

  • Dxley

    @DarkZephyr: What the fuck is “butcher than the Marlboro man”? I’m a MAN. I don’t behave like a caveman or a gorilla just to prove my masculinity. I behave normally and naturally. I’m not spitting venom, I’m just telling the truth which is something people hate. I’m planning to marry a woman in the next two years, would a man as feminine as this one fool a woman into marrying him? Never. He’s the nelliest, most limp-wristed and most flamboyant type of gay “men” that roam the earth!

    Hopefully he’ll realize he’s a man and start acting like it. I just don’t understand this need to feel and be (like) a woman. I should just stop saying all this because I’m coming across as “douchey”, so I’ll just let this one slide, wrong and nauseating as it is to me.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Dxley: 1) “I’m just telling the truth which is something people hate.” You aren’t telling the truth. Its your lies that people hate.

    2) Why in God’s name do you plan on fooling a woman into marrying you? Especially after your proud proclamation about being so truthful?

  • Dxley

    @DarkZephyr: I want her to give me children. My father will love her and he’ll love me even more as his son. I’ve already graduated college with a second degree and I have all I need and want, but pleasing my dad this once is going to do wonders for me and our family. She’s just going to bear me legitimate children and that’s about it. A marriage doesn’t need love to succeed, or most marriages would be in shambles and probably over, so I won’t be the first nor the last person whose marriage is loveless.

    This guy in these pictures should seriously decide what he wants to be — a man or a woman.

  • tjr101

    @Dxley: hahahaha you sound like the ass everyone on here knows you to be. You sound like one of those creatures that thinks their opinion matters but in the scheme of things no one really cares. From the looks of it you have some serious issues to deal with or else your “children” will be just as screwed up as you are.

  • Dxley

    @tjr101: I don’t care if people care or not, so long they’ve heard me, that’s all I want regardless of whether they take it lightly or not. I have issues because I choose to have children by a woman I married and not by some woman I don’t even know? Yeah, this is so typical of gay people. Shoot down someone for CHOOSING to live life they want they WANT to.

    They’d be “children” because they’re made naturally by a gay man with a woman? They’re going to be my children, with my name and I’m going to be their one and only father. This is the life I’m choosing for myself!

  • cformusic

    aww..he is gorgeous

  • masc4masc

    @DarkZephyr: I’m sure he does impress other gender confused people such as herself. I also think his business will do quite well too. From what I’ve seen, people in Atlanta don’t mind walking around looking absolutely silly.

    If I may correct you on one thing, there’s no such thing as a masculine male fetish as that’s what the vast majority of normal hetero women and bi/gay men desire. Effeminate men would actually be the fetish. I’m sure Micah probably attracts the most misogynistic, abusive/controlling, closet cases out there. Just another reason to pity guys like her.

  • DarkZephyr

    @masc4masc: You won’t convince me that its not a fetish. To me a real man is someone who can take someone as they are and not get wet panties over whether or not a guy is “masc”. That fake put on masculinity that most self identified “masc” gay men possess is annoying and false, not sexy at all, especially since most of them are decidedly un-masculine once you get them in the sack and on their backs with their legs in the air. Personally I don’t mind when a guy gets like that, its the fakeness before-hand that bugs the hell out of me. I find a guy who is true to himself far more sexy than any “masc” guy. That is not to say that I find masculinity itself a turn off. But I find that TRULY authentic masculine men, the ones who don’t turn into Liberace once you get them in bed after their big “bro-man” act don’t have to announce that they are masculine. If you have to TELL people that you are masculine, often times, you aren’t.

    You are allowed to have your preferences Masc. In fact I think its best if you the self identified “mascs” stick together in the dating pool. But why you feel SO compelled to put your less masculine gay brothers down is something I will never figure out. Is it actually impossible for you to be friendly to gay men you don’t want to have sex with?

    @Dxley: I am shooting you down, not for “choosing the life that you want” but for stealing it from someone else. You have admitted that you plan on TRICKING a woman into marrying you! Do you think that the life she wants will be to be married to an in the closet gay man who doesn’t really love her? That is a TERRIBLE situation to raise children in as well.

  • masc4masc

    @DarkZephyr: Oh no, I’m not out to convince you of anything. I’m simply informing you of your mistake. Though I always find it interesting/laughable how guys like you think any bi/gay male that enjoys being a guy and hasn’t completely rejected his masculinity must be “faking it” or putting up some type of front. Very telling. I’ve seen you do nothing but say negative things about more masculine men while demanding people be more sensitive of fems and crossdressers, also very telling.

    I do agree with you that masc should just stay away from fem and vice versa. I definitely steer clear. The funny thing is, as much as fem seems to resent masc so much, most of them still want masc to be their knight in shining armor when the sun goes down. Still waiting to see more fem profiles demanding fem and “gay-acting”. In fact, I’m still waiting to see even one. You know I’m right, and that’s why my screen name and some of the things I say bother you.

  • DarkZephyr

    @masc4masc: “Oh no, I’m not out to convince you of anything. I’m simply informing you of your mistake. Though I always find it interesting/laughable how guys like you think any bi/gay male that enjoys being a guy and hasn’t completely rejected his masculinity must be “faking it” or putting up some type of front.”

