NC City Commissioner Bill James Now Comparing Gays To ‘Prostitutes And Pedophiles’

“This is about the speech police and controlling an issue that they have gotten a lot of heat over, because you can’t go around censuring people for having a different opinion, or for expressing it. It’s like having a resolution saying we’re going to be uber-sensitive to prostitutes and pedophiles because we don’t want them to get mad.

—Bill James, the Republican Mecklenburg County Commissioner who referred to gays as “sexual predators” in an email chain with colleagues, reacts to the possibility of his peers (led by by Democrat Harold Cogdell) pushing through a resolution that would “[oppose] inflammatory speech or discrimination because of sexual orientation.” Looks like somebody’s gonna have to call the police again.

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  • Jon B

    Someone needs to teach Republicans the difference between opinion and fact. It’s getting tired already. I blame the schools.

  • Mathew

    Well, Mr. James, I certainly hope you’re not too sensitive to hear my opinion of you, which is that you’re an ignorant old bastard who needs to retire.

    God, I hate this man.

  • Charles

    He’s right that he has the right to say whatever nonsense he wants, but we have the right to criticize him for it and encourage voters not to re-elect him.


    This vile, miserable scumbag can spew his hatred for Gays every time he opens his wretched mouth, and yet when Gays toss the same shit his way he cries like a little bitch and screams for the police to make them stop……….One may even say he was being uber-sensitive………..

    This reprehensive scumbag has a clinical obsession with Gays, who wants to lay odds that one day soon his vile closet comes bursting open and scores of very small skeletons come tumbling out???………

  • Sug Night

    Inbreeding never ends well.


    @Sug Night:So very true, and it always leads to horrific comb overs…….. :p

  • Cam

    So if I said that all pasty overweight govt. officials that are very prejudiced against gays are usually closeted gays would he agree with me?

    Lets face it, this guy WILL be arrested or caught by some undercover reporter hiring a 16 year old male prostitute within a few years. We all know it.

  • alan brickman

    what do the gay escorts he freqents say about this???…

  • McMike

    The guy gives me the creeps since he looks like a child molester.

  • drums

    Gays obviously don’t = pedophiles, but prostitutes don’t = pedophiles either. There are a whole host of reasons people become sex trade workers…those reasons could be things like being sold into slavery by human traffickers. I don’t think it’s fair to liken victims of society to child molesters. But the man is obviously too stupid to understand any of what I just said, so I might as well save my breath and not get riled up.

  • robert in NYC

    NO. 11…Drums. “Gays obviously don’t = pedophiles?” William Donohue, President of the Catholic League, thinks the opposite with support from the Vatican. He bases his belief on the fact that the overwhelming majorty of molestation victims were male but refuses to acknowledge that the reason for it in this particular case was that there were more boys available to the predator clergy. He dismisses the number of females who were also molested. Interestingly, the Vatican’s new ruling to weed out gay priests based on the scandal doesn’t address the criterion it uses to weed out the straight molesters and believe me, there are many.

  • customartist

    No one of us could attend a commission meeting and utter similarly offensive statements about Blacks, nor Religions, so why should Bill James be allowed to do so?

    The Commission must hear that these comments are indeed offensive and not to be tolerated.

    Email the Commissioners:

    Mayor Anthony Foxx
    Jennifer Roberts – Chair
    Bill James
    Neil Cooksey
    Dumont Clarke
    Karen Bentley
    George Dunlap
    Harold Cogdell, Jr.
    Jim Pendergraph
    Charlotte International Cabinet,,,,,,,,,

  • Daez

    @alan brickman: They say, give me more money and shut your mouth!

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