Meet The Wyoming Lawmakers Who Want Voters To Constitutionally Ban Gay Marriage

Wyoming lawmakers, led by State Rep. Owen Petersen of (R-Mountain View) and State Sen. Curt Meier (R-LaGrange), plan to propose legislation next year that would let voters enact a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Under state law, Wyoming currently recognizes only man-woman marriages, but by accepting other states’ unions it technically accepts gay marriages too. Petersen and Meier want to put a stop to that.

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  • VanceMan

    Why do the nasty, bitter ones always have gayface?

  • Riker

    @VanceMan: Just your own imagination. Look closer. No gay man would be caught dead with that awful haircut.


    @Riker: That ain’t a haircut! :p
    Looks like this scumbag frequents the toupe’ establishment favored by most of these vile rightwing nutbag lunatics, the one where the owner seemingly uses roadkill carcasses as the material for those god awfull pieces……..

    You think in a state like Wyoming where they kinda sorta have a pretty huge stain on their reputation due to the murder and crucifixaion of Matthew Sheppard these vile scumbags may want kinda lay low on the whole “lets hate on the Gays some more” movement…………

    Goes to show there is zero limit on the reprehensive pandering these scumbag politicians will not lower them selves to do to gain favor with the extreme rightwing lunatic nutbags………

  • paulD

    I bet he sucks cock like a hungry whore.

  • Mathew

    I’m not too worried, to be honest. Just last year, the Wyoming House voted down such an amendment. I don’t think the political makeup of the House has changed much since last year, either.

  • alan brickman

    So I guess child poverty and umemployment have been solved so they can now tackle this??

  • Patrick Terrill

    Not a chance as long as the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution is still around. They should ask their Attorney General which Constitution wins the US Federal or the State of Wyoming they would have to leave the union for them to do what they say they want to do.

  • Zach

    Republicans oppressing gays? Color me shocked. I’m equally astonished that they waste time restricting rights, because only Democrats waste time on things other than tax cuts.

  • ait10101

    Has anybody asked him if he is gay, and if not, why not?

  • adman

    He looks like Mike Meyers doing a parody of a constipated local pol. He needs a Mini Me now.

  • Yeah, well...

    …it is Wyoming. Where men are men and sheep are nervous.

  • Sid

    I’d like to Constitutionally ban that hairdo.

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