Missouri Newspaper Owner Refuses To Cover, Promote Or Encourage Gay Events

Darrell-MaurinaExtry extry! The Pulaski County Daily News has some important breaking news about homosexuals: they are gross. Must credit Pulaski County Daily News!

Try not to act surprised that a backwater podunk local newspaper publisher has some Dark Ages-ideas about queers.

Nobody might ever have found out about Darrell Maurina’s prejudice if it hadn’t been for a local youngster.

The situation is this: Command Sergeant Major Teresa Duncan was set to speak about coming out in the Army at a luncheon on June 30. Janell Jackson posted a scheduling question about the event on the wall of Darrell Maurina, owner of the Pulaski County Daily News.

Maurina responded, “This is an event I do **NOT** want to promote or encourage … Many and perhaps most people in this community would be quite offended if they thought I was encouraging such activities.”

This is like if you opened the newspaper, looking for show times for the Transformers movie, and instead the paper had just printed the words “up yours, nerd,” and then somehow the newspaper gave you a wedgie.

Not only is Maurina just a lousy person for being such a jerk towards anyone who’s not like him, he’s also kind of a lousy reporter.

Not covering events because you think they’re offensive? Hey, great journalism you’re doing there. Get ready to receive those Pulitzer Prizes any moment now!

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