Naugle’s Anti-Gay Column Flushed

Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle’s got egg on his face yet again.

After hearing from scads of activists, Focus on Fort Lauderdale has removed his offensive column from their website. In that column, the gay panicked politico revives his calls for vigilance against gay public sex. That mission garnered Naugle all sorts of press last year, most of it bad, and a national campaign forced him into silence.

Naugle refuses to apologize for the latest outburst, of course, and gripes about the piece’s tardy publication: “[Naugle] said that he, too, ‘was outraged,’ because he wrote it in October ‘when all of that was timely.'” Journalist Brittany Wallman informs readers, however, that Naugle addressed the issue just last month in his State of the City address. Naugle’s memory has apparently gone down the crapper.