Miley Or Katy Or Gaga: Who Sang The True Anthem Of The Year? Vote Now!

It’s been a hot season for female pop stars with Miley Cyrus twerking her way to the top of the charts along Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and some mom from the South by the name of Britney Spears.

But as any rabid gay fan will tell you — there is only room for one of these ladies on our iPods! So vote for your favorite diva in the 2013 Queerties now. Will these female pop stars reign supreme or will the little song that could, “Same Love” by Macklemore, prove that the LGBT community prefers anthems with a stronger message than to “work, bitch”? You decide!

The 2013 Queerties celebrate the best of entertainment. Check out these other categories featuring our most fascinating pop culture pleasures of the year.

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Film Most Likely to Become a Queer Classic nominees: Interior. Leather Bar., Bridegroom, Behind The Candelabra, Kill Your Darlings, Dallas Buyers Club 

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TV’s Guiltiest Pleasure nomineesHere Comes Honey Boo Boo, Catfish, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Scandal, Hoarders

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  • yaoming

    There was an “anthem” this year? Guess I missed it.

  • QuintoLover

    Katy Perry wins of course. Gaga’s Applause an anthem? For who? Desperate posers who think the trash on the ground is artistic? And Miley had a great song with Wrecking Ball but We Can’t Stop is just pathetic. Macklemore’s Same Love definitely was a great gay anthem and the obvious choice but it’s been played to death. What anthem did Kelly have this year? People like Us was a great song from her Greatest Hits but it didn’t really light up the chart. Work Bitch is a fun song that definitely motivates you at the gym but that’s about it. I can’t wait to hear these ‘personal’ songs Britney has been talking about.

  • aerogens

    I’d have to disagree with @QuintoLover although, I completely agree with the rest of what was said. I honestly don’t think any of the songs released this year are “anthem-worthy” yet.

  • Rockery

    There was no real anthem. Katy (for me) had the best song with Roar and Britney’s silly song is my guilty pleasure who can argue with “You want a Maserati? You betta work b*tch…. NOW GET TO WORK B*TCH”

  • iBLOW

    Walking on Air from Katy’s album is a gay anthem, who knows with Gaga she tries too hard sometimes to be artistic.

  • boring

    Anthem of the year is clearly “Smooth Sailing” by Queens of the Stone Age, trust me.

  • boring

    Seriously though, you guys do know you’re allowed to like different things, right? The gay police isn’t going to come nab you for straying from the patch, you know?

    I mean, I’m not saying you have to listen to the Proggiest of all Metal or some shit, but variety can be delightful. And by that I don’t mean Classical music, I fucking swear, if I hear another gay dude go “I’M NOT SCENE. I LIKE ALL SORTS OF STUFF…. I REALLY LIKE CLASSICAL MUSIC,” I’m going to put their head through a fucking wall.

  • jimbryant

    None of these women are truly gay-friendly. They are using us as stepping stones to fame and fortune. Their marketing strategies are cynical and similar. They pose naked in their music videos and engage in pseudo-lesbian acts to titillate straight guys.

    They get a pass because they are using us gay guys as a cover. In other words, they are using us to cover up or disguise there fact that they are selling themselves to a porny fantasy of straight guys. Do NOT buy it as it ultimately harms us as gay guys.

  • jstepp88

    I don’t see how this didn’t make the cut here. It is, after all, about having the courage and strength to stand up and come out of the closet. It’s all about being who you are and celebrating it.


  • NateB79

    I’ll just stick with Tori and my rock music thanks.

  • Elloreigh

    @boring: “Seriously though, you guys do know you’re allowed to like different things, right?”

    My thought exactly. Gay anthems used to achieve that status through an organic process of people feeling inspired and sharing that enthusiasm with others who became similarly inspired (or not, as a matter of personal choice). At some point, the adoption of the song as a personal anthem would reach a critical mass and become a staple of ‘gay culture’, reaching and inspiring a broader audience. It wasn’t about marketing something as a gay anthem in order to make money off from our demographic.

    So I’m personally over the whole ‘gay anthem’ thing. Not saying we shouldn’t take inspiration wherever we find it. Just saying that I’m tired of the attempts to manufacture ‘gay anthems’.

  • balehead

    None of the above….Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr….If I didn’t See you, (then you weren’t on the dance floor)!!!

  • Dixie Rect

    They all suck.

  • sergayvolkov


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