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Michael Lucas Practices Islamophobia. Why Is The Advocate Continuing to Publish His Bigoted Rants?

Michael Lucas, in what’s becoming a regular display of Islamophobia, is again given space in The Advocate to voice his bigotry toward an entire religious community as he attacks the mosque that will be built near Ground Zero. Are we still listening to this guy’s hate parade?

Lucas refers to “Islamic culture” as “whatever that may be”; throw that slight back at him about “Jewish culture,” to which Lucas belongs, and he’d bitch you out.

In opposing the mosque on Park Place, and using the news peg to once again attack all Muslims, Lucas is assuming the same horrific position as the Anti-Defamation League, ignoring the Muslims lives that were also lost on 9/11, and shamelessly seeking to exclude an entire class of people from their American right to practice whatever religion they want. I don’t even want to copy/paste his material here. It’s that terrible.

The Advocate‘s owners Paul Colichman and Steven Jarchow should be ashamed. I know their underlings are: We’ve already heard from three staffers at Advocate/Out who are horrified their employer and editor Jon Barrett continue to provide space to spew the very type of hatred the magazine was founded to counter. Adds one: “Why not give Maggie Gallagher a column?”

And a former Lucas Entertainment staffer tells us, “This is nothing. You should hear him in person.” I’ve never met Michael Lucas, and I certainly wouldn’t want the “privilege.”

[Advocate, Bilerico]

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  • Robert from ATL

    Why is The Advocate continuing to publish it? Because it caters to their reader base: affluent white males.

  • Stephen Murray

    Unless the Advocate apologise for giving that revolting extremist Michael Lucas space, then I won’t buy their magazine again.
    Why is it that pro-Israelis seem to blame the muslim religion for all the world’s problems but refuse to acknowledge Israel’s shameful contribution to the east versus west conflict.


    John Rogers: making a lot of sense now………just how many names do you post under??????

  • Max

    Go Michael Lucas!! Islam is a evil!!

  • ForeverGay

    I’m sick of muslim adherents and jews bringing their religious warfare to America or anywhere out of the Middle East. Fight your own battles. BTW, jews are not victims.

  • Cassandra

    Queerty continues to be a forum for Christaphobes, who nearly every day post equally brutal, equally degrading, equally hateful statements about Christianity, and religion in general.

    So Queerty really cannot criticize the Advocate and Michael Lucas, since the same kind of hate speech is prevalent here, targeting Christians and all people of faith.

    And Queerty, and its anti-Christian, anti-religion contributors really can’t criticize homophobes, since hate speech is hate speech, and there’s more than enough anti-religious hate speech here to balance the anti-gay hate speech from homophobes.


    Dear John, I am pretty sure you are familiar with this but for those who haven’t read this I think there are more than enough reasons to be against the mosque……….

    Rauf is the iman responsible for the planning of the mosque….

    In an interview with CNN shortly after 9/11, Rauf said, “U.S. policies were an accessory to the crime that happened. We (the U.S.) have been an accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world. Osama bin Laden was made in the USA.”

    Rauf has numerous ties to CAIR, an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Department of Justice funding case brought against Hamas, an openly terrorist organization. CAIR is also the initiator of numerous “law fare” cases designed to intimidate non-Muslims from criticizing aggressive Muslim behavior, and to use our own legal and democratic processes to undermine and dominate America, forcing it to become Islamic.

    Rauf calls himself a Sufi, evoking among non-Muslims a “peace and love image,” similar to hippies. But that’s not the whole picture. Sufism has many sides to it, including the Koranic injunction to spread Islam one way or another, and it has a rich history of waging war too. Could it be that one of the frequently used tools of war, lying to the enemy, would explain the contradiction between Rauf’s image as reconciler of religions and his sympathies and associations with terrorists? This is known as “taquiyya” among Muslims.

    A previous Rauf project, Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow, clearly shows on its website that it is headed and funded by individuals from Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned fifteen of the nineteen jihad jockeys who rode the 9/11 planes of destruction. The funding for Cordoba House is much murkier, so far. All that has been publically disclosed is that the support comes from unidentified sources in Saudi Arabia and Muslim ruled Malaysia. Rauf reportedly says he paid $4.85 million for the property — in cash. Where exactly did this money come from? Was it Wahhabist supporting Saudi sources, which have already funded many other mosques in New York City?

    The mosque is called Cordoba House. Muslims like to refer to Spain and especially the city of Cordoba as a place where Muslim rule reached a glorious peak. Contrary to the myth of a Golden Age of equality during the Muslim occupation of Spain and in particular in Cordoba, Spain and Cordoba were places where Christians and Jews suffered as social inferiors under Islam oppression. Equal civil rights never existed for non-Muslims under Sharia, or Islamic law. Rauf even admits as much when he writes, “Jews and Christians living under Muslim rule simply had to pay a tax to finance their protection by their Muslim overlords.” This is not equality! Americans do not demand a special tax to protect Muslims from ourselves. That would be extortion, not ‘protection.’

    Through another organization Rauf started called the Cordoba Initiative, he created the “Sharia Index.” This will measure how closely countries follow Sharia, or Islamic law. While Sharia can cover such relatively innocuous aspects of Muslim life as religious weddings (hopefully not to twelve year old girls) it also demands that all Muslim life be governed by laws derived from the Koran, without the intervention of civic institutions, such as democracy. And the Koran dictates that everyone, even non-Muslims, must ultimately live under Sharia. Do you understand how that is in direct conflict with our Constitution and other aspects of our secular society?

    Rauf gets even trickier here. He states in his book, “What’s Right With Islam,” that a society that follows natural law, such as America, is already practicing Sharia. However, he does not note that his peculiar definition of Sharia acceptance is shared by just about no other Imam. So what prevents him from adjusting his singular idea of Sharia back to the norm of forced conversions, murdering non-Muslims and apostates who leave Islam, amputations of thieves’ hands, stoning of adulterous women, execution of homosexuals, etc.? Throughout his writing, Rauf floats an image of a harmonious, pleasant Islam – nice to everybody. But this is totally disconnected from Islam’s actual history of bloody conquest, enslavement, and humiliation of other people – which he never acknowledges.

  • Peter

    The Advocate is free to publish whatever they want. It’s called Free Speech. Furthermore, Lucas’ opinion, whether anyone likes it or not, should be heard as well. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Cassandra: They can criticize

    One thing the Lucas haters conveniently don’t mention is that he is an atheist.

    @Stephen Murray: We don’t blame it for all the world’s problems. We do give Christians some credit.

    As long as Islam continues to preach the gospel of anti-gay genocide, it is hypocritical for gays to denounce so-called “Islamophobia”.

    And before you pro-Palis use that “those murderous zionazis say all criticism of Israel is anti-semitism” red herring again, no one has ever said that. Criticism of Israeli economic policy is not anti-semitic. Criticism of homophobia within Israel is not anti-semitic. Criticism of the treatment of non-orthodox Jews by orthodox Jews in Israel is not anti-semitic, quite the opposite in fact.

    But denying the right of self-determination to the Jewish people and defending the sworn enemies of the Jews is anti-semitic, just like defending the KKK is anti-black.


    @Robert from ATL: Never said I wrote it, I lifted it and while its origins are unfortuate its hard to find the truth about the mosque and the iman behind it on any sites who really should be afraid of muslim influence in our country..


    @Robert from ATL: Meant to say I lifted it from another thread where I posted it in italics to indicate they were not my words……….

  • ChiGuy76

    Mr. Lucas is entitled to his opinions and I respect his right to to them. However, that does not mean I have to respect his opinions. If Mr. Lucas wishes to discuss various aspects of pornography and subjects relating to it, then by all means, his opinions should be given their proper due since he has a long and successful history in the industry both in front of and behind the camera. This life experience makes him a qualified expert on the matter. Thus, when he is given a forum to air his opinions on pornography, we should take his views seriously. However, this does not make him a qualified expert on Islam, Islamic culture, and Middle Eastern politics. Unless he has a PhD in political or social science centered on Middle Eastern Studies/Politics and has published a number of scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals that I’m unaware of, his diatribes against Islam should not be taken seriously at all. They should be considered for what they are: the opinions of an uninformed/ill-informed writer frustrated with status of current events.

  • Cam

    Look, I’m not going to get all up in arms about Lucas. Point me to one country with an Islamic govt. where gays are treated as human beings.

    I get that everybody wants to be correct, but sorry, when it comes to defending one side verses the other, I will always defend the side that doesn’t kill gays simply for being who we are, or opresses women as sub-human.

    Talk to any of your gay arab friends and ask them what it would be like moving back to their home countries with a boyfriend.

