Tanner (left) and Trevor (right)

Years ago I read an article in Psychology Today that suggested a possible gay gene could be isolated to men who have older straight brothers. It reported that when a woman is pregnant with a male child, her body creates certain enzymes and testosterone to create that male child. And when she has a second male child, her body creates the same amount of enzymes and testosterone, suggesting an explanation for the younger gay brother gay phenomena.

I know, BORN gay? What a theory. This may explain why so many gay men have older brothers. Is this true? Or is it just me?

I haven’t read anything about that theory since the article was published, but in the case of my family it would explain a lot. My older brother, Nate, is straight. I’m gay. And my younger brother, Trevor, is gay with three snaps in Z-formation. In fact, he’s the loud and proud drag queen in New York City, Ms. Holly Dae. Girl, she is GAY.

Ms. Holly Dae

Being gay and having a gay brother has always been a blessing for me. We have so much in common: show tunes, smallbathing suits, narcissistic melodrama over pre-mature balding… Before I moved to Los Angeles, we even lived together in New York City. Since we look nearly identical, we could go out to the gay bars and instantly become a sort of novelty piece, which could be entertaining.

Now having lived in Los Angeles for five years, it’s time to move again. I’m taking an extended two-month road trip with my fiancé, which I will blog about regularly for Queerty. Before moving to England and of course, I am throwing a huge going away party this week. Trevor, never one to miss a good party, is flying out for it.

We’re busy people so it’s not a surprise that he’s never visited Los Angeles before. He’s never met any of my friends out here. Heck, he’s never even met my fiancé. As I begin this pretty massive move in my life, I’m relieved in a way to have him here. More than a gay ole good time, he’s a reminder of who I once was, how we’ve changed into adults, and of where we’re going.

I suppose that’s just a brother. Gay and straight or bi or crazy drag queen. He’s my brother.

Photo credit Jessica DiGiovanni

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