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Michael Steele Declares Culture Wars ‘Virtually’ Over, Except On Gay Marriage

I’m not sure what the best part of Rachel Maddow’s program last night was the best: Where she called out soon-to-be-ex RNC chairman Michael Steele for the GOP’s continued use of culture wars bait (like gay marriage) to drum up support of the base, or when she connected Mitt Romney to hotel pornography.

Okay, it has to be the first one. “What you’re seeing now is a little bit closer to home, which is a state-by-state approach,” says Steele of the GOP’s new culture war strategy. “That’s where you’re seeing this played out.” Really? It’s a state-by-state methodology now? So Republicans politicians are free to abandon the party platform and go it their own on the state level?

Haha, no. They still stick to the larger group think. Maddow points out John Boehner’s focus of D.C. schools when he, uh, is not a representative from D.C., and the Republicans’ focus on repealing gay marriage there. Steele says that’s just because D.C. is a federal city, and apparently the local city council cannot properly govern itself. Well that, and gay marriage is a “sexy, juicy” issue to focus on. Hmmm, sounds like culture war stratergizing to me!

But leave it to the Washington Post to give the GOP plenty of leeway on how it’s in the middle of a “quiet evolution on gay rights,” pointing to “advances” of hack groups like GOProud. The paper should just give Mr. Steele the keyboard.

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  • pete N sfo

    When asked, less than 1% of Americans list Marriage Equality as a priority for their politicians.

    Why don’t the Dems capitalize on the hypocrisy by consistently pointing out that the GOP is big on doing anything but what the American people have asked them to do???

    It’s not brain surgery… The GOP seems to be able to get their talking points out on a daily basis, and the foot soldiers walk in lock-step. Overnight, the National Healthcare Reform Act became ObamaCare, Job Reform became Job Spending Bill, etc.


  • justiceontherocks

    @pete N sfo: Unfortunately for about as long as I’ve been alive the Democrats have been that way. The last Democrat president with a clear vision and message was LBJ.

  • Steve

    @pete N sfo: It’s not the Dems fault. There is no blame to be put on the politicians. It is the voters, and especially the gay community. Yes, we have some very vocal activists, but its not enough. We don’t have enough LGBT people, or their supporters, protesting these people, these businesses, that support anti-gay policies. Disobedience and protesting was the only way the black community recieved widespread recognition and it was these practices that allowed them to make such an impact on our culture and its evolution. On the other hand, the LGBT community is either too afraid to stand up and fight or they are divided among all of these shitty groups, like the HRC and GOProud.

    There is strength in numbers, and despite what the nutjobs would have us believe, we’re a pretty damn big and important demographic, that mostly the Dems cater to. If we told them to give us equality or we won’t vote (for anybody) they would be in some deep shit. If we boycotted business without anti-discrimination policies, they would start to suffer and they would want us to get what we want so we would stop boycotting.

    We need to apply the pressure, but too many in our community are too content to sit idly by and simply gasp at these injustices instead of doing anything to actually stop them.

  • Francis

    Exactly, Steve. There isn’t enough urgency or sense of………I don’t know, like, pride. People aren’t willing to stand up for themselves enough in the gay community and our straight “allies” aren’t willing to stand up for us. Too many gays/straight supporters are more concerned with blending in, or just sitting back and watching shit go down, and not concerned with fighting for what is rightfully ours. If we don’t fight we aren’t going to get what we want.

    With THAT said, the primary blame still falls on politicians and the people who run this country in general, who view us as expendable at the most, and people over the age of 35, who generally are against our livelihoods and existence. We simply aren’t important in the eyes of most of these people, they don’t genuinely care about us, or the fact that gay right support has increased and the fact the younger generation is solidly in support. They don’t care, because they don’t need to care. They don’t lose anything but not caring, there isn’t strong enough repercussions for bad behavior. I mean, 1/3 of gays voted Republican. These bigots don’t have to face enough if any responsibility for their actions. So until they do, they will continue to use us as political pawns and fuck us over.

  • Devon

    Go away you irrelevant fuck.

  • Gregger

    Dear Queerty,

    Why are you giving that asshat-douche nozzle any pr? He deserves to slide back into the slime that he was expelled out of.

  • Tyler Low

    Michael Steele is an Uncle Tom Negro. Why do blacks vote Republican? Are they self-hating too?

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