Marital woes

These memes perfectly capture the gloomy marriage of the President and First Lady

It’s fairly obvious that Donald and Melania Trump are miserable in their roles as President and First Lady, as well as in their marriage, in general. Not only is the couple living more than 200 miles apart, but Donald has already taken three vacations in his first month in office and Melania has yet to actually do anything as FLOTUS (aside from filing a lawsuit against the Daily Mail for falsely claiming she once worked as an escort).

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Body language and communications expert Dr. Lillian Glass told Elite Daily this week that Melania’s demeanor at Donald’s 2020 reelection campaign kickoff last weekend showed clear “disdain” for her husband. Glass’ observation mirrors similar ones made by body language experts Susan Constantine and Patti Wood, who both told Mic that the first couple didn’t seem to demonstrate “any warmth or true love and compassion” for one another during the festivities surrounding last month’s inauguration.

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Memers have quickly taken notice of the obvious strain the presidency is putting on the First Family’s relationship. Scroll down for memes that perfectly capture their crumbling marriage…

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Dear diary, Donald called me today to tell me that I will be living in the White House whether I like it or not and that I better not have, what do you call it…bitch face resting when in front of the cameras. I vomit in my mouth to think about being subjected to my husband's behavior on a daily basis. He tells me horrible things like the only cooking I am good at is peeling open the lid to his Activia. He tortures me by Dutch oven while I am sleeping. He leaves his caca in the toilet for me to flush. I shake with rage just thinking about him! My future is not bright, it is lunch with Omarosa, key parties with Mitch and Betsy, and salon trips with Kellyanne. Na pomo?! -M ? #freemelania #melaniasdiary #deardiary #resist #putinsbitch #assholeinchief #notmypresident #imstillwithher #bitchplz #slaymama #comecorrect #donaldtrump #thefutureisfemale #pussygrabsback #pussyvstrump #lovetrumpshate #makeracistsafraidagain #fucktrump #dumptrump #impeachtrump #stillwithherbitch #kleptocracy #putinspuppet #fakepresident #factsmatter #stayoutraged #yeswedid #nobannowall

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Elsa takes large numbers of newcomers every Friday #BAD

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And then there’s this video by the comedy group AOK

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