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    Thank you so much People. For giving the Gays an absolute great picture to view at and tagging it with “A world of sleepless nights and endless love”…………

    And for giving the rightwing nutbag lunatics a miserable start to their New Years! :p

  • Kenny

    Glad they have article however I hope these two put these kids under wraps now so they can have a somewhat normal life. Cannot stand stars who peddle their kids, it’s tragic. Suri, etc. I thought/hope NPH would not be like that.

  • dvlaries

    At least these guys did it while they’re still relatively young. Elton John’s gonna look tragic -if he’s even still around- dealing with teenage rebellion when he’s in his mid-70s.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Utterly adorable!

    And so are the babies.

  • antonyvietnam

    Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and the twins are so adorable. They are really a happy family.

    The babies are so cute!

  • So...

    As I a woman, I am a little jealous of two hot guys in love (since I can’t find one anyway). They look so happy together I’m sure they’ll make wonderful parents.

  • rodrigo

    They all look beautiful, I am glad that there is a model gay family out there for the whole world to see…

  • Jebb

    There are many model gay families in the world. I wouldn’t consider two actors, one on second set of kids with another partner, as a model family.

  • hephaestion

    I’d call them a model gay family. They are perfect.

  • jackieohboy

    I heard that they don’t know who is the father of which….but they each look a lot like the baby they are holding and nothing like the other one LOL. It is like a less ridiculous version of the Arrested Development where the black cop and white cop are a couple and claim not to know which is the father of their baby.

  • afrolito

    When this white poster couple breaks up, people om here are gonna be devastated.

  • David Ehrenstein

    “Afrolito” always accentuates the positive.

  • Chi Town

    Model family and hot?? LOL….

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Its good to have a pleasant media representation of one of the many equality issues and rights gays fight for, but I think there have been many gay couples who have had children that are not famous or explicitly attractive. I rather call them the model gay family, but still, this is a good thing.

  • alan brickman

    Natzies were cute as babies too!! LOL!!

  • Ty A

    @Jebb: They aren’t his kids, he just helped raise them– Neil’s said it numerous times, look it up!

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