Missouri Newspaper Owner Refuses To Cover, Promote Or Encourage Gay Events

Darrell-MaurinaExtry extry! The Pulaski County Daily News has some important breaking news about homosexuals: they are gross. Must credit Pulaski County Daily News!

Try not to act surprised that a backwater podunk local newspaper publisher has some Dark Ages-ideas about queers.

Nobody might ever have found out about Darrell Maurina’s prejudice if it hadn’t been for a local youngster.

The situation is this: Command Sergeant Major Teresa Duncan was set to speak about coming out in the Army at a luncheon on June 30. Janell Jackson posted a scheduling question about the event on the wall of Darrell Maurina, owner of the Pulaski County Daily News.

Maurina responded, “This is an event I do **NOT** want to promote or encourage … Many and perhaps most people in this community would be quite offended if they thought I was encouraging such activities.”

This is like if you opened the newspaper, looking for show times for the Transformers movie, and instead the paper had just printed the words “up yours, nerd,” and then somehow the newspaper gave you a wedgie.

Not only is Maurina just a lousy person for being such a jerk towards anyone who’s not like him, he’s also kind of a lousy reporter.

Not covering events because you think they’re offensive? Hey, great journalism you’re doing there. Get ready to receive those Pulitzer Prizes any moment now!

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  • Dakotahgeo

    ROFLMBO!!! Only in Missouri, Kansas and other low IQ conservative states would we hear of such silliness. Someone needs to buy this closet queen out and let his part of the cave join the REAL world of reality. Pulakski, huh… Hooooo boyyy!

  • pierre

    Hey Darrell, the 70’s called. They want their glasses back!

  • Merv

    I’m not surprised they are still using a CRT computer monitor.

  • Michael

    Wouldn’t that also violate one’s freedom of speech? Somebody sue this jerk -you know other people would….Stand UP for our rights!

  • LubbockGayMale

    So, does he cover politicos he doesn’t agree with? Refuse to sell them ad space? Oh, how self-righteous he must feel.

  • SteveDenver

    Unfortunately the only remedy is COMPETITION, and if the market is as podunk as the website alludes, it won’t be financially rewarding.

  • Lvng1tor

    Your news font is Terrible!

  • Will L

    Yeah, my first reaction was to the crt monitor and Napoleon Dynamite glasses. hahahaha He looks like he may even be gay with that gay-man mustache.

  • abuelo

    Somehow he looks like he wears pretty panties…hopefully I’ll never know for sure.

  • nowliveit

    Politicians, editors, malevolent Christians, authorities… those who are busy pointing their judgmental little minds are equally busy suppressing their own urges or memories.
    It’s what the science shows.

  • nowliveit

    He probably would not have posted news about slaves being freed, women rights, African-American rights. Small minds throughout history give us reason to celebrate the expansion of minds and lives

  • Mezaien

    @Merv: Hahahah you are, so funny :-) Don`t worry to much I have put the worst African curse on him you`ll hear about it.

  • gaym50ish

    He has probably covered a murder or two, and maybe a few wars.

  • Maude

    What about the liars by omission like msnbc,& cnn who never tell us about whatever it is the THEY decide they don’/t want us to know about?
    Like the details in the IRS scandal for one. I had to go to fox FOX for christ sakes to learn about it.

    Please, please understand…TRUTH WILL SET US FREE not lies that destroy the truth
    and make the Gay Community look just like the scum bags who hate us.

  • enlightenone

    @gaym50ish: God forbid HE is seen as “encouraging” murder/war! Personally, I prefer journalists to REPORT the NEWS.

  • mcflyer54

    With the nations second highest illiteracy rate many of the people in Mississippi can’t read anyway. And those who can read are smart enough not to read anything published in the state.

    • Dakotahgeo

      @mcflyer54: Sorry, dear one, but they’re talking about Missouri, but you may not be far off the mark anyway.

  • RevJames

    His mouth says no but his ‘stash says YES!

  • Geoff B

    The minute I saw this picture, the line “I believe you have my stapler” immediately popped in my head. Granted, I just watched Office Space last night, but just saying.

  • littletwin52000

    This maybe my age showing but who still reads newspapers? Pretty sure the internet made those obsolete.

  • Jacob23

    I just noticed that this item was written by Matt Baume. I thought Baume worked for AFER, doing update videos on marriage equality. Now I like Matt a lot, and having him here is a vast improvement over the utterly despicable, self-hating writers that Queerty has hired in the past (Dan Villarreal).

    That having been said, isn’t there an ethical issue in filling a journalist position with someone currently affiliated with a political organization? If The Advocate hired Chad Griffin to be a reporter, the conflict would be more obvious, but isn’t the same issue here too? At the least, I think Baume should not be allowed to write about the marriage issue or AFER.

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