Meghan McCain Joins GLAAD Board; Are Republicans Ready For A Pro-Sex, Pro-Gay Young Woman?

ht_meghan_mccain_ll_120315_wgMeghan McCain once said of the Republican party, “It can be a party for a 24-year-old pro-sex woman. It can be.”

We’re still waiting on that, but you’ve got to applaud her for trying.

And now it’s been announced that the outspoken daughter of John McCain is the newest member of GLAAD’s National Board of Directors.

So you can add “pro-gay” to that list and see just how quickly her party comes around.

Not quickly would be our guess.

“Equality is no longer a partisan issue,” said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “For years, Meghan McCain has lent her voice and platform to spreading messages of acceptance across party lines. Now, as the American south and our heartland move closer to LGBT equality, it’s critical that we continue to build the bridges that unite us in our common ground – whether you’re republican or democrat, gay or straight.”

Except that equality does seem to be a partisan issue still. Saying otherwise seems to ignore the fact that it’s the conservative right that attempts to obscure the pathway to marriage and adoption rights time and time again.

So perhaps Meghan is the perfect person to carry a message of forward thinking social equality to a traditionally slow-to-evolve party base. She has after all Tweeted things like, “RED TIL I’M DEAD BABY!!!”

Or it’s possible they’ll just ignore her.

Either way we wish her the best of luck.

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  • robho3

    I love this woman….

  • Bad Ass Biker

    Are we sure that she is a legitimate offspring of John and Cimdy?

  • Cam

    I seem to remember her clamming up about gay issues when her dad spoke out in an “Anti-gay kinda way” during his campaign.

    I’m happy that she is pro-gay, but could GLAAD please tell me what exactly it is about her that has qualified her for her position? She has a gigantic trust fund, wrote some blogs, but I don’t recall her being on the front lines of any gay battles.

    If they wanted to grab a republican they could have gotten somebody like PAtrick Guaarino who used to be president of Log Cabin. He was the one that refused to endorse Bush when Rove took the campaign in an anti-gay way. He refused to endorse any anti-gay politician. There is a republican with backbone who was actually involved in the fight for gay rights.

    Again, nothing against MCain, just not sure why she is qualified.

  • mz.sam

    Megan from her current TV news magazine series is trying to make in-roads with non-discrimination issues. So far it hasn’t made much of a difference with the annual GOP events and conventions when pro same-sex GOP advocates and candidates are barred from from their platforms.

  • BrianZ

    Well, we could do worse. I think Megan has bigger balls than many men, and taking the truth to those who might not be inclined to listen to ‘a liberal’ earns her respect. She vocally and actively supports LGB rights and causes so, yea.

    Carry on sister, carry on.

  • James Hart

    I don’t think she’ll have much of an impact on conservative Republicans. She and her father are seen as liberals among the rank and file conservatives. I think that she’ll only be preaching to a dwindling numbers of already pro-gay liberal Republicans.

  • Cam


    You could be right, but All I remember was that when it counted she and her mother got very quiet.

    But she is definitely following in the GOP pathway. Get a Cush job on the board of a large organization, get paid for not much work, show up to some parties, make other connections, get on other boards. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

  • Lvng1tor

    @Cam: I agree. Although, If I were a an ultra rich trust fund baby I’d probably be doing the same.

    Hopefully, she finds her voice and gets a stronger backbone. She was young during the campaign and family allegiance has an impact on us all.

    I truly expect nothing but hope for the future keeps me going.

  • inbama


    Isn’t throw a big bash every year GLAAD’s main function?

    That and teach everybody how to speak Transgender.

  • BrianZ

    @Cam: I understand where you are coming from. But I keep the perspective that she doesn’t “need” to do anything at all for LGBs: What she does do appears to me to be honestly delivered and genuinely felt. It’s no doubt much more of a challenge to be even a little pro-gay in the GOP, and that is where we need to be making progress, not preaching to the faithful.