  • Chitown Kev

    And to be sure, Queerty is hanging on every word that Lucas publishes in the Advocate for their own weekly Michael Lucas post complete with ~85-125 comments/


    @Cam: Finally a voice of reason…….If you stroll over to the other current muslim thread going on it is scary. It is beyond comprehension how many Gay people can vehlemently defend muslim cultures…….

  • Aaron

    To quote an awful, awful Nickelback song, “you look so much cuter with something in your mouth.” Also a bag over your head, in Lucas’ case

  • Chris

    Defending muslim culture is different from defending people for having a Muslim faith. This is what you seem unable to comprehend. In no way is anyone defending people’s killing of gays or oppression of women.

    But you are merely another Queer Supremacist if you think your homosexuality trumps their right to religious freedom.


    @Chris: Sorry but Homosexuality and being born a woman does trump religious freedom. We are born Gay or as a woman, we have no choice in that matter. One chooses a religion and then chooses to adhere to its tenants. And if those tenants deem causing harm to any member of the Gay community or subject women to second class status our being born such a way should enable us to have protections against a religion who encourages harm to us or forces women to be abject slaves to the male population……….

  • Aaron

    a. “In an interview with CNN shortly after 9/11, Rauf said, “U.S. policies were an accessory to the crime that happened. We (the U.S.) have been an accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world. Osama bin Laden was made in the USA.”

    This is objectively true and you aren’t helping your credibility by citing it as proof of Rauf’s extremism.

    b. An IMAM is the leader of a mosque, dear. Iman is a supermodel married to David Bowie (well, that, or an abstract term for religious faith).

  • Drake

    Michael Lucas and Advocate should understand that his opinions are of no interest. He should stick to his pornography and his whoring (if he still does that). He is just a piece of meat whose ideas are irrelevant to why he made his money. Why is Advocate running him, over and over? By the way, although Israel is certainly better for gays than the moslem countries, it is no “mecca” for gays either. The religious in Israel turn out in great numbers to protest Pride and any gay event.

  • Scott in NYC

    I have no problem with (moderate) Islam…but I do have objections to a mosque being built at ground zero of all places. For some Americans, kowtowing to every demand from the Muslim community has approached near-fetish proportions. Lucas should do a film based on that.

  • Chris

    Once again you fallaciously conflate the argument. No one is defending religious extremism, but denouncing an entire faith and an entire people’s right to adhering to that faith because a suspect group adheres to its most extreme aspects is ridiculous.

    There exists liberalism and progressivism within religious attitudes. Some cultures are further along the liberal and progressive timeline than others, but that does not give us a blank slate for discrimination.

    Once again, you can have a specific faith without adhering to its extreme tenets. There are Jews who do not stone gays, Christians who do not stone gays, and Muslims who do not stone gays.


    To the the muslim defenders please read and digest this……This is a lift:

    Peter Tatchell documents the global threat of Islamic fundamentalism
    The New Dark Ages are already with us. For hundreds of millions of people in parts of the Middle-East, Africa and South-East Asia, the ascendancy of Islamic fundamentalism has ushered in an era of religious obscurantism and intolerance. The liberal, compassionate wing of Islam – although it still has large numbers of adherents – is being forced onto the defensive and increasingly eclipsed.

    The fervour of this modern Muslim extremism echoes the zealotry of the original Dark Ages in mediæval Europe, when Christian fundamentalists excommunicated philosophers and scientists as heretics, tortured non-believers, drowned women as witches, and burned sodomites at the stake.

    Several hundred years after the breakdown of theocracy and the beginning of the Enlightenment, few people would have thought it possible for clerical fascism to make a major comeback. But it has, and it’s spreading – with alarming consequences for human rights.

    Taliban militants in Afghanistan whip women who are not veiled from head to toe, and stone to death (without trial) anyone who has sex outside of marriage, including homosexuals.

    In Saudi Arabia, 24 Filipino guest workers were sentenced in 1996 to 200 lashes for “homosexual behaviour”. A year earlier, the Saudis beheaded an 18 year old gay man, Neil Tubo. His family claim he was framed on charges on raping two women, and the real reason for his execution was his homosexuality.

    Two lesbians were sentenced to 90 lashes each in the United Arab Emirates city of Sharjah in 1995. They were also jailed for one and two years respectively for “taking part in illegitimate relationships and attempting to practice indecency”.

    The Bangladeshi writer, Taslima Nasrin, had to flee into exile in Sweden in 1994 after she was condemned to death by Muslim fundamentalists for advocating the revision of Islamic law to protect the rights of women. Issuing a fatwa against Nasrin, they offered a bounty to anyone who would kill her.

    In neighbouring Pakistan, an illiterate 14-year-old boy, Salamat Masih, was sentenced to die in 1994 for allegedly writing words offensive to the prophet Mohammed on the wall of a mosque. Although saved by a last minute reprieve, he was forced to seek refuge in Germany after Islamicists threatened to hunt him down and murder him.

    On the Philippines island of Mindanao, Muslim militia have been terrorising gay men — beating them up, ordering them to leave the region, and threatening them with castration.

    In 1995, Islamic extremists in Algeria assassinated the feminist leader, Nabila Diahnine. Previously they had killed the theatre director, Abdelkader Alloula. These are just two of the tens of thousands who have been murdered by Algerian fundamentalists over the last three years. Other victims include gay couples who violate the strict Islamic taboo against same-sex love, students and academics who refuse to study within a religious framework, and journalists who write the truth uncensored by clerical fanatics.

    The Islamicist hard-liners in Algeria have also targeted women who fail to confirm to the Muslim tradition of subservience and modesty. Wives risk death if they go out to work instead of staying at home and waiting on their husbands. Other women are being killed for studying at university, wearing make-up or short skirts, and attending mixed schools or swimming pools. Any female behaviour deemed ‘scandalous’ by the militants can have lethal consequences, as 16-year-old Katia Bengana discovered. She was shot dead on her way home from school for refusing to wear a veil.

    The common goal that unites Islamic fundamentalists the world over is the establishment of a religious state where every aspect of life is determined by the principles of the Koran and Muslim tradition. This means the creation of a state where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.

    Same-sex relationships are currently outlawed in 26 Islamic countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

    Islam is also a significant and growing influence in Senegal, Nigeria, Chad, Somalia, Turkey, and the southern Philippines. In these states, the social opprobrium heaped on lesbian and gay people is very severe: beatings and disownment by their families are common place, driving some to depression and suicide. Those not caught out, usually feel pressured to deny their sexuality and force themselves into tragic, loveless marriages.

    In only three Islamic-dominated nations are there no laws against homosexuality: Egypt, Indonesia and Iraq. Nevertheless, even in these countries public attitudes remain hostile and gay people are subjected to periodic police victimisation.

    Of the Islamic states that ban lesbian and gay sex: Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen enforce the death penalty. Pakistan specifies two years to life imprisonment, plus flogging. In Malaysia the maximum sentence is 20 years and in the United Arab Emirates it’s 14. Bangladesh and Libya are considered fairly moderate in Islamic fundamentalist terms, with punishments of seven and five years’ jail respectively.

    Iran is the most zealously homophobic Islamic country. Since 1980, when the fundamentalists came to power under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, over 4,000 lesbians and gay men have been executed, according to estimates by the exiled Iranian homosexual rights group, Homan.

    In the early 1980’s, for example, 70 people were executed after they attempted to set up a lesbian and gay organisation. Nearly 100 homosexuals were sentenced to death in 1992 following a raid on a private party.

    It is notoriously difficult to be certain about the exact number of lesbians and gays killed because some executions take place in secret, and the relatives of those killed often try to cover up the true reason, due to the strong social stigma associated with homosexuality. Another factor preventing an accurate estimate is the regime’s resort to false allegations of homosexuality against political opponents, in a bid to discredit them. Trumped up charges of homosexuality were levelled against a Sunni Muslim leader, Dr. Ali Mozaffarian, who was executed in Shiraz in 1992.

    The methods of killing lesbians and gays in Iran include: beheading with a sword, stoning to death, burning alive, and throwing from a mountain top or high building.

    The death penalty applies not only to sodomy, but to repeated offences of lesser sexual acts such as mutual masturbation and body rubbing. The mere act of two people of the same sex lying naked together “without any necessity” is a crime punishable by up to 99 lashes. One man kissing another, even “without lust”, merits 60 lashes. These floggings are so severe that they can cause permanent injury to internal organs, gross open wounds, and sometimes death.

