I’m not sure what the best part of Rachel Maddow‘s program last night was the best: Where she called out soon-to-be-ex RNC chairman Michael Steele for the GOP’s continued use of culture wars bait (like gay marriage) to drum up support of the base, or when she connected Mitt Romney to hotel pornography.

Okay, it has to be the first one. “What you’re seeing now is a little bit closer to home, which is a state-by-state approach,” says Steele of the GOP’s new culture war strategy. “That’s where you’re seeing this played out.” Really? It’s a state-by-state methodology now? So Republicans politicians are free to abandon the party platform and go it their own on the state level?

Haha, no. They still stick to the larger group think. Maddow points out John Boehner’s focus of D.C. schools when he, uh, is not a representative from D.C., and the Republicans’ focus on repealing gay marriage there. Steele says that’s just because D.C. is a federal city, and apparently the local city council cannot properly govern itself. Well that, and gay marriage is a “sexy, juicy” issue to focus on. Hmmm, sounds like culture war stratergizing to me!

But leave it to the Washington Post to give the GOP plenty of leeway on how it’s in the middle of a “quiet evolution on gay rights,” pointing to “advances” of hack groups like GOProud. The paper should just give Mr. Steele the keyboard.

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