Meet Teen Wolf’s New Gay Lacrosse Player, Khylin Rambo

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.07.14 PMThe producers of MTV’s Teen Wolf have finally cast the role of the brand new “out-and-proud athlete” joining the cast next season, and we’re excited to confirm that, just like the rest of this beautiful cast, the latest addition is a total dreamboat.

We reported last week that the new character “Mason” will be “funny, witty and handsome,” and our trusty commenters reported he may be a new love interest for series star Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien).

E! is confirming that Teen Wolf‘s new gay lacrosse player, Mason, will be played by the hunky 18-year-old Khylin Rambo (above). Also joining the cast next season is Mason Dye, who will play a straight lacrosse player. Apparently some actors on this homo-heavy show are depicted as “straight.”

Feel free to speculate on Mason’s future gay love interest below! It would be a crime to have someone join this cast and not have a few steamy close-ups.


photo via E!

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  • Apparatus

    Woof. Don’t watch the show (it looks like crap) but he’s adorable!

  • redcarpet

    Hairline is kinda high for a high schooler. Just sayin’

    I don’t watch this show, so is like half the characters bisexual or what? Every clip and screen shot i’ve seen has been two guys going at it but no one says whether they are actual gay/bi characters or not.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Ok. Ok. If I could stomach all of forty-five seconds (at best) of the Kardashian whores I will watch this one for a pre-commitment of one minute to see if I like I. I am optimistic that I will considering how no one has yet to say the acting on the show is bad and it does seem to have a story line. I just hope it has a least ONE gay character who has reached the age of forty and is happy how his/her life is going.

  • misterheck

    The show definitely has a gay following because there are so many gorgeous young men on it, but as far as I know (having seen every episode), there are only two gay characters on the show, and neither of them are leads. That may make this show “homo-heavy” in your eyes, but I think it just makes it cool. So now there will be 3 gay guys. Good for them.

  • B Damion

    @misterheck …and MTV is milking every homo viewer for the ratings lol.

    btw..this must be a character mistake, Stiles Stilinski is gay now?

  • misterheck

    @B Damion: Stiles isn’t gay, it’s just a lot of people’s wishful thinking. Apparently there’s a big number of people who want to see Stiles and Derrick get together. I believe they call them Sterrick. I saw something online about it recently, and apparently even Tyler Posey has talked about it on YouTube.

    P.S. I wish Stiles as the nogitsune was gay because he’s totally hot when he gets that evil glare. :)

  • B Damion

    @misterheck …Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. And I agree. Stiles is pretty hot with the evil glare lol.

  • onenuthing

    What ever happened to the other gay guys on the show?

  • doug105

    They have left it up in the air that Stiles maybe Bi.
    Also in the first season he was well liked in a drag bar.

  • balehead

    Ummm …is this the typical two minorities for the price of one hire??…

  • balehead

    Actually “Steruk” has been missing in action for the better part of Two seasons already….guess they were too afraid….

  • balehead

    Actually the show’s been kind of lame this season…..Chole, Kira…whatever…

  • jasentylar

    It’s pretty dark this season. I like it.

  • Mdterp01


    Or, maybe he just has a big forehead.

  • DonovanS28

    The show is great, and I could see Stiles being gay, in the beginning of the show he was wondering if gay guys was attracted to him and his father was making jokes about it lol. I’m glad they have another black person on the show, after they killed off the last one. Its probably one of the most ethnic diverse shows I’VE seen so far.

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