Meet The New Gay Mutant On The Uncanny X-Men Block


Benjamin Deeds, aka Morph, comes out as gay in Uncanny X-Men #14, written by Brian Michael Bendis and out this week.

A shapeshifter, Deeds should not be confused with the shapeshifting X-Men: The Animated Series character, also named Morph, who — as fellow fans of the show will recall — died in action during the first episode only to periodically come back as an insane person.

Deeds, according to his Marvel Wikia bio, “was an average college student at the University of Texas at Austin until his mutant powers manifested during a pro-mutant rally on campus. Media and other students seemed to welcome him with open arms.”

That goodwill was temporary, however, and Deeds was eventually expelled from school and disowned by his family. So after that coming-out, his big gay reveal is no big deal. Besides, it’s not like he’s the first gay mutant, lest we forget Northstar who came blazing out of the closet way back in 1992. He married his boyfriend last year in Astonishing X-Men #51.

“Continuing with Marvel’s rich tradition of character development and storytelling, this shape-shifting mutant can alter his appearance to mimic anyone he is in close proximity with,” Joe Taraborrelli, Sr. Communications Manager of Marvel Entertainment told Huff Po. “The fact that Ben has come out as homosexual is just a small facet of who he is and what he is going to bring to Cyclops’ select team of X-Men.”

The X-Men have long been a favorite of the LGBT community with its focus on a group of people ostracized and discriminated against simply because they were “born this way.” Since its launch in 1963, the series has served as an allegory for the civil rights movement and, more importantly, a reason to learn how to do this:


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