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Nancy Pelosi Wants To Know How Much It’s Going To Cost Her SF Gays To Defend DOMA

Fallen former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barely on a smile-and-nod relationship with her Republican replacement John Boehner, and this little matter of him moving to have the House defend the Defense of Marriage Act is just one puddle she’s going to splash around in. Not only does Pelosi side with Obama on DOMA, but she sees it as a waste of cash to litigate the growing number of DOMA-related lawsuits — so she’s kindly asked Boehner to let her know how much all this is going to cost taxpayers. You know, like the homosexual ones in San Francisco she represents, who are about to see a token percentage of their federal income taxes (already made discriminatory because of DOMA) be used to defend the law.

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  • customartist

    This is only delaying the inevitable. The Republicans can throw millions down the toilet in an attempt to stop it, but in the end all they will have done is to further empty the pockets of American Citizens during hard econimic times. And they complain about government waste! Huh!

    All that the Democrats will have to do is to compile their own numbers as the 2012 elections approach showing the huge waste.

    Republican Values = Rich Tax Cuts and Spending on Social Issues against the public will. Public sentiment is now at 46.4 Favoring Marriage Equality and 40.3 Opposing per GSS Polls:


  • CJ

    I have mixed feelings on this.

    1) DOMA will likely not be changed through federal legislation anytime soon. Thus, continuing to challenge DOMA in federal courtrooms seems necessary in order for judicial victories to EXPAND. Increasingly, both citizens and federal courts are realizing how discriminatory DOMA is.

    2) DOMA supports inequality, injustice and bigotry. Whatever the QUICKEST way to end it is, we should consider that route, even if it doesn’t make sense on the surface. Republicans are fighting against something that is impossible to defend. Let them try to defend something that is obviously unconstitutional.

    3) Nancy Pelosi is the last person who should be asking how much something costs. All disclosures about her spending as Speaker of the House revealed that she needlessly spent thousands of dollars each month on travel and luxuries that had to be paid by US taxpayers. This includes, of course, a 757 for her to fly around in. And, let us not forget how much pork she pushed into the stimulus package.

    4) Gay rights are obviously becoming increasingly talked about. Having Republicans fighting to keep DOMA alive will only further reveal that Republicans support inequality. Granted, not all Republicans are anti gay. But, it sure does help reveal who is anti-gay — and who supports equality. Then again, Obama still hasn’t come out and said that he supports gay marriage. Hillary hasn’t done so either.

  • customartist

    What is hypocritical here is that Pelosi is not however in the Party that is complaining about “Government Spending”, as is the GOP, AND might I add, the Tea Party (who BTW campigned for the most part saying that they were “not concerned with social issues”. What a turnabout the TP’s have done. I knew they would.)

    This will not bode well for Republicans in 2012. They should be focused on Jobs.

    IMHO Gays should be focusing, and contributiong to, National (not state) initiatives and legislation. AFER is my current org of choice as they fight the fight for Marriage Equality in Prop 8 Appeals. Gaining Marriage Equality makes Financial Sense. Gays that are recognized by the Fed will have substantially more money to spend on other itiatives. It would make a $4000+ difference for me in just my 2010 tax filings.

    I predict that if re-elected, Obama may just start Recognizing Legal Gay Marriages. He cannot politically do this before being re-elected however. Much progress has been made, and thank God we are not living with McCain/Palin.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Um, Actually, most Democrats haven’t come out against DOMA yet, either, or it would be gone. And the 40 states with mini-DOMAs aren’t all run by Republicans either. And the African-American side of the Democratic Party is still quite dead set against its repeal. Democrats support inequality as much as Republicans, they just say it nicer. Not exonerating Republicans, but let’s share the blame.

    On the other hand, when I think about it — we’re personally accepted, by family, hetero friends, co-workers, socially, entertainment, etc, — and yet legally and societally we’re not accepted, to wit DOMA and the rest. But this is a house divided, it cannot stand.

    Still, it’s weird to think that 300,000,000 are still debating the fate of 20,000,000 or less, and we’re winning. I did not think, back in 1986, when Bowers v Hardwick was handed down, that we’d ever get here. I do believe it’s the beginning of the end of it all.

  • tjr101

    @Jim Hlavac: Do you have any links to prove your assertion that African Americans are dead set against repeal of DOMA. Last I checked it was the white evangelical christians that have the most influence in congress and yes there are some Democrats in this group but the overwhelming majority are Republicans. The congressional black caucus is FOR REPEAL OF DOMA. The blame should be shared, but it must be properly apportioned!

