Michele Bachmann To Pal Around With Fellow Homophobes This Weekend

Another weekend, another get-together with homophobes for Michele (“I want to be Margaret Thatcher‘) Bachmann. The Republican Congresswoman, not known for a vise-like grip on reality, will be attending Awakening 2013, a conference organized by the right-wing Liberty Counsel.

How bad is the Liberty Counsel?

Yes, it’s that kind of outfit.

But wait! There’s more!

The conference is virtually a who’s who of the antigay fringe. There’s Cindy Jacobs, who claimed that birds were dying because of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Rick Joyner, who said Hurricane Sandy was punishment for marriage equality. William Murray, who believes that the establishment of Social Security led to more homosexuality. (Can’t wait to see what happens with Obamacare.) And there are plenty more conference speakers every bit as off the charts as them.

People for the American Way is calling on Bachmann to bail on the conference. “It is completely inappropriate for a member of Congress to speak at and legitimize an event like this,” says Scott Foval, Regional Political Coordinator for PFAW. “Rep. Bachmann should reconsider her decision to attend.”

Unfortunately, this sounds like exactly the kind of place where Michele fits right in. Also, she could use some distraction. The Congressional investigation into her campaign spending has expanded to look at whether she improperly used campaign staffers to help promote her memoir.

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  • 2eo


    Either warn us when you’re posting a picture this disgusting or just flat out post something else.

    Frankly there are pictures of mass graves and 19th century surgery that are less stomach churning.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    2eo, the only thing worse than this photo would be a scratch & sniff.


    @1EqualityUSA: You are, so right and funny!
    what can you expect from something that suffer mental poverty!. PS: I got the right dildo
    for her only) AdamHomo

  • EdWoody

    How considerate of them to all gather in the same place. Now, where’s my Semtex… (Aside: yes, I’m aware of the timing issues of this comment. It’s no worse than the shit they come out with.)

  • JoeWatchesTV

    To be fair, Michele Bachmann hangs out with homophobes EVERY weekend. This is just more organized.

  • Bozen

    This bitch is NUTS.

    Yellow’s a good color on her though.

  • jwrappaport

    Why call on her to bail? Let her go – if pointy black hat fits…

  • Wayne

    In 2004, we were the first couple to sue the state of Florida for the civil right to same sex marriage. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty Council sued us. All part of RED, BLACK & QUEER, the movie. FB

  • Wayne

    Where is Marcus Bachman? Out, I mean, out shopping for doggie sunglasses, again? Hey Michelle, we get the picture ! What’s a gal to do?

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