    The Iranian authorities stepped up their crusade against homosexuality in 1990, with a wave of public executions. On the first day of the new crackdown, three gay men were beheaded in a city square in Nahavand, and two women accused of lesbianism were stoned to death in Langrood. Justifying these killings, the Iranian Chief Justice, Morteza Moghtadai, declared: “The religious punishment for the despicable act of homosexuality is death for both parties”.

    Simultaneously, Ayatollah Ali Khameni denounced “homosexuality, male and female”. He condemned Britain and the USA for promoting gay relationships, falsely claiming the two countries had legalised marriages between people of the same sex. Homosexuality was, he said, a symptom of the decay and corruption of western culture.

    According to BBC monitored reports, his colleague, Ayatollah Musavi-Ardebili, demanded the strict enforcement of Islamic punishments for lesbian and gay behaviour. Describing the procedures for the execution of homosexuals, he told students at Tehran University in 1990:

    “They should seize him (or her), they should keep him standing, they should split him in two with a sword, they should either cut off his neck or they should split him from the head. … After he is dead, they bring logs, make a fire and place the corpse on the logs, set fire to it and burn it. Or it should be taken to the top of a mountain and thrown down. Then the parts of the corpse should be gathered together and burnt. Or they should dig a hole, make a fire in the hole and throw him alive into the fire.

    “We do not have such punishments for other offences”, boasted the Ayatollah. “There cannot be the slightest degree of mercy or compassion. … Praise be to God.”

    Lesbians and gay men living in countries dominated by the New Dark Ages of Islamic fundamentalism cannot afford the liberal luxury of tolerating religious fanaticism. For them, the politically correct arguments about ‘cultural sensitivity’ smack of surrender to the extremists who jeopardise their freedom – and their lives.

    And if you do not think the ultimate goal is to spread this wicked culture, you are sadly mistaken………….

  • christopher di spirito

    I’ve never heard of Michael Lucas before Queerty’s meltdown.

    But the fact is, Islam condones stoning gays, lesbians and trans peoples to death because homosexuality is an affront to Allah and Queerty is admonishing Lucas?

    What am I missing here?

    Perhaps, if the editors at Queerty would take the time to visit the LGBT Asylum Project website and educate themselves on the horrors of Islam and the religion’s treatment of gay people, they might drop this “PC” bullshit and admit we’re not one, big, happy family.

    Give ’em hell, Michael Lucas!

  • Andrew B.

    Lucas correct on his position of Islam. When practiced according to what the Koran prescribes Islam creates vicious nations like Iran. Religions don’t deserve a free pass a scrutiny and Islam in particular is the most putrid of fetid mind trash we call religion.

  • edgyguy1426

    Queerty is adminishing the Advocate for giving Lucas lip service. What, exactly, has Queerty been doing with all these Lucas rants all this time? @ForeverGay:
    I’m sick of muslim adherents and jews bringing their religious warfare to America or anywhere out of the Middle East. Fight your own battles. BTW, jews are not victims.

    Yes fight your own battles, but just in case, no one is really paying attention, I’ll put my two cents in.

  • edgyguy1426

    Queerty you’ve been publishing these ‘bigoted rants’ forever now and you’re JUST finding fault with the Advocate? Yowsa

  • Stephen Murray

    “But denying the right of self-determination to the Jewish people and defending the sworn enemies of the Jews is anti-semitic, just like defending the KKK is anti-black.”

    And denying the right of self determination to the Palestinian people and defending the sworn enemies of the Palestinians is also anti-Semitic.

    Palestinians are a semitic people after all.

    I fail to see any justification for the continuing collective punishment of the Palestinians for the crimes of Nazi Germany. It delegitimises Israel. And those Israelis who claim that ‘god’ gave them that country are mentally ill.

    Islam, christianity, judaism, sikhism, hinduism, scientology etc have NO place in a civilised society.

    They exist to offer a fictional explanation to the mysteries of life on earth.

    They are still a heap of shit however.

    Michael Lucas is a moronic bigot as he confuses the stupid religion of islam with muslim people. And the Advocate should not be giving him a platform for his illinformed bigotry.

  • David

    @Drake: Do you have a passport and travel the world outside Mexico and Canada or you’re like the majority of other Americans? Let me remind you that GAY Palestinians and GAY Egyptians jump the border INTO Israel to escape “honor killings” by their families, imprisonment or public beatings. In case of HAMAS in Gaza gays are publicly executed and same fate awaits them in the West Bank.

    You also conveniently omit the fact that MUSLIM leaders in Israel are vehemently anti-gay and always protest the gay pride parade in Jerusalem as well. In fact, Palestinian Imams and Hezbullah Islamic leaders in Lebanon use Koran as a justification to continue violence against Jews in Israel because gays in Israel prosper under protection of law and tolerance from majority of Jews and they want to “reclaim” the Holy Land to rid of abominations under Sharia.

    You’re complaining that Israel is not a “Mecca” for gays because people protest parades, but a gay Muslim stuck living in Muslim countries thinks it’s the promised land because at least there he won’t be viciously beaten to death by Sharia court orders.
    By the way how is your “Mecca” in USA with the DADT and ban on gay marriages? In Israel gays can openly serve and their marriage licenses are fully recognized by laws.

  • David

    Lucas Travels Europe and sees the no go areas in Brussels, 5th column of Muslim immigrants in Germany and Britain, volatile relations of Muslims in France; he knows first hand about Islamic radicalism that is well organized and is clandestine as Russians learned about it through Chechnya war, Islamist radicalization in Ingushetiya and other regions all funded by Saudi Arabia, UAE who spend billions on global mosques and Whabai trained imams who parade themselves as “moderates” to fool ignorant Western liberals who never faced much danger in their pampered western countries to know the hellish cultures of Muslim societies.

    2nd and 3rd generation Muslims in U.K. are more radicalized than their parents and reject Western Values because liberals in that country allowed them to run amok and do whatever they wanted to appease their sensibilities, instead of pressuring them to assimilate and respect the laws of the land.

    U.S. will dig itself into the ground if it allows liberals to try to accuse us of racism, bigotry and hate if Americans dare question motives of Muslims in this country when they build a suspicious Mosques like “Cordoba Initiative” which refers to Islamic conquest of Spain and refers to future spread of Sharia throughout the world under Whabai teachings. “Moderate Islam” LOLz

  • Bill Perdue

    1. All three organized abrahamic superstitions – the christer cults, islamists and judaists – are festering pustules of homohating and homophobia.

    Of the three the christers have probably murdered more GLBT folks over the centuries. Currently the islamists are the worst offenders worldwide, especially in Iran and Iraq, where US supported and armed shiite militia and sunni police routinely kidnap, torture and murder LGBT folks.

    That said, murders and beatings continue wherever christers infest society. In Africa US dominationist christers, including Obama bbf Rick Warren, have invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours helping create laws like the Ugandan ‘kill a queer for jebuz” law. If it’s successful there they’ll want to export it to other areas infested with christer bigots, like Alabama and Utah.

    The difference between christer and islamist bigots is not how much murder and mayhem they want to inflict on us, but what they can get away with.

    2) Zionism, the European colonialist excuse for the apartheid and ethnic cleansing practiced against Palestinians and islamophobia, the American imperialist excuse for mass murder from Palestine to Pakistan are racist.

    3) Lucas is a pig who films men engaging in unsafe sex so he can make money.


    @David: Absolute 100% Co-Sign. What is so scary is whenever there is a thread about this matter so very many Gays seem to wish to defend this wicked culture of hate with a fevor. Afraid to “offend” them. I am sorry I am offended by a culture that hates every fiber of our being. How many of the recent terrorist plots were hatched in the United States by American born muslims? They have absolutley no desire to assimilate and adopt our culture…………

  • Aaron

    funny how every single study indicates that American muslims are far far better integrated than their European counterparts

    “How many of the recent terrorist plots were hatched in the United States by American born muslims?”

    Yes, good question, how many?

  • Bill Perdue

    @Cassandra: Religion is the enemy.

    Religion is howling superstition striaght from the Dark Ages.

    Religion is humankinds greatest tragedy.

  • Aaron

    “But the fact is, Islam condones stoning gays, lesbians and trans peoples to death because homosexuality is an affront to Allah and Queerty is admonishing Lucas?”

    So does the old testament but that doesn’t mean the majority of Jews or christians actually support it.


    @Aaron: Yes except they act on it an DO EXECUTE GAYS FOR SIMPLY BEING GAY. Look at the picture below, there were thousands of people there cheering as those two Gay teens, who were lovers were slowly suffocated with no blindfolds watching each other slowly die a horrible death and the cheering mob! Guess what??? They would do the exact same thing to you also in a fucking heartbeat………Why do you insist on defending this culture of hate and venom???????


