I'm Coming Out

8 Notable People Who Came Out In The Past Year

It’s National Coming Out Day! If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already come out—so congrats on that. If you haven’t, just change your middle name on Facebook to “Big Fat Homo.” (Life in the 21st century is sooo much easier.)

We announced our sexuality during the Cretaceous Period so when October 11 rolls around, we like to pick one random stranger to come out to. This year it was the dry cleaner. (He said it explained a lot of the stains.)

The past twelve months have seen a number of big-name outings—athletes, journalists, actors, businessmen. None is more important that the disclosure of everyday people like you, of course. But just the same, we’ve made a list of notable folks who announced they’re LGB or T since last National Coming Out Day.

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