When rumors began circulating that Marc Jacobs was dating porn star Harry Louis—based on this twitpic of them hugging together, accompanied by the tweet, “What a great weekend, thanks to the sweetest guy on earth, Marc Jacobs, see you soon in Paris baby… X”—we knew who to call e-mail for comment: Michael Lucas, kingpin of the gay pornography production world and a frequent Louis co-star.

Lucas tells us that Harry has been dating another porn star named Fernando Kairon “for many years.” From Fernando and Harry’s tweets, it’s clear that that they live together in London.

We wonder why Harry will not comment on the matter himself; He told GPSBrasilia, which originally posted the story, that “he [has] nothing to say about [the rumor].”

Here’s Lucas’ take on it:

It was kind of interesting that Harry, who worked for me a lot in the past several years, would post such a note on Facebook. For many years he’s had a boyfriend, Fernando [Kairon], who is also a porn performer. He’s a really wonderful guy and very dedicated to Harry.

Harry Louis himself indicated on several occasions that he is not interested in being separated from his boyfriend for even a moment. When we invited Harry to be in one of our last shoots in Ibiza in the end of November, he sent us an email specifying that he will not travel to be filmed there without his boyfriend, even if it just means having a day apart. He said, “We are one and nothing can separate us.”

Yeah, nothing can separate those two—except for Michael Lucas’ body in a threesome (link NSFW) or a world-famous jet-setting fashion designer like Marc Jacobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Image via Harry Louis

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