  • Xtian99

    oh this is so boring…
    go defend kids with cancer or puppies with aids…

    but Islam? ugh… silly queens with the “politically correct” sticks in your hands instead of a rainbow flag pole…

  • Bill Perdue

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Yes, they do act on it.


  • Cam

    @Chris: said…

    “Defending muslim culture is different from defending people for having a Muslim faith. This is what you seem unable to comprehend. In no way is anyone defending people’s killing of gays or oppression of women.

    But you are merely another Queer Supremacist if you think your homosexuality trumps their right to religious freedom.”

    So lets see, because you name call we’re all supposed to cower. Well I ahve news for you Chris. My homosexuality DOES trump religeous freedom if that religeon says that homosexuals need to be killed. And guess what, women’s gender trumps religeous freedom if that religeon says to mistreat women. Before you trot out your little Freshmen sociology rant, you may want to think about what it is you are actually writing.

    Does somebody’s being born black trump the Mormon religeons pre-1980 teachings that blacks were inferior and were being punished for sins committed by their ancestors?….hmmm?

    So again, I will defend the Ku Klux Klans right to march and say what they want, but I will NEVER EVER take their side and say that the NAACP is at fault for attacking the KKK’s position. That is what you are doing.

  • Aaron

    Plays Well With Others – Implying that NYC muslims support these things is disingenous and disgusting.

  • Chris

    It’s not about being PC.

    So many on Queerty who cry and scream because “Black people used to be oppressed, why are they oppressing another minority?” You yourselves are now in a position to oppress, and instead of breaking the cycle of hatred and intolerance, you pursue it with fervor.

    You are just as much a bigot as the rest of them if you only want equal rights for yourselves. Or that somehow your fight is worthy, while others’s is not.

    I’m not playing moral relativistic games. It is about equality and acceptance. This world can progress past religious fundamentalism and extremism, but not with the venom of overprivileged gay men being flung on the path.

  • Chris

    @Cam: “So again, I will defend the Ku Klux Klans right to march and say what they want, but I will NEVER EVER take their side and say that the NAACP is at fault for attacking the KKK’s position. That is what you are doing.”

    Putting words in my mouth? I am not at all advocating for that.

    I am defending the right of muslims to have their faith. I am defending the right of this guy to speak out against it. I don’t agree with his position of anti-islamism. I don’t agree with Islam’s treatment of gays.

    What I am advocating for is ending the intolerance for faiths which can otherwise be peaceful. No one is advocating for throwing gays or women under the bus to appease the muslim extremists. Religious extremism should be stamped out, because it is rife with human rights violations. But religion in itself, as well as faith, does not need to be attacked with such venom.

    I will repeat it. Acceptance of people of the Muslim faith is not tantamount to acceptance of the Sharia law’s treatment of people.


    No it is about a culture that is simply wired differently than the rest of humanity. How can a Father and Brothers of a teen age girl who was raped participate in an entire village turning out to bury the girl up to her chest in front of a carefully assembled pile of rocks specifically chosen so as not to kill with a single blow, insuring the death process to take at least 30 minutes because she was raped and shamed the family. This is called an honor killing. There are instances of this shit occuring in the United States. The picture above of the Gay teens still after like three years enrages me…….These people do not wish to co-exist with the rest of the world, they want the world to convert to islam or they want you dead.

    You want to see some of the sickest most reprehensive shit you can not imagine in your worst nightmare?? Go to strangeworld.com and view the hundreds of different videos of these savages murdering hundreds of people in the sickest ways possible. like the Gay man who had a pole sharpened at the end and then shoved up his ass. The pole was then placed in an upright position and the poor bastard slid down the pole as he was impaled slowly while hundreds watched and cheered……..If you can participate in these vile acts and encourage them you are not a normal human being. I too once upon a time wasn’t as vocal in my calling attention to thses maniacs. My friend gave me the link to that site and I could not believe the depravity “persons” could inflict on other people………You can, not and will not change these savages………

  • Ogre Magi

    @Cassandra: Cassandra, shut yo fool ass up!

  • Qjersey

    The Advocate is no different from Queerty in the pornification of LGBT journalism, well gay male journalism. It’s all about selling magazines and getting web hits, the editors could really give a crap as long as they get readers, if only temporarily.

  • Aaron

    Muslims as a whole are “savages”? You do realize that Stormfront is over that way?

  • robco

    I guess bigoted is in the eye of the beholder. I didn’t find his commentary bigoted at all. Islam is a horrible religion. Then again, so are Christianity and Judaism. None are religions of peace. A mosque is a huge waste of space, as is a temple or cathedral. But hey, every dollar spent on this “cultural center” is a dollar not spent on terrorism.

    He is correct in that the type of tolerance we show to other religions is not reciprocated in the Muslim world. I’m not saying we should stoop to their level. I couldn’t care less if they build the thing or not, and we should retain our adherence to the principles of liberty and separation of church and state. That being said, we can defend the rights of Muslims without endorsing their horrific and backward beliefs. I don’t think we defeat narrow mindsets by adopting them ourselves or using public policy to try and bring about this sort of change. That only generates sympathy for their cause.

    We need to continue to open minds and to show people that religion is intellectually, factually, morally and intellectually bankrupt. As soon as people realize that this life is all we get and maybe we should work on making things better in the here and now, the better off we’ll be.

  • reason

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I think you forget that similarly barbaric acts were taking place in this country really not that long ago. The America that you know with paved roads, technology, “morals” didn’t come about till fairly recent history. We still are not were we need to be. To claim they are savages and need to be eradicated and all those other things that are floating out there fails to recognize the moderate people among them and that if our ancestors were held to that standard we wouldn’t be here. A lot of the people that are pointing the finger need to look in the mirror becuase they are the same people with different stripes or in a different situation, if we through you in that situation many would be the first ones sharpening there pitchforks.


    @christopher di spirito: Thank you for being a voice of reason……..Those teens were murdered a few years ago, and everytime I see those pictures I get enraged all over again…………

    @Ogre Magi: Sorry, I really take going there that often its strangeland.com. Go to the dropdown for movies and make sure you haven’t eaten anything a few hours prior………

  • JonathanHasHadIt

    People still read The Advocate? And Michael Lucas, the auteur of movies about pissing and farting, is still relevant? Wow.

  • Stephen Murray

    The death penalty imposed on those Iranian teens is horrific. It was implemented by the Sharia courts of Iran

    Just as the state sanctioned murder (by George W Bush) in Texas of the mentally subnormal convict was horrific.

    George Bush ia a fundamentalist christian who has enabled the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

    I am horrified and appalled by islamic terrorism.

    Just as I am horrified and appalled by Israeli state terrorism in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.

    Just as I am horrified and appalled by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in Iraq that followed as a direct consequence of US imposed sanctions on Iraq after the 1st Gulf War, which did not harm Saddam but wreaked devastation on the Iraqi population.

    The bottom line is that islam, judaism, christianity, sikhism, hinduism, scientology etc etc are moronic and stupid belief systems for moronic and stupid people.

    Religion has no redeeming features. It leads to nothing but conflict.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Stephen Murray:

    That “Arabs are semites” too argument to deny anti-semitism is bullshit. No one ever uses the term anti-semitism to describe anti-Arab or anti-Muslim beliefs.

    I fail to see any justification for the continuing collective punishment of the Palestinians for the crimes of Nazi Germany. It delegitimises Israel. And those Israelis who claim that ‘god’ gave them that country are mentally ill.

    They are being punished for their own ongoing crimes against the State of Israel. Rightfully so. And among their many crimes are the slaughter of gays, oppression of women.

    Human rights violators need to be shown no mercy. The Nazis and fascists deserved no mercy, nor did the WWII-era Japanese militarist government that committed unspeakable atrocities against the Chinese (the Rape of Nanking) and Filipinos (Manila Massacre of 1945). A triumphalist religion singlehandedly determined to wipe out free thought should be treated like the war criminals they are.

    Israel needs to exist because of “people” like these and their western apologists. Even leaving aside the Bible, there were Jews in the region before Islam ever existed.

    And there is nothing in “Palestinian” culture to differentiate it from other Arab states. I don’t even think the Arabs want a “Palestinian” state. They just want another pawn in their sick little chess game against Israel, the Jews, and the West. Jordan doesn’t want them (possibly because they’re still bitter over one of them assassinating King Abdullah I back in 1951) and Israel is doomed if they take them as citizens.

    No human rights for gay bashers!

  • GaryG

    Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, fill in the blank. All organized religions have been corrupted by mankind, and the way they twist whatever religious book goes along with supposed belief. Religion causes much more harm than good, the world over.

