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NEW MUSIC: “Run Run Run” Away With Dragonette

Dragonette, “Run Run Run”

The latest single from Canadian electro band Dragonette’s third album, Bodyparts, is a lush, warm pop track; pure good vibes transformed into sonic form and sprinkled with synth glitter. It’s a more relaxed version of the shimmering confectionery pop the band specializes in, and if electro pop can be comforting, this is the song to prove it. The video for “Run Run Run,” though, is a mess in the best way possible. Lead singer Martina Sorbara stumbles through the streets and nightclubs of various cities, mascara running, lipstick smeared, in a stained white lace dress, at times covered in blood and spilling champagne. She’s in her own little world, singing “Run Run Run” to herself and having a blast. Shot in reverse, the video is disorienting, the way a drunken night on the town can be when you feel all wobbly and invincible and ecstatic.