Robo-Call Pretends To Be From Gay Group

More Dirty Tricks In Kentucky’s Election

Kentucky’s gubernatorial election took another anti-gay turn this week. In addition to circulating Pat Boone’s unsavory message, some not-so-funny jokesters claiming to represent gay group Fairness Camaign have recorded a message lauding Steve Bashear’s pro-homo record.

As TPM reports, the unknown robo-caller says, “Beshear is receiving major support from out-of-state gay activists and has publicly committed to same-gender relationships.” Incumbent Governor Ernie Fletcher denies any involvement.

The Fairness Campaign, meanwhile, had this to say, “These last minute dirty-tricks should remove any doubt about who fair-minded Kentuckians should elect as their next Governor…” According to current polls, Beshear’s way ahead, so obviously Kentuckians know what’s good for them.

[Audio via Talking Points Memo]