  • Rock

    The original story on Advocate.com is clearly listed as COMMENTARY. Like the OP/ED pages of any legitimate news organization, their they offer a variety of opinions. The NY Times offers opinions by the right and the left. It is labeled as COMMENTARY/OPINION, not news. Learn how to read.

  • reason

    @Stephen Murray: You didn’t mention that former President Bush didn’t just sign the death warrant with his head down in a dark room, he publicly mocked the prisoner before he had them executed. Those sort of behaviors have less to do with the religions and more to do with the individual people, many Christians were horrified by those actions.

    @Queer Supremacist: How quickly you forget that our history involves the mass murder of nearly a whole race of people, the Native Americans that survived are generally still living a sordid life with our Government continuing to take advantage. We live in a glass house, so what is your suggestion for people like us. It is grossly hypocritical to to condemn the entire Muslim religion and society, and even more barbaric to overlook discrimination towards them as perfunctory.

  • michael Kilpatrick

    Um…isn’t he a porn star and basically a whore? Who cares what he thinks.

  • Pickles

    Right now, right here in the United States, Evangelicals are performing “exorcisms” on young gays and lesbians that more often that not leave the young people mentally ill, physically sick, mentally and physically scared (if not actually dead – which also happens)

    Right now, right here in the United States, Mormons are performing FORCED electroshock therapy on young gay and lesbian people that leaves them physically scared with memory loss and intense mental anguish.

    Right now, right here in the United States, Fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews are having their young gay and lesbian children kidnapped, sequestered and mentally tormented and tortured under the guise of “repairative therapy” leading many to commit suicide.

    Islam didn’t invent homophobia, heterosexism and anti-gay violence. Islam didn’t invent sexism or misogyny or the oppression of women.

    MUSLIMS are simply an easy target to deflect from the violent savagery that exists right here in the good old U.S. of A.

    I LOVE the US. Make no mistake. I have no problem calling myself a patriot. But I am also not a believe of religion and while I respect folks who have that kind of faith in something, I do NOT respect the use of religion IN THE US to determine who gets to have what rights.

    Women, Blacks, Gays and anyone who is not a Straight White Protestant Man have suffered at the hands of US fanatical religious dogma.

    Slavery was excused based on religion. Treating women as little more than chattel for most of the US’ existence was excused by religion, the suppression of Jews was explained away by religion.
    Denying people of mixed race the right to marry was excused with religion in the US.

    The religion in question was CHRISTIANITY.

    In my lifetime, in the US, Christianity has been the cause of suffering and violence and discrimination and hatred and bigotry and abuse of women, children gays and lesbians and much more.

    Clearly people have no idea what is going on right underneath their noses because they are too busy ( like Mr. Lucas) turning their nose up at OTHERS.

    There are MILLIONS of Muslims across the world who do not in any way adhere to Sharia Law who are not terrorists and who do not bash gays or hate lesbians or make women cover themselves from head to toe to prevent “tempting” men. Muslims don’t only live in Fundamentalist countries and the Muslims who ARE NOT fundamentalists don’t make the news in the countries in which they reside.

    We happen to be lucky enough to live in a country that has separation of church and state built into our constitution. Some people, in other countries, are not so lucky.

    Despite what Republicans and many Democrats like to think, we DO NOT live in a Christian country and Americans have the freedom to express their religious beliefs or have NO religious beliefs.
    Some people, in other countries, are not so lucky.

    And still, gays and lesbians and trans folks of all ages, ethnicities and social status are murdered, raped, abused, betrayed, abandoned, ridiculed, beaten, ostracized, fired from their jobs, thrown out of their homes and have their children taken away, etc every day, right here in the United States.

    We in the US are in no position to criticize what’s happening in countries which are ACTUALLY ruled by religion (usually for the worse) when even in a country that supposedly has separation of church and state, we STILL cannot provide equal protection under the law for LGBT citizens born and bread here from all walks of life because of archaic religious beliefs that have infected our legislative processes.

    Railing against all of ISLAM as gay-bashers just makes us seem ignorant, ethnocentric,self-absorbed and willfully un-selfaware.

    Yes, Islamic countries that follow Sharia Law are misogynist and anti-gay AND so are many of the religious communities that are VERY powerful and VERY populous right here in the US.

    Lucas is an idiot when it comes to talking about politics and I have no idea why he gets a platform in The Advocate but for the fact that it garners lots of hits on their website.

  • Pickles

    During the lynchings of Black men in the US which went on WELL INTO the 1960s in the US (almost unabated in the south) scripture was read why the dead man’s body hung there and Evangelical Christians brought their children to watch believing they were doing “God’s Work”

    That doesn’t even go into the number of Fundamentalist Christians who have murdered women and men in this country in bombings and raped their daughters and fathered children with their daughters all in the name of GOD.

    We always act as though they are isolated incidents. Like the KKK and the Aryan Nation and WACO et all are just random “crazies”.

    Meanwhile young people like Matthew Shepard Lawrence King and countless others suffer at the hands of “good Christian men/boys” who have been taught that homosexuality is evil and sinful and against their Christian GOD and therefore anything they do to a gay man is excusable and justified in his eyes.

  • reason

    @Pickles: So eloquently written. Yet look how far we have come from people hanging in the streets with a crowd gathered round, not long ago PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS picture could have been a U.S. picture floating around with individuals rejoicing. There were forces of good here in this country and it has come a long way, sometimes on the backs of others. Truth be told a lot of our modernization and wealth came on the backs of the third world. The iron in our buildings, tires that were transporting our goods, diamonds that we were using as symbols of the bond of marriage. Installing strong men across the world that terrorized their people all so we could pillage their resources. I would pick up a gun and fight to the death to save this country, but I am not stupid enough not to learn history or blackout the nasty underbelly of America. Everyone around the world has their grievances the question is are we going to engage in the gross stupidity and be so inexorable that we lock ourselves into these implacable Israel/Palestine type philosophical battles? Islam is here to stay just like America is here to stay, just like we have slowly made changes in our society, they are slowly making changes in theirs. Lets lead by example. Change in this country did not come easy, it also didn’t come with an invasion or eradication of the American populous. Our new found “morality” and “humanity” hasn’t been the norm for the majority of our years, and judging by the comments in here still has a shaky foundation. People don’t seem to understand why they have the values and morals that they have, they are just acting on what they have been taught, as soon as some stress like 9-11 or a gay hanging happens they are ready to throw them out the window. It doesn’t make you any less savage then the perpetrators. This sort of vigilante judgment and lack of intellectualism that is so widespread in our country is why some people were denied rights for so long and why we are still denied rights today. Put yourself in their shoes, shun your indolent nature of learning about culture to understand were people are coming from and the tools they need to get were they need to go faster. If all the homophobes put themselves in a gay mans shoes then most would come away with a different opinion. Michael Lucas is an idiotically dangerous individual, and is the prime example of what we need to avoid. You have two monsters locked into one of the stupidest never ending battles to ever exist becuase of individuals like Michael Lucas walk this earth. Hateful individuals that are unwilling to negotiate or reason, they just want eradication. He is the epitome of the thought process of Westboro Baptist, and the people that are siding with such a nasty fundamentalist should be ashamed of themselves. How can you criticizes fundamentalist homophobes in other communities when you yourself are fundamentally anti-Islam or anti-religious.

  • Syl

    Why do we, as GLBT people, give a flying fuck about offending Islam? Why do we exempt Muslim homophobic hate-mongers from the equally-worthy criticism and rebuke we pour upon the Christian hate-mongers? And ask yourselves: Which Christian country (not in Africa or Jamaica; blacks just really hate gays) still has the death penalty for homosexuality? Because I can think of plenty Islamic ones that do! Which Christian country executes Christians if they convert to another faith? Which Christian country bans women from driving or appearing in public uncovered? Yes, Christianity sucks in a lot of ways, and many individuals and sects of Christianity are full of hatred for the gay! But Islam is objectively worse! I know a transwoman in Paris who’s fearful for her life because she gets threatened by Muslims nearly every day! Really, look at all the majority-Christian nations of the world, and count how many allow gay marriage or civil partnerships? Then look at how many majority-Muslim nations allow gay marriage! It’s plain as day, people!

  • Paschal

    @ForeverGay: If six million of your number being slaughtered in an attempt to kill all Jews, being persecuted for centuries throughout Europe and still having to live with anti-Semitism do not make Jews victims then I don’t know what would. @Syl: Progress for lgbt rights is not due to the majority religion of countries. The ”Christian” countries which have marriage are not very Christian.

