Mormon Frontman Of Neon Trees Comes Out

1208021100572558946_v1“All my friends stay up past midnight looking for the thing to fill the void…”

So goes the track “Sleeping With A Friend” off of Neon Trees’ new album Pop Psychology.

Well he may not be staying up past midnight, but the frontman for the Momorn new-wave pop group has most certainly been trying to fill the void. He’s lived in the closet up until now.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tyler Glenn discusses what it’s been like to keep his sexuality a secret from the world and himself for so long:

“I had my crushes on guys throughout high school, but it was never an overwhelming thing until my twenties. Then I’d be dating girls and in love with my straight friend and it was the worst feeling in the world.”

and how the issue has played out with his historically antigay church.

“We were always taught, and I hate this word, ‘tolerance.’ The only time that felt different was when the Prop 8 thing came up.”

Of course, in the video for “Sleeping With A Friend,” the “friend” is a mainstream marketable woman.

And really, he wasn’t fooling much of anyone.

It’s still nice that Glenn is taking the step to be open, and we look forward to tapping our toes to some cute gay pop ballads in the future.

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  • DickieJohnson

    Well, it HAD to happen, sooner or later. Mormon, or not, I don’t believe the old “one in ten” ratio for homos in the general population can be refuted. I believe the “out bi” folks is going to increase as well.

  • stranded

    Not surprised. I just wish some gay rock singers would sometimes write a song where they replace the hers with hims.

  • Cam


    Ugh, I know, when George Michael was first outed he RUSHED to assure people that songs like Careless whisper were written about women. Siiighhh.

  • hotshot70

    George Michael’s song “Cowboys and Angels” sounds like it could be a man or woman he is pining over.

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