Minnesota Vikings Agree To Benefit LGBT Causes To Skirt Homophobia Lawsuit

esKCYpSFormer Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe announced in a press conference this week that he has reached a settlement with the team he claims forced him into early retirement over his LGBT advocacy.

In January, Kluwe published an op-ed for Deadspin that accused Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, general manager Rick Spielman and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer of orchestrating his ousting from the team. He alleged that the inherent homophobia in the NFL and management’s aversion to his outspoken support of marriage equality were to blame for his controversial dismissal from the team.

Though specific details of the settlement were not released to the public, attorneys for both Kluwe and the Vikings said the team will make substantial contributions to several LGBT charities over the next five years including the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and “enhance” sensitivity training.

The total financial contribution The Vikings plan to make is unknown, but it’s safe to assume the figure is well over the original $100,000 the team offered to donate when Kluwe initially published his allegations. Kluwe’s attorney Clayton Halunen originally asked for $1 million in charitable contributions.

Both parties reached the settlement after an independent investigation into the matter corroborated Kluwe’s claims of homophobia.

Speaking on the decision, Halunen added:

“As one of the most respected sports franchises in the country, the Vikings have committed to continue to positively impact how homophobia is dealt with in professional sports.”

Meanwhile, two states away, Michael Sam is excelling with the St. Louis Rams.

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  • DarkZephyr

    This man is DEFINITELY one of my heros. <3

  • Dawson

    One day we will reflect on all the great straight men and women who fought for our cause.

    Chris put his job at stake for supporting GBLT rights. He had nothing to gain yet fought for all of us in an environment that has a long history or being anti gay.

    It takes a while to change peoples opinions and I am grateful for Chris as well as the many others who have had the courage to stand up for what is right even at the risk of losing their job.

    Thank you Chris. One day I hope to meet you.

    Your efforts will not be forgotten in LGBT history.

  • Tackle

    Is that a message that he is giving to the Vikings organization, with
    the middle finger balancing the football?
    I have nevet seen anyone balance any type of ball with the middle finger for a photo shoot.

    Anyway I hope this was all worth it for him, and he atleast got a decent settlement, along with the Vikings donating to gay organizations.

    It’s a shame the the LGBTQ is not showing him more love then the
    (only) three posters here. But then that’s to be expected when you are older, and do not have a certain type of look.

  • Dakotahgeo

    These NFL small-minded bastards will eventually catch on, and while they’re making up their minds, they can enjoy a financial drubbing in the mean time.

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