  • michael Kilpatrick

    if you took an evening news story about the middle east from 1974 and put it on tonights newscast would anyone notice? probably not. at a certain point you have to say, “who gives a fuck”? why is it always up to us to negotiate? are these people uniquely unable to solve their own damn problems? Sorry it’s just not news anymore.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Paschal: Don’t lie. Spain, Portugal and Argentina all have majorities who are members of the catholic cult and all recently approved same sex marriage.

    Spain and Portugal were both centers of the Inquisition and catholic fascism, making the victories there all that more sweet.

    Der Papenfuehrer and his altar boy rapists campaigned in each country to stop same sex marriage but all Der Papenfuehrer got for his trouble was three kicks in the ass. Huzzah!

  • Bill Perdue

    @Queer Supremacist: KapoQS, the zionist colony in Palestine has no shred of legitimacy. It’s a terrorist colony founded by mass murderers like Begin and Shamir (Deir Yassin). Gays are murdered and harassed in the zionist colony.

    Those colonists will have to learn to live in a democratic secular Palestine or face the consequences of what always happens to those who commit the crimes of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

    Zionism is racism.

  • Bill Perdue

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: When you start giving equal weight to the crimes of all the abrahamic cults instead of venting your obsessive hatred of all Arabs and all muslims then people will stop accusing you of being islamophobic and racist.

    That’s the kind of racism that was used to excuse the murder of tens of thousands of Yugoslav muslims. You claim to be against the war and for GLBT rights but your compulsive fixations make you, de facto, an apologist for mass murder by the US and zionists from Palestine to Pakistan. The biggest killers of LGBT folks in the region are US armed and backed police in Iraq and the mad ayatollahs of Iran.

    As many have commented, all three abrahamic cults are the enemy and none have any redeeming values. GLBT people are discriminated against, harassed, beaten and killed by islamists, christers and judaists. Quit obsessing and come to grips with the fact that we’re endangered by all of them.

  • michael Kilpatrick

    how many years ago was the inquisition? 500? interesting coincidence that that extremist muslims seem to be where christianity was about 500 years ago and christianity is also about 500 years older than the Muslim faith. Oh and PS the honor killings and way they treat women aren’t restricted to Jihadist.

  • michael Kilpatrick

    There does seem to be at play here something that always bothers me about fellow liberals. They will instantly defend or find anything better as long as it isn’t from here. Here in California you have people will follow any faith as long as it seems exotic. Nothing anyone else will ever do can be as bad as what we, (as a country), have done.
    Comparing what muslims routinely do to women and others who don’t follow their narrow belief, you’ve all been scrambling to come up with stuff. The inquisition? really? Lynching? ( I don’t remember anyone in the South or anywhere else preaching that from any pulpit), quite the contrary, when people saw the video of civil rights marcher having dogs and hoses turned on them it turned the tide of public opinion in the 60’s. 40 years later, we have a black president. Some cultures are simply poison.

  • Bill Perdue

    The difference isn’t in the age of the cults but in political developments.

    To a small extent the secularism of the First American Revolution was the death knell of the Inquisition. The French Revolution saw the liberal use of the National Razor to shave the heads of recalcitrant priests and bishops. Later the robust anticlericalism of socialists, especially in Russia, forever ended the tyranny of popes, pastors and patriarchs.

    The next place likely to see a cleansing of religious parasites is Iran, as the events of last summer demonstrate. There the mad ayatollahs have waged war on rebel students. women and youth, trade unions and above all GLBT folks. There are no really accurate numbers but it appears that thousands of our brothers and sisters have been tortured, whipped near to death and then dropped from cranes, tossed off buildings and cliffs or hung. Many were only boys.

    When the Iranians liberate themselves I hope our brothers and sisters repay the ayatollahs tenfold and then some.

  • Paschal

    @Bill Perdue: Zionism is a form of nationalism. Nationalism is the belief that one’s people should have its own country. Why is it that Palestinians are allowed to wish for a country of their own but if Jews do the same they’re racist? That said, some Israel Governement actions are stupid and immoral. One doesn’t have to pick sides. Both Israelis and Palestinians are guilty of immoral actions. No one should be blind to Israeli immoral actions but please don’t think that Paelstinians are perfect. Things aren’t so simple.

  • michael Kilpatrick

    Pickles your talking about a handful of nuts acting completely on their own. No one at church told them to beat their wife that day, no one at church told them to bomb anything. That’s like saying that if I bomb your house and also shop at Macy’s that Macy’s is some how responsible.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Paschal: Because they’re stealing Palestine and murdering Palestinians to to it. It’s not theirs.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I didn’t know Michael Lucas cared about religion? I thought, he was an Atheist?

  • reason

    @Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich: It is about race to him, which I find strange granted that Jews and Arabs are probably mostly indistinguishable genetically.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Bill Perdue, Hitler’s parrot:

    Zionism is racism, zionism is racism, BRAAAKKK!

    Bullshit. A religion is not a race. Anti-zionism is anti-semitism. Pro-Palestinianism is anti-semitism. Israel has more of a right to exist than the United States. The State of Israel belongs to the Jews, even if one discounts the Bible as a historical source. The Muslim war criminals stole that land from the Jews just like the Euro-goyim stole North America from the Indians. The Jews are the Indians of the Middle East, except with a much higher standard of living and better health.

    The Palestinazis will never accept a democratic or secular state like you want them to. Their cause is rooted in their hate group they call a religion. And they don’t give a shit that you stick up for them like a useful idiot. Because if you’re gay (if you are, in fact, gay and not just a commie astroturfer) they will still kill you. And they will do the same to all the Jews who inexplicably support them out of misplaced guilt or Stockholm Syndrome (which is also the reason why so many African Americans are Christian). That is why they do not deserve a state and their cause has no legitimacy in the eyes of this gay Jew.

    And you need to get your facts str8 on the founding of Israel. It was not founded by Menachem Begin (who co-signed the Camp David peace agreement with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, who, in 1981, was assassinated by Islamonazi scum for daring to stop killing jews). Have you ever heard of Theodore Herzl, a socialist, and the founder of Modern Zionism? He came up with the idea of a Jewish state because of anti-semites like you, and because that heretic cult that worships a convicted felon and that other heretic cult that worships a child molester made it unsafe for Jews to walk the streets in some places. Several years of activism, pogroms, two world wars, and a Nazi Holocaust later, all the members of the newly formed United Nations agreed to a two state solution in the British Mandate of Palestine…except the Arab nations. Every one of them opposed any agreement that allowed Jews to get anything.

    That leftists turned on a country that has public hospitals and is ahead of the US on gay rights yet continue to whine about the falsified human rights violations by those who would—and do—gladly turn around and violate human rights proves to me that leftism does not care about human rights, it’s just anti-western. Or maybe the Soviet Union’s noxious anti-zionism and Pan Arabism had something to do with it?

    Those colonists will have to learn to live in a democratic secular Palestine or face the consequences of what always happens to those who commit the crimes of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

    It is the Muslims who are committing those crimes, not the Israelis and not the Jews. So now you are openly hoping for another holocaust. You are a train wreck of a human being and a neo-Nazi. We need another Nuremberg trial to thin out your ranks.

    Islam is nothing but a hate group full of genocidal land robbers who hit first and claim it was their victims’ fault for getting in the way of their fists. And so is Christianity, too, for that matter.

    What you Uncle Toms call “Islamophobia” those of us who are not self-loathing Muslim lovers call “telling the truth.” More gays will die if we do not do something to stop these murderers. Michael Lucas is a hero and should be Prime Minister of Israel.

    @Pickles: Bringing up historic English war crimes against Indians (who were also very anti-semitic and pro-Arab when they illegally occupied Israel after the fall of the Ottoman Empire), Redneck war crimes against blacks, and Christian war crimes against gays are red herrings to distract from centuries of ongoing Islamic war crimes against Jews, gays, and everyone who doesn’t belong to their Middle Eastern Ku Klux Klan. Speaking of those red herrings, Michael Kilpatrick is right. What you brought up was long ago. The war crimes against gays and Jews committed in the name of Islam are going on right here and right now. They are not history, they are current events. This country went from legalized lynchings to a biracial president, several black members of Congress, and two black Supreme Court justices.

    @Paschal: The Israeli government does do stupid things. Like allowing Christian missionaries into its country and allowing the US to tie its hands when dealing with the genocidal Muslim terrorists.

    Gays and Jews have a common interest in fighting the influence of Islam and Christianity. We need to stand together and fight it together.

    @reason: No, it is about sexual orientation and cultural identity. You can be considered a Jew without believing in God (see: Humanistic Judaism).

  • Scott in NYC

    @Bill Perdue:


    I see you’re still at it…unable to tell the difference between a couple independently-minded psychos and state-sponsored hatred and violence. I’m very sorry you can’t distinguish between the two.