    Nope, its the guys who feel the need to put others down for NOT being “masc” and have to announce to everyone how “masc” they are that I think are faking it. Truly masculine men aren’t so self aware of their masculinity and they don’t So much stock into it. THAT is my authentic experience.

    “Very telling. I’ve seen you do nothing but say negative things about more masculine men while demanding people be more sensitive of fems and crossdressers, also very telling.”

    Incorrect. You have seen me do nothing but say negative things about “masc” men who put feminine men down like you do. You have NOT seen me say a word to a guy for JUST being masculine. I could say of you “I have seen you do nothing but say negative things about feminine men, that’s very telling” if I wanted to and it would be 100% accurate.

    “You know I’m right, and that’s why my screen name and some of the things I say bother you.”

    Some of the things you say bother me because they are extremely rude. I don’t care if people have sexual preferences. What I have a problem with is when people voice their preferences in a way that puts other people down. But you go even beyond that and you make douchey comments about feminine gay men that AREN’T on some dating app or site that you are on. You make douchey comments JUST to be douchey. Also, the notion that a masculine gay man and a feminine gay man shouldn’t be friends if they don’t want sex with each other is ridiculous.

    And if you think that I am a self identified feminine gay man who is angry at all the “masc” guys because they don’t want me, then you have another thing coming. I *don’t care* if a guy who is a potential date is masculine or not. If I could ONLY attract feminine gay men I would be perfectly happy. Plenty of men who ONLY like masculine acting guys have had NO problem with me whatsoever (quite the opposite actually), but my experiences with their in-authentic identities has been a complete let down. I just can’t stand douchiness. Its as simple as that (I also absolutely hate being called “dude” by a potential lover).

    I have dated several feminine gay men and had a blast with them. Currently I am engaged to a man who’s extremely masculine. But thank GOD, he does not self identify as “masc” and put our more feminine gay brothers down. That would have been a deal breaker when we first met. He’s just himself, period. Like me he doesn’t feel compelled to always call attention to his own masculinity. THAT is what I like in a masculine man, because that is AUTHENTIC masculinity.

    You can be proud of your own masculinity and enjoy it without being an in-authentic douche, Masc, and making a huge point of pointing it out to everyone you meet. I am happy with my own masculinity. Masculinity IS a beautiful thing. I don’t deny that. I have said as much before. But femininity is not therefore an UGLY thing. Femininity possesses its own beauty and its not something to look down on. A REAL man who is REALLY masculine *does not have to put non-masculine men down*. The MOMENT a guy does that, he reveals himself to be a fake. THAT is what I firmly believe.

  • masc4masc

    @DarkZephyr: The length of your response (which I didn’t even bother skimming through) is showing nothing but crazy! I really hit a nerve with that last line, huh? lol

    Bottom line: Bet Micah isn’t looking for any guys remotely as fem as himself. ;-)

  • Blackceo

    Not my cup of tea but his hair is LAID FOR THE GODS!!!!

  • DarkZephyr

    @masc4masc: His boyfriend in his video wasn’t so very masculine. He seems perfectly happy being with other feminine men.

    And if you didn’t “even bother to skim through” it, you wouldn’t have the faintest clue whether or not it “showed nothing but crazy”. The bottom line is that you need to be much more of a real man and not put your less masculine gay brothers down. Bullies aren’t real men and they aren’t masculine. Period.

  • Bauhaus

    Dxley, will Daddy love you even more after wife finds gay porn on your computer, and those pesky texts and emails from tricks? Or maybe your boyfriend will tire of your unrelenting selfishness and spill all of your dirty secrets to your family. You think wife will stick around with the likes of you? You think she’ll leave any children in your care or custody after she discovers your deception?

    Going into an arranged marriage, with or without love, is perfectly understandable, as long as both parties comprehend the arrangement. Your business plan doesn’t seem to take into consideration the lives of others, your wife and any children. Have you considered the potential impact of your actions on the lives of innocents?

    Your deep insecurity and lack of confidence in your own masculinity shows in your rigidity, criticism, and a desperate need for approval from Daddy. Your selfishness is astounding, if not astonishing. You claim not to care what others think, but it’s obvious you do, by all of your justification.

    Real men own their own truth. They live open, honorable lives. You aren’t a man, but a scared, insecure little boy.

  • masc4masc

    @DarkZephyr: I’d just like to point out that once again you’ve opted against reading and comprehending before responding. I didn’t have to read your unnecessary essay to know the LENGTH (keyword) was inappropriate and could only be full of mental instability. An angry/hypersensitive/crazy/illiterate/fem combo like yourself will not be the judge of who is or isn’t a “real man”. If you must reply, please figure out a way to do so in less than 10 paragraphs.

  • RefundNeeded

    Does anyone know this boys real name and address. Please don’t buy from him. purchased unit from him 3 months ago and never received it. There are plenty of women that have the same complaints I’m filing a civil suit on him. If anyone on here can help please reply with info.

  • RefundNeeded

    Does anyone know this boys real name and address. Please don’t buy from him. purchased unit from him 3 months ago and never received it. There are plenty of women that have the same complaints I’m filing a civil suit on him. If anyone on here can help please reply with info.

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