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NEW MUSIC: “Run Run Run” Away With Dragonette

Dragonette, “Run Run Run”

The latest single from Canadian electro band Dragonette’s third album, Bodyparts, is a lush, warm pop track; pure good vibes transformed into sonic form and sprinkled with synth glitter. It’s a more relaxed version of the shimmering confectionery pop the band specializes in, and if electro pop can be comforting, this is the song to prove it. The video for “Run Run Run,” though, is a mess in the best way possible. Lead singer Martina Sorbara stumbles through the streets and nightclubs of various cities, mascara running, lipstick smeared, in a stained white lace dress, at times covered in blood and spilling champagne. She’s in her own little world, singing “Run Run Run” to herself and having a blast. Shot in reverse, the video is disorienting, the way a drunken night on the town can be when you feel all wobbly and invincible and ecstatic.


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  • RandallSM

    Will this site ever feature any rock music? Music with heft, passion and originality, or is is always auto-tuned pop music made via computers? Not trying to be snarky as I am sincerely curious. Ever since liking this site I’ve been drowning in auto-tuned pop music and think a bit of diversity can only help.

  • boring

    I roll my eyes and make a jerk-off hand motion at the musical selections of Queerty, but to say rock music has “heft, passion and originality” is just as laughable.

  • john russell

    Feel free to post some suggestions, gentlemen.

  • Kevin

    @RandallSM: Rock music cannot be original, they discovered the same boring 5 chords in the 60s and nothing has changed since then. Electronic music howeber can be whatever one thinks of in their mind. That is originality defined and Dragonette is considered one of the best pop/dance groups around.

  • Fidelio

    For anyone looking to discover new talent or have more music options I recommend Reverbnation, Soundcloud, or Myspace, which has revamped their platform to focus on music. I actually enjoyed Run, Run, Run, by Dragonette. Good choice.

  • RandallSM

    @boring: From re-reading my original post I can see how you would be mistakenly led to that belief via its poor syntax. Of course not all rock music has heft, passion and originality (particularly when it comes to mainstream rock), but my point was do the writers of Queerty ever step outside of their comfort zones to present anything non-formulaic or challenging? And to that end…

    @johnrussell: Hi! I would be more than happy to start with my own band, but if you’re looking for me to do your job, then I need to get paid.

    @Kevin: Rock music can be original, you just need to know what to look for and where to look. And though I have no problem with your point about electronic music being “whatever one thinks of in their mind,” probably due to its nature of malleability, the same exact thing can be said of rock music. It seems like I hurt your feelings by not enjoying Dragonette. Sorry, but that was not my intent. Honestly, though, I fail to hear anything unique in Dragonette’s music–can’t get past the autotuned vocals, but being considered the best means absolutely nothing.

    @fidelio: MySpace?

  • Fidelio

    @RandallSM: Yes, ma’am. They actually have a pretty good layout and ways to discover new music, if you are so inclined. If not, the other options I mentioned are still good. You may also try Pollstar, Rolling Stones, and other poser stuff like that.

  • RandallSM

    Thanks for the tips, Fidelio! If you also have any advice as to where one could purchase or rent an operable time machine, I’m all eyes.

  • Fidelio

    @RandallSM: Sure thing, Randall. For a time machine, try AT&T or Time Warner. They call it the internet.

  • RandallSM

    Ah, the Internet! That’s what got us into this deluge of mediocrity in the first place. Just because something is available at the touch of a fingertip doesn’t mean you have to stroke it.

  • Fidelio

    @RandallSM: I stroke every chance I get, babe. Actually, I’m at SXSW this week, scout bands, and produce concerts. In my opinion, the internet has done more for indie bands than you can imagine. Believe that, homeboy.

  • RandallSM

    Excellent! You should check out Easter Island who are playing five shows: 3/13 – Paste Magazine Party, New Granada’s Unofficial Night Party @ South By Somewhere @ The Gingerman; March 14 @ WuWu Fest Wuwu Sushi; March 15th 3pm at GnG Presents: West 6th St. Block Party “Delicious Showcases” Sponsored by Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie. THE DOGWOOD 715 W 6th St Austin, TX 78701; and March 16th 3pm Empire Control Room and Garage “Georgia Theater, Terminal West and the 40 Watt Present” for beautiful dreamy pop music.

    The Gary who are playing Saturday the 16th at Spiderhouse Ballroom at 3pm play intelligent, heartfelt rock music that is grand in scale.

    Spires That In The Sunset Rise are three ladies that play exotic, experimental, and enchanting music, often on homemade instruments. Can’t find the venue(s), but dates are 3/15, 16, & 17

    The Blind Shake @ Beerland on the 14, Trailer Space on the 15, as well as a slew of other shows during the fest.

    If you’re looking for bands playing music that is free from irony and trends, you should start there.

    Last year my band did a few shows during the alternate SlabXSlab fest, which was curated by a member of The Gary.

    Enjoy, pizano!

  • Fidelio

    @RandallSM: lol – dude, why are you busting my balls, then??? i don’t fault queerty for not having these type bands on here. for fuck’s sake, it’s queerty.

    thanks for your picks. i like easter island, actually. whales aren’t bad, either, a bit of silversun pickups sound (and don’t pound me for that – it’s a compliment). horses is pretty massive.

    looking forward to saturday’s shows (GIAC + Smashing Pumpkins). Have mixed feelings about this year’s events, but it’s early, still.

    ciao for now…

  • boring

    @RandallSM: My complaint being that you are arguing for Queerty to step out of a shitty box into… Another shitty box. Even the “Indie” bands at SXSW follow a shitty pattern I personally can’t stand 98% of the time.

    But, to be fair, 98% of everything you experience in your life is crushingly sub-par.

  • RandallSM

    Hey, I thought we were all busting each others’ ballses!

    To be fair or to clear-up things a bit, my whole point is that I was weary of always seeing non-rock music being touted on this site. Being gay as well as being a life-long fan of underground rock, pop, and noise music, I’ve always tried to counter the argument that the gay community as a whole is solely into divas, club music, mainstream pop, etc., etc. Also, to be fair, I am into divas, club music, and some mainstream pop music as long as it’s not homogenous and lazy. And to take it even further, I often criticize the state of “indie” just as much. I’m kind of a dick that way. I’m just a lover and appreciator of music.

    In the end I was just hoping to find a gay news outlet that would help me to discover new music that has a queer member or two, and isn’t the same stuff I am always coming across on gay news sites. Sincerely, no offense to Dragonette or fans of Dragonette. But I gotta say…autotune…really? Aren’t y’all tired of bands/entertainers that all employ the same abuse of autotune? As soon as I detect it I immediately shutdown. So awful.

  • Fidelio

    @RandallSM: I totally get it. I dated a guy in a band once who was all about underground music. We broke up I think because I liked listening to KD Lang’s A Case of You, which he considered a goddamn travesty because Joni. That and Madeleine Peyrou’x Between the Bars. But you know what, I never complained when he listened to Amanda Palmer. Amanda fucking Palmer! And I’m the asshole?

    But I digress.

    I often find one’s music philosophy a good gauge of one’s personality, overall. You’re not a dick. You’re like a 3-star Michelin Chef who balks at the notion of using frozen shrimp for some glorified shrimp scampi dish. And that’s cool. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, who cares I love Icona Pop, right? Right?

    Seriously, you’re just on another level, music-wise. Queerty is more camp. Embrace your inner gayness, already.

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