    I don’t like the way Michael Lucas says a lot of things and I agree some of what he says can border on racism. Of course, I wouldn’t support those comments. That being said, the Muslim world is, generally speaking, horrible and dangerous to the gay community. That Queerty seems uncomfortable with this truth does not make it any less true. That you, Bill, start talking about ethnic cleansing and colonialism and every other leftist revolutionary copy point you can muster, does not make it any less true. I’ll say it again. THE MUSLIM WORLD IS, GENERALLY SPEAKING, HORRIBLE AND DANGERS TO THE GAY COMMUNITY.

    When will you and others accept this truth and fight for that culture to change its attitudes towards homosexuality rather than waste all your time and effort attacking the whistleblowers?

  • Scott in NYC

    @Bill Perdue:


    I see you’re still at it…unable to tell the difference between a couple independently-minded psychos and state-sponsored hatred and violence. I’m very sorry you can’t distinguish between the two.

    I don’t like the way Michael Lucas says a lot of things and I agree some of what he says can border on racism. Of course, I wouldn’t support those comments. That being said, the Muslim world is, generally speaking, horrible and dangerous to the gay community. That Queerty seems uncomfortable with this truth does not make it any less true. That you, Bill, start talking about ethnic cleansing and colonialism and every other leftist revolutionary copy point you can muster, does not make it any less true. I’ll say it again. THE MUSLIM WORLD IS, GENERALLY SPEAKING, HORRIBLE AND DANGEROUS TO THE GAY COMMUNITY.

    When will you and others accept this truth and fight for that culture to change its attitudes towards homosexuality rather than waste all your time and effort attacking the whistleblowers?

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Syl: Then look at how many majority-Muslim nations allow gay marriage! It’s plain as day, people!

    Do any of them allow gay breathing?

    @Scott in NYC: Because his beloved communists have always been anti-semitic since Marx blamed the Jews for capitalism even before Das Kapital (in On the Jewish Question in 1843, he said: “What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, selfishness. What is the secular cult of the Jew? Haggling. What is his secular god? Money. Well then, an emancipation from haggling and money, from practical, real Judaism would be the self emancipation of our age…
    “), and they support the Muslims and “Palestinians” in their Jihad against the Jews, using “anti-zionism” as a cover for their anti-semitism.

    Communists will never accept truth any more than Nazis, fascists, Klansmen and other tyrants ever will. Because their entire philosophy is built on one lie after another. From the lie that all business owners are evil monsters to the lie that private property should be abolished (yet he won’t give up his presumably non-communal computer).

  • Bill Perdue

    @Scott in NYC: @Scott in NYC: I guess you can’t read, Scott. I said “All three organized abrahamic superstitions – the christer cults, islamists and judaists – are festering pustules of homohating and homophobia.

    Of the three the christers have probably murdered more GLBT folks over the centuries. Currently the islamists are the worst offenders worldwide, especially in Iran and Iraq, where US supported and armed shiite militia and sunni police routinely kidnap, torture and murder LGBT folks.”

    That’s a different question from the bloodthirsty strategies of zionists who use state sponsored apartheid and mass murder against Palestinians, which you seem to be supporting.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Queer Supremacist: KAPOQS, someday you really have to read a history book.

    Most leftists have been opposed to anti-Semitism, both the European form used against Jews and the zionist form used against Palestinians.

    Zionists abandoned European Jews to theif fate to steal land in Palestine, which is how people like you earned the name KAPO.

  • michael Kilpatrick

    @Bill Perdue: so then Bill you’ll be vacationing in Uganda this year?

  • Scott in NYC

    @Bill Perdue:


    I am not concerned with what happened centuries ago. What matters is now, in the modern-day world. And it is just beyond comprehension that you can lump all three “Abrahamic” religions together and say they are all equally hostile to the gay community. It’s simply not true – it is a lie frankly – and a dangerous one at that.

    Forget your political/philosophical beliefs for a moment and try to be objective rather than ideological. The Muslim world, generally speaking, is, shall we say, hostile to the gay community in a way that neither Jews or Christians are. Does that mean there is no hate coming from the Jewish or Christian communities? Of course not. But as much as find the FRC repugnant, they are not advocating nor performing murders of people who are gay. That seems to be a crucial difference from, say, Iran, whose leader proclaimed that there are no gays in Iran and who seems to be taking action to make sure that absurd statement has substance.

    When President Obama or any other Western leader suggests there are either no gays in their country or that they will institute policies that make sure there is truth to that statement, get back to me. Until then, your argument has no basis in modern-day truth.

  • Scott in NYC

    @Bill Perdue:

    I hit send too quickly before.

    Where you mention that Islamists currenly kill more LGBT folks, you immediately counter it to say that Christians have killed more over the centuries and make sure to throw in “bloodthirsty Zionists.”

    Coming from the guy who seems offended at the mere suggestion that you are trying to divert blame from where it should truly be, it’s rather remarkable that you can in one breath say that the Islamists kill more LGBT folks but reserve the “bloodthirsty” label for the “Zionists.”

  • Bill Perdue

    @Scott in NYC: @Scott in NYC: The US military led by Obama armed, trained and unleashed the jihadists in Iraq who’ve kidnapped, tortured and murdered hundreds, perhaps thousands of GLBT folks. Obama and his US military won’t lift a finger to stop it in spite of the fact that he’s keeping 50,000 troops there ‘just in case’.

    The zionist murderers killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. The American invasion and occupation of Iraq was carried out with a genocidal fury – ‘shock and awe’- that killed over a million.

    The fights against US aggression, zionist murder, islamophobic racism and islamist jihadism are the same fight.

  • Chitown Kev

    And this one makes #85.

  • ousslander

    @Drake: yes they protest. They don’t jail you for being gay then stone you.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Ernst Rohm: Bull fucking shit. What could the Jews do except try to form a nation? They had no way to effectively combat the Nazis. Even the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising against your people was defeated. No other country would take them. Even FDR was more interested in interning Japanese than saving Jews.

    People like you are why Israel needs to exist and why it needs to allowed to defend itself against your terrorist buddies.

    Iraq is just another illegitimate state that never should have been formed in the first place.

    @Ernst Rohm: No it is not. The US and Israel are free countries. The Islamic world is one of tyranny, oppression, murder and homophobia. The War on Terror and the War on Homophobia are part of the same struggle: the struggle for freedom and liberty, two things you actively fight. I support both with pride. America, Israel, and homosexuality represent liberty and freedom. Islam, Christianity (Scott in NYC is right that they’re better, but not by much), Communism, Nazism, and heterosexuality represent the exact opposite. Commies and Nazis were two sides of the same coin. Both war criminals, both anti-Israel and anti-semitic, and both chummy with Muslims (don’t believe me, here’s this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00t3ybj).

    And for the last time, Islam is not a race. It barely qualifies as a religion. It’s a hate group that uses mystical hoo-ha to justify mass murder. You are a quisling if you, as a gay person, defend it.

    Just fucking die, you Nazi son of a bitch.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Queer Supremacist: No
    Kapo, I think I’ll decine your invitation to die. I want to be around when you stoke out.

  • Scott in NYC

    @Bill Perdue:


    Your last response is perhaps your most remarkable one yet…the one suggesting as if it were rock-solid fact that we are not at war with the jihadists in Iraq but activly colluding with them. You know…the same jihadists who have killed and continue to attempt to kill thousands of American soldiers. Does your nutty leftiness know no bounds at all?

    May I ask who the “Zionist Murderers” are? Are they all Jews? or all Israelis? Or what? How come no mention of the Palestinian murderers? Or their unvarnished goal of eliminating Israel (Hamas) and killing every Jews in the world (Hezbollah)? Funny these little tidbits never make their way into your rantings.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Scott in NYC: Do you ever stop lying. The sunni police and the shiite milita are both armed by and trained by the US.

    Most of the murderers are IDF gangsters and thugs, although some are colonists.

    Palestinian fight to defend them seleves from IDF murderers.

    Why can’t you do your own research?

  • Scott in NYC


    If you’re not interested, simply click on another link. Period.

  • Scott in NYC

    @Bill Perdue:

    You know, Bill, this is tiresome. Yours is perhaps the most condescending post to the radical Muslims you seem to hold in such high esteem. They can’t even be responsible for their own actions? A jihadist kills someone and its not his fault…it’s the fault of the IDF? Give me a break already with this.

  • Bill Perdue

    Palestinians fight to defend themselves from zionist thugs. What don’t you understand.

  • Derek Washington

    Isn’t this the same Dick who blamed Black people for all sorts of shit not too long ago?

