Nat’l Gay-Straight Alliance Day: 11 Allies In The White House, Hollywood And America’s Schools


Today marks the first National Gay-Straight Alliance Day, an event championed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan in the video above. Duncan heralds GSAs’ transformative effect in schools:

Gay-Straight Alliances and similar student groups play an important role in creating welcoming, affirming and respectful schools and colleges—safe places where learning can happen and students flourish. This work is absolutely essential.”

We couldn’t agree more. In September Queerty looked at number of LGBT students helping to keep their campuses safe spaces where students can indeed flourish. In honor of National GSA Day, we’re revisiting this dean’s list with a few hetero allies added in for extra credit. School’s in session!

Click through to learn about young LGBT and straight people keeping schools safe for our community.

Photos: Nickelodeon, Athlete Ally, subject’s own