    Republicans were never for creating jobs and repairing the economy, their friends in corporate America are getting richer by the second. The economy was just a mantra they used to get disenfranchised voters to hand them the public purse. And now that they have a sniff of power, its back to vilifying gays, women, latinos, blacks and muslims!

    There is no chance of repeal with the present make up of congress. The only way DOMA will be repealed is through the courts and the deciding vote of Anthony Kennedy.

  • Schteve

    @customartist: Uhh, how is AFER making a national effort?

  • bookworm

    @Jim Hlavac: seriously jim, where’s the data. currently there are NO African-Americans in the senate. Last I heard, John Conyers (an African-American rep from Michigan) filed a joint statement along with several other members of congress addressing the harmful consequences of support a law like DOMA. Ed Towns of New York has voted in favor of gay rights many times, once voting against the banning of gay adoption, voting against a ban on gay marriage, and most recently voting against an ENDA bill because it did not include transgender protections which was recognized by Melissa Sklarz, a leader in the trangender rights movement. John Lewis of Georgia has said again and again that gay-marriage is not a threat to heterosexual marriage. I can go on and on…

    White congressman are doing more the disintegration of gay rights than black congressman, when it comes down to numbers/percentages. But thinking in terms of black and white, never gets us anywhere so 1) do your research and then 2) do your research and keep your mouth shut.

  • Scott Bonzitski

    I do not care WHO brings this to attention. As long as SOMEONE is speaking of it, the more you say something, the more it becomes irrelevant…people get “use to/comfortable” [with] hearing the same “words/things” after a while…
    [It] becomes “normal”..SB

  • Truly

    O god, this botox hag in the news again

  • McMike

    Once again the gay community is just a bunch of f’n fags who jump at the chance to rip someone apart who is actually trying to help us. WTF?

    Since NO ONE else has so far, THANK YOU Nancy Pelosi for taking a stand for the LGBT community. We owe you a sincere debt of gratitude for fighting intolerance and bigotry.

    I swear, it’s starting to become so bitchy that if I could leave the gay community I probably would.

  • Mark

    @McMike: I don’t agree with the use of that word (f*g) but I do agree with your point of supoporting anyone who supports us. That includes lawmakers to public figures and celebrities alike. I think the few trolls who question the intentions of celebrities like Lady Gaga and/or politicians are only trying to derail their support. They are in fact not one of us, are indeed a hater trolling for attention and deep down inside, don’t like the idea of anyone who is in favor of anything equality. As others have stated in the Target thread, it’s a calculating trend I’m finally picking up on here. Defend the bigots rights to slam us, and bash the intentions of those who support us. It’s beyond transparent at this point, and I sincerely hope you know that 99.9999% of LGBT support and appreciate those who stand up for our rights.

  • B

    No. 2 · CJ wrote, “All disclosures about her spending as Speaker of the House revealed that she needlessly spent thousands of dollars each month on travel and luxuries that had to be paid by US taxpayers. This includes, of course, a 757 for her to fly around in.”

    According to newspaper reports, the speaker of the house is required to do that for security reasons due to being high up in the “order of succession” pecking order for the presidency. She apparently tried to fill up the plane with others who would be flying the same spot (whether staffers or other representatives).

  • Cam

    All the GOP has done is complain about spending….while at the same time Mitch McConnell submitted huge numbers of earmkars, they have tried to push for gigantic programs that the Pentagon didn’t ask for as gifts to their donors, and now spending money to defend DOMA.

    Good for Pelosi, if they want to complain about spending money call them out on how much their bigotry is costing taxpayers.

  • customartist


    By challenging the Constitutionality (that’s the US Constitution) of a Law (any law) wich denies Gays the right to marriage.

    Now, expecting your rebuttal, I understand that the potential success of this one case will not automatically end DOMA nationally, however it will indeed indicate which way DOMA will go in the US Supreme Court, and therefore, it is a CRUCIAL Case, and the Best Strategy for winning Gay Rights overall, IMHO. The rest should then fall like dominos.

    Marriage Equality (meaning the Federal Acknowledgement of it), as I mentioned before, will carry with it Greater FINANCIAL Power to win other Rights and Protections for LGBT’s.

    THIS is why AFER is where I place all of my available funds. Smart Gays will do the same.

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