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Bill Perdue: You’re 66 years old. You’re not going to be around when I die of old age. Unless your beloved Palestinazis find the fountain of youth. They couldn’t even irrigate the fucking desert.

    Islam is heresy. Pro-Palestinianism is anti-semitism.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Queer Supremacist: Go post at stormfront, KAPOQS. You’ll be much more comfortable there, and they love stuff like this;

    “Bill Perdue: I didn’t know Nazi Quislings were a race. But just keep wishing for your anti-semitic (sic, sick) fantasies to come true, and maybe someday they’ll happen.

    Jadis, ron, L. Fuck Anyone who supports Palestinazis or Muslims is a racist, a Nazi, and, if they are Jewish and/or gay, an Uncle Tom. If you are pro-KKK, you cannot claim not to be racist. If you are pro Nazi or pro-Palestinazi (same fucking difference), you cannot claim not to be anti-semitic (sic, sick). If you are pro-Christian or pro-Muslim, you cannot claim not to be homophobic.

    Christianity, Islam and Heterosexuality are the real Axis of Evil. And unless you are actively working to stop the Christo-Islamic Breeder menace, you are enablers.

    No. 10 • Queer Supremacist
    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    There are no “Palestinians”. You’re nothing but an Arabist pig defending filthy genocidal homophobic Muslim camel fuckers, while perseverating (sic) (sick) discredited Stalinist tropes like a severely autistic parrot…

    Take your pro-Muslim blood libel elsewhere or I will report your IP address to the FBI for treasonous activity.

    The land of Israel belongs to the Jews, including the parts illegally occupied by goyische breeder terrorists. They have more of a right to exist than the United States…

    (I consider all heterosexual sex acts rape)…

    The only thing keeping Obama from becoming a dictator are the constitutional separation of powers…

    On the other hand, Israel’s founding, in a location where there was a Jewish state before the convicted thief Jesus and the child rapist Muhammad were even born, was to protect Jews from further hate crimes from heretic goyim (all gentile religions are heretic… Israel needs … to do whatever it takes to protect innocent people from being brutally murdered by terrorist scum who worship convicted felons like Jesus and child molesters like Muhammad.

    And the first equivocation of Zionism (that’s with a capital Z, for the rest of you Pan-Arabist scum) with racism by the United Nazis, I mean the United Nations…

    Uganda has no right to sovereignty. Iran has no right to sovereignty. Iraq has no right to sovereignty. Afghanistan has no right to sovereignty. Jamaica has no right to sovereignty. Saudi Arabia has no right to sovereignty. Zimbabwe has no right to sovereignty. The Vatican has no right to sovereignty…. China has no right to sovereignty…

    If the majority of the gays turn against Jews I will become celibate and actively homophobic.
    2 for 10 against ” Posted: Jul 30, 2010 at 12:49 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]

    To which other people replied: ”

    No. 11 • Bill Perdue
    @Queer Supremacist: Who let you out of your sty, racist.
    8 for 0 against
    Posted: Jul 30, 2010 at 4:15 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]

    No. 12 • Jadis
    @Queer Supremacist: You are everything that’s wrong with the world.
    6 for 0 against

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 10:37 am • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 13 • ron
    @Queer Supremacist: Holy shit! You must be as exhausted from that tirade as I am from reading it! You, sir, are full of shit……
    6 for 1 against

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 10:46 am • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 14 • L.
    @Queer Supremacist: You’re not getting paid by the word, I hope.
    3 for 1 against

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 6:35 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 15 • Queer Supremacist
    By the way, your ad hominem attacks have done nothing to disprove everything I said.

    Yes, I am a proud bigot. I am bigoted against the enemies of the Jews. I am bigoted against the enemies of the gay community. I am bigoted against people who hate me and want me dead for a “being crime.” I am bigoted against land robbers and genocidal maniacs. I am bigoted against people who worship thieves and child molesters.

    Queerty is the Gay Stormfront. Heil Hitler and Heil Muhammad.
    0 for 5 against”

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Yasser Arafat’s gay lover: Epic fail. Stormfront is pro-Palestinian inasmuch as the enemy of the enemy is their friend:


    Here’s some money quotes, since most of y’all don’t click on links not containing beefcake:

    “”There is an old Czech proverb that says, “Tell the truth and you will get your head bashed in,” President Carter is finding out what Zundel, Rudolf, Irving, Mersheimer & Walt etc have found out the harder way.”
    –From Stormfront (1/4/07)

    “American complicity in 40 years of I$raeli aggression, killing, ethnic cleanising, bigotry, oppression and occupation in Palestine is utterly disgraceful. If only the American people knew the truth. More Americans should speak up like Carter.”
    –From Stormfront (1/3/07)

    “Carter decided to quit being a Zionist puppet (as he was during his presidency), and actually starts exposing the lies of Israel. That’s when he gets slandered by ‘anti-racism’ (pro jewish racism) groups like the ADL and SPLC, in addition to the rest of the mainstream media.”
    — From Stormfront (12/23/06)

    “Right now I see the whole world beginning to sense the end of Jewish political power. That’s why Mel and Jimmy Carter are saying and doing the things they are, and their defiance of Jewish rath [sic] is also part of the cause of the fall of Jewish power. It’s a snow ball effect. Now who is afraid of the big bad Jew?”
    — From Stormfront (12/20/06)

    “The fact that a former President is speaking out about racist Israel is a great wakeup call for Joe Sixpack.”
    –From Stormfront (12/19/06)

    “I am so glad that people are finally stating their beliefs on the Jews and hopefully it will continue. As for Carter, he knew the attacks would start with the book publishing. He did not waiver and has gained much respect from many people around the world!”
    –From Stormfront (12/17/06)

    “I wish I could give Jimmy Carter rep points for standing up to the chosen.”
    –From Stormfront (12/15/06)

    “But, the point is that Carter’s book is just as dangerous to the bloodthirsty and hyper-controlling Zionists as they think it is. They’re right to fear and hate it. The book is a lever of truth. A tool. A godsend.”
    –From Stormfront (12/10/06)

    “Congratulations Jimmy Carter, you have some backbone after all! Now, if the power-mad Zionist Lobby keeps it up, (i.e. their ad homonym smear attacks on the ex President), then hopefully the imbroglio will turn out to be even bigger and better than the attempted defamation of Mel Gibson and his movie! We need to encourage Jimmy in any way that we can, as this opportunity may be literally ‘heaven sent’. As a matter of fact, opportunity is knocking loud as hell! Send him positive emails, and give positive feedback at Amazon.com or anywhere else that you can. Now is the time to fan the flames and strike while the iron is red hot!”
    –From Stormfront (12/9/06)

    “It’s amazing how many people are coming out to challenge the Zionists these days, people you would never expect.”
    –From Stormfront (12/8/06)

    “Naming the Jew looks like it might be on the verge of becoming contagious. Pretty soon it’ll be cool again to tell Zionist Jews what you really think of them.”
    –From Strormfront (12/8/06)

    Who does it remind me of? Not anything I said.

    I am critical of Islam for the same reasons as I am critical of Christianity, fascism, and Nazism. Because they are bigoted belief systems that promote misogyny, anti-semitism, racism, and especially homophobia. Communism also promotes anti-semitism and homophobia. Or did you conveniently not read (if you can in fact read) the post where I admonished ewe for his use of racial slurs and his pathetic attempt at self-justification. Or the many posts in which I have attacked real racists.

    You don’t give a shit about the plight of people living in the disputed areas. Why else would you want a secular socialist state there, which isn’t what they want? It isn’t even like you are calling for the violence to stop and wanting Israelis and “Palestinians” to live in peace (and that Hamas-produced Mickey Mouse ripoff known as Farfour that spreads anti-semitic propaganda isn’t exactly raising a generation of “Palestinian” pacifists) and just plain stop killing each other.

    If you hate religion so much, why are you so willing to defend Islam against its critics, even if you acknowledge that they are the biggest gay bashers out of the three Abrahamic faiths?

  • Drake

    Does Michael Lucas botox his bimbo lips?

  • Queer Supremacist

    [email protected]Ernst Rohm: By the way, perseverate is a real word. Here’s its definition from dictionary.com:

    per·sev·er·a·tion? ?[per-sev-uh-rey-shuhn] Show IPA
    the act or process of perseverating.
    Psychiatry . the pathological, persistent repetition of a word, gesture, or act, often associated with brain damage or schizophrenia.

    So which is it, Herr Perdue? Brain damage or schizophrenia? Or a combination of both?

  • Peter

    Do people really expect ideas from someone who did one film called “Farts” and another called “Piss”? ? ? ? ?

  • L.

    @Stephen Murray: Well, that was an unpopular position. It hardly makes it less true, however.

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