Video of Melania recoiling from Trump’s touch has the Internet very concerned

Everyone’s been talking about this clip of Melania Trump flinching at her husband’s touch as she was reciting the Lord’s Prayer during Donald’s 2020 campaign kickoff rally last weekend:


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Shortly after the video began circulating, the hashtag #FreeMelania started trending again as people tweeted their concerns for the distressed First Lady.

Body language and communications expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells Elite Daily that Melania’s demeanor was likely caused by fear.

“I find her to be extremely nervous and very uncomfortable in her role of First Lady,” Glass says. “She’s extremely tense, her voice shakes, it often cracks which shows a sign of muscle tension.”

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Glass continues: “Right when Donald Trump walked by, I noticed there was a shift in her demeanor. That’s showing disdain. He came up behind her, it was the touch on the shoulder and the shoulder shrugging to dismiss him.”

Now, let’s take a look at the Internet’s response…

First, there were the tweets…

And then came the memes…


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Melania, if you’re reading, light a candle in the north tower if you need us to come rescue you.

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