Nevada Senate Gives Thumbs-Up to Trans-Inclusive Anti-Discrimination Bill

Oh, Nevada. We were so used to you being the New Jersey of the west: hilarious and a bit tragic, with your punch-line-worthy old governor and your but-seriously-folks candidates like Sharon Angle.

But today you actually just did something pretty awesome: passing a trans-inclusive anti-discrimination bill in the Senate! Nice job Nevada! Way to go!

Sure, it was a narrow vote — 11 to 10 — but it already passed 29 to 13 in the Assembly and the Governor is rumored to be supportive, so please accept a hearty handshake from us on a job well done. So far.

Now it’s back to the Assembly for a quick vote on a small amendment, then the governor. And then, Nevada, you will be ready to join the rest of the civilized world by not telling people what gender they are and aren’t allowed to be.

Now, could you talk some sense into your neighbor Idaho? Thanks.

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  • Stevemd2

    No kidding – with people like Angle, I guess I got prejudiced against Nevada.

    But also, Nevada has some protections for gay people, eg Registered partnerships.

    It appears that the partnerships give most rights of marriage to gay partners under state law. see wikipedia.

    Congratulations to Nevada. who have discovered that the sky will not fall down if they give gay couples similar legal rights to marriage, though not the name.

    Currently 9 states have CUs or RPs, some really strong and almost equal, some minimal, But its a step in the right direction. this year alone, IL, DE, and HI enacted these laws.

  • Stevemd2

    Isn’t Angle the one who said of the earthquake that devastated New Zealand and killed 200 in Christchurh

    “it was caused because they support gay people

    Christians – you have to love some of them – the way we loved hitler. Who also threw the gays in the ovens with the jews and others.

    And the catholic church which babbles about supporting life has yet to EXccommunicate the worst murderers in history – Hitler born and baptised catholic in very catholic austria in 1888

  • franklin

    Now people like Sharron Angle can serve openly and be who she/he really is.

  • Jackson

    As a native Nevadan I am always amazed at how dumb my state can be sometimes. I am also extremely excited that not only did I help this bill come as far as it has gotten but that it is also getting media coverage.

    However, I find the tone of this piece insulting to Nevada. Yes, we have stupid people (who are mostly form northern Nevada and not the south where us cool people live) and we suck at education and healthcare. But there is so much more to Nevada than just its people and I feel like the overall tone of this piece is overgeneralizing all its citizens/residents as ignorant and uneducated which I don’t think this article is actually meaning to do.

    GO US!!!

  • Carol

    @Jackson: Nice way to insult your No. Nevadans. At least we have water. And a helluva lot of progressives too. We see so many stereotypes of behalf of the Christianists, why perpetuate them?

  • Monsieur Jordain

    @Carol: I agree with you. I find their comment ironic considering that it took a NORTHERN Nevadan, and a Republican no less, to join the cause in order to get this much-needed bill passed through the Senate. I for one am one Vegasite who is rejoices in the progressives we have throughout our state and sees the backwardness that we have even down here in Las Vegas.

    @Jackson: You have the right to your opinion, but I don’t agree with you. I am a fellow Nevadan… and a feel that we sort of do a good job of making ourselves look ridiculous on the national stage. And it’s just as much Vegas’ fault as it is the rest of the state’s… can we say Carol Goodman? :p

  • poisongirl

    Jackson, did you forget that the biggest homophobe in the state, Bob Beers is from down south? And don’t forget all of those Mormons and Catholics in suburbs. Most people from Vegas have told me that Vegas is pretty homopobic once you get a couple mile off the strip.

    We have our share of crazies in the north, but they’re usually interested in worshipping thier shotguns, low taxes and worrying about UN conspiracy thoeries about black helicopters than bashing gays (that’s 10th one thier list). But it was mostly the people from the Vegas susburbs who got the state Defense of Marriage Act passed and where the basis for support of the Eagle Forum (the most powerful gay bashers in the state) is located.

  • Jackson


    I know it’s hard to pick up on sarcasm in text sometimes but my comments about southern Nevada being “cool” and northern Nevada not being such were typed in COMPLETE sarcasm. We have “weirdos” all over the state, just like every place else.

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