Cover your ears, because boy do we have a spoiler for you! Tom Emmer, the Republican who wants to be Minnesota’s next governor, and who Target is throwing its weight behind, doesn’t just want to keep marriage out of the hands of gays. Emmer also wants to keep bully protection from them too.

The Safe Schools for All bill, vetoed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty last year and opposed by Emmer as a state rep, would also get the ax under an Emmer administration, the candidate told an audience at the Minnesota State Fair debate. But what about the three bullying-related student suicides in the Anoka-Hennepin School District alone? And all those allegations of even teachers participating in the ridicule of fey kids?

While the other gubernatorial candidates, including Mark Dayton, said they’d sign it, Emmer insisted, “I would have to see what it looks like. I’ll tell you right now, bullying is a serious issue. You’re talking to the parent of seven kids — Jacquie and I have seven kids — we’re very, we’re very aware of what happens when a child is faced with an uncomfortable situation at school or out in a public place. But tell you what, it’s up to the parents, Jacquie and I, to educate our children, how they handle that situation. We’re the ones who have to be the front line of defense for our children. I don’t want the government doing that for us.”

Yeah, pesky big brother! Get out of the way of parents teaching their kids whether or not pushing the faggot down the steps is okay.

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