    I sometimes feel we can be a bit hard on those who genuinely try to be allies when we expect so little of each other.

  • Desert Boy

    Why is is joining GLAAD? If McCain is serious, she should join the 2016 RNC effort to change the GOP’s party plank which is appallingly anti-gay.

  • michael mellor

    GLAAD is a celebrity-obsessed waste of space.

  • Miss Understood

    GLAAD has sunk pretty low over the years but this has got to be the lowest. What horrifies me more than this appointment is how much support she is getting on here. A gay Republican in like a Jewish Klansman.

    That party is rabidly anti-gay, anti-women’s rights, anti-freedom from religion, pro-war, pro-censorship, pro-corporate, pro-fundamentalist, and pro-gun. A few nice words about the gays does not erase the blood from their hands.

  • toberlin

    Ladies and gentlemen, in actual fact,we are discussing two subjects which are quite distinct although closely connected…from my point of view.
    I really understand why the people here mix always policy with privacy.Currently politics still has an negative Impact on your daily Life.In my opinion it is “irrelevant” whether you like/respect her or why she is qualified.It does not matter whether she is “genuinely” trying to be an ally.The Question is.IS SHE QUALIFIED?

    I have no Idea whether she is qualified.All I can say is,I don`t think it is a stupid Idea to have more Monica Lewinsky`s in your Crew.Not just Hillary Clinton`s.I mean it depend`s on the “Job”.

  • toberlin

    My English and my Time is limited.I wanted to write this yesterday but some peoples english and time is obviously not limited so they keep me busy with something else…
    I accept the fact that many people here can see nothing but my gender and my sexual orientation in me.Therefore,they assume I am doing the same with them.For me, it is not straight vrs. LGBT. And when I read the comments yesterday I knew exactly WHY some People here assume I just can identify myself with people who are Transgender.You think that I think all transgender people are like straight women or want to be straight women.And these straight women are all the same, like all the straight men.And you think of course I AM THE ONE HERE who think sexual orientation and gender CAN`T be FLUENT anyway.Thanks for that.And because I am a straight women,I have the same “needs” like all women who are Transgender.Sure,I belive men who are Transgender do not exist.And all the people without a clear gender Identity and without any need for Operations do not exist in my book either…
    Let us ignore the fact that equality mean to me that all people should have the same rights and feel free NOT to think about their sexual orientation or gender.And they should feel NOT to think about other peoples sexual orientation or gender…
    I came here for private reasons…
    I have read this site and a lot of people here have consistently claim they knew what all these straight women and men think and feel who are anyway all the same.I read a lot of comments.So I started to comment.ON MY OWN!I have faced the people here directly with my opinion and point of view.I treated the people as equally to me here.And I have for sure not done this in a passive agressive way.I know that I can sometimes be rude and too “directly”I say somtimes stupid and somtimes dumb Things.I am FAR from being perfect.But at least I have tried to talk to the people here.And I tried to understand them and their point of view.And I NEVER tried to HURT somebody here for FUN!I have(mostly) been listening to the people here.If I had a real problem with someones point of view I have said this directly.I have tried to discuss topics with the people here.And I apologized when I HAVE FELT SORRY.I have NOT attacked People and just fuck off if they have attacked me back.People here have attacked me ALL THE TIME.And if I have punched back they often have preferred to crying around about the “so stupid and whatever women” in the next article instead of trying TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM with me.I have NEVER asked anyone to defend me.And NO,it was not the “T”-Word discussion what hurt me here AT MOST.I do not identify myself with people based on their gender or sexual orienation.I can stay pretty INDEPENDENT of that if it is about to like or respect a person.And Vagina Jokes or mean comments about women can´t hurt me.I like it to be a woman.The reason behind the hate on women HURT ME.And the reason why people hurt eachother here really HURT ME!That was my motivation to come here and to stay.I know that Tolerance,Acceptance,Respect and Love is possible between People who are LGBT and People who are straight.I know that Equality is possible.I am probably just the WRONG PERSON here…

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