Mickey Mouse Is Homophobic Gay-Basher In 1930’s Disney Comic

Mickey_Mouse___Runaway_Brain_by_metdudeDisney has come such a long way since the early days, a fact that’s clearly evident by a recently unearthed comic strip from the 1930’s showing Mickey Mouse as a homophobic thug physically assaulting an effeminate townsperson.

Disney now has an openly gay President and has dumped hundreds of thousands into Orlando’s first ever annual weeklong vacation celebration for LGBT families, but it wasn’t always so gay-friendly.

The comic below, which was created in 1931, shows Mickey visiting Kat Nipp, an effeminate cat with a fabulous prance and a noticeable lisp:

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Mickey literally kicks his ass and calls him a “cream-puff inhaler”:

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We’re not going to hold it against you, Mickey. You’ve more than proven yourself in the last 80 years.

h/t GayStarNews, art via deviantart

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  • bmwblonde

    First of all, well into the 1980’s it was totally normal and OK to bash faggots, (except for today’s Mega Sports Corporations — who still think this is a Good Idea). So how can this little piece of mouse dung be some big surprise?

    Second, the current Disney studio is a huge, typically despicable corporation — producing “entertainment” utterly calculated to be a perfect vehicle for fleecing the Vast Sleeping Masses, and therefore scrupulously avoiding artistic, story, uplift or any other merit.

    In between then and now we had Walt — also to the right of Attila the Hun, but hey, it was the 50’s (and 60’s), when that was as normal, as it has now RETURNED TO BEING (for the greed-mongering 1% and all their puppets) today.

    Of course today you wouldn’t see a Pixar flick celebrating or “educating us” about the horrors of Faggotry. But that’s only because such an “affront” would alienate too much Market Share — not because Pixar is a shred more enlightened.

    And finally, except for Fantasia — Disney’s cartoon movies were mostly sentimental, 2D schlock. Rien se change . . . That’s where the term “that’s so Mickey Mouse” CAME from. Hello?

  • Ridpathos

    You should have seen the racial Disney cartoons. Like the Black Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

  • tdx3fan

    @bmwblonde: Its always fun when people that don’t really know anything make overarching statements. I would argue that it is still not common practice in the top 1% to be homophobic. If anything, its extremely frowned upon in the vast majority of places and populations within that social circle.

    You are right about Disney being a money hungry corporation though.

  • Throbert McGee

    I suspect the author was being tongue-in-cheek, but c’mon, it isn’t Mickey Mouse who’s being homophobic here.

    Personally, I’d give the cat a kick in the butt, too, for doing such an offensive impersonation of a homosexual — just as some people might be tempted to kick bmwblonde in the butt for doing such an offensive impersonation of an intellectual!

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