Today People magazine revealed its pick for the Sexiest Man Alive in 2012: Channing Tatum.

Okay, sure, Channing Tatum is attractive and can make fun of himself—two key ingredients in being truly sexy. But the Magic Mike star doesn’t turn us into Jell-O with a wink and nod. So we thought we’d go through some of our nominees for the honor.

Granted, the Sexiest Man Alive is just probably someone random guy next door.  (Not our guy next door, of course—he looks like a naked mole rat.) But for the same of argument, we’ll keep it to famous figures. And since we can’t see Savannah Guthrie interviewing Spencer Reed on the Today show we’re gonna have to nix porn stars. (Sorry, guys, we love you all!)

Below, check out Queerty’s nominees for the Sexiest Man Alive. Then tell us who were you rooting for in the comments section.

Queerty’s Picks for the Sexiest Man Alive

Jon Hamm

Funny, good-looking, a good actor and hasn’t found a pair of pants than can hide his VPL.


Nate Silver

Smart is sexy—and so is being right.


Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland

Not only is O’Malley quite the hunk, but he fought hard for marriage equality in his state—and got chocked up when it passed!


Cheyenne Jackson

We once saw this Performers star at an event—the man is even better looking in person than on screen.


Adam Levine

The pro-equality rocker got his arm ripped off on American Horror Story—and we’d still hit it.


Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo

Kluwe and Ayanbadejo, two pro footballers, have helped to redefine what it means to be a jock, and look damn fine doing it.


Ryan Gosling

Any year, every year.


President Obama

The sexiest POTUS we can recall—Michelle is a very